Family Photo: The Maines-Pasdars – Ahoy, Matey!

05/10/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Shiver me timbers!

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines and her boys — husband Adrian Pasdar and sons Beckett Finn, 6½, and Jackson Slade, 10 — pose at the Disneyland premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, held Saturday in Anaheim, Calif.

“It’s a little different than your average couple, but you have to deal with the same things, like raising two children — getting them to school on time, homework and dinner,” says former Heroes star Pasdar, 46.

“From the outside it looks like it must be fantastic and really wonderful and it is, but it’s certainly not as laden with all that excitement.”

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Sara on

I always forget these two are married. What a good looking family!

ann on

Natalie’s children are cuties but what with Natalie? She’s lost so much weight its aged her. Hope all is ok with her.


That boy is way too BIG to be picked up and held…his legs are about to drag the ground.

Kimber Christian on

I don’t have kids so I’m just asking the question because I’m curious…at what age did you stop carrying your child?

JM on

I’m more curious why anyone would care that someone is carrying their child. no seriously, i genuinely want to know what difference it makes to someone? ERICA2, the boy being carried isn’t going to harm him (number one reason for caring about what someone else’s child is doing) and it isn’t going to harm you (number 2 reason for caring about what someone else’s child is doing). so i just don’t see why you’re bothered?

this always interests me about the ‘too old to be carried’ comments. what is the motivation for posting those comments? genuinely interested! especially seeing as there is no universal age at which you should stop carrying your kids. these comments are just so odd….

Jgirl on

I will carry my kids until I am physically unable, or they don’t want me too. And that is nobody’s business but mine. Cute family picture. It is nice to see other families on this site!

Kimber Christian on

I personally don’t CARE whether people carry their kids until they are 25. I was just curious since there must come a point when your child gets too heavy and you’re unable to carry them any longer. I would imagine there is also a time when your child doesn’t want to be held because (as an example) they might be embarrassed around their friends. It was simply a question based out of curiosity since I don’t have kids of my own. I didn’t realize this was such a hot button on this website as I’m not a frequent poster.

CLS on

I agree with Jm & Jgirl, Who Cares?!?! Personaly I did carry my children until i couldn’t. If I were in the Mane’s position, in the HUGE Crowd there, I too would want a hold onto my children. Geez people can’t we just be happy to see a happy family, no nit-pick them to death over something sooooooo ir-relevant?

Emily on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Natalie Maines! Her boys have gotten so big. Slade definitely looks like Natalie and Beckett looks just like Adrian, with Natalie’s nose! I miss the chicks, I hope they make music together again soon!

KikiOttawa on

Lovely family! I almost mistook Nathalie for Ginnifer Goodwin in this photo.

When is a child too ‘big’ to be carried? General rule of thumb: when they have an easier time picking up Mom or Dad, then it may be time to stop trying to carry them. The kid is 6 1/2 years old and his feet are not dragging on the ground as ERICA2 commented (joked?) and as long as the parent is able and willing and the child is willing, there is no right or wrong answer. Maybe Beckett was tired and wanted to be carried, maybe he hurt himself and was getting a comfort cuddle from Daddy, or maybe he was feeling overwhelmed with all the people and cameras at Disneyland. Who knows.

I find it fascinating that ERICA2 felt the need to make a derogatory comment about it, unless there was originally a different photo and Nathalie was carrying Jackson (who is almost as tall as her) and then it would make a certain amount of sense. But to answer Kimber’s comments: once kids hit about 7 to 9 certain things start to embarrass them about their parents. Usually Moms being overly affectionate (kisses and hugs in front of friends) is the first cross our children must bear, but the embarrassed to be seen in public with your parents is something that is a pre-teen or teenage embarrassment. Of course every kid is different so your future kids may or may not fall into those ‘norms’, you may be luck and your kids may never be embarrassed by you.

Minami86 on

In an age where kids are growing up so fast & want to be independent before they’re even in kindergarten, I would think parents would want to hold their kids as long as possible. My niece is 5 & still loves to be held & picked up. That’s her personality.

I will do the same to my kids & I’m certain I’ll miss it when they get to the age where it’s “not cool” to be hugging your mom in front of your friends.

Jillian on

My nephew is 9 and I was just carrying him this weekend! AND he is tall. He loved it and so did I. I will hold him as long as he let’s me.

WeightyCatey on

Gosh she really suits that pixie hairstyle!

RKF on

Kimber — ignore the posters. You asked a legitimate (not rude) question. There are always those defensive people on here who make a mountain out of a molehill, and who argue for the sake of arguing…

torgster on

I like Natalie way better as a blond. Just my opinion.

Tee on

Kimber, there was nothing wrong with your question. Some people just jump on anything and I’m sorry that happened to you! To answer you, there is nothing wrong with carrying your child as long as you can physically do so and the child wants to be held. Kids grow up so fast and I know a whole lot of people that regret having not held their kids more. Never heard of a person that regrets not putting them down!

MiB on

He’s 6½ and looks a bit overwhelmed, why shouldn’t he be carried if there is someone who feels strong enough to do so? Kimber Christian, I think most people reacted to ERICA2’s comment rather than yours, there is no fixed age when parents are not allowed to carry their children, and to be honest, there are some peopel who will whine when they see a parent toting their infant or toddler, asking why the child isn’t in a stroller because it looks to heavy for the parent to carry or is too big.

JM on

RKF just to clarify my post was’t in response to Kimber it was in response to Erica2, there is nothing wrong with asking a question. it’s when people state as if it’s a fact that a child is too old to be carried that i have a problem. i wasn’t making a mountain out of a molehill, i was also just asking a question, why do people care if a kid is carried?

Lisa on

Did anyone think that maybe he was just picking him up for this photo?? I know I’ve done that when my kids were being, well kids and not wanting to pose for a photo. Anyways great photo and great family!

Hea on

I admire Natalie Maines for her character. She’s quite a woman that one.

JMO on

My nephews are 6 and 9 and they wouldn’t be caught dead being carried. Right now they’re at that age where they’re too embarrassed by that any kind of adult affection. My nephew who is 9 doesn’t even want us to speak around him when his friends are hanging out lol. Gotta love kids! But I agree I would say carry them until your unable or they dont’ want you to. You can only hold them for so long in your arms like that so savor every moment.

Susan on

This is a lovely family picture & just exactly what is wrong with picking your kids up? If the little guy is 6 and a half years old, he’s probably tired after a long day at Disneyland.

Sharon Hulton on

I’m a friend of Adrian’s since he was 15. Beckett is shy- much more than Slade. When too many people are around or photographers, Adrian usually picks him up to give him comfort.

B.J. on

I’ve long admired Natalie Maines, it’s so good to see her and her boys!

dsfg on

Ann, Natalie hardly looks underweight, so I wouldn’t worry about her!

dj on

Wow! I wish this family continued love. Adore Adrian and his affectionate nature and devotion to his gutsy wife and beautiful boys. Hang on tight to all of them. Looking forward to seeing Adrian on any screen (know there’s stuff coming) and more music from Natalie please.

dj on

Forgot to say, my first thought on seeing pics was Natalie looks great,
beautiful with her pixie, youthful and radiant. Adrian Pasdar is forever gorgeous, I know he has a very attractive sister as well. When Germany met Middle East they made great looking babies in this family!