Yummy! Revolution Foods Debuts Fruit and Veggie Mashups

05/10/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Revolution Foods

By now, every mom knows the trick to getting their kids to eat their veggies — just add a yummy dish they love.

Well, that little game of food deception just got easier with Revolution Foods‘ latest offering: Fruit & Veggie Mashups ($4.50 per 4 pack).

A take on their popular fruit-only Mashups, these organic-certified mixes come in lots of delicious flavors including Carroty Chop, Beetbox Berry and Blueberry Blitz.

Whether you add these healthy, great-tasting snacks to your tot’s lunchbox or keep them handy while on-the-go, your child (and his tummy!) will be more than happy.

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TC on

I have a question concering the packaging.

Back in the 80s baby feeders were popular, you know those bottles that had a big enough hole in the nipple to accommodate baby food in them. Then the 90s rolled around and *gasp* no one was supposed to use them. They were bad for baby because baby ate too fast and didn’t understand the hunger cues. Baby could choke, baby wouldn’t learn to eat with a spoon (how many 20 somethings don’t eat with a spoon?) and so many other reasons why you just HAD to use a spoon rather than a feeder.

So what’s so different than this product and any other product like it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing it and I love and have always used feeders but how is this any better than using a feeder?

amw on

these look obnoxiously overpackaged. it makes the “organic”-ness of the product much less desirable. and the price really puts it as an option only for people with money to burn. ugh.

caitie on

TC, these are more for toddlers who are running around on the go than babies. Yes, baby feeders are dangerous because babies can take in a bigger amount of food and choke. But these are targeted towards toddlers who are already eating ‘big people’ food so to speak and are trying to make eating fruits and veggies more fun by putting them in these pouches and making it so they can slurp their foods.

Emily on

If you fed your kids healthy fruits and veggies from day one, there is no “deception” needed. To assume that kids absolutley will not eat veggies is doing them a diservice. They DO eat it…if they had a choice between a cupcake and broccoli, they may choose the cupcake…but if you don’t offer it ,they’ll choose the broccoli every time 🙂

Emilia on

I agree with the others. This looks like a funny kind of faux food, I don’t like how it looks so “packaged” and “marketed”, and I don’t think this is the way to help your child to appreciate eating a blueberry or a carrot. But, I suppose if you are on the road or something this would be a lot better than a dehydrated “puff” snack or something! The only times I resorted to packaged baby food for my children was while traveling and I might have used this for trips.

Real food is of course much cheaper and what could be easier than throwing some delicious fresh blueberries in a small Tupperware?

Tee on

Okay, that’s just weird.

JM on

Emily i totally agree, i never understand this concept of deception when it comes to fruit and veg with kids. surely that is just perpetuating the problem. you shouldn’t have to hide healthy food from them you should celebrate it. it’s all about your attitude and it has to be there from day one. with my kids i talk about apples, strawberries, oranges etc as if they are treats. in the same way as if i asked my kids if they want a slice of cake i make the prospect of fruit sound exciting. while they’re eating dinner i will casually say something like ‘if you’re really lucky i may have some strawberries for dessert’, they get excited about it and associate positivity with it.

this kind of food does not help at all and i find it hard to believe that it is as healthy as real fruit and veg. as soon as your kids start eating solid food (or baby food) introduce variety and encourage them to love fruit and veg, then you won’t waste your money on this kind of stuff.

kristen on

So these are certified as organic but it looks like no part of this packaging can be recycled. How about instead of creating more and more “on the go” food you, as the parent, take the time to pull over and allow your child to eat. Is it really too much to ask that you do that? Is your life really that hectic all of the time that your kid has to resort to “food” such as this to slurp on in the back seat?

TC on

Catie there are other brands that target babies. This particular product is geared to toddlers but the others are not

Vanessa on

@TC: I’m pretty sure that you are not supposed to feed a baby directly from the pouch, squeeze some into a bowl an use a spoon. I know they say you can put them in your “tot’s lunchbox”, but that would mean a +2 year old, at daycare/preschool.

daria on

we used something similar for my daughter (ella’s kitchen brand) when she was an infant. she would refuse to eat baby food from a spoon, would not take bottles, and refused sippy cups. i nursed her often, she would drink water from straw cups, and she would suck out the baby food from these packages. she was a reflux baby, very fussy, and these packets were awesome. after ten months, the reflux passed and she moved on to normal table food, eating anything and everything in her path. i do think the packets were helpful during that interim time, but like the other posters, think they are mostly unneeded, and based on marketing, not what is best for children.

Tess on

Is it juice? What is it?

Jennifer on

My kids love these. We don’t use them to replace fruits and veggies, but rather as a treat every once in a while. It’s a 100% fruit and veggie puree with no additives, so I don’t see how anyone can really have a problem with this product. It’s not intended to replace whole fruits and vegetables in your child’s daily diet!

Anonymous on

i think these are for lazy & pretentious people who claim to be green. i know tons of real green people who wouldn’t dare give their child something manufactured like this. i’m not even green, and i wouldn’t give my kid this stuff. it’s a lot better to boil some fruit or veggies and cream it in the blender and put it in the fridge. cheaper & healthier for my kid AND the environment.

Boni on

Can we say MORE PROCESSED FOOD going into our babes mouths!

Kim on

We love all the Revolution Foods Mashups! They don’t mention in the article but all the packaging can be upcycled through TerraCycle and the money you get back goes to a charity or school of your choice. If you’re a parent that has trouble getting your kids to eat healthy snacks, you will definitely love this stuff. It’s not a replacement for dinner…that’s just silly!

Sandra Jones on

I love Mashups!! My kids (3 and 6 year old) have been purchasing them from Revolution Foods. They are organic and are packed in eco-friendly pouches that are easy for on the go snacking. I also love that they have a social mission.

Shannon on

I’m a mom and I work for Revolution Foods. I know some of you have had some questions about our Organic Mashups. Mashups are all natural, unsweetened pureed fruit & veggie blend snack pouch. This product is geared not towards babies, but rather school aged kids ages 5-11. Mashups are intended to be a healthy and fun on-the-go snack option.

Anonymous on

What a bunch of mom-haters! All rightous like you are so much better than everyone else.

Michelle on

I think the comments of feeding above stating I needed to feed my baby fruits and veggies from day one are amusing as I have been doing this since day one with my son and out of the blue he decided he no longer wanted broccoli, carrots, peas, blueberries peaches etc…He just stopped eating the fruits and veggies I offered. I tried several times to try different things to no avail and so I am turning to the mashups to try and get some good nutrients for my son. Along with this I am still offering real fruits/veggies on a regular basis.

Michelle on

I agree, mom haters! Get a grip, at least these moms are trying something different to get their kids eating fruits and veggies. It’s hard when you work 40 hrs a week and have a household to run and your little one just wont eat regular fruits and veggies no matter how you try to present it and no matter if you’ve been giving them fruits and veggies from day one. Every kid is different, they are fickle and change their minds about food all the time.