Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker – On the Double

05/09/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Wagner Az/Pacific Coast News

Two for the road!

Sarah Jessica Parker relishes in her Mother’s Day glow while being flanked by twin daughters Tabitha and Loretta, 22 months, during a sunny stroll through New York City on Sunday.

“[Tabitha]’s crazy for bows,” the actress, 46, told ELLE recently. “She wants her head covered in them.”

The day prior, hubby Matthew Broderick and son James Wilkie, 8½, joined Parker and the twins for a stroll through their neighborhood.

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Capri on

Lol, their absolutely adorable. But where are their pants?!

Evelyn on

The twins names are Tabitha AND Marion- not Loretta. That is Tabitha’s middle name!

poppykai on

Very cute picture, but I would like to see the little girls’ dresses just a little bit longer. I think it would look more tasteful/classic. Just my opinion though 😉

Maggie on

Evelyn, Hodge is Tabitha’s middle name. Marion’s middle name is Loretta and is the name that she goes by, as SJP has said in numerous interviews. Also there are photos from the park a few weeks ago where they are carrying totes monogrammed with “Tabitha” and “Loretta.”

Jillian on

Eveyln, she goes by Loretta……

amw on

when i first saw this photo i totally wondered where theyre pants were!!

Sandra on

EVELYN, they call her Loretta, so yes, it’s Tabitha and Loretta.

Cute girls


The dresses are suppose to be that length..the bloomer are meant show…this is a Classic Summer Outfit and ADORABLE…it would be ruined with pants and/or lenghtening the dresses. I love looking back on old pictures of me dressed up in my sundresses and bloomers.

JM on

oh come on people, don’t be ridiculous. there is nothing wrong with their outfits. what are you afraid you’re going to see? their nappies? they’re tiny kids their not supposed to be worried about covering up. when my brother and i were babies and toddlers my mum used to take us to outdoor public swimming pools and it was quite normal to see little kids their with no clothes on at all. nothing to worry about 🙂 it doesn’t hurt anyone. i think these outfits (and the girls) are adorable.

alicejane on

They are so cute! Such beautiful little girls, and I can’t believe they’re already almost 2.

And the dresses are supposed to be that length, it’s an old style and I find it adorable.


Those outfits are ADORABLE!!! This look used to be very popular and I am so glad to see it returning. Reminds me of the old fashion “Shirley Temple” look. I love putting my daughter in these type of outfits. Love to see those chubby little thighs of hers:)

Lisa on

cute kids but they do not look alike at all! haven’t seen too many pictures of the twins and james wilkie although the post says the day b4 james and sjp husband joined the twins at the park.

Audrey on

Those are not supposed to be dresses. They are little ensemble outfits, and the little bloomers are supposed to show. They are adorable. The first thing I noticed were how cute those outfits were, and how cute the girls were. This is a style I put on my daughter as well.

Tee on

I am a big fan of modesty, right down the the fact that I don’t think that women should wear pants. And yet these outfits don’t bother me. The girls are wearing little bloomers and are covered up well. I think they look precious!

Victoria-Jane on

Adorable pic, love to see chunky little legs. I wonder if they have frilly pants on? They used to be so popular and are definitely making a comeback in the UK. Toooo cute!

Sasha on

Super cute!

Mia on

So precious-the baby on the left (brown hair) looks just like Matthew Broderick + the baby on the right (blonde) looks a lot like SJP–they are fraternal twins.

And Yes-it’s SJP + Matthew B. biological kids-the surrogate was just a surrogate womb (i.e host womb)implanted with their parents eggs + sperm.

Adorable girls-can’t believe they will be 2 this June!

Janna on

poppykai… I would like to see people use a little bit more of their brains before they post here, but that ain’t gonna happen either, sweetheart!

Holiday on

These little girls are adorable! I love their dresses! My daughter is 12 months and has dresses like these.

Rebecca on

Tee, just curious, what do you feel is immodest about womenn wearing pants (or trousers for me in the UK)?

B.J. on

Tee, welcome to the year 2011. Women wear pants now and it’s okay. In fact, most women I know don’t even like wearing dresses or skirts!

Vanessa on

They look like little dolls! 🙂 So precious! Their outfits are very tasteful in my opinion!

Megan on

K can some one clear this up for me I thought the twins names were Tabitha and Marion?