Spotted: Eric Dane’s Billie Is Pretty in Pink

05/12/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Head to toe pink!

It’s another day at the park for Grey’s Anatomy hunk Eric Dane, who enjoyed a playground playdate with daughter Billie Beatrice in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday.

“I like watching her laugh,” he shares.

“Seeing this kid laugh when you put her on the swing, or slide down the slide with her, it’s just … She owns me.”

The 14-month-old is the only child for Dane, 38, and wife Rebecca Gayheart.

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toni on

Let the games begin? How dare Eric Dane take his daughter out in public? He should be ashamed to show his face in public. sacrasm

Elisa on

Awwwww. I LOVE Eric, he’s hot, and seen her with his baby girl makes he looks even hotter.

Billie is cute. She’s smiling for the paparazzo.

Ah and don’t go telling she isn’t cute just because she’s bald. I think she’s a doll.

Jgirl on

She looks so happy. What a cute baby, and daddy!

Lau on

Billie’s super adorable! I love how both her names sound together.

Maddie on

A little overkill with the pink but she is one cute baby! And her daddy is such a hottie! I wonder who she looks more like, it is hard to tell in this photo…

Melanie on

I think its great and wonderful to see a father, as well as one that is a celebrity be interacting with his child. More people need to be like Eric. He looks to be a fantastic father.

Sarah S. on

What a cutie-pie!

Emily on

toni…what are you talking about??

toni on

I want talking about yesterday, crazy post.

Molly on

I’m not surprised Toni. I don’t know what exactly they want from Rebecca. They remind me of people who called for public hangings back in the 1800s. She lives with what happened everyday and probably will feel guilty for the rest of her life. Some around here need to understand hating anyone destroys you more than it hurts them. Is hating her going to change the past?

Jillian on

People are entitled to think what they want about his wife. I don’t believe anyone hates her. Either way that has nothing to do with this beautiful picture about father and daughter.

Rose on

Gorgeous ❤

Jen DC on

I think people jump out of airplanes to revisit the feeling of being tossed in the air – remember the butterflies in your belly you had when you were little? She is a cute baby, cue-ball head and all.

@ Jillian: I dunno that people don’t hate her. Saying that someone should be ashamed of their happiness and that they are disgusting and revolting for having an accident that unfortunately claimed the life of another are pretty hateful words. Entitled to think these things, yes. Not hateful… Up for debate.

just sayin on

As far as being “ashamed” to show his face in public…I don’t think Eric has done anything to be ashamed of. The threesome escapade is small potatoes compared to what his wife did (and that was covered in another post — don’t open that one up again).

Jillian on

People confuse dislike with hate quite frequently on here.

kendrajoi on

How cute! She looks like her mom! Love this family!

Jen DC on

@ Jillian: Yesterday’s vitrol, in my opinion, was hateful toward RG. Again, it’s a DEBATABLE issue b/c, after all, it boils down to an opinion about someone else’s feelings that were not expressed face-to-face.

But if I heard someone call me disgusting and vile as well as needed to continue to feel ashamed for an accident that I had paid for (both psychologically and financially, to the family and in the eyes of the justice system while misstating the facts of the case in such a way as to make me look worse), an accident that had happened over 10 years ago, I could easily surmise that “dislike” was too mild a term.

AlaBella on

Billie’s cute … but the head-to-toe pink, not so much

Jillian on

Jen DC, I just read everything you said…..and I don’t think that describes hatred towards a person. I can think of a few people who are disgusting based on their acts, but that doesn’t mean I hate them. I can’t hate a person I do not know, but I can think an act or behavior is disgusting. Again, it may be hatred towards in, in otherwords….making hateful remarks, but that doesn’t mean someone actually hates her. I have a negative opinion of many people based on some poor decisions they have chosen to make in life, but I don’t hate them or anyone.

Again, people say on here constantly that people are haters, when they are mearly expressing an opinion that is just different than someone elses. That doesn’t make someone a hater. The remark may be perceived as hateful, but that doesn’t mean they hate the person. You can’t see inside the person to see how they really feel.

Jessie on

Aww, I think they’re adorable! Though Billie looks like she must be warm in that sweatsuit, if it’s as nice out as it appears?!

just sayin on

Well said, Jillian. I see a lot of that on this site as well as others and it really bugs me. How can you “hate” someone you don’t even know anyway? Obviously you can hate and be repulsed by someone’s behaviour, but “hate” in the context of the individual is an overstatement for sure.

Molly on

Jillian, your comment are naive

Jillian on

“your comment are naive.”

Do you mean my comment is or my comments are…… Your posts have no substance and tend to be very juvenile, so I really don’t care what you think of me, which is what you are judging.