Victoria Beckham’s Pink-Themed Baby Shower

05/09/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham only had one request for her baby shower: pink gifts, please!

The mom-to-be, who already has three boys, got her wish on Saturday as she celebrated the upcoming arrival of her daughter with close friends including Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria and Selma Blair, who is also pregnant.

“All she wanted was anything pink,” says a source. “She’s so excited to finally have a girl.”

The shower was co-hosted by Longoria and hair stylist Ken Paves, and it was held at the private rooftop Butterfly Bar atop West Hollywood’s Hotel Le Petit Ermitage.

Appropriately, the color scheme for the bash was also pink, with pink tablecloths, round tables and pink blossoms with white sun umbrellas. The shower had an English garden tea party theme, and guests enjoyed a Princess cake with marzipan.

They were also divided into teams to play games. Blair (pictured to Beckham’s right) led one team in a quest to make the best dress out of toilet paper. Another game involved picking up water balloons with one’s chin.

Among the gifts Beckham received from Los Angeles baby store Beginnings were a pink Quinny Buzz Special Edition stroller, a mamaRoo baby swing, a pink Hoppop bath tub, a pink Little Giraffe Luxe Blanket, a Timi & Leslie diaper bag, Ecoya sweet pea and jasmine candles and a 5 ft. custom-made giraffe by Melissa and Doug.

Victoria, 37, and husband David Beckham are also parents to sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, and Cruz, 6.

— Ulrica Wihlborg with reporting by Pernilla Cedenheim

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Mandy on

She doesn’t even look pregnant in this picture.

Summer on

Such a waste of toilet paper! I know they just were playing games, but would it hurt to play greener more enviormentally friendly games? Especially when you are in the spotlight?

Ashley on

@ Summer, I hope you don’t use toilet paper at all, and just rinse. Lol! Who cares what they do with THEIR toilet paper.

Jw on

She does NOT look a tiny bit pregnant.

jody on

she’s “happy” but still no smile. I have she gives the baby a tiny smile when its born, otherwise its gonna be scared!

megan on

Congrats to them on the upcoming baby. But after years of hearing Victoria whine about “but I need somebody to wear dresses and shop with, I know my daughter will be a frilly girly girl”, one can only hope this kid turns out to be a tomboy.

Sus on

Who is on the left in this picture? Selma is in the middle? Victoria on the right?

Toya L. on

This is sure to be one dressed little girl and of course I think she’ll be as gorgeous as the rest of the family.

Heather on

gifts? really?…why ask for anything when you can buy whatever you want?..I say donate to charity like all the other celebs do!?

SadieA on

Jody, she always seems to put on that face when someone is taking her picture, but I remember watching that “Coming To America” special they had and she was absolutely hilarious. I’m not sure why she acts so serious in front of cameras, but she’s actually got a great sense of humor.

SadieA on

Sus, I was wondering the same thing. I thought Nicole Richie at first, but it isn’t her.

Alma on

Yeah Megan I agree. Girls are far from all being ” girly girls “. I know she’s had tree boys and expects to get a girl who she can dress and shop with her. I actually think it’s more likely she will be a tomboy with three older brothers who are probably gonna want to teach her to play football(soccer) and stuff.
In the royal wedding her bump was pretty big, where did it go ?

fuzibuni on

Heather, do you accept gifts? If so, then I wouldn’t judge someone else for doing so.

Ivey on

Gawd I hate the color pink!

Liza on

Heather- Maybe they wanted to give her gifts, its not the end of the world if friends want to give you a gift, celeb or not.

Summer- Preachy people like you are some of the reasons more people aren’tt going green. Also, I recycle incase you were wondering.

Holiday on

Im sure after 3 boys she is just loving all the girly things!

Miche on

Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you can’t accept gifts from your friends!! I hope she had a great shower and really enjoys having a girl. Just today my girly tomboy caught two frogs, after riding on her scooter while wearing a Belle princess dress!!

Doreen on

Who cares Summer?! Seriously, it’s toilet paper for goodness sake!! Get over it! Bigger things to worry about than this….

Mia on

I don’t like pink either-if I have kids + I have a daughter I want purple items–not pink.

Summer on

Summer- Preachy people like you are some of the reasons more people aren’tt going green. Also, I recycle incase you were wondering.

That makes NO sense! Preaching makes me not do it??
So if someone preaches don’t drink and drive, you’re going to go drive drunk? You are a moron Liza!!

Laura on

LMFAO!!! Summer, I’m with Ashley- I hope you just rinse lol. I also hope you use stone tablets instead of paper. GO BIG OR GO HOME!!

BTW I too recycle and I’ve been doing it for years. I didn’t just jump on some bandwagon.

Marky on

Okay, Mia, you get purple things if you get a girl, but lots of people like pink, and why can’t they have pink without being criticized? Wow, people on these baby sites are unreal sometimes. The only thing I agree if you want to get on and gripe about names that are unbelievably crazy. Otherwise, why do any of you think you should say anything ugly about what color someone uses, whether they allow their best friends to give them presents to celebrate their babies, or (piece-de-resistance) the old standby–playing the toilet paper game at the baby shower!! Do any of you have a life? I’m not trying to be mean, but many of you sound so critical of everyone who has a baby these days, and, like I said, crazy names have it coming–parents will hear it the rest of the kids lives–but their colors, games, etc, why?

Laura on

Summer, I think what Liza is saying (and she can correct me if I’m wrong) is people push the whole go green thing a little too hard so it makes people want to do the opposite. Just because it’s annoying. For example, your comment made me want to go toilet paper my neighbor’s house. Also, there is no way you can compare drinking and driving to going green- nobody ever died by using too much TP.

Miranda on

Isnt the toilet paper dress game more common at bridal showers, not
baby showers?

Lyl on

that’s so sad how evil people can be! jeez it’s her day she uses toilet paper it’s not like she is not helping other people and kill little children on dark nights. why everyone has to be so evil? always judge someone else. she is happy to have a girl, she has three sons and looks to be a very elegant and feminine woman that’s probably the reason why she wants a bit of pink. of course I don’t know her personally but she seems to be a good caring mother, always with her boys and all so I suppose she won’t mind if her daughter is boyish or not.
big congrats to her and her sweet family 🙂 hopefully the girl is gonna be healthy and that’s what matters the most

erin on

Summer, I agree with your observation. And I did not view it as “preaching”. Sadly, some people are not into being green/don’t think about it (it’s hard, I do non-green things without thinking too…ooops). Let’s just hope they used recycled TP and re-recycled it afterwards.

Marlee on

Victoria is going to have so much fun with her little girl!

saydee on

So has anyone figured out who is on the right? I think it looks like Juliette Lewis. (???)

Allison J on

What a great pictures! I love Victoria. She is the only person who manages to look chic in a toilet paper dress and pink flowers in her hair!

I saw Victoria on the “Coming to America” special several years ago, and she really was hilarious and down to earth. Well, as “down to earth” as Victoria Beckham can be!

Capri on

LMAO at Summer, people like you are so annoying & the exact reason I refuse to “go green” anways, cant wait to hear what they name this little one!

Jennifer on

Wouldn’t it be hysterical if Victoria’s daughter ended up being the Chaz of her generation LOL

jaccsmom on

I’m happy for her! It is very special to experience a girl after having 3 boys first! My little girl was born just 2 mos ago, and it’s been fun doing all the girl stuff now after getting to experience all the joys of having boys with her 3 big brothers! ENJOY HER, VICTORIA!!

Barbie on

Wouldn’t it be hysterical if Victoria’s daughter ended up being the Chaz of her generation LOL

– Jennifer on May 10th, 2011

If you’re referring to Cher’s daughter, why would you wish something so horrible on an unborn child? What an awful curse!

Catherine on

I think the person on the extreme right is J. Lo, thoughts? It looks like her.

Terri on

Some people like pink, some people like purple, some people don’t like either. Are we really having this discussion? Have whatever color you want! Diversity is what makes this world interesting. Thank goodness we aren’t all alike. What a boring world it would be.

Looks like a fun shower!

Georgina on

Could it be Tana Ramsey?

Check out the daily mail, it says they were “larking about” and posing and pouting for the cameras!

meghan on

For example, your comment made me want to go toilet paper my neighbor’s house. – Laura

LMAO, Laura! Too funny!


Just because Victoria is wealthy, it doesn’t mean her friends wouldn’t want to buy a doll, a stuffed animal or a pretty outfit for her child. Wanting to celebrate your friend’s joy is a universal thing that has nothing to do with net worth.

Also, I am the youngest of my family with three older brothers. I was incredibly girly, loved dresses and bows and barrettes, but also enjoyed baseball and tree-climbing and what-not. BabyGirl Beckham doesn’t have to be either/or. Life is complex like that ;).

M on

Wow, there is alot of jealous women! Get over yourselves! Be happy for others, and not so self-centered.

B.J. on

Still hoping she names the baby Luna! 🙂 She can be friends with little Tate (Emma’s new son).

Brienne on

Too cute!!!! she looks so good for a pregnant women!!! i bet she had a lot to fun at the shower!!

Katie on

It is Nicole Ritchie.