Rachel Zoe ‘Thrilled’ With 10 Carat Push Present

05/09/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Neil Lane, Inset: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

When Rachel Zoe welcomed son Skyler Morrison seven weeks ago, her husband Rodger Berman wanted to get her a little something special to celebrate. Well, make that a whole lot of something. Zoe’s “push present” was a nearly 10 carat cushion-cut diamond ring designed by jeweler Neil Lane.

“Rodger wanted to surprise Rachel with something romantic — and huge,” says Lane of the sparkler, adorned with smaller diamonds in a platinum setting. “I knew she’s wanted a cushion cut forever. It was their first baby and she’s been working so hard that Rodger wanted to do something very special. Rachel was thrilled and hasn’t taken it off since!”

— Lizz Leonard

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TC on

I’ve never understood the need for a push present but to each his own.

Pretty ring.

K on

Uh… wow. Don’t get the need for a push present, but okay. Whatever works for them.

A. on

Why did they choose the name Skyler? It’s not a very ”rich- sounding” name. So concerned with everything being “high-end” and they name the baby Skyler? I don’t dislike the name, but it doesn’t sound too fitting of a pretentious designer, or stylist or whatever Rachel Zoe is. Anyone agree with me here?

I do like the idea of a “push present” though, not as a token for hard labor or anything, but just to commemorate the occasion. It seems sweet to able to say ”Hubby gave me this the day -blank- was born.” A push present wouldn’t necessarily need to be jewelry or something expensive though, as most new parents struggle with money. But I do like the idea.

Grace on

I really can’t stand the whole push present thing. I think it’s ridiculous.

fuzibuni on

Interesting how the person being interviewed for this post isn’t Roger Berman, but Neil Lane.

Twyla on

I’m more surprised to learn that she pushed. lol

louise on

I have no idea why women need ‘push’ presents, would they refuse to push if they weren’t going to get a present at the end?

Nickle on

A genuine “good for you” Rachel that your husband loves you and gives you a gift to express love to you! And a big thank you to her hubby, hope others follow a sweet example and express love to love ones! If not that ring, any gift that would give joy!

Maria on

Isn’t the baby supposed to be the present?

Toya L. on

I love the ring. I didn’t receive a push present (well unless you count food from my favorite restaurant afterwards) = ) but I think it’s a beautiful idea.

Kate on

Twyla -I couldn’t agree more. Unless c-section w/ tummy tuck present just didn’t have the same ring to it!

I got a push present -my beautiful daughter.

Geraldine on

For all of us Mothers who have struggled to bring a healthy baby into this world , a “push present” is not necessary – our gift was the baby…

Sarah S. on

I agree with Maria–true that!!

Laura on

I’ve never heard of a ‘push present’. Is it an American thing? As for Skyler not being a ‘rich’ name, I totally agree. It sounds kinda low brow, so I was also surprised she used it. I’m totally shocked that she would’ve ‘pushed’ anyway. I can’t imagine that she didn’t have a c-section.

Paula on

I thought the baby was the “push present” too. Guess I had that wrong!

Kat on

I only like a push present when it is something to celebrate the baby, like my husband plans to get me a ring with my daughter’s name. A ring like that looks like payment.

Toya L. on

My sister-in-law got a beautiful push present, she didn’t ask for it and had no clue that her husband had bought it for her. I thought it was actually very nice that he wanted to do something sweet for his wife and show his appreciation for her carrying their child. She wasn’t expecting it so I’m sure words would have been enough for her, had he chosen not to buy her the gift.

Saralee on

I don’t like the name “push present” – sounds gross. I do like the idea though – yes, the baby is really the gift, but why shouldn’t a guy express his love and gratitude to his wife for going through nine months of carrying and who knows how long delivering, their baby? Good for them.

Madeline on

Absolutely Beautiful, just Gorgeous!!! However, I think the baby himself would have been present enough. I don’t agree with “push” presents. None-the-less, to each their own.

Kerry on

As K said above “um WOW”. I didn’t realize that giving birth whether it’s natural or by c-section deserved a “push present”, I thought the baby was the push present. Hmmm somewhere along the lines my ex forgot mine all 3 to be exact!

jessicad on

I like the idea of a “push present”, women go through a lot during pregnancy and all the attention suddenly goes to the new baby, which is fine but getting a nice present is just a thank you for all that in my opinion. I was a single mother and a close friend of mine bought me a diamond necklace, said it was for the journey I was about to embark on with my daughter and I could give it to her eventually, thought that was very sweet and thoughtful.

Barbra on

Oh wow. Why does she need a present for giving birth? When I had my children, my husband never bought me anything except a nice dinner and helped me out around the house for awhile. Gee, these Hollywood people are spoiled rotten. They feel so entitled to everything. I bet she won’t even raise her child. I see nannies everywhere.

Betsy on

It is a nice gesture, good for her and good job hubby! Stop hating on the push present. For each it’s own. I received Push presents and know alot of people who have.

Ali on

Push present? Seriously? lmao WTH? I missed the memo on this one. Love the name Skyler, though.

Paula on

I don’t get all these women who don’t understand the concept of a push present though I hate the term If you have had natural childbirth your husband (boyfriend ect…)may feel that you deserve something for pushing a watermelon through a lemon. Congrats Rachel and Roger you have a beautiful baby oh and A. names aren’t rich people are.

BabyMuffinMama on

I don’t like the name “push present.” I don’t think it fits. I agree with A. It’s not about “pushing”, it’s about celebrating the occassion. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive (certainly not a 10 carat ring-a little gaudy IMO), but it should be something sentimental and memorable. Dads should be excluded! I’m still waiting for my first little one to arrive (hurry up, September!!), but I think hubby will probably do something sweet. When we found out a few weeks ago that we are having a little girl, I suprised him after the u/s with a ribbon wrapped box with a note on in from our baby. Inside was a simple leather bracelet with a silver engraved plaque that said “daddy.” Hubby hasn’t taken it off since! 🙂 We have waited a long time for our first baby, and I think it is special to commemorate such a happy time!

Sharon on

Goodness people, so what if he gave her a present. A push present is not unheard of. They can do what they wish, and if you can afford it, go for it! He’s giving her a gift just for her. Yes, the baby is a joy and a present on his own, but obviously Rodger felt and wanted to do something for her for carrying the baby for 9 months. It’s not an insult. I am very happy for them.

MissMel on

I come from a working class family. We are far from Rachel Zoe’s league, but when each of my cousins gave birth their husbands got them a small piece of jewelry as a momento of the day their child was born. One cousin received a gold chain with a charm representing their daughter. When that same cousin later had a son she received a charm to add to the necklace representing him.

I’ve never had children but I do know that labor isn’t easy and I think it’s sweet for a man to give his wife a gift to tell her how proud of her he is and how grateful he is for their child. But, of course, there are people that have to make a negative comment about every nice thing people try to do.

Sheri on

I got a push present–an 8-pound 9-ounce baby boy. He has brown hair and blue eyes. I show him to all my friends, and facebook about him all the time. We have tons of photos of him. Every year on his birthday I remember the day and the labor and the joy because he is special. I’ve never had to leave him at a shop to get cleaned. I’ve never lost him or had a piece of him fall off. He is a gift to me from my husband, and a gift from me to my husband. And I would have gotten him whether I “pushed” or whether I had to have a C-section. He is the best gift ever.

Benilde on

push present — who cares about the baby – just give me the bling.
Have fun showing it around – especially when the rest of you looks like a zombie the first couple of weeks due to lack of sleep and emotional and physical adjustments. ….ah sorry – I forgot all about the nannies that will take over now and raise the little one.

Vera on

I think it’s fabulous.

abby on

I don’t think there should be a push present, but I do think that a nice present after giving birth somehow shows how greateful the father is, and that he cares about the mother too. I definitely think it’s sweet!

Ava on

sounds like Barbara is jealous…”my husband never bought me anything except a nice dinner and helped me out around the house for awhile.” Had you left that part out, you wouldn’t seem so jealous….haha, maybe ask for it or hint at it and then they will get you something. Often you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

Toya L. on

Yawn, So I guess mothers shouldn’t receive gifts on Mother’s Day for being a mother either? I mean it’s a choice mothers made to have a child and the child is the present right? *roll eyes*

Hea on

What the hell is a push present? :-O

Mimi on

I doesn’t matter how many push presents these superficial celebrities buy each other, or how many times they renew their vows (gag), the majority of them will still get divorced and their children will then be from broken homes shuffled around like props. Sad…

sloanesmomma on

I got a VAN CLEEF necklace which is simply reasonable but wow this is her reasonable present! AWESOME girl!

Sarina on

I think it’s sweet. My engagement ring features the diamond my mom got the day I was born… it makes for a very nice family heirloom.

Someone You Know on

Geez…that things weighs more than her!

Jillian on

I think it is a wonderful token of appreciation. I have yet to hear from one person who received one who says it is stupid. The name push doesn’t literally mean to Oudh out the baby. It means far more than that. Jessicad, I LOVE what you said and that is exactly what it’s all about. This didn’t start in America and has been around a long time.

This story is very tacky and all about the drama. And I don’t look at my child as a present.

Angi on

Their money,their choice. They have been together for a long time and this is their first and possible only child,so he went all out. It’s not my money.*shrugs*

Mimi on

These celebrity women don’t even “push” for crying out loud! They all have c-sections and tummy tucks at the same time. Look at Heidi Klum or Brooke Burke; there’s no way, no matter how many crunches one does, your stomach will look like theirs after 4 babies. That’s not a criticism, it’s just fact.

Hanna on

What a beautiful ring! I would have loved it if I had a thoughtful husband that surprised me with this kind of ring! Rachel is one lucky woman and I hope she knows it. As for naming her baby Skyler, I too was surprised that she’d choose this name, I’ve never liked this name, it’s just not a name that stands out. Anyway, Rachel, enjoy the beautiful ring!

Mimi on

It doesn’t matter how many “push” presents these superficial celebrities receive, or how many times they renew their vows (gag), the majority of them will end up divorced. Then their wonderful children, for whom they received the “push” present, will be from broken homes, shuffled around like props. Sad…

itznia on

Her ultimate “push present” is her baby!!!

Kerry on

My push present was my children; that should be enough…seriously this is ridiculous.

Soco on

Wow, you women are just disgusting to me. So critical of a woman that you have never even met! I highly doubt that Rachel demanded something, her husband decided to get her a nice present. The day after my daughter was born, my husband surprised me with a nice necklace. Did I expect it or need it? No but it was certainly accepted.

The ring is beautiful, Rachel and Rodger are a beautiful couple, and I’m sure Skyler is a beautiful baby with wonderful parents.

Michelle on

Wow. I love that she gets a ring like that and people are sick and starving all over the world. I sure hope she gives generous charity donations to make up for her gluttony and greed. Makes me sick. If only we would be so lucky and it would be stolen off her finger for far better intentions.

ellen on

A 10 k diamond to give birth to your FIRST baby what’s next a yacht for number 2 I mean it takes away from the real gift and that’s a healthy baby.Rich people and their money, I wish they’d push a pile this way.

Rusty on

“Push Present” is such a tacky expression. I like the idea of a small gift to commemorate a birth, but a 10 carat ring? That ring costs about the same as a BS and an MBA from Harvard! I’d rather have a college fund for my child.

So, how much is Neil Lane paying for this press?

Kelly on

I think a nice gift from your husband to say thank you for having our child is great, but this is just obscene..a 10 carat ring??? For having a baby?? seriously….give me a break! The ultimate gift for going through labor and delivery is…YOUR BABY! A simple heartfelt gift is nice afterwards…a mother child necklace or some kind of keepsake…but a 10 carat diamond ring?????

BFD on

Nice to the see the Queen of Shallow getting something so useful. Maybe he should get her something to eat.

Kim on

My husband gave me a present after my second son was born. It was a beautiful silver nursing bracelet (one that helps keep track of what side your nursing on and how many times). It was a sweet gesture, but definately not what I call a push present. It was a useful, lovely gift. Not some hunk of a rock.

j on

so he gave her a gift for giving birth! My husband brought me flowers and a bracelet with my child’s name on it because it was something he wanted to do! Of course the baby is the ultimate gift, but when dads can’t give birth sometimes they want to do something special for the gals that do so much for the 9 months and birthing. I think your all jealous! I’d love that ring! haha.

KP on

I think it’s hilarious that everyone is writing that they think push presents are ridiculous…obviously none of you recieved a push present quite like this one.

momx3 on

I got a push present after each of my three pregnancy…. My children they were gift enough and anyone feeling like htey need more at that moment is a selfish selfcentered individual..

Bren on

I never understood why people are so bitter about “push” presents. The baby might be the gift but the mother is almost always forgotten when the baby is born. Every woman that goes through the 9 months of pregnancy and the pains of labor deserve a “push” present in my opinion. Well done Roger. Congrats to Roger and Rachel!!!

Dixick on

I wanna push like she pushed!

Jenn on

I do think the ring is beautiful…infact, with what that cost, one could probably pay off a car or make a mortage payment!! Personally speaking though, I got the PERFECT “push present”….my HEALTHY newborn son after loosing 5 babies before him. The ring is beautiful, no doubt about it but I couldn’t have asked for a better push present then what I got!!! Congrats on your baby! I’m not going to make a judgement on his name. Too each their own and if you love the name for whatever reason or b/c he was named after someone you love, that’s all that matters!!

madison on

I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. Since when is a present necessary or needed? That’s the whole point of a present isn’t it? Maybe your husband chose not to get you a present when you had a baby, or got married, or whatever and that’s fine. I can pretty much guarantee though that all these present haters wouldn’t turn a nice gift from the the husband down either – regardless of the occasion (unless there were extenuating circumstances like you couldn’t afford it). A husband gave his wife a nice present – that’s it,how about we leave it at that.

showbizmom on

I never knew it had a name. My husband gave me a gift after our first daughter. Something that can be passed down to her one day. I always assumed it was out of pure guilt. As pregnancy might be wonderful for some, it was pure Hell for a good while for me and he was gone on location for most of it. Now I know it was a bit of guilt and from what it sounds like a ‘Hollywood’ thing.

Whatever works for them, I think it’s a nice gesture along with the baby 🙂

L on

I received a beautiful ring with my son’s birthstone in it after he was born. I would call it a mother’s ring. I was thrilled with it. I don’t agree with the name “push present,” but I loved that my husband got me a ring to celebrate having our son.

ggirl on

I can’t stand this holier than though attitude of some people here. How worked up do people get over this push present thing. I also received a push present and I thought it was a very sweet thing. Does that mean I love my baby less? Nooo. They have nothing to with one another. The comments here are so odd. Why shouldn’t such a special occasion be celebrated….people receive engagement rings, wedding rings, graduation gifts, so how is this any different…

argis crane on

“Push present” – you have to be kidding? Guess this was her incentive to have a baby. Hopefully she will put on some weight – looks anorexic. Looks like 39 going on 49…. Why a present – is she going to be up all hours of the night feeding, changing? Will probably have her ‘night nurse’ there to whisk the baby away like alot of the Hollywood types do… Push this!!!

Toya L. on

Bawwwhh Cluck, Cluck, Cluck
I can only imagine from the comments which posters have thoughtful, loving, attentive, appreciative and hands on husbands/fathers.

Lisa on

My “push present” was the best ever- our healthy, wonderful son!

kc on

I’ve gone thru over two years of difficulty even trying to conceive a child. Since then, there have been countless treatments and physical and emotional pain. And, so far, one miscarriage. What I wouldn’t give to be able to have a child. I understand the “push present” is the new thing for the uber-rich… just the gift of a child is all I would ever ask for.

W on

I am due in 6 weeks and think push presents are kind of silly. However, my husband and I have joked about it and as I am a HUGE harry potter fan, my “push present” is the complete series on Blue Ray once the last movie comes out on dvd/blue ray. By no means am I asking for something totally outrageous, and honestly, I would buy the series anyway so we are calling it a “push present” even though its just something I really want 🙂 The ring is nice though, just not really practical or realistic for us non-celebs!

Meela on

The term “push present” makes me uneasy!!!

It’s like rewarding your children for being good.

The women I know have babies and expect no “reward” in doing so.

It’s just another way for someone with money to flaunt their wealth.

JM on

i don’t feel strongly either way about the push present, surely that’s up to each family to decide for themselves, makes no odds to me.

however, i do personally feel that the push present she got is unbelievably tacky. it’s like girls who get engaged and make such a big deal about the engagement thing that you would thing that that was the most important part of the engagement. not the person they are going to spend the rest of their life with. this ring just looks bawdy, attention seeking, indulgent and tacky.

RachelfromBoston on

I think it’s beautiful & a sweet way to show his appreciation for his wife.

I can’t understand – other than sheer jealousy – why people can’t just say “that’s nice, good for her” and if you truly can’t say anything nice, didn’t your mom teach you manners? tisk-tisk.

Penelope on

Wow there are a lot of bitter people on here because as I see it Rodger made a nice gesture to his wife and was helping the economy. 😉

J on

I’m not sure why some are calling the people who just say their healthy baby was gift enough the “present haters”. Some people don’t seem to hate the idea at all they just said that their baby was gift enough, especially after having troubles in the past regarding carrying babies.

It’s like some are thinking way too hard about other people’s comments about being happy with the baby alone.

sinclair on

srsly..enough with the clucks on different posts. we get it, toya.

abbyc on

I think it’s actually sweet she got a present. Does anyone know though if she had a vaginal delivery or c-section? I can’t imagine her pushing. Also, given that Neil Lane and the pic of the ring is featured so prominently, it wouldn’t surprise me if they got it for free!

valerie on

Not jealous of the ring, just think “push present” rich people thing is so ridiculous! A child is a gift from God, that not every women can receive and would be grateful for a “gumball” ring after giving birth. Some well off women act as though they are the ones who invented motherhood and should be rewarded for it. Get over yourselves!!!

Allie on

New term to me–I agree with many–the healthy baby is the present!

Indira on

Lol, I agree with JM. The present is beyond gaudy. I’m all for bling bling but, there’s nothing interesting or intricate about this ring.It reminds me of the costume jewelry I played with as a kid.

Competitive_Gymnast on

Skyler beats Bear Blu any day of the week haha!!! IMO that is. Bear… who in the heck would be so cruel as to name their child BEAR BLU other than a celebrity?….

Alicia Silverstone named her son bear blu if you haven’t heard. that’s up there with pilot inspektor….

Celebrities come up with the most ridiculous names lol I mean whatever floats their boat but personally…. apple, moses, pilot, bear, and the other crazy names are just getting weirder IMO. but if the parents like it I guess more power to them. 🙂

Jordans Mommy on

would have been amazing if i had gotten a push present… something i could kep and charish forever and always… OH WAIT… i did!!!! its called A BABY!!! my son was my push present… thats all i got and ALL i wanted!!

Kaitlyn on

I don’t see anything wrong with a “push present”. Yes, of course, the baby is all the gift that you could possibly want, but it was a nice surprise that my husband got me something after I had our two little boys. With our first, he got me a small ring with my son’s birthstone, and with our second he got earrings with his birthstone. It was just nice to know he cared that much, and understood what I had just gone through (natural childbirth without an epidural..lol). I don’t see the need for a 10-carat diamond, but whatever! Congrats to the couple.

Lisa on

Seems to me by some of the comments being made there are a bunch of jealous people on theis forum. I agree the baby is the greatest gift that any mother will ever get. I sure am glad you people aren’t my friends. You all need to grow up and quit being to jealous and cruel of what others have.

Kat Wuman on

That is just so tacky, right up there with pinning money on the bride and groom at the wedding! Just put the cash in an envelope. She is a creepy woman and to be rewarded for doing what women have done for a million years is STOOPID!! These people live another world-rather than spending all that on a ring, how about a charity? Just a thought I would PUSH for!

sandanna on

such a disgusting moniker, and a greed-driven, materialistic sentiment.

tina on

People are hard on Rachel! I like her (at least what she shows on tv)
She’s a fair boss, a sweet lady and very fabulous. I don’t think she’s shallow. She just loves fashion. Maybe all the women hating on her are jealous

laurelcanyonfashionista on

i always get a push present- it really is just a present to commemorate the child’s birth.

for dd#1, i got a tiffany necklace in her birthstone that i will give to her when she turns 18 (i can say- i got this for you the day you were born)…

for my twin girls (both stillborn after 18 hours of labor), I got a tiffany necklace with three diamonds- one for each daughter in my life.

for dd#4, i got a tiffany pearl bracelet and earrings- which i will give to her when she turns 18.

so…for me, all the presents were really special- and not really about the “pushing” – but more about creating a family heirloom to remember the occasion and pass down to future generations.

JCL on

I got a push present for both my kids…first one was a video hubby made me of our first pregnancy together set to music and showed all the great times of the pregnany..u/s, showers, labor, etc. For our 2nd he bought me a car! Yes a car. He said I needed a newer, more reliable car with more room for the 2 car seats and all the baby stuff. Since I suffer from unexplained IF I KNOW the baby is the best gift I could have gotten but it doesn’t take away from my hubby’s giving nature. He wanting to do something wonderful for the women who went thru daily u/s, shots in the belly, and globs of dr visits just to get pregnant then cerclage, numerous hopsital stays for threatened m/c, and 22 weeks of bedrest all to give him a beautiful child in the end.

Tammy on

The thought is nice, the phrase is ridiculous. After 20 hours of labor, I didn’t push once and had a c-section. I still got rewarded with a beautiful son, who is worth more than all the diamonds in the world.

dawn on

What is wrong with you people?? So friggin hateful. Do you honestly think when a man gives his woman a push present (speaking of hateful, I do hate that name) do you think he is saying “gee, the baby is great and all but you really deserve something nice, like this $10,0000000 ring”? Yes, the ring is extravagant by most of our standards, but the idea of something special – something you will have forever, is pretty cool and I think a ring is the perfect gift, of course something less expensive would probably do fine for most of us.

Miche on

After my daughter was born, my husband surprised me with a necklace that had a charm with her birthstone and had her name and birthdate engraved on it. After my son was born he gave me a similar charm to add to the necklace. It was sooo thoughtful and it’s something I’ll treasure forever. And we are FAR from rich. It’s not just the wealthy who gift each other. My husband saved up both times!

We get anniversary gifts for staying married another year, birthday gifts for growing older, why not get a token of love for carrying and giving birth to a precious baby!!

Grace on

@Madison: No, you can’t guarantee that those of us who are against push presents would turn one down if given. I specifically told my husband I do not want a push present and that I find them offensive. So yes, I would have been annoyed if he gave me one anyway. And I have never liked jewelry of any kind, so I definitely would give back any gift of that sort (and be offended that the person I was married to didn’t know me well enough to know I don’t like that sort of thing.)

@ToyaL: I think it’s very sad that you are equating a man giving his wife jewelry with being an attentive and hands on father/husband. The very reason why I don’t want, like, or need a push present is because it’s a pitiful substitute for the real things a man should be giving his wife while she’s pregnant (emotional support, etc.) I want want real things, not jewelry.

samantha on

i can’t stand the term “push” present. why not just give your spouse a gift to celebrate the birth of your child and leave it at that? it’s almost as corny as “save the date”! what’s gotten into people?

Toya on

Sinclair, seriously skip over my posts. It’s quite simple, get that?

Megan on

This puts my “push” purse to shame! lol Rachel I hope you had a fantastic 1st Mother’s Day!

Kris on

WOW, Talk about bitter women! If they can afford it and its something she wanted then why do you have to comment. Some people may get a small token of love to say thank you “for the last 9 months that a baby put your body through” and yes, having a child is the blessing…but sometimes something apart from the pregnancy/baby is nice. She was a woman (a wealthy woman) before the baby, so its nice to have something that identify’s with who she is….not just a baby machine. Too each their one. Please, stop the envy. Unless you know them personally, stop judging.

Shannon on

The concept of a push present is tacky. Maybe it’s just the name.

kcoopok on

who the heck came up with the push present idea? I agree that the ring probably weighs more than she does. Hey Neil Lane, give me a ring like Zoe’s, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!! I promise I’ll be good.

Anonymous on

isn’t the push present the baby?

Amy on

You guys are so judgmental. Of course the baby is gift enough, but HELLO we all give each other birthday gifts. Isn’t life gift enough? Why does anyone give anyone gifts…ever? You all should stop receiving gifts right now. Pious morons. It must be nice for you to have ish that don’t stink. She may be materialistic, but we all sit around on a computer and point out the faults in others and make judgements on every.single.action.they.make.

And yes, she should have named her baby Asher or Phelps so that would could have pointed out what a snob she is. C’mon Rach, I’m dyin’ to watch you burn help me out here.

LoLo on

Who came up with the push present, the over indulgent “stay at home” moms in hollywood and other rich areas of the United States to rub their friends noses in what they have over them.

Toya on

Grace if you read one of her interviews, she talks about the things he did & he was there for her like he was supposed to be. What’s sad is people misconstruing the entire meaning of a push present and taking a beautiful act of gratitude & turning into act of materialism or implying that mothers who receive them aren’t 100% satisified solely with the birth of their child. If it makes people feel good to tear down others over ever little thing, it’s their life.

Jean on

My experience was that no ‘thing’ be it diamonds, gold, or anything else could hold my attention after giving birth than my lovely newborn baby. The fear I see with push presents is your focus may sway to that ‘thing’ over your that precious new life that should be the sparkle and gleam in your eye!

Jillian on

Actually Lola, this didn’t start in the US….imagine that.

boston on

That’s not a push present. It’s a wasted charity donation. That thing could feed a small country.

Yeah Baby! on

The best push presents I have are my 2 healthy and safe children. But, if we could afford something like a 10 carat diamond ring….Oh yeah! I’d take it!

Grace on

@Toya: I wasn’t responding to Rachel getting a push present, I was responding to your post in which you implied that men who don’t give their wives push presents are not loving, attentive, hands-on fathers. Which was a ridiculous assumption to make. And the fact that you can’t defend your own statement without twisting what I said into something it wasn’t further solidifies that.

Lauren on

I couldn’t agree more with “Soco” and all the nice comments.

Most of the people commenting are so tacky & rude! No gift is “necessary” (birthday, anniversary, etc)… that’s what’s so wonderful about them. They are simply an act of kindness & appreciation (an obviously foreign concept to most who have commented). The ladies leaving hateful comments end up looking nothing more than classless and jealous.

mary on

whatever- like any of you would be insulted by that ring.

I say bring it on- I am jealous, I want *that* push present!

I rec’d a ring with my daughters birthstone and I love it- someday I will hand it down to her- but hell yah, that ring above I wouldn’t turn down. it is gorgeous.

blah blah, of course the baby is my ‘Gift’ but I think all the haters are just jealous.

liz on

To all you push present haters: You carry a baby for 9 months, puke, feel hungover alot of the time, fatigued, stressed and still work through it all and you think a push present is ridiculous??? My amazing husband always got me a token of appreciation after watching me go through it all with both kids and I never asked for it. Call it a push present or whatever, its just showing appreciation and aw for what men cannot do, for the strength we put forth to endure and that we are not forgotten about in the process.

Toya L. on

My implication was geared more to the seemingly negative/bitter (must be for a reason) women. I didn’t even try to twist your words, you’re entitled to your opinion so I’ll leave it at that.

Indira on

Why does everything have to be about jealousy? I’m not materialistic and, am in no way envious of her gift.

Meela - Boston on

Pious morons?

Really, Amy give me a break?

I was given a locket by my husband when my daughter was born
however it does not compare with the Bentleys and giant diamonds!

It’s not what the gifts represents because brides and grooms exchange gifts at the start of their lives together.

It is a symbolic gesture however this “push present” is intended to one up each other.

So now mothers have to be judge on who’s husband is richer based on the gift!!!

Another thing, it is okay to say that you do not agree with this practice without be called a moron!

Ruby on

This is normal in Europe guys, I’m Irish – I would expect a gift after the birth of our first child. not 10k ring!! but a token yeah.. a really beautiful one. 🙂

Leanne on

Is the baby not enough of a present???

Lexi on

Proof that a little weight does make you look younger. That picture of her looks like a woman too old to have a baby!

Kelly on

Okay I’m not trying to sound dumb, so please don’t bash me, but could someone explain to me what is a push present? I never heard of this! I’m assuming because she gave birth that she gets a big present?? I don’t know anyone personally who did this that’s why I’m asking and I’m not a mother.

Emily on

To the people balking that the ring could have gone towards charity. ITS NOT YOUR MONEY! If you’re so concerned with charity, then give to them! To expect people to give away thier hard earned money for ANY cause is just wrong. If someone wants to burn a million dollars in thier backyard, who cares? It’s thiers. No one else, rich or poor, is entitled to it.

Cathy on

The idea of a “push preset” is absurd.The baby is the perfect gift of love.I think asmall pice of jewelry with a charm with the name & date on it is the ultimate perfect gift.Calling it a push present is lame.The name Skylar sounds female to me but to each his own.I am surprised Rache had the baby naturally.I figured she is so body absorbed that she would have a C-section & then a tummy tuck since prepregancy she was anorexic looking.Don’t understand a guy who likes jumping a bag of bones.

heather on

so its wrong and gross for your husband to buy you a beautiful gift after you have carried your child for 9 months and then given birth? Would it be wrong if he bought it before she was pregnant and gave it to her? Im confused as to why people have an issue with this, maybe its just the phrase “push present” throwing people off. Maybe he is in love and over the moon about his new baby and wanted to get his wife something. And to all you griping about them wasting money and giving to charity, its their money and how do you know how much they do give to charity.

Jen on

all the haters are just jealous that they didn’t get a push present….can all the haters honestly say they would give back a “push” present if given one…..i think not.

erin on

they have the money so she got the gift..we only heard about b/c it was expensive. If she would have gotten a 200 thread count pillowcase it would have not made the news.

Kat on

Dumbist idea ever!! Nice ring though if you have the money to afford it.

Natasha on

Traditionally the eternity ring was given about a year after marriage which was usually when the first baby arrived so that was the “push present”. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a husband giving his wife a gift to say thank you carrying a baby for 9 months and then going through child birth. Sure a baby is a wonderful gift but there is no reason you can’t have both!

Tia on

That was so sweet of her husband,the ring is gorgeous.I doubt Rachel had her child in order to recieve a” push presant”.The lot of you are just jealous.It’s not Rachel’s fault that your poor,broke husbands cannot afford to spoil you.You come on here to read about celebs.Well celebs have money and live the life many of you dream of,but cannot afford.

honeybon on

Last time I checked, men weren’t giving up their bodies for 9 months and then feeding a baby for nearly a year…so yeah. Push present, or whatever one wants to call it, is completely appropriate. They both get a beautiful child out of the pregnancy, but let’s face it – for nearly two years her body is not her own. It would be nice to have something sparkly to look at during the hours and hours of breastfeeding and sleepless nights. Right? And the rich and famous are going to give according to their standards, or what he felt he wanted to do for her. It doesn’t mean anything other than what that couple wants it to mean to them. To each his own.

dawn on

Seriously get your priorities straight. You do not deserve to get presents because you gave birth. That is part of life and you chose to have sex. I have 3 wonderful sons and would never have expected to get a gift for giving birth. How pathetic and self absorbed. No wonder the world is so obsessed with money and things….

Lisa Lisa on

Babies are a blessing, I Love them all, god bless your family rachel youll love it, their more priceless than any 10 karat ring.love you Lisa

new mom on

My hubby gave me a nice ring a bit into my pregnancy, it was a celebration after trying forever to get pregnant, I didnt HAVE to have anything but he wanted to get me something to show how much he appreciated what I went through with fertility treatments, the pregnancy and of course the birth.

I didn’t ask for anything as Im sure she didn’t either, but its nice of the men to show appreciation

Jenn on

Isn’t the baby the gift? LOL If I got this type of thing I’d be pumping them out!

Debbie on

OK, I get the “push present” idea and I think it’s sweet. But when it is so substantial that it takes attention away from the baby it’s gone too far. And yes, I think 10 carats DOES take attention away from a baby.

Grace on

@Jen: Just because people have a problem with the concept of a push present, or with the name for it, does not make them a hater, and saying that it does makes you sound like a twelve-year-old.

And yes, some of us can honestly say we would give it back. I was offered a necklace, and I said no thank you. I don’t like jewerly and I don’t expect, want, need, or like the idea of being rewarded for giving birth to a child that I desperately wanted.

Sabrina on

Why is everyone so annoyed by the idea of a “push present”? Of course the baby is the true gift, but a push present is just one way for your husband/partner to say thank you and how much he appreciates all the changes his wife/gf has gone through physically, emotionally and in over all lifestyle to bring beautiful new life into the world. It doesn’t have to be a 10 carat diamond ring, but why knock it? If he can afford it and it is something she has always wanted why not chose this special occasion? My husband gave me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings after the birth of our daughter and I wear them each and every day and it reminds me of her. They’re not just earrings. When I wear them and think about them I remember the day of her birth. Same with my wedding band – I look down and remember that day and I’ve said to my daughter “daddy gave me those the day you were born” and “daddy gave this to me on our wedding day”

I say congrats!!!

Stephanie on

@Meela: I don’t agree with Amy calling people who disagree with push presents morons but what you are saying is very silly. To them, that is very much in their budget so it is not seen as extravagantly outlandish to purchase it. It is crazy for any woman to think this will create an upstaging or show of whose husband is richer. I would think we all know what our husbands make and wouldn’t expect something completely out of his budget. I am not looking at Rachel’s gift and wondering what my husband will get in comparison. That’s just crazy. As long as you are happy and grateful with your gift, why would you care what anyone else gets?

I totally understand what Amy is saying. When should a gift ever be required? It is a nice gesture for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc. so if her husband wanted to give her a gift for giving birth to their son, why is it any different? It is another nice gesture for someone he loves. I am supportive of push presents not because it means the man is a better husband or dad but because, like all gifts, it shows appreciation and thoughtfulness on his part for the care and love you have put into caring for this baby during pregnancy. Just like a gift on Mother’s Day I would assume is to thank a mother for all her hard work and love. Would anyone turn down a Mother’s Day gift? Same difference people! A gift for loving and nurturing a child.

Candy on

Why all the bitterness? I seriously doubt that if your hubands gave you a sentimental item to celebrate the birth of your child that any of you would chastise him, give it back, or say his priorites are screwed. I have yet to meet a man that that can carry a child and endure all that 10 months of what a pregnancy demands of a womens’ body, emotions and psyche. It is so much more that the actual delivery. There is nothing wrong with a man showing adoration for his wife and the precious gift they have created. I think that people are just upset that it was a 10 carat ring. Get over it; it;s Rachel;s not yours. Roger obviously has the money to comfortable afford it and is not on tax payer assistance, so who cares. I think it is just another way her husband was showing his excitement about the family that he waited so long and patiently for. I guess a lot of you ladies would be surprised about the number of men I know that thought enough of their wives and brought them special gifts to celebrate the birth. These men are from all walks of life and professions. And how exactly is a name low brow? Like Biff and Buffy is stellar!? Nothing but happiness to the new litle family.

Shelly on

I agree with jessicad. I had a single friend who went through a pregnancy alone. When she had her baby I took her flowers and a bracelet with a few diamonds and sapphires (baby’s birthstone) in it. Her baby had received all the gifts so far, why shouldn’t she get one for a job well done? It’s not like she asked for, or expected it.

Stephanie on

Isn’t a Mother’s Day gift to show appreciation and love for all the hard work a mother puts in each and every day? We’re supposed to do that yet we get a day and gifts for it. Gifts that I’m sure most of you do not turn down.
Why is a push gift any different? It is to show love and appreciation for the nine months you have spent caring for and nurturing a child. Totally not necessary but very kind and thoughtful, I think. Yes, the baby is a gift but your child is a gift each and every single day. Are we to decline or be disgusted by Mother’s Day gifts from our husband or children? Come on guys! A present is thoughtful no matter what the occasion.

mo on

I may be old-fashioned, but I thought the baby was the present at the end of the pushing.

Emily on

Nobody has made this point- isnt this whole push present thing essentialy the same as a baby shower?? Gifts for getting knocked up? Nibody objects to that. There is nothing wring with giving gifts for any reason.

Liza on

My sister got a nice ring after giving birth. The reason was her husband wanted to give her a gift for bringing their daughter into this word. I don’t understand how some of you can find that bad or disgusting. It was an act of love on his part.

My sister doesn’t love the ring over the baby.

My question is if your husband got you a 10 carat ring as a gift after giving birth, you would lecture him about how his priorities aren’t straight and how it was lame on his part (roll eyes)

Lisa on

I have a feeling the people that are getting carried away with their bitterness over the “push present” concept are ticked that they didn’t get anything. Although I’m betting several of you got something whether it was flowers, dinner, or whatever. But it wasn’t a fancy ring, so of course you don’t consider it important or necessary. Honestly, I think a man that gets his wife a gift after she gives birth is sweet. It’s one way to show his appreciation for everything she went through to bring their child into the world. Sure, it isn’t necessary, but it’s definitely nice.

Anne on

For those who hate the term “push present”, would you prefer it be called a “grunt gift”?!? 😀

CJ on

the baby is the real gift. a fancy ring is only a material item. people are what’s important in one’s life. she’s lucky enough to have a loving husband and now a new baby. a lot of people don’t even have that. regardless i do wish them a lifetime of happiness as a family.

WhyNot on

Isn’t the ‘push present’ the baby?

Indira on

Emily- I guess the difference is, a baby shower is for the baby,gifts for the baby.

nelly on

Some of you are some BITTER BIRDS on this site…its a nice gesture an acknowledgement to the mother of their child for bringing him into the world vaginally or c section doesnt matter…. when I give birth im expecting a push present… YES I SAID IM EXPECTING A PRESENT …

Jillian on

I guess you all feel mothers day gifts are stupid, too?

Indiria, mothers and fathers to be are given lots of gifts at showers for them. I did, all my friends and family did and do. Everytji g is not for the baby…..it’s for the family.

Jen on

I suppose having a child to hold in your arms, a child that’s healthy, is not enough of a gift? She has to have something of material value. Congrats to her for taking the gift of life for granted! I’m sure the millions of women who can’t have children would gladly trade any amount of jewelry for the chance to have a child. But whatever…

Sally on

It’s an obscene display of wealth.

RKF on

Stunning ring, though I’ve never heard of a “push present” before… As for it being excessive (or other terms mentioned in the comments), yes, maybe it is, but considering how wealthy they are, I doubt it was a monetary burden! I’m quite sure they consider their child the ultimate gift, so what’s wrong with a mom receiving a beautiful, material gift after bring a new life into this world? Seems like a sweet bonus to me…

Toya L. on

@lisa that’s exactly what I was trying to say. Like I stated above, I think the concept is very sweet. I didn’t receive a push present from my husband but since I have been blessed with a great husband/father to our children who is very attentive, appreciative and hands on, I have no reason to be envious or bitter/negative towards someone who did. Nor do I have the desire to judge someone else and how they want to show their spouse appreciation for bringing their child into this world. Everyone is entitled to their opinions so whatever……

Dee on

Apparently the baby wasn’t enough, she needed something to brag about and sell pictures to People. Pathetic attention wh…seeker.

Lexi on

Honestly why does everyone care so much! If they have the money and he wants to give her a nice gift to say thanks for being such a trooper and for giving me a beautiful son then what does it matter to anyone else? I know lots of people who’s husbands have given them something nice after the baby was born. Doesn’t have to be that extravagent but like I said, does it really matter if they have the money. And also, how is it any different than a man buying his the mother of his child something for mother’s day? Same idea, thanks for being the mother of my children. Well this is just thanks for bring my child into the world! Get over it people!!!!

Dawn on

A ‘push present’ – really??? Yet more evidence why I think Moms today are entitled brats. Women for generations have been giving birth without expecting incentives to do so. You pushed a baby out – congrats. But that doesn’t make you a special snowflake deserving a present. What next, breastfeeding bonuses??? Please.

Daisy on

lol at people getting all up in arms over “push presents”. I think receiving a gift, particularly jewelry, as a memento of the event is a lovely idea. I seriously doubt there are women refusing to give birth unless they get some gaudy bling to love more than the baby. Over dramatic, much?

Lexi on

And on a side note, something that drives me crazy is that people come on here to complain all the time! Then don’t read the article, the title summed up what it was about. And further more, people.com is hardly a site to come to for anything other then light entertainment. Lots of the articles on here are materialistic in nature, or deemed “un-newsworthy” by most so why bother coming here in the first place if you know what you’re going to read about! Sorry but it drives me nuts!!

Karlos on

The best presente her husband could have to Zoe is a big plate of food,she looks soooooooooooooo skyny even when she was 9 months pregnand, I thing she didn’t care to much for the baby, the only thing she cares is about gain weight, I would like to know how much the baby was when he born.

Kara on

My husband got me “birthing” presents for both my daughters. My daughters love when I where them because they know its about them. They also know they will each be passed down to them as they get older. I do not need it as a reminder…I have my children for that. Its just a nice memento of the occasion.

Kelly on

The term “push present” is disgusting. It is a tacky and classless term for something done out of love.
My husband and I have 3 sons…when they were born he always got me flowers. Two of our sons are married, and when their wives had our grandchildren we gave each of them a lovely gold and gemstone bracelet when the baby was born. It was our gift and our way of telling them “thank you for carrying and delivering our beautiful grandchild”. The gifts were given with an open heart, and meant to commemorate the birth of a cherished child….nothing more, nothing less. To look upon a gift like that in a negative light is just
nasty and choosing to take it in the wrong context entirely.

Nella on

I think it’s a nice gesture that he gave her a present. I am surprised by how many people on this website have never heard of a husband getting a gift for his wife after she gives birth to their child. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as this, but any kind of a little gift is nice. It just shows the husbands gratitude for not only the birthing process his wife had to go through, but also the whole pregnancy! It’s not easy and women sacrifice a lot to have a child, so it’s a very selfless thing to become a mother. When my sister had both of her children, my brother in law surprised her with a gift for each of the children. It’s usually something that lasts, such as jewelry for example. I don’t know any woman that wouldn’t be happy if her husband got her a gift showing his appreciation for the best gift that she has ever given, a child.

PresentsLover on

I also never heard of the term “push present”. Is that new? I do know that many husbands give some jewelry to the wife for this occasion. This happens in my family all the time. In fact, my husband gave for some jewelry for the birth of our children. It was a nice surprise.

The name push present is dumb… I think push or c-section, the fact that a woman has to care for herself and go through 40 weeks of hormonal, body, and mental changes (worries) deserves some recognition.

And regarding another comment, not all new parents are struggling. If you do family planning and first have a career and a house and then kids, you can do it and the man can afford a nice present for the new Mom. I don’t know what this Rachel Zoe does, but she is in People Magazine and makes selection in Piperlime.com, so I guess she makes a good income and probably her husband as well. I think people should not spend more than they can afford and not buy things to impress others. I guess that is not her problem, she seems to be able to afford that ring and more. I think the ring is beautiful and that the fact that she got it for the birth of her baby makes it special for her. I encourage all men to follow this tradition, just change the dumb name of “push present”.

PresentsLover on

I encourage all men to follow this tradition, just change the dumb name of “push present”.

The ring is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations to the designer, the buyer, and the one who gets to wear that rign. Now I only wish my husband will get me one just like that!!! 🙂

AMichele on

I have never heard of a push present until this very moment. Interesting. I think I will go home and tell my bf he owes;) Ahahahahahahahaaha!! Lighten up everyone, who cares.

Jean on

First of all, what she doesn’t deserve anything if she had a c-section but she does if she pushed? I am sick and tired of people acting like if you had a c-section you took the easy way out. Being cut in half and stitched back together and being unable to walk for two days or shower normally or laugh or cough without unbearable pain is not a walk in the park. Lots of women have vaginal births and walk out of the hospital the next day. With a c-section, you are not only dealing with a newborn, you are also recovering from major surgery. I don’t care how much money she has, she can’t pay someone to make her c-section not hurt if she had one.

And yes, I had a c-section and I guess technically my husband gave me a “push present” if that is what you want to call it, a necklace with my daughter’s birthstone, but I think of it more as a way to celebrate the birth and I can tell my daughter “your dad gave me this the day you were born.” What the hell is wrong with that? And mine is hardly 10 carats but they have the money so who cares how they spend it.

Cheryl Abaravich on

Push Shmush….I’ve never heard of anything so stupid. Just an example of Hollywood conspicuous consumtion.

annie on

isn’t the baby enough of a present?

Kat on

Hmmm…. I was told when I was pushing (each time!) that my “push present” was my BABY! LOL Each to their own, but the idea of spendy flashy jewelry because of having a baby is a bit outlandish, but then that is what most of these moms are going for. By the by for the prev poster about being surprised she pushed… she probably didn’t. Plenty of these moms are getting “push” presents for a C-section!

Alyssa on

Oh gag me!

Karry on

I definitely do not like the term push present, it is tacky and the term implies that it is just yet another occasion that people feel obligated to mark the occasion with a material gift, like Valentines Day, Birthday’s etc. . . .Parents give children gifts for getting good grades which I personally think is ridiculous but to each their own.. That being said people should be able to present anyone with a gift whenever they would like to without being judged. Who knows what his reasoning was he just felt like it was something he wanted to do for her at that time and that is what matters. I hate receiving gifts because people feel obliged to do so because it is a special occasion; I get what I consider a bunch of useless crap that I feel guilty for throwing away. I would prefer a donation to a charity or a get together with friends and family. However receiving a gift from someone who had really thought it through and said when I seen this I thought of you is incredibly touching. The last thing on my mind after delivering my daughter was that I deserved a nice gift, but I would probably have been touched if my husband had got me one. It is like just getting flowers without being an occasion, just a gesture of love and appreciation; I think that is what it was meant to be!

Gayle on

Gee…I thought the beautiful baby was “push present” enough.

Chris on

My kids are my push presents. Although maybe I should call them my epidural presents, I don’t remember pushing or feeling much pain…lol

allthatmoxie on

I’ve never quite figured out Rachel and Rodger being together, but somehow he overlooks her extravagance, and he has to be the one grounding force in her life. Clearly they love each other, and I never thought Rachel would do the baby thing for Rodger. It seemed from what was presented on screen that Rodger is the one who wants the American dream, 2.5 kids and the white picket fence, not Rachel. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with what she has built for herself either.

It is sort of refreshing to see that Rodger has not lost his roots or himself in this crazy life that Rachel has created. It’s also very clear how much they were in love in the early years before Rachel Zoe was “Rachel Zoe” the brand. I am so very happy for them, and it’s clear that Rodger knows exactly what will make his wife happy gift-wise, while Rachel could get Rodger a card, and it would mean as much to him as a 10 ct. ring to her.

I personally love the name Skylar, it will be hard enough growing up as one of Rachel Zoe’s kids without some prestigious or pretentious name to have to grow into / live up to. Kudos to them both and their baby, Skylar!

Sharon on

Wow. I can’t believe all the haters on here. So what if he gave her a present? I’m sure she didn’t demand it. I don’t know them, although I watch the show and it seems to me he is very much in love with her, so why should we care if he gives her a present? This ring, no matter how much it cost, is his token of appreciation to her, and to further state how much he loves her. In no way does it mean she traded the gift of life for a present, as a poster just said. That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard and it screams jealousy.

Also, just because you receive a present doesn’t mean you are gluttenous and greedy. Get real people and show your hate somewhere else.

me on

I think the term “push present” is somewhat vulgar. What if ya have a c-section, like I did? Do you get a “slice present?”

Momof3girls on

Wow…I was happy with the baby as my gift….and I had a friend who brought a package of pampers to the hospital as a gift..I was thrilled!!!

10 carat…I would sell it and keep the cash…lol

aislinn2000 on

I think the idea of a “push present” is somewhat ridiculous as well. If a person isn’t getting one, do they just refuse to let the baby out until they do?

Kathy on

Your baby is your gift…the gift of another life.

now if a husband wants to shower his wife the mother of his children with a gift then great…i just wouldn’t refer to it as a “push present”. But congrats.

SarahJane on

While hers is exorbitant, I dont think a “push present” is a bad idea. I would love to receive something small from my husband to pass down someday to my children on the day they have children. If it were called a “thank you for carrying my baby and going through 9 months of weight gain, swollen feet, vomiting, and being uncomfortable, all capped off with pushing a watermelon out of a lemon/having your stomach and insides cut open b/c I couldnt ever dream of doing what you did” present, then we’d think differently about it.

martha on

Push surprise is awesome…..

Linda on

Sounds like a lot of jealous woman, gheesh. A present is a present, regardless of what it is for. He loves her and wanted to buy her something nice to make her happy. Sort of shallow material things make her happy, but it works for them! So all you woman out there stop being haters because your man didnt buy you something.

sar on

What he needed to give her was some Botox treatments for all those lines in her face. She looks like the baby’s Granny. All the Jewelry in the world wont help her unfortunate face.

EG on

My push present was SLEEP!!

fuzibuni on

Wow. Who knew this would cause such a stir. Guess Neil Lane knew what he was doing with this post. Husbands beware! There are going to be a lot more women who expect this type of thing now.

jamie on

Who cares? If you have the money…then why not? I personally don’t think it’s necessary…but i don’t have million and millions of dollars at my disposal…wish I did though. =)

Heather on

Congrats girl! That’s a beautiful ring!!

FYI to everyone – push presents are a gift to the mother to commorate the experience. It has nothing to do with actually “pushing” the child out. Whether you have natural birth, a c-section or adopt, it doesn’t make you anymore of a mother than the next person.

Jillian on

So of course all of you despise mothers day gifts…… Please!


Hello Mommies. Hope you all had a happy and beautiful Mother’s Day, as I did.
I have a question, and what is it that Rodger, does for a living????
Does he works????Besides accompany her to all the fashions shows and tell the whole world that is their anniversary.

Maybe he bought the ring with her money….

Good luck to them and the baby. And speaking of strange names. How would like to be Nicole Ritchie’s baby SPARROW??? Tha poor kid is going to be so beat up in school. Brin in the Home Schooling

joselyn on

I am getting a wonderful push present..a baby girl! 🙂 and to be honest I think at that point im going to be so into her that…I wouldn’t care for any other gifts! ❤

annie on

Bravo for Rodger. What a great way to show your wife how much you really do appreciate her. And I love the name Skyler, what a perfect name for baby Zoe.

Valerie on

Whatever people…quit acting like you wouldn’t appreciate a beautifully thoughtful gift from your husband the day that you brought your child into this world. A push present is never a demand, but usually a thoughtful gesture by the hubby because he cares so much for what mama has just done for them as a family.
People who say, “My baby was my gift” can’t say anything else because their hubbies didn’t get them a thing:-) I wouldn’t demand it, but even if my husband bought me flowers, I would consider that a very thougthtful push present…so a 10 carat sparkler would certainly blow me away:-D Good job, Rachel…you picked a REALLY thoughtful guy who knows how to make a gal feel sparkly even when she might have just felt exhausted, fat, and abused by the trauma of labor

Nikki on

“Push Present”??? Sounds completely disgusting. I have no problem if the father to be wants to give the mother a little something, but do you have to call it that?

Anonymous on

they didnt pay for the ring its free pr for neil lane thats how rachel works to be fabulous

Melanie on

Did someone actually ask if she would still push if she didn’t get the present? Shut the hell up you guys, of course her baby is her present, it doesn’t mean that her hubby can’t buy her a thank you gift as well! You all sound like a bunch of jealous stay at home mom’s, shouldn’t you be congratulating her on her new life instead of nit-picking at a baby or present name. And stop pretending you know anything about their lives, regardless of what you think, these people are strangers to you. Jeez, grow up!

LE on

I’ve always thought the baby was the “push” present!

Chalcedony on

Wow, some of the above comments sound so envious. Yes, to most of us a $10 million gift sounds extravegant for any reasons. However, it’s all relative to finances and lifestyle. I do agree “Push Present” sounds very media and I feel quite tacky. All the women in my family choose a baby birthstone ring for themselves when they have a new baby. I cherish mine and my daughter thinks it’s so special when I wear it… someday I’ll give to her as well. I think celebrating the miracle of your new baby is lovely!

Jenn on

OMG!!! you guys should be ashamed of yourselves….who care what he got her….its the thought that counts…sounds like the people who are talking all this crap need to get a life and grow up…making a big deal out of something that doesnt effect you in any sort of way..and why should celebrities have to give their money to charities all the time..they work just as we do…and to make fun of her baby’s name is just wrong….get over it and move on

kiki on

It is so shocking and sad that people especially mothers would have so much jealousy for another mom that it would shine through as hatred. Aren’t we all in this together? Why would you judge Rachel so harshly for getting a present from her husband? There are so many levels of wealth. I am sure starving people in africa would think YOU are ridiculous for getting dessert after dinner. That might seem like an unattainable indulgence to truely poor people, but I bet you don’t hesitate to order that cake on your bday. Another thing, Some people are out there making money by putting themselves out there, making their lifestyle the thing that people want to look in on and that makes them $$. Who are you, the voyeur, to criticize how they spend the $$ that is result of you giving them so much of your attention? If you didn’t sit around reading articles about celebs and being bitter maybe you’d have more dough to spend on frivolous indulgences such as diamond rings;).

Of course no one NEEDS a diamond ring, but I sure wouldn’t scoff at one held out in love by my husband after 9 months of pregnancy and child labor. If you would… you must be very puritanical. Those Puritans in Jamestown didn’t believe in ANYTHING fancy. Or are you some kind of Quaker who enjoys celeb gossip? Geez.

Shell on

All of you that dislike to idea of the present are just very very jealous. Get over yourselves! any sane woman would love a 10 carat diamond,if you can afford it, then why not?? no different to receiving flowers or any other token. Of course our beautiful babies are our number one present, but being appreciated by your baby daddy, is wonderful too. I will be lapping up my pressies in ten weeks time!! I’m getting a 2 carat diamond, one for each baby!! jealous much??

MalloryMay on

I thought the baby was a push present in and of himself/herself? It is all fine and dandy to give your wife a little token I suppose, but does it really have to be given a special name? Sounds like a new industry, to me, the push present industry.

VRW on

Never heard of a push present before. Well someone owes me 3 presents. LOL

Alexa on

I have no issue with the “push present” , though I find it a little odd. I don’t know how many of you have ever watched the “Rachel Zoe Project”, but I have….and I have no idea how people tolerate this spoiled, obnoxious, self-willed little girl! She has no awareness of anythign or anyone around her, including her husband. I’ve often seen him sitting in the background, looking & sounding quite exasperated by her & her “me fist” attitude. Yet, at the end of the first season, he gave her a fabulous and rare car that she’d always wanted. This guy could definitely do better…like someone who actually appreciates him & the life they have.

As to her career, I don’t know how she does at dressing others, but she always looks God-awful in public. She always seems to choose clothes that look like loaners from a much larger person and actually, the clothes wear her, as they say. Her personal taste & style is awful!

As to being a mother, I don’t see it…it will be all nannies & dad. She just doesn’t seem to have the capacity to give that much of herself. Of course, as soon as the bothersome business of learning to walk,talk &be toilet trained are out of the way, she’ll have yet another personal assistant to abuse.

Nancy on

I am very bothered by all the negative comments towards Rachel Zoe. first of all so what if she and roger decided to name their son Skyler its ultimately their business, and its a beautiful name. no one is judging you guys for whatever you guys named your kids. and who in the world has given you the right to judge or say that rachel is not capable of being a mother. wtf seriously, it just sounds like pure envy and jealousy. and third of all any woman deserves a diamond ring after giving birth, not all of your husbands can afford it i understand but that doesnt take it away that a womans hard work should not be rewarded! be more positive and send blessings to beautiful skyler that will sure be best dressed baby

Nancy on

Every single woman in the world deserves a present for going through nine months of pregnancy, gaining weight, being healthy, staying safe for two, and going through labor (c-section or natural)its all the same really. Besides our baby trophy we also need a medal, why not? whoever disagrees with the whole push present concept is just being absurd. good for rachel! and for all the ignorant comments, names are not rich, people are rich and last names say more about person’s status.

PushPuleeez on

Should she really get a ‘push’ present if she didn’t “PUSH”. Seriously, a c-section is not pushing.

K on

The baby is certainly reward enough — but it’s always nice, if your financial situation allows it, for your hubby to say, “I appreciate the fact that you let another human being take over your body for nearly a year, and then let them exit in an extremely painful way (natural or c-section — both hurt, haters!), and I didn’t have to do anything but watch.”

I told my hubby that push presents were total BS and I didn’t want one. Then I pushed out two kids and wished I’d taken a different stance. I saw friends get small gifts and thought, “Well, that’s nice.”

Lannie on

C-sections are worse than natural delivery in terms of pain. I think it’s a myth that people are electing c-sections. C-sections ruin your body more too.

Kristin on

My husband gave me a beautiful cocktail ring as a push present for the birth of our daughter and I love it. It is so special every time I wear it and it will be something wonderful I can pass on to my little girl when she is older. My pregnancy was easy but delivery was a nightmare ending in an emergency c-section. My husband felt absolutely terrified and helpless and I know presenting me with this gift was his way of expressing his gratitude. Of course my daughter is a gift and blessing but the ring is completely separate-it was a special romantic symbol between a husband and wife that I will always cherish.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why people are so offended by the thought of a push present. If your husband did not get you one and you don’t care, why be so judgmental? To me it is not about how much is spent but rather a situation where it is the thought that matters. We are expecting our second child and my husband told me he is getting me a push present. I know it won’t be extravagant but it will be awesome because he thinking of me and making an effort.

Sharon on

I got a push present for each of my babies. I totally get it! But really, they will go to each of my daughters some day.

Jodie on

Who really cares…except all of us? LOL! I never got a push present but if it was an option for me I think I would have loved it. Be honest, who wouldn’t? As far as the name Skyler goes…I love it! My oldest daughter’s name is Skylar. How dare someone say it’s not hoighty-toighty enough for Rachel Zoe. 😀 You people kill me.

Porsche on

I think a push present is an awesome idea, I have 2 little girls and believe me the 9 months of being sick, exhausted, having to eat any and everything just so u wont get dizzy and also taking those huge vitamins while your husband just sits there looking concerned, calls for some type of gift to show his appreciation. So im all for it.