Eric Dane: Why I Love My Wife Now More Than Ever

05/10/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Alexandra Wyman/Getty

Life has changed for Eric Dane since welcoming daughter Billie Beatrice last year — and, as a result, so has the actor’s love for wife Rebecca Gayheart.

“I don’t know if there’s any change more significant that a human being can make than that of a woman becoming a mother. There’s no change more dramatic,” the Grey’s Anatomy star, 38, tells PEOPLE during the opening of IWC‘s A Night in Portofino.

“You know, I’m a hundred times more attracted to her now and I love her exponentially more than I did before. It’s just great to see her be a mother.”

And while the couple “have a little bit of help,” Dane reveals Gayheart happily takes on the responsibilities of motherhood.

“Rebecca is really hands-on,” he says. “There’s not a lot that goes on that she’s not a part of.”

But Gayheart isn’t the only one who loves spending quality time with Billie. Dane — who admits the “unconditional love” he receives from the 14-month-old who “doesn’t know any better” is the best part of fatherhood — enjoys spending afternoon father-daughter dates at the park.

“I like watching her laugh,” he shares. “Seeing this kid laugh when you put her on the swing, or slide down the slide with her, it’s just … She owns me.”

Billie has even won the hearts of the family’s beloved brood of dogs — in particular Nellie the chihuahua.

“The second we brought Billie home she elected herself the Buckingham Palace guard,” he laughs. “When Rebecca was feeding Billie, she would sit under Rebecca’s feet. Any time anyone got near Billie, even if it was me, the dog would just start barking.”

Set to spend their summer moving into their brand new home a few miles down the road, there is nothing Dane is quite looking forward to like enjoying his days off poolside with his family.

“I just want to teach my daughter how to swim and sit by the pool and gear up for next season,” he explains.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Vanessa J. Diaz

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j on

this story just made him so much hotter than he already was!!!!!

Hannahsmom on

j– Totally agree!

Shannon on

*Swoon* What a great dad and husband, and it helps that he’s hot!

LisaLisa on

Good maybe their daughter will stop them from having another threesome!

Kelly V. on

I just wonder how he feels knowing that his wife killed another womans child. It must be nice for their little family, but someday that little girl is going to grow up and find out her mother mowed down an innocent child while she was on her cell phone and blew a stop sign, yet NEVER saw one wall of a jail cell. It’s called vehicular manslaughter and if it were ANY one of us “common folk”, we’d be in jail, as well we should. I find it disturbing that the womans child she did kill has to see their happiness splattered all over the media all the time knowing there was never any justice for her child.

Just sayin’…

nat on

Sorry but nothing he says can erase that threesome they had. He can say what he wants but pictures don’t lie… They are drug fueled swingers and she is bisexual, which is fine, but don’t go on pretendingt you’re all mother earth now. I hope the best for the baby.

gagirl on

Wow LisaLisa, judgmental much?????? They’re adults and can have all the threesomes they want if that’s what floats their boat.

gagirl on

You people are nuts. I’m glad all of you are sooooo perfect that you can throw stones. Miserable bi**hes.

AmandaC on

If I remember correctly she paid the family of the boy she hit a ton of money to avoid going to jail and they accepted that. Not saying it’s right but his family did agree to those terms.

LisaLisa on

gagirl you are the miserable one! You have no morals and it is because of low-life women like yourself that today’s children grow up with no morals! You are sad sap! I feel sorry for any of your offspring! Hopefully you have none!!!!!

Abby on

Because people with a history of appreciating kinky sex are automatically bad parents. Wow people, get off your high horses. Isn’t the former drug use by these two perhaps more alarming than a threesome?

Silly priorities 🙂

Abby on

LisaLisa back right off. You don’t know these people, and nothing gagirl said indicated she lacked morals or was in any way the ‘hussy’ you are implying.

You’re the worst kind of human – judgmental and behind the times. It’s actually YOUR kids that I would encourage mine to avoid on the playground, because they’ll probably be judgmental bullies like their momma 😉

Kelly V. on

I don’t give a shit about their threesomes, they are adults and can get as freaky as they want to be. But I do care that she killed a child who was walking across the street with their mother and now that mother will NEVER have that joy again that Rebecca gets to have with her little girl. I don’t think it has ANYTHING to do with throwing stones, I just find it sad that with enough money, you too can go out and kill someone else’s child by accident and get away with it, with no repercussion to your own life. People are going to jail now for texting and killing, it’s the same thing.

I find her revolting and disgusting. I couldn’t bear to live with myself if I were to take the life of a child due to my negligence. I would serve my time and reflect on the heart break and damages I caused this family.

Jillian on

I don’t care that the had a threesome……why tape it? Things get released when you are in Zhollywood. I am more bothered by the child who died.

kim on

wow, ever heard of remorse and moving on in your life??

You all are sooooo perfect. Oh that’s right, youre not famous so nobody will constantly bring up that story every time she tries to forget.

Judging people for their mistakes is hypocritical

Lola on

Nat and LisaLisa, right on! What a drug fueled tape, and I hope they save it for their little Billie. Will make a kid so proud of the parents.

Spam on

WOW, so just because you are bisexual or gay, or have a threesome it makes you horrible parents? UM don’t think so! It also doesn’t make you a disgusting person or low life. Good Lord, this is the 20th Century, maybe people need to stop judging people for things they do.

Spam on

I too feel horrible for the loss of the child. However like it was said before, that child’s family accepted the money they were offered. It does not make it right, but they did accept the offer.

Just sayin….

Jen on

“”Rebecca is really hands-on,” he says. “There’s not a lot that goes on that she’s not a part of.”

Really?!?! He says this as if his wife should be commended for actually taking an active role in her own daughter’s life. Ridiculous.

Anonymous on

LisaLisa would love to open you closet of skeletons, we all have them

Cheyenne on

That was the sweetest article. I love McSteamy and am so glad to see a happy couple.
I wish he would eat something!
Love the story line with Callie on Greys ~,keep it up!

Kristine on

The threesome, who cares. The murder she committed is unforgivable………….she is trash

Anonymouse on

Oh, look out gagirl, LisaLisa’s gonna judge you now!

As if they give a rat’s a$$ what you think of them, LisaLisa. As if you’ve never done anything questionable. Likely you’re worse than most – it’s often those that have been guilty of the worst transgressions that throw the loudest, angriest stones of all. Why so upset when their behavior makes no impact whatsoever on your life?

If you hate them so much, why click on a story about them? Stop nosing and judging everyone around you and get a life. I’m not a fan of these two by any means, but dragging them through the mud for no reason is kind of pointless and sad.

Kelly V. on

Tries to forget?!?! You are just as depraved as she is to think that murdering a child is something she should “FORGET” and move on. I was living in Los Angeles at the time she killed that child, and I will never FORGET hearing that on the news and then POOF…never hearing about it again. The fact that she would rather pay the family off then pay for her crime and go to prison is worse then I can even imagine. If someone like Lindsey Lohan did that NOW, and DIDN’T go to prison, the world would be OUTRAGED and out for blood and I guarantee she would go to jail. It’s only because she wasn’t as big of a star at the time of the accident that it was brushed under the rug so effectively. I moved to Chicago after living in Los Angeles and it was mentioned at a dinner party and most of the guests had never heard about it, because it was only on the news in L.A. Having lived out there for 10 years, and working in the industry, I witnessed and was sickened by such behavior. People with money, especially famous people, have no responsibilities to the law and THAT is what makes me “judgmental” about it.

kimB on

So no one can make a mistake in life and be forgiven for it? Wow, some harsh people on here!

First of all, someone’s sex life does not make one a better or worse parent. The only stupid thing was that they made the mistake of having it filmed. But hey, if they felt the need for a threesome and using drugs before starting a family, then that is their choice.

As for the car accident, she might have come to a financial agreement with the parents but a person doesn’t have to go to jail for years to pay for what he/she did. I am sure that Rebecca has felt guilty in all those years that has passed by and will always have to learn with the fact that she is responsible for a young person’s death.

Also, people might learn how to live life better and more responsible when they have their own family so I wish them all the best.

If people can’t forgive others for mistakes (no matter how bad they are) then this is a very sad world.

Meems on

I’ts called an ACCIDENT!!! She didn’t purposely run over the child. She went around a car stopped in the middle of the road, not ran a stop sign, and just because she had an accident that unfortunately killed a child she shouldn’t be able to have her own kids?

Some of you people need to grow up and realize that mistakes happen and I’m sure you made plenty of them. Ignorant comments are just annoying.

karma's a B*TCH on

I agree 100 % with ALL of Kelly V. comments!!

Karma’s a b*tch!!

Kelly V. on

If I remember correctly, I believe the family had NO money, which is why they sued her. They might have had to take that money to pay for their child’s funeral…

Just sayin’…

Read more,,20147632,00.html

She should have done the right thing and gone to jail…PERIOD!


These two make me sick. I feel sorry for the kid. She should be in jail. They both have extremely loose morals and will pass it on to their kids.

Ann Marie on

I can easily think of 5 things that can transform or change a woman (who is ultimately a human being) as profoundly as having a child. And this is coming from a mother of 2. When celebrities do what every other human being does, childbirth becomes a more magical, transcendental experience. It is a physiological function. Nothing less, nothing more. Given how so many children are abused and abandoned in this world, not all change or transformation is good.

Storm on

Threesome – who cares, really nobody but their business, taping it stupid especially if you are a star. Somebody is going to make a buck off of it. You can bet on that!

Drugs – illegal, destroys the brain, but not earth shattering! Everybody has probably done something or maybe not. Maybe everyone else is perfect.

Killing the child – awfull, what’s worse is the parents excepting a monetary figure for their child and not persuing pressing charges! Rebecca will have to live with what she has done for the rest of her life.

They have to live with their personal issues, but that’s life and I do believe most people have a skeleton or two in their closet.

Live and let live! Everybody deserves to be happy! If you don’t think so then you are the sad one(s)!

Jen DC on

I have to say, “so what” they had a threesome. It was before they were parents, everyone involved was a consenting adult and, unlike many, since they were together, no one cheated on anyone else and their relationship has stayed strong. Yes, stupidly, they made a tape. If having had a threesome is the worst I have to say of them as a couple, I’m satisfied.

As far as her vehicular manslaughter, I’m sure she remembers with fear and anxiety every day that she took someone else’s child’s life. That’s not something that most people, I believe, would ever forget. But it was an ACCIDENT. She didn’t kill Jorge Cruz deliberately, whether she was on a cell phone or not. Plenty of us have had incidents while driving (or doing other things) that scare us momentarily, but before long, we’re back to the same bad, dangerous behavior. As the saying goes, “There but for the grace of G*d…”

Maybe now she even grieves more for the family of the child she mistakenly killed because she understands the depth of the emotion a mother has for her child.

The thing is, though, we can all admit that there is literally nothing she could have done to make up for this family’s loss, right? So are you suggesting that she kill herself, stop living and growing as a person because she accidentally took someone else’s life? What is your expectation? Should her suffering and self-flagellation have been more public? Or lasted longer? You’d probably say she was faking it for attention. (Considering her career…)

For the most part, none of us really deserve the good fortune we have in our lives. I don’t begrudge Rebecca Gayheart her hot husband or her beautiful baby. Whatever she did and how she manages to live with it is between her and whomever she worships. The forgiveness for this particular sin is between her and the family she devastated.

Get over yourselves.

Anonymous on

Here is a direct quote from regarding the accident involving Gayheart…

“On June 13, 2001, Gayheart struck and fatally injured nine-year-old Jorge Cruz, Jr. as he jaywalked across a street in Los Angeles. According to the police report, the child was returning home from school when he ran across a street. When vehicles in front of Gayheart stopped for Cruz, the actress drove around the stationary cars by pulling into a two-way left-turn lane; in doing so, she struck Cruz as he crossed the street. He died the next day at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

His parents, Jorge Cruz and Silvia Martinez, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her on August 6, 2001, seeking coverage of medical and funeral expenses, and compensation for loss of future earnings. Steven Lerman, the lawyer representing Cruz’s parents, alleged that Gayheart was talking on a cell phone; the actress’s attorney Marty Singer adamantly denied the claim.[14] The civil action was settled out of court, and settlement terms were not disclosed.

In October 2001, Gayheart was involved in another auto accident when she flipped her rental car into two parked vehicles. No one was injured and no charges were filed.[15] Her father attributed the second accident in part to her anxiety over the first accident and resulting criminal case. Her father said that he and Gayheart’s mother did not want her to drive any longer.[16]

On November 27, 2001, Gayheart pleaded no contest to vehicular manslaughter. She was sentenced to three years’ probation, a one-year suspension of her license, a $2,800 fine and 750 hours of community service. She was also ordered to make a public-service announcement warning of the dangers of not stopping when other vehicles in front have stopped.”

She has paid her price and will remember this for the rest of her life but you somehow have to find the strength and courage to go can’t live in the past forever….

Jennifer on

Lots of hating bitches on this board. A man compliments the mother his wife has become and people bring up issues that has nothing to do with the story.

How sad and pathetic you are.

dinky on

Who cares? Live & let live.
“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

dinky on

Amen to Jen DC!

Kris on

I never comment on these chat boards, but the nastiness I’m seeing here made me feel the need to speak out.

I’m someone who has a strong moral character. I’ve never had a threesome or anyone outside of my husband. I’ve never committed a crime or caused an accident that took another person’s life. That being said, I don’t begrudge these people their happiness.

The boy’s death was accidental and regrettable (I believe he crossed the street between cars in the middle of a road and cars were stopped for him, but how often do people double park on roads or pull over to let someone out and how many times do you go around those cars???). It’s something I’m sure she lives with every day of her life. As the saying goes, accidents DO happen. Most of us get lucky that our accidents don’t result in the taking of a life, but it very easily could be you in that position one day.

As for the sexual/drug experimentation–while I never felt the need to experience these things, most people do. As long as everyone consents and it doesn’t affect me or my loved ones, what business is it of mine, much less to judge them? Judge not lest ye be judged. I imagine it’s very difficult being a perfect person, up on that pedestal, looking down your noses at the rest of us mortals. I hope the elevation doesn’t give you a nosebleed.

wo on

wow it’s nice to see a man be so open about his love like that. that’s amazing. I think most celeb males try too hard to be cool.

k on

My Father hit and killed a little boy just before I was born. He never saw jail time because it was a complete accident. But he never stopped thinking of that little boy for the rest of his life. We dont know these people, we read about them in the gossip news. We have no idea what their daily lives are like, or if she regrets what she did. And who cares if they had a threesome? They are adults, if they choose to have a threesome, they should be allowed. Whatever works in their marriage and their lives.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Leave them be.

Maria on

What happened whas a horrible accident, not murder. She can not go back and change what happen and I’m sure she would if she could. Doesn’t mean she has to crawl in a hole and die. Sounds like she is a great mom and wife…..i’m sure she hasn’t forgotten and you dimwits sure won’t let her.

cheryl on

I personally find the threesome burned in my mind since it repulsed me so much. It doesn’t make me angry, jealous or a bitch. Just have my morals and standards

Toya L. on

Hmmmm It seems like certain situations made by different celebs should be forgiven while others aren’t; I suppose for some posters, it’s only okay to judge certain families. Anyway, I agree with Kris.

Deb on

Wow, what a mean bunch of some of you are and really nasty comments on here. It was an accident, she carried out the terms of her punishment according to info in one of these comments and I am sure she does not forget about it at anytime in her life.

I have a friend who accidentally struck a child who had darted out between two cars and was killed. There was not a thing he could do about it. There was no warning and the child just came out of nowhere. He lives with that everyday of his life. No charges were filed. It was an accident.

My youngest was involved in an accident while darting out between two cars on his bike and was hit by a car. Thank God, he was not seriously hurt. We taught him to wear a helmut and that saved his life. We also taught him how to ride his bike safely and correctly, but kids will be kids, and in a moment of not thinking, he pulled out into the street. No way do I blame the man who hit him. That man was devastated that he hit my son. His devastation made me feel really bad for him having to get over that he almost killed my son. We did not press any charges as it was an accident.

People make mistakes. Accidents happen. Some of you need to get off your high horses and shut up.

Melly on

It was never proven that she was on her cell phone and she passed cars that were stopped for the boy on a 2 lane road, she didn’t know why those cars were stopped, bad judgement, yes, murder NO!

It was an accident. She paid for having poor judgement and who are you to say she doesn’t live with that guilt everyday of her life?

Look up the FACTS of the case. The boy was 9 and jaywalking. Where were his parents…who lets a 9 yr old wander the streets of LA? I have 5 kids, and if I lived there, that would never happen. All parties involved had culpability.

KP on

Sometimes the post that people leave on this site are disturding. You are so judgemental and are quick to call people names and throw out harsh words. You really need to take a look at yourself and your life before passing judgement on anything or anyone els. You people make me sad and the world a worst place to live in.

kat on

I feel terrible for the child that was killed. However, Rebecca has to live with that every DAY of her life. I don’t remember her working since that happened. I’m sure she has been traumatized and she will never get over it. I dont think its fair for any of us to judge. We dont walk in her shoes.

J on

Wow! I couldn’t love someone who was impatient and ran over a child while on their cell phone. More power to him.

Girl on

Please consider the facts before you jump to conclusions. The boy was jaywalking, by himself, in the middle of the road, at 9 years old. She pulled around some stopped cars and never saw him coming. It was a terrible accident, but it was an accident. If it had been a 19-year-old boy darting between cars illegally (jaywalking is illegal, whatever you think of it), what would you say then? He should have known better and the 9-year-old should have known better, or at least been watched.

There’s no possible good outcome when something like that happens. But don’t castigate a person, especially where nothing was ever actually proved.

just sayin' on

@Jen, I liked your take on his comment:

”Rebecca is really hands-on,” he says. “There’s not a lot that goes on that she’s not a part of.”

I agree with you that his wife does not really deserve to be commended for taking an active role in her own daughter’s life. From what I can glean, she does absolutely nothing else in terms of work, so what else would she be doing anyway?

Despite the fact that her career hit the skids (I haven’t seen her in anything since her bit part in the original Bev. Hills 90210)and she is not in fact working, she still has a nanny which Eric himself alluded to in the interview. No, this is not a crime, but strengthens my point even further about her not deserving accolades.

just sayin' on

Even if we were to overlook the manslaughter conviction, the cocaine addiction and the sexcapades, there’s the small matter of her personality. If she were a likeable person, it would be easier to forgive and forget (obviously only if she was remorseful). In any on air speaking she has done (I cringe at using the word interview)with media, she comes across as being snotty and has an air of superiority about her.

TB on

So none of you people have EVER talked on the phone while you were driving? Never??? It could have happened to any of you! Just because she made a HORRIBLE mistake doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Don’t get me wrong my heart breaks for that poor kids family but I’m sure she thinks of it every day of her life! And don’t tell me if you didn’t have money you wouldn’t have done the same thing she did to avoid jail time!

Anonymous on

You people have serious issues!!!! Yes she killed a child, I am sure she has tons of remorse for that, but does that mean she is not allowed to have a child of her own and be happy? And who gives a shit if she had a threesome, it was with her husband and he obviously said ok, the only dumb thing they did was record it with the stupid skank they did it with. I would love to meet you assholes to see how perfect you are. Your all a bunch of losers!!!

Kimmba on

I’ve got to stop reading the comments section… I always walk away from my computer angry because some people are just spiteful and mean. If you can’t say anything nice about the article you are commenting on, then just don’t.

I mean really? Rebecca doesn’t deserve Billie because she was involved in an accident that resulted in a 9 year old boy being killed? Really? She doesn’t deserve to be happy? I could completely understand that comment if she’d been found guilty of child abuse or molestation. Have we really come to the “eye for an eye” stage?

Good for Eric Dane for complimenting his wife in public. That’s more than most parents out there get.

gagirl on

LMAO Thanks Abby! Clearly LisaLisa is INSANE. Who wishes for someone to never have children?!?!? LOL Not only is that crazy but it’s just evil. Again, you are a miserable b**ch. That gave me a good laugh, though.

Well said, k. I agree 100%.

gagirl on

LMAO Thanks Abby! Clearly LisaLisa is INSANE. Who wishes for someone to never have children?!?!? LOL Not only is that crazy but it’s just evil. Again, you are a miserable bitch. That gave me a good laugh, though.

Well said, k. I agree 100%.

Anonymous on

I think the biggest issue I have with her is that, allegedly, the threesome tape, where she comments “I’m so high”, she’s currently pregnant. I don’t know what stage, or if she knew she was pregnant at the time (likely she wasn’t very far along), but that she was ‘so high’ while pregnant bothers me. However, there’s no where NEAR the evidence to support that she knew she was pregnant while under the influence.

I don’t care about the threesome (can we say ‘consenting adults’?), though perhaps the idea to videotape it wasn’t very well thought out. Vehicular manslaughter, I have no real information on – she’s been punished in one way or another, and I’m sure she feels pain regarding it.

Lastly, her face just bothers me… I don’t know why, but I don’t find her attractive at all, nor her husband. BUT, I’m sure she doesn’t give a shit what I think, nor should she. I DO wish them and their daughter happiness and health.

Bex on

First of all, it was not an accident, it was negligence. That is what vehicular manslaughter is and what she pleaded guilty to. If it was truly an accident, she wouldn’t have been convicted. She didn’t just pull around one car, she pulled into a turn lane to get around at least two cars. Of course she didn’t mean to kill anyone, but she was driving recklessly. It’s no different than if she was drunk at the wheel. And the reason she paid the boy’s family a ton of money is because the family sued her in civil court. It has nothing to do with her criminal charges.

I also agree that she she should be extremely involved with daughter without question. Why do you need a nanny if you don’t work? And since when do you get praise for being “really hands-on” with your own kid?? Give me a break.

ecl on

It seems like all of you have more remorse for what Rebecca might be going through than what the family of the kid continues to go through.

Just because something is an accident doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been prevented. I really really HATE people who drive recklessly because I think of a car as a deadly weapon and drive very carefully because of that. I may one day hurt someone on accident, but it won’t be because I wasn’t paying attention.

PS I also hate on Nicole Ritchie for this. She drove the wrong way on a freeway while high. Whenever I see anything about how wonderful she is, I just think about the selfish personality that could do that.

Sues on

SHe didnt do it on purpose. She deserves to be happy. It was an accident and each of you should be honest how many times have you talked on the phone while driving? The child jaywalked – it was an accident.She didn’t murder him, she drove arund and hit him. That is why it was called involuntary. She did wrong and she has paid her debt. I am sure she has terrible nightmares about what has happened. As far as sex goes really people its none of your business. You would think you all are perfect people. Its not your business. Its now between her and her husband.

Dee on

I am in no way condoning her killing a child but it is so funny how people assume it is her celebrity status that kept her from doing jail time. My cousin was hit, then run over as the driver fled the scene. He was crushed from the neck down and spent over two years in hospital and then rehab. The driver received no jail time for the accident. There are soooo many cases like these.

If it weren’t for experimental surgery at the time my cousin would not have lived. He ended up being on the news and in medical journals for his survival but where does that lead? The man’s insurance has lapsed and the judge’s response was “you can’t get blood from a stone?” I am just giving all this background to say it was a serious accident with horrible consequences, yet a non-celebrity who fled the scene served no time.

There are countless cases like this one. Do some research before typifying the situation as “it’s because she is a celebrity.”

Melly on

@ ecl, Gayheart had no illegal substances or alcohol in her do you compare her to Richie? And oce again, WHERE were his parents? A 9 yr old child has no business alone on LA streets, plain and simple, parents are at fault as well. Btw, how do you know she has no remorse? Know her personally, do you?

Jillian on

The point for me is this could have been prevented if she wasn’t careless. If she was just driving down the street, off her phone, in the proper lane, I would say nothing……BUT, she was careless and irresponsible. And for the person who asked, I have never talked on the phone while driving. I don’t live in a glass house. Oh, and I am not a hater or a bitch, I just think of nothing else but her in a hurry on a phone and a child dying…..but let’s blame the child ANC his parents. People who do that must also try to say that someone who gets raped in a dark alley asks for it. A victim is a victim.

Jillian on

Oh, and I don’t necessarilly think she should have gone to prison. I just think this when I see her. It’s an association……in her case, a bad one. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t got many roles since then. Hmmm….

denise on

Wow!… John 8:7. I’m glad that God is a mercyful God, and not man.

observant on

I am amazed that those on the high moral pedestal have the image of the threesome video burned on their retinas. As far as I know, it was never shown on television, so to view it one must have searched for it on the internet and then clicked on the play button to start the video. It weas not forced on anyone. Voyeuristic much? That’s what I thought.

Jill on

WOW!! Have none of you ever been distracted while driving? Whether you’re on your cell phone or not or something else grabs your attention even if for a split second? And have you never driven too fast, switched lanes illegally, etc? I highly doubt that!!

I myself was leaving a small strip mall when a young boy on a bicycle entered the driveway where I was to exit and I followed him as he crossed because he didn’t look as he entered the roadway and suddenly as I approached the same place that he crossed a minute later his little sister entered the same driveway without looking and I hit her! I was distracted by her brother and she didn’t look before entering the roadway. Witnesses verified my account of events.

Stuff happens while we’re driving and no one is perfect. I couldn’t drive into or out of that strip mall for months because I was so upset!! And on top of that my 18 month daughter was in the back seat… So what some of you are saying is that if the girl would’ve been seriously injured and/or died then I should’ve gone to jail? Give me a break!! Even the police investigation determined that the little girl was at fault for the accident not me… Some of you seriously like to throw stones!! Get over yourself!!

just saying on

The car accident was deemed an ACCIDENT, and she was fined, and she did settle with the folks of the child. She didn’t leave the scene of the accident and did everything she was suppose to do.

I find it funny how no one ever speaks of the 3 hit and runs that Hally Barry caused. I think that says a lot about a person when they do something awful like that and still run!!! The simple fact is that this couple is happy where they are in their life and that is wonderful for them!!!

josgal on

Wow!!! Imagine finding all of these “perfect” people in the comment section of People!! Never have they been careless and/or irresponsible. Their moral fibers are unbreakable and have never been bent. They have pockets full of stones to throw with perfect aim towards all of us imperfect sinners. Perfection at its’ finest. Oh, to be privileged to be in their company. Now if only their perfection could somehow trickle down to me. But then I would say “No thank you”.

Elena on

Kelly V. How can you judge the way she feels guilt? What, do you think that just because they’re in Hollywood, she doesn’t think of that child everyday? I’m sure that she does. Pictures always show celebrities happy when tabloids aren’t making stories; she’s a totally different person behind closed doors just like we all are. You’ve never even come into contact with her so get your nose out of the air and stop being so arrogant.

Michelle on

I agree with the person who said it was negligence. There’s a huge difference between that and an accident. Did she bother to look and see why the other cars were stopped? No. She impatiently pulled around them because she couldn’t be bothered to wait and ended up killing a child. She’s a reckless driver period. That’s how she ended up having a second accident shortly after. No she didn’t mean to do it. No it wasn’t murder but don’t act like it was nothing. And for the people saying “get off your high horse”, if someone had struck and killed your child or loved one would you get over and it just say “oh well you’ll have to live with this the rest of your life so I’ll move on. It’s ok??” It’s great that he loves his wife and they’re happy. That doesn’t mean the rest of us have forgotten what she did and wanna hear about it.

Jennifer on

There’s no reason to be so hateful toward Rebecca. Geez! If the courts didn’t assign her jail time, why should she go to jail? Please! Be mad at the courts, at the system. She killed a child, she paid what was required, now she has the freedom to get on with her life. Do you all have such hate for Brandy? Should we kill Billie? Will that make you idiots feel better?

Jackie on

There are some not-so nice comments on here. I think anyone with a heart would be devastated if they accidentally killed someone, particularly a child. I read the other link another user provided and it sounds like the experience will haunt her forever. I really think that is punishment enough. It’s worse than any jail time. She will probably never fully be able to forgive herself. I know I wouldn’t.

In fact, I was driving down a fairly busy street with cars parked on both sides and a child (maybe 6 years old?) literally darted from between two parked cars into the road while I was driving. I slammed on my brakes and swerved into oncoming traffic to miss her. If I had been distracted for every one second I would have hit her. I was DAMN lucky there were no cars in the other lane at the time. A cop saw the whole thing. He reprimanded her and her mother and told me thank you for being an observant driver. My point is that, all it takes is one second for something like this to happen. I feel for her.

Kelly V. on

My memory of it, though this is going back some years, was that he was walking across the street WITH his mother and she witnessed him get hit right in front of her. That’s what I remember from the news report back then. And to be fair, I’m the least judgmental person, but for some reason when this happened, it was so shocking to me and I followed this story for the little time it was reported. I remember when it happened because I was getting ready for work and they stopped my television program to announce it. Being from the Midwest, I remember thinking how CRAZY it was that they would actually stop a program, though the story was horrific, it struck me odd that they would actually stop a program on TV for it. If that were a “normal”, every day person, it may have been the top news story of the the evening news, but they wouldn’t stop in the middle of a program for it (though one could argue they should).

I’m not sure why I’ve had an odd attachment to this story from the beginning and I have NEVER spoken out on this before, but for some reason today, when I read this article it made me really angry. Angry for the memory of Jorge and his family and for his life that was cut short by her NEGLIGENCE…that is NOT the same thing as an accident. I think it also stuck out to me because it was one of the first stories I had heard at that time about someone dying from someone else being on their cell phone. I guess maybe back then, had they made a bigger deal out of Jorge’s death, and she had served time, or made a nationwide apology, SOMETHING to recognize such a tragedy, we wouldn’t have SO many that have died since then from phone mis-usage.

I apologize for judging her, you’re right, I shouldn’t judge, but that was HER opportunity to show just what kind of character she had. I’m not on a pedestal so high that I snub her…I’m no where near perfect, and you’re right, one day it could happen to me, but if it did, I know what kind of character I have, and it’s one that stands for justice and when I’m wrong, I’ll say I’m wrong.

In my opinion, she acted like a coward. And I agree with the other person who said that the husband was commending her on taking a “hands on approach” to their child…well, she IS her mother right? That’s what she’s supposed to do! That bitch must have made a deal with the devil back then to have such a wonderful life now.

P.S. I read what another other person said about her seeming snobby in interviews, well, I do have a friend that worked with her on Jawbreaker who also said she wasn’t the nicest or easiest person to work with back then. Maybe she has changed, maybe it did teach her to be a better person…one can only hope.

Kelly on

I really don’t know much about these people, but from posts I’m hearing a threesome and killing a child??? WHAT????? I wish them the best as a family. I assumed they were a nice couple and I understand everyone makes mistakes because no one is perfect, I just never heard about any of this and I enjoy reading about celebs. Clearly, I missed all of this!

Sydney on

Nicole Richie was a heroin addict and was convicted of several DUI offences that could just have easily resulted in someone’s death.

She was lucky that they didn’t.

But suddenly Richie is considered Mother Teresa and Rebecca Gayheart is devil woman?

Natalie on

Argh! You people drive me barmy!

First of all, to Jen, who says:

“‘Rebecca is really hands-on,” he says. “There’s not a lot that goes on that she’s not a part of.’

Really?!?! He says this as if his wife should be commended for actually taking an active role in her own daughter’s life. Ridiculous.”

It seems you people have the following mantra:

(1) Berate a celebrity when they have help and don’t acknowledge the help. Because they are trying to gain sympathy, pretend they struggle like all the rest of you, apparently.

(2) Berate a celebrity when they have help and acknowledge the help they receive. Because they are obviously showing off and bragging about their riches and privilege.

(3) Berate a celebrity when they have no help. Because they are obviously lazy and not working.

(4) Berate a celebrity when they have little or no help and talk about it. Because obviously they are not only lazy and not working, but trying to get brownie points and pretend they are normal people.

How do they ever win with you lot?!


(1) Threesomes = Consenting adults. Enough said. I don’t particularly like the idea of threesomes, not for me and I wouldn’t like to watch, let alone participate, in one. And the idea to film it was a bit stupid. BUT it’s their business. If they want some kinky bedroom activity happening, then so what?

(2) Drugs. Not cool, or classy, but again – their choice.

(3) We have no idea whether it was a phase they went through or not. Maybe they’ve given it up. Or possibly even regret it now.

(4) I bet there’d be a fair few of you who would have AT LEAST tried drugs of some description, and/or dabbled in threesomes or other “kinky” activities.

(5) Saying someone has no morals because they are bisexual is just not cool, because it’s not true.

(6) Whatever happened that day on the road, Rebecca would be living with it every day for the rest of her life. We don’t know how much she has suffered emotionally for it. Yes, I know that most of you will say, “And so she should” but it’s true. We all make mistakes on the road everyday. Most of us are lucky enough to pass it off as a near-miss. Nearly reversing into objects, clipping trees or poles, forgetting to indicate in a lane change, nearly changing lanes when a car is coming, not seeing something ahead of you on the road, not realising the light is going yellow and nearly running it. It happens a lot.

She had a lapse of judgment that day (and talking on the phone wasn’t actually proven), along with that child’s lapse of judgment in jaywalking on a busy LA road. But ultimately an unfortunate accident. To say she doesn’t deserve children, or happiness as a mother, is cruel. If she’d hit the child and then run, I’d feel not a shred of sympathy for her. But she made amends in a manner with which the child’s family was happy, and paid her price in terms of her community service etc, which is about all anyone could have expected of her.

Jen DC on

@ Bex: “Negligence” has a specific connotation in the law. Negligence describes her behavior, which could range from talking/texting on the phone OR merely pulling into the left turn lane from behind the stopped cars. The fact that she hit and killed Jorge Cruz IS an accident – an accident caused by her negligent behavior. Pleading guilty to negligence doesn’t imply willful action; it’s an admission that if you had chosen to do certain things – better things – the accident would not have happened.

What I find appalling is (a) the vehemence with which she’s being condemned for an accident that occurred over 10 years ago and (b) that a man can’t even compliment his wife without that wife being picked apart. Eric Dane is impressed with her devotion! What husband wouldn’t want his wife to be devoted to their child? Yes, we are supposed to be – both parents – devoted to our children, but is that the same thing as saying “I don’t care if my spouse never notices how well I take care of the kids or the house”? She has to go every day of her life without being praised for doing a good job, because it’s a job she *should* do well? I mean, many of us go to work, right? And we do our jobs. But ISN’T IT NICE when our bosses pull us aside and say, “Hey, you’re doing a good job.” You’re *supposed* to do a good job… but it’s nice when someone notices and compliments you.

The next time your husband compliments your cooking or one of your kids comes up to you and says thanks for whatever homekeeping work you did for him/her, think of Rebecca Gayheart and the bitterness with which her husband’s praise was greeted here.

Amy on

My brother was killed by a driver while walking home from school and I forgive the man who killed him. Living in guilt and hatred does not solve anything. Embracing life — in all it’s bad and good — and loving and forgiving are what it is about. Thank you Jesus.

lizzielui on

Funny how I’ve never seen anyone on this site ripping Madonna for her sex book or numerous sexual exploits and voyeurism throughout her career whenever pics of her and Lola pop up. I don’t see anything ripping the former first Lady Laura Bush to shreds either in regards to her running over and killing her then boyfriend in a car accident when she was younger.

Yet people want to crucify Rebecca and Eric because, as consenting adults, they engaged in a threesome with another adult and because Rebecca was involved in a fatal accident. It makes no sense. And speaking of the accident, it was well established and documented that the victim in Rebecca’s case was carelessly jaywalking and dashed into the street in front of oncoming traffic. Of course little Jorge didn’t ask to die, but he ran out into the street. That is an accident waiting to happen. Yes Rebecca was negligent and should have yielded like the other drivers, but the victim thrust himself into harm’s way on a busy LA street. Bad situation all around.

Furthermore, it was never proven that she was on her phone. She wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She was a driver who in a haste used poor judgement, which is something I see every single day driving here in NYC. And the jaywalkers? Please. People, including kids run into the street all of the time thinking that they can outrun the oncoming traffic. None of this means Rebecca should be vilified for the rest of her life for something that was unintentional.

Imagine if we were all measured for the rest of our lives by a mistake from our past? After the accident Rebecca was in therapy for years trying to get over her guilt and get her life back together. I for one, am happy that she is finding some peace.

people reader on

Whatever you want to call it “neglignce”, “accident”, “vehicular manslaughter”, it was not done with intent. It could happen to anyone.

As far as drugs, threesomes, and being bitchy….well nobody’s perfect and I don’t think we can make judgements on her parenting skills or even her right to be a parent by looking at those factors.

Sophie on

My uncle accidentally killed a child – vehicular manslaughter too. He backed up, did not see the child. He did not serve a day in any federal prison. His prison is in his mind – and there is not a day goes by that he does not regret that day, wish he could take it back. He also had five beautiful children, one of whom was taken from us prematurely by a drunk driver. He is a wonderful, wonderful father who has seen enough tragedy in his life, both at his hands and others.

All of you who would condemn Rebecca without knowing her feelings are the heartless ones.

Sasha on

I didn’t know about the vehicular homicide, don’t care about the threesome, and the drug use is disturbing…but what I DO remember which made me strongly dislike her, is the picture of her SMOKING while she’s in her last trimester of PREGNANCY. She’s seen driving down the road just puffing away. It was widely circulated & she had “no comment”. Gross. I wonder how you look at your child’s face that you love so much & think, “me needing a nicotine fix is more important to me than your health”. Yep, mother of the year.

Karen on

I agree – many of you are so judgemental. You are all so perfect. The article is about a man’s love for his wife. That’s it. Nobody knows the terms of her sentence, nobody knows what she’s gone through personally, maybe she’s had counseling, maybe she’s met the family..who knows? None of you have ever been distracted while driving? I know I certainly have…on the phone, reaching for a snack for my kids, etc.

And, what happens in the bedroom and in their private life is nobody’s business but their own. It doesn’t interest me but I do know couples that are swingers. It’s their life, not mine. Those of you who are so quick to judge, need to step back and take at look at yourself. What gives you the right? In the end, you will make your peace with the big guy at the pearly gates 🙂

SF on

This is an entertainment news site, not a court of law. If you really want to judge people and write commentary then check out CNN and comment on something meaningful. If some of you are so put off by famous people then why are you on this site? It exists because our culture is celebrity obsessed and all of us, including myself read this garbage!

I think it’s creepy that some of you write as though you really know these people because you read about them in the news. Get over yourselves. You must all be angels who have taken the form of a human to judge what is right or wrong. You are the pathetic ones.

Kelly V. on

EVERYONE has SOMETHING that affects them in one way or the other or rubs them wrong in some way that they can’t explain why it touches them so deeply. And for whatever reason, this one affected me back then and when she came back in to the spotlight it was as if nothing ever happened, no one even talked about it anymore and it bothered me. Over the years living and working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles at a young age, I became quite jaded and cynical (which is a part of why I left) but I tried never to let their crap bother me, but this did.

I think part of it was I had remembered her as the fresh face of Noxema and always liked her, so this story came as a bit of a shock to me, not that she was perfect, but that she seemed more upstanding and kind hearted to me, someone that would hold a press conference and reach out to everyone to be more careful and cautious. I don’t know…can’t explain it or why it still sticks with me ten years later I don’t even know the poor woman and shouldn’t judge her and how she handled it. But I’m kinda glad I spoke up and said something finally. Reading all the debates on this subject have been both interesting and enlightening. And wow, it’s nice to see at least we all have so much passion on the subject…one way or the other.

meghan on

Sasha, my mother smoked through three of her four pregnancies. I guess I should give her a call and take her to task for not loving my brothers more than nicotine. Judgemental bitch.

meghan on

I’m glad you got that off your chest Kelly V. and I want to thank you for monpolizing this thread with aspects of Miss Gayheart’s past that are completely irrelevent to her life as a parent. Way to go. But as long as YOU feel better, right?

kc on

Enough about the accident and the threesome. What I found most troubling about the Wiki article on all this – the fact that she was obviously PREGNANT while UNDER THE INFLUENCE of drugs or alcohol in the sextape.

cara on

I didn’t know she had tragically killed a child.

In light of that, I think it is horrendous of them to go spewing to the press at how wonderful parenthood is, how wonderful their child is, how she is a fantastic mother etc.

Yes, accidents do happen, but it beggars belief that they are so cruelly insensitive to the death of that child as a direct result of her actions. I can totally understand why people would feel so offended and outraged by their comments.

Ugh, what horrible people.

meghan on

kc, she was NOT pregnant in the sex tape. It came out early in the pregnancy, but was taped before she was pregnant.

Whatever they did that might be objectionable to you, occurred before they became parents. Do you party like you did before you had kids? People change all the time. Except for people on this site. They’ve never made mistakes, so they never have to change.

Amy on

Many of you ladies here sure have a lot of hatred towards someone you don’t know. You don’t know what she’s had to deal with emotionally after the accident and I am sure she’ll never forget what happened. The ignorance radiating from the haters is appalling. What if your son or daughter was in the same shoes as Rebecca? Would you hate him or her? She probably hates herself more than anyone of you can imagine. Have some respect for others. I would hate to see your children be as unempathetic as you all. It’s a shame people are as cold as it’s been displayed here on this board.

cara on

“I don’t know if there’s any change more significant that a human being can make than that of a woman becoming a mother. There’s no change more dramatic”,

I would imagine, as a mother, that your little child being killed in an RTA, would certainly top that for a significant and dramatic change in a human being

So many celebs manage to remain tightlipped about their kids for the childrens privacy. In their case, a bit of decency, consideration, respect and maybe even regret, should be enough to make them want to keep their joy at parenthood, out of the press.

Ducan on

Hopefully he can spend some of that down time and learn how to act. He is the weakest actor on that show.

Kelly V. on

Thanks Meghan…I do : )

Shannon on

I was wondering why this article had so many comments. Wow!

I hope they have turned their lives around.

jessicad on

I was gonna ask if her being on her cell phone was even true, seems like a rumor that was started here and is suddenly fact. Even if she was, I’m sure most of us have talked on the phone while driving, and accidents happen, she deserves happiness too. I’m sure she has a ton of guilt over what happened, but her husband is on a popular show there’s nothing wrong with what he said.

My best friends mother was run over and killed by a woman who was turned around trying to make her 3 year old son strap back into his car seat, she could have pulled over…but she didn’t, things happen. My friend decided to forgive her and try to find peace with the situation, some of you should do the same and let it go.

jessicad on

…and in terms of the threesome, who cares. Lots of people experiment and like different things! They has absolutely nothing to do with what type of parents they are.

yo on

She never had a career. motherhood makes sense. go trophy wives!

meg on

I LOVE ERIC DANE! hes always so sweet in interviews and hes sexyyy.. and her killing a child could have happened to anybody.. shes only human.. she did not do it on purpose and im sure shes paid for it.. but just because she killed someone doesnt mean shes not allowed to eventually have happiness and a child.. im sure it is something she thinks about every day and has to live with it but come one people.. what is she supposed to do.. sit in a room forever.. if any single person could get out of going to jail by paying they would.. get real and stop pretending like youre invincible.

meg on

love eric!

Maria on

I don’t think it’s necessary for all this arguing between the posters on this article. I was shocked by the comment regarding the manslaughter charge and found this on the net. it’s unbelievable that she got away with it!

On June 13 Gayheart was driving through Hollywood in her friend’s Jeep Cherokee when she struck 9-year-old Jorge Cruz, Jr. as he crossed the street on his way home from school. Although the boy was not using a crosswalk, several cars had stopped on the road to let him cross. Gayheart swerved around the stopped cars and attempted to pass them in a two-way turn lane when she hit the boy. Jorge Cruz, Jr. died the next day at a local hospital. Gayheart claims she never saw the child and denies any wrongdoing in the accident.

Nancy on

The part of the story I found interesting was when Eric said that his child gives him unconditional love. Eric, just wait until you discipline, or ground your child, or take away his cell phone or computer.

MMS on


Love happens, tragedy happens, LIFE happens. It’s how you choose to deal with it that makes you who you are. I am sure there is not a soul out there that has not done something so terrible that they wished they could forget, but cannot. Something they have to deal with every single day of their lives. You don’t have to “approve” of another person’s behavior, you just simply have to choose not to be associated with it. You don’t to have to “approve or agree” to someones lifestyle but the beauty of that is….it is your CHOICE. Have a wonderful day to all you saints out there and an especially fabulous day to all you sinners too!!

MsPink on

I thinnkk hee is perfectt men That’ss whyy ………I Would like that all boys To be like eric dane :)….Because hhe is perfect men…The boys SUCK but Erickk it’s not like all boys ..My opinion

Debbie on

Look all of you judgemental people. I am sure there’s not a day that goes by that she doesn’t regret the accident and again I stress “accident”. She wasn’t drunk, wasn’t high, she just made a mistake which obviously was horrible. If you read the law, since she was under the influence of anything, she was treated just as any other person would have been. If she hadn’t been somewhat famous the family wouldn’t have seen much of a settlement & there would not have been any jail time either way.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has done something they are ashamed of at some point in their life. Not all of us have accidentally harmed or caused the death of someone but again we’ve all done something in our past that we’d rather forget.

Anonymous on

Wow, what a bunch of pompous, perfect people on here. Too bad not everyone is perfect like some on here.

While everyone is condemning Gayheart for the accident that took a young boys life, why not condemn former First Lady Laura Bush – she also killed another person as a result of a vehicular manslaughter.

Wikipedia –

Laura Lane Welch Bush (born November 4, 1946) is the wife of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush. She was the First Lady of the United States from January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009 . . . . .

On the night of November 6, 1963, Laura Welch ran a stop sign, causing a fatal car accident that killed her friend in another car.[8][9] The driver of the other car was her close friend and classmate Michael Dutton Douglas. By some accounts, he had been Welch’s boyfriend at one time.[10] Welch and her passenger, both 17, were treated for minor injuries.[11] According to the accident report released by the city of Midland in 2000, in response to an open-records request, she was not charged in the incident.[11][12] Bush’s spokesman said, “It was a very tragic accident that deeply affected the families and was very painful for all involved, including the community at large.”[11] In her book Spoken from the Heart, she says that the accident caused her to lose her faith “for many, many years”.[13]

Just because she is married to a past-president that death she caused is never mentioned, but apparently it’s okay, since she’s a former first lady and Gayheart is just an actress.

Jess on

it wasn’t neligience….and there was no proof she was on the phone…it was an accident…i bet she lives with it everyday….as for the threesome i don’t give a crap, and don’t see why everyone else does….it’s their sex life not yours….SO STOP BEING SO JUDGEMENT KELLY V AND LISALISA. no one is perfect and plenty of people make miskates….she didn’t run from the scene of the crime…she paid for it….she didn’t buy her way out of it….she was sued!!!!!!!!

Good for you Eric Dane…Love you on Grey’s Anatomy

denise on

I guess she’s getting all the Giselle hate. No one cares about Laura Bush or Matthew Broderick car accidents.

just sayin' on

Since Eric is the sought after star, it surprises me that the interview focuses less on him and his hit show than how great his wife is. I don’t know if the interviewer steered the conversation this way by asking about the baby, or if he deliberately set out to pump up her tarnished image, but it seems odd.

jenn on

I didn’t know about the accident. How do any of us know if she suffers the guilt one would have? She can be on medication for all we know. No one knows what she feels as a result.

Steph on

I believe she obviously must live with immense regret and remorse every day for killing that child, but they should have more tact than to splatter their family joy all over People magazine. How painful it must be for that child’s mother. Everyone is entitled to the happiness a new family can bring but they shouldn’t be giving interviews about it, period. “Everything is great and the baby is healthy” is fine and well enough. Shame on you Eric Dane.

Storm on

Does anyone not think it is offensive that the parents would accept money for their dead child? Who does that? I can understand making her pay any medical bills and funeral costs but how can you accept money? It is like saying if I get x number of dollars everything is ok? Sorry, don’t get that.

As far as Rebecca, I am so glad everyone else leads perfect lives. She has the right to move on and be happy. Everyone on this blog needs to do that for life is too short to dwell on the past that can not be changed.

Kelly V. on

And that’s all I was trying to say from the beginning, that how can this poor family ever move on when the woman who killed their child is constantly in the media spotlight with her happy little family…that’s the sucky part about being killed by a “celebrity”.

And I’m glad McSteamy, McDreamy…whatever the hell his stupid nickname is(don’t watch the show), I’m sure he’s just a proud husband and father, not realizing how his happiness may be affecting others. And since she married such a high profile actor (at least he’s high profile for now), it’s constantly splattered all over the media about how WONDERFUL their lives are is just in poor taste. It doesn’t matter that it happened 10 years ago or 10 days ago, to that mother who lost her child, there is no timeline on her grief of never getting to see him have a family of his own or find his happiness. Rebecca Gayheart was impatient, which led to her negligence, which led to his untimely death.

Whatever, this thread took on a life of its own, and obviously it touched a nerve with many of you for whatever reason. Truth is, we only get angry, mad or upset with someone else and call them names, when we see something in them that we don’t like about ourselves. I was merely stating a fact and all you crazy Eric Dane fans went nutso. I’m not on a high horse, nor do I think I’m “perfect”, it was merely my opinion.

This is an open forum to make comments on. I have looked at every day for years and think this may be the 2nd time I’ve ever commented on an article…had no idea I would have such an effect on all of you. And simmer down all you holy rollers and castings stones, blah, blah, blah…though I have found it quite amusing how much power one comment I made could affect all of you so deeply. And funny how there was so much throwing around of the word “judgment” on me and others that agreed with me, when you were judging us…hypocrites. It’s an endless merry-go-round isn’t it…a true testament to human behavior.

FLH on

The boy ran out into the street. Where were his parents? They never proved she was on her cell phone, and in LA, like many other busy cities, many times people pull over to let people out or pick up or parallel park, so she went around them. If a child darts out in front of your car, she may not of had time to stop. It was an ACCIDENT.

Over the weekend, my husband and I were in a parking lot, looking for a place to park, we weren’t driving more than 10 mph and these three kids came running out in front of the car. He was able to stop, but BARELY. Where was the kids parent? Oh, already sitting in their car, paying NO mind to the fact that their little kids are running around a parking lot without looking! Kids will be kids, but I also think parents have a responsibility to teach their kids to NOT run out into the road and if they are THERE with them, HOLD a HAND or something…

I don’t care about these two one way or the other, but obviously the judge ruled that it was an ‘accident’ and she was fined, and punished accordingly. If she had a history of getting into accidents on her cell phone and had been ticketed for it prior, I’m sure her punishment would of been much harsher. As a first time offender, and the fact the kid ran out in the middle of the road, not at a crosswalk with a stop sign or a light where he could clearly be seen, this was an ACCIDENT.

Indira on

Funny, I don’t see Laura Bush’s name in the article at all. Are people supposed to bring up every instance in which a famous person was involved in a car accident in order to bring up gayheart?


So happy for this family, I think they deserve all the best in the world. My husband compliments me for be such a wonderful wife & mother to our daughter while holding down a full time job and taking care of our family and home. I don’t deserve to hear it all the time, but it makes me feel good whenI hear him say it.

The past is the past, people grow up and people change and I think they are a wonderful, beautiful family.

Nancy on

Anonymous and Indira: Then lets bring up Ted Kennedy who was drunk and left the scene while the woman he was with was dying.

Jill on

I’ll admit, every time I see her picture or hear her name, I think of that little boy she killed. But after reading how it affected her, and how she couldn’t make herself drive a car for a long time after, I feel bad for her and it’s nice to see some happiness in her life. She made a horrible, horrible mistake with the worse of consequences. But it’s not like she didn’t care and just went on with life. She is definitely remorseful, so give her a break.

Patrick D on

Apparently a lot of people write comments before doing their research… she didn’t ”pay off” the family to avoid jail time. She paid for his entire hospitalization and his funeral and wasn’t charged w/vehicular manslaughter b/c there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the ACCIDENT. It was, again,… AN ACCIDENT. It doesn’t make that any less horrible, especially for the family but for her as well, but it’s not like she was wasted or did it on purpose.

denise on

Keith Moon the drummer from, “The Who” ran over his bodyguard in the 1960’s. Vince Neil lost control of his car and crashed into on coming traffic and killed the driver. He did 15 days in jail.

Wend on

Do people not know that she was pregnant during that drug-fueled video. She makes me sick!

Jen DC on

@ Kelly V and Cara et al.: She is not “crowing” about her healthy baby and doesn’t have the responsibility of approaching every papparazzi to request that they not question her about Billie or photograph them because she once took the life of someone else’s child. She doesn’t have the responsibility of policing the feelings of Jorge Cruz’s parents and living her life looking over her shoulder and second guessing whether something she does or something her husband does to support her is causing the Cruzs additional grief.

The premise under which you are working – that her suffering and remorse should never end – is ridiculous. It’s why we have a “justice system”: She – regardless of how you feel about it – has paid the price for causing this child’s death. She gave the family money in a civil suit (and no, Storm, it’s not disgusting that they accepted money for their child’s death; see below); she was on probation. She served out the terms of the agreements she made with the court and with Jorge Cruz’s family. Is it sufficient? No. It will never be sufficient. You can never pay for taking someone else’s life, whether purposefully or accidentally. But nor should you have to continue to live underground and have no life because of an ACCIDENT. That would be even more of a shame, that two lives were lost due to one stupid accident.

Furthermore, should the Cruzs – who let their 9 year old son attempt to come home alone – feel the same remorse? Should they be happy with their two remaining children, seeing as how their “irresponsibility” led to the death of the third? (Obviously, this is a hypothetical.) Or is it better that they have (likely) put their lives together as best they could and continued to live and love and work and celebrate as well as mourn and reminisce and wonder at what kind of man Jorge would have become?

Yes, Kelly V, you are entitled to your “opinion,” but you need some perspective. (a) It didn’t happen to you. You don’t claim any kinship with the Cruz family, you’re not upset for their sake. You’re upset because somehow Rebecca Gayheart has come to terms with what she did and has had the audacity to continue to live her life. How dare she!

As you note, most of the time when there is this much hue and cry about something, the issues is a reflection of what we don’t like about ourselves. So what horrible thing did you do that you got over that is irking you still, to this day? My advice to you is to get over it. If you need to apologize to someone, go apologize to them and get it done with; put it to BED. (b) Compassion is an important quality. You should learn it. Without compassion, we’d all condemn each other to endless suffering without good reason.

I don’t discount the Cruz family’s suffering; but ten years on, if they are still shaking their fists at Rebecca Gayheart, they must also be torturing themselves. And for what? A mistake everyone made? Gayheart was too hasty; the parents were too busy with their other children; Jorge ran out into a busy street. There is enough blame to go around. If they keep blaming her, they HAVE to keep blaming themselves. When do they get to let it go?

@ Storm: The Cruz family was impoverished (they probably still are). They likely would not have been able to pay for the funeral costs, hospital care and everything related to the death of their son without remuneration. While we personally cannot put a price on a life, the courts have to because the purpose of these kinds of payments is to recognize and attempt to make right a loss. OBVIOUSLY what they would have wanted was their son back. But the court cannot give you back a life. But a court CAN make someone pay money. Again, it’ll never be enough. But it’s better than nothing.

Wow on

Couldn’t be happier for them! Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery and today is a gift. 🙂

meghan on

Once again, the video was taped BEFORE her pregnancy. It CAME OUT when she was two months pregnant. If she were pregnant in that tape, it would have to have been taped and leaked to the press almost immediately. That is highly unlikely. Try getting your facts straight before you condemn someone, Wend!

Sabrina on

Wow some of you folks should not worry about other peoples lives worry about your own cause you GOT ISSUES!!

Toya L. on

@Kelly V.
I get what you are saying because every blue moon I feel the same way about the man that murdered (involuntary manslaughter) my father, who is now getting a chance to get to know his kids (again) and grandkids and mine will never have that chance. I am happy his able to though, him being happy or unhappy won’t bring my dad back anyway. Even if Rebecca had chosen to live her life like a hermit and didn’t get married and have a child; the Cruz’s still wouldn’t have the chance to see their child happy, graduate, married, with a family etc…

kristine on

Jen DC – well said..

TweetieV on

Do you people actually have a life? stop with all this nattering and go out and live.
Stop judging, stop criticizing and stop looking through the glass windows.

Kat on

I’m sure a lot of celebrities and “regular” people have had threesomes. Being a celebrity probably makes the option to do so even easier, as does the accessibility to drugs. We hear about threesomes (Wayne Rooney with two prostitutes – NOT his wife) and drug use (Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Phelps, etc), why is it less “permissible” for this couple to do so. On the plus side (pun not intended), at least one of the threesome was his wife!

I’m sure she is devastated by having killed that child. Just because she isn’t in jail does not mean she is not remorseful about it. IF I had the money, and could use it to stay out of jail in any way, I sure as hell would. Why the parents collected money for “future earnings” confuses me, but since it isn’t my money going to them…

just sayin on

Hey Kelly V.

You go girl! 🙂 You are entitled to your opinion and you’ve said nothing that is offensive or not suitable for this site. I don’t think any of your remarks have been credibly refuted by anyone.

I’d say “keep those comments coming”, but at this point, I think this story has jumped the shark (100+ comments) and seriously, why waste your time on a non-entity like Rebecca Gayhearts.

Kelly V. on

Jen C.

I’m cool, nothing on my end, though thank you for your concern regarding my mental health. As far as I know, I haven’t killed, maimed or brought bodily harm to anyone. As I wrote that comment, I KNEW someone like you would take my words and twist them around. Getting upset that someone killed another human being has nothing to do with how I feel about myself, because I haven’t killed anyone, so that was just a stupid comment on your part.

In my experience, when someone is mean, or says mean things to others or judges them for WHATEVER reason, which is what people have been doing since I wrote my ONE comment about this stupid article, was that all of the people that were getting angry with ME must have their own issues of people judging them.

As for this loooong….drawn out thread and my views on Rebecca Gayheart, was what someone had mentioned earlier, that I can’t hear this woman’s name and NOT remember what happened. And since I haven’t killed anyone, I’m okay with my first response. I’m not afraid to speak my mind or comment on something I find disturbing. Which has OBVIOUSLY frightened and upset those that have a problem with it. It’s a free country and we can bash her, bash each other, bash ourselves as we please.

I was merely commenting on ALL of the people going off on me and others that agreed with me, that they were getting REALLY upset that I hadn’t forgave a TOTAL stranger for something she did in her past. If others are angry with me, it’s their own personal issue and their God given right. Why are all of you sticking up for someone YOU don’t know??
Like I said, it’s just that one weird story that stayed with me forever because I remember it so vividly. So everyone can relax now…and honestly, why is everyone so bothered by the fact that this story bothered me?? Do you really fucking care, why don’t you get off your soap box now before it falls out from under you…talk about pedestals.
Jen C, maybe you should run for office…

samantha on

Why is it that people have to judge others lives? This man and woman are great parents and he is hotter than ever to me because he loves having his wife pregnant and watching her be a mommy…he’s the epitome of what a husband and a man should be as far as I’m concerned..(and a lot of other women think so too, apparently)!!

Kelly V. on

P.S. I find it comical that some of you keep telling US to get lives…why are you on here if your life is so chuck full of excitement? You’ve obviously taken the time to read all of our comments, oh high and mighty ones. Maybe we’re bored at work and are trying to pass the time…just…like…YOU. My response to that is…fuck off and go play on facebook.

Kelly V. on

Oh, and Just Sayin…the Fonzie reference of “jumping the shark”, made me laugh my ass off. Especially because I’m a huge fan of his and I’m famous for my reply when asked how I’m doing, “I’m cook like Fonzie…”, so it made my day!

Sadly shocked on

I live in a small town in Colorado. Last year a mother of three hit and killed a small child in her neighborhood while talking on her cell phone. She is not rich or famous….she did not do any jail time and I ask you…did any of you hear about it in the news? Rebecca is not the first or the last person that this will happen too and that is what is sad.

I drive everyday and am surprised how people act when they get behind the wheel. We all need to take responsibility when we drive and slow down, turn off the cell phones and pay attention to driving and accidents like this would stop happening. We also need to educate our children on proper safety when crossing the road and be with them when they are too young to understand the dangers of a moving vehicle.

It’s really easy to judge others, but accidents can happen in the blink of an eye especially when we don’t pay attention to what we are doing.

Toya L. on

@Sadly Shocked, excellent post!!

Jen DC on

Kelly V, I am not angry with you. I just don’t understand where you’re coming from and am trying to get to the bottom of the very obvious anger you feel toward Rebecca Gayheart. I also didn’t “twist your words”; I used them in the very same sense that you did.

Why have I spent time defending Rebecca Gayheart? Because the idea that she shouldn’t have happiness or talk to people/or the press (or that her *husband* shouldn’t) about her child because she accidentally killed someone else’s child 10 years ago is cruel, pointless and defeatist and doesn’t reflect the realities of life. People MOVE ON, rightly or wrongly (but in this case, rightly) and I don’t think she needs you or anyone else to remind her or continue to berate her because of what she did. I’m sure she does enough of it herself.

As far as being mean or judgmental, I haven’t been mean to you. I haven’t specifically stated that I think you are one thing or another. I’ve questioned your vehemence about this particular issue and your lack of compassion and common sense. But you started OUT by calling Rebecca Gayheart revolting and disgusting. You’re entitled to that (mean and judgmental) opinion, but it ignores human nature. It ignores the culpability – however slight – of the boy’s parents and the child himself. Like I’ve said before: Nothing she has done or will do will bring that kid back to life. So there’s no point to your digust. Everyone involved in that situation (in particular NOT YOU) lost that day. But what’s better: Continuing to suffer for something you can’t change or wish back or getting on with it as best you can?

Do you have a suggestion (other than hiding under a rock) that would somehow make the situation better? That’s what I’d like to hear about…

Jillian on

When someone asks you to think of the first thing you think of when you see her…..the accident pops in my head. Everyone has associations with ppl, thats life. You can’t change it. It doesn’t make me or others judgmental bitches. It also doesn’t mean that I don’t like her or don’t judge her. It just means, I associate her with that.

steph on

As far as the three somes goes who cares, and maybe they got it all out of their system before the baby comes. There are people all over who have kids and have threesomes that is distrubing to me, because I wonder if there kids are in the next room sleeping or playing while there is a threesome or whatever going on in the next room. Some doctors tell woman who smoked before pregnancy that they can smoke during preganncy just reduce the amount. THe stress of trying to quit can be worse on the baby then the actual smoking. So they say smoke one instead of 10 a day.


Alice on

Funny how people run across streets, get hit and then you go on and on about murder and unforgivable killing of an “innocent” human being. The accident could have been prevented if she’s stayed behind the cars? Uhh yes, and also if that kid had crossed at a safe time and place. They were BOTH reckless, she just has to pay for it because she’s the one who lived. Sadly, irresponsibility goes both ways.

Holiday on

Wow Alice are you really putting the blame on a DEAD little boy?

meghan on

Holiday, like it or not, it WAS partly his fault. The kid was jaywalking in LA traffic. I don’t see the big deal it pointing out the truth.

meghan on

Holiday, I hate to break it to you, part of the responsibility does lie with the child. He was walking BETWEEN parked cars on a city street. That is called jaywalking. Acknowledging that his behavior played a part in what happened is not blaming him for his death, it’s stating a fact.

Jillian on

Holiday, isn’t it sad that some people are doing that? I have read a few posts were people blame the child or his actually makes me sick.

Sarah K. on

Holiday, just because he is dead doesn’t mean that he (and more importantly, his parents) should have been more careful. How do you let a small kid wander the streets of LA alone?

That being said, of course it was mostly Rebecca’s fault because she should have been paying more attention. But, I’m sure she knows that and she has to live with that for the rest of her life. That is worst kind of punishment.

Toya L. on

Hopefully she pays attention to her surroundings on the road (like ALL drivers should do) and have learned to be a patient driver.

Holiday on

Megan well if she had slowed down like all the other drivers, and had not been so impatient and gone around EVERYONE else she would not have killed him. She is not better then anyone else, she should have stopped when everyone else was stopped. Kids do dart in the road that is why it is very important to be an observant driver and not do crazy things like she did to save 15 seconds. Oh and I also think she is disgusting because she was pregnant with Billie when she made that sex tape and was on drugs at the time. How can anyone in their right mind defend a piece of trash like her?? I don’t get it!

Jen DC on

But lying about the other facts of the case and positing that RG feels no remorse, is a horrible and disgusting person, and should hide under a rock and neither she nor her husband discuss their child in the press is all a-ok…

meghan on

Holiday, do you deliberately try to ignore the point? Obviously the blame lays largely at Rebecca’s feet, that goes without saying. But it is disingenous to say that Jorge didn’t do anything wrong. Anyone who says that isn’t trying to obsolve Rebecca of her responsibility of Jorge’s death, and they aren’t trying to ‘blame the victim’. They are just looking at this tragedy from both angles. Something that you and others are going out of your way to ignore, because it doesn’t fit into your “Rebecca’s Gayheart is evil” mindset.

She got impatient. If you’re going tell me you never did anything potentially reckless behind the wheel out of impatience, you’re a liar. It happens to all of us at one time or another. The only difference between us and Rebecca Gayheart was that fate put a little boy in her path.

The bottom line is Rebecca lives in a country with a legal system that does not put people in jail for life for accidental deaths. As much as it just kills you, Rebecca accepted her punishment, made restitution and is now allowed to go foward with her life and procreate and try to have some happiness. You don’t like it, lobby forn tougher laws for reckless drivers.

What gets me about all the bullies on this site is that you don’t even know the Cruz family. For all you know, they have long forgiven her and allthe self-righteous indignation on this site has been for naught.

Also, as far as the sex tape goes, I have posted this before, but like so many people on this site you can’t apparently can’t be bothered.

“Once again, the video was taped BEFORE her pregnancy. It CAME OUT when she was TWO MONTHS PREGNANT. If she were pregnant in that tape, it would have to have been taped and leaked to the press almost immediately. That is highly unlikely. Try getting your facts straight before you condemn someone.”

Also, if she was pregnant in that tape, given when it was leaked, it would have bben so early in her pregnancy that she might not have even known yet.

Alice on

Holiday, oh yes I am.

Being dead doesn’t make his behaviour safer, actually it only proves my point. He is in no way the only person to blame, obviously she got impatient and her car hit him so it’s her fault too and she should have stopped, we agree on that. But just imagine that instead of that kid she had hit another car and died. Well she would still be a reckless driver then wouldn’t she? Or would you also pretend that it’s not her fault at all because she’s dead?

He put himself in danger, she didn’t pay attention, he died. I am sad for both of them and his family, but not that surprised or shocked. Accidents like this are sadly very common and I doubt her status and money have anything to do with the punishment she got (or lack thereof according to you).

Christy on

I wish this article would have discussed Dane’s recent (and dramatic) weight loss. He’s noticeably thinner, and I’m concerned that he’s having a health problem.