Alicia Silverstone Welcomes Son Bear Blu

05/09/2011 at 03:50 PM ET
Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage

Alicia Silverstone is a mom!

The actress and author, 34, welcomed her first child with husband Christopher Jarecki on Thursday, May 5, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Son Bear Blu Jarecki arrived at 7:50 a.m. and weighed in at 7 lbs., 15 oz.

“We are all three in love!” the actress blogged soon after the announcement. “I’m so grateful to this community for all the love, support, good wishes and happy vibes you’ve sent me during my pregnancy … it has been wonderful. Thank you all!”

She and Jarecki, 40, wed in June 2005 in Lake Tahoe after eight years together.

The author of vegan cookbook The Kind Diet, Silverstone will next be seen in the films Vamps and Butter.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting Julie Jordan

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Mandy on

Ugh awful name. Celebrities need to stop giving their poor innocent kids horrible names that will cause them to be ridiculed. Alicia and Christopher are nice and normal. Good luck Bear, you’ll need it.

Brooke on

Alicia – Get ready to be raked over the coals. Aye-Yi-Yi

Mindy on

congratulations, personally not too keen on the name but I am happy for them- prepare to experience the hardest work and greatest love you can think of!!!

Amanda on

Bear Blu… seriously???

klutzy_girl on

Oh God at this name. Seriously, Alicia? I was expecting better from you!

But congratulations to her and her husband!

Abbe on

Bear in the Big “Blu” House?

Elizabeth on

I think Bear is sort of cute – but then again my son’s name is Fox, so what do I know. 😉

Carol on

Bear Blu…Kids at school will tease him for being BARE…What are they thinking.

Chantal on

Congrats on the new family.

But seriously… Bear Blu? Oh boy oh boy oh boy…

Where did the time go that celebs gave their beautiful little babies normal names? Now it’s origional to give your kid a normal name and it became almost standart to give it a crazy name.

nelly on

Congrats Alicia and hubby on your baby boy… no comment on the name it doesnt make a difference to me there celebrities they like crazy names #THATSALL

tyannah on

Poor kid.

mamaof2 on

I could see the name Bear with a more normal middle name…but that’s just silly.

tamara on

i personally like the name but i’m starting to wonder when people will realize that celebrities DO NOT CARE WHAT RANDOM PEOPLE THINK OF THEIR NAME CHOICES…

Mimz on

I like Bear Blue much better than Moroccan Scott.

Angel on

Anything to keep people talking about you… That’s the important thing, huh?

This way, anytime somebody names their kid an off-the-wall name, people will say “Well, at least it’s not Apple, Pilot Inspektor, or Bear Blu” and she will definitely get to be listed in the most bizarre names that celebrities give their babies. Way to go, Alicia! And congrats on your little Bear!

Maddie on

Congrats to her and her husband!

I actually don’t mind Bear…not too fond of the Blu. Although Bear would’ve maybe been better as a nickname.

Toya L. on

Blue Bear? Move over and make room Nicariah. = ) Congratulations to them.

Laura on

Congrats to them!

‘Bear’ is a cute nickname but I don’t like it at all for a first name. To me, the sad thing about these off-the-wall names is that these kids can’t stay in some bubble with their parents forever; they are going to grow up and be out in the real world and people are cruel, especially kids. I just think it’s unfair to set your child up for ridicule.

ForeverMoore on

Teehee…I snickered out loud when I saw this headline. To each his/her own though. I guess he will be growing up with other kids that have not so normal names – Sparrow, Morrocan, Journey…he will probably fit right in! I was kinda expecting a name like that from Alicia…it’s a little crunchy granola like her.

Jennifer Chew on

Seriously, giving a child a name like this is going to be ridiculed…BIG TIME!!! I went to high school with a male schoolmate whose actual name was Golden, and he hated it because he told me that he was teased all throughout his years of by the other children because of his name. He told me that the teasing got so bad, that thoughts of killing himself crossed his mind more than once. PARENTS JUST DON’T THINK ABOUT WHAT GIVING THIER CHILDREN UNUSUAL NAMES CAN ACTUALLY DO TO THE CHILD when the child goes through life!!!!

I don’t like my name either because it’s too common, and at least 20-30 other female schoolmates had the same name as I did. I don’t know what’s worse, giving a child a common name like mine, or giving your child an uncommon one. Parents should know the line to cross when it comes to giving their child unusual names, and realize what giving a child an unusual name can actually do to the child as they get older.

Bre on

When we told grandma her grandbaby was going to be named Aspen she had a fit! She said the kids would call her Ass. We all laughed at her and assured her they wouldn’t. Aspen is not yet a week old and her 7 year old brother loves to tell everyone he can that his baby sister’s name is ASS…pen. And he says it just like that; ASS very loud and then a pause and then Pen. And he thinks it’s hilarious.

Moral of the story, you really do have to be careful what you name your kids! (And grandma’s are always right.)

Mandy on

“Hi, I’m Bear Jarecki.” That poor poor kid. No child is going to care his mother is Alicia Silverstone. Or even know who the heck she is for that matter.

Sarah S. on

Welcome to the world, Bear!!

Romy on

how unfortunate. and why is the E left off of Blue? will they call him Beary?

J on

What names are ok for people to give their kids? First they are too wacky and now people complain because names are too common.

Elle on

That name is just cruel. Don’t these parents think about the teasing these kids will get?

Kimi2321 on

Poor kid. Stephen.. no, Daniel… no.. Ben.. no… he looks like a Bear!! Instead of Bear Blu…why not Brown Bear? Or Grizzly Bear.. or Panda Bear!!

soph on

Elizabeth – I think Fox is an awesome name!

Bear Blu? Yeaaah, no. Buy the kid a blue bear, don’t name him that…

abbyc on

Seriously celebrities?? What entitles them to name their children with the most ridiculous awful names?? I guess they want the publicity, even negative.

Indira on

I actually do like the name Bear. It’s on my list for my own kids but, Bear Blu sounds like a joke, or a cartoon character.

Megan on

I had high hopes Alicia wasn’t one of those celebrities to give their child a weird name! I was sadly mistaken.

Barbra on

Aught! Why?????? Poor baby. I’m all for nature & animals, but seriously? Bear Blu? These Hollywood people need to be sued by their kids when they get older. Stupid names. These kids will be tormented for life. Unless you have Native American in your blood or ancestry. There is absolutely no reason to ruin your child’s name like this.

Molly on

Why is it we seem to like to judge celebrities when they name their kids a weird name. It’s none of our buesiness in the long wrong. Yeah Bear Blu is different, but it’s not the worst name in the world.

nettrice on

The kids the ridiculed me did so because of my skin color or because I was a nerd. It made me a stronger person, too. I like Bear Blu and I wish the parents all the best. I’ve learned that kids who ridicule others usually pick up the behavior from the adults around them.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them but like most I do not like the name. At all.

courtney on

C’mon, Bear Grylls? You guys make me sad.

amw on

i think the name is sweet and im sure they will deal with the repercussions of naming him that, no need for you other worry worts to spend time getting nervous that he will be beat up on a playground.

there are plenty of regular people who name their kids “crazy” names. its not just celebs. congrats to alicia. love him up!

Flem on

More important than the baby’s name is the fact that he was born to two loving parents, who share a strong commitment to one another. Six years in Hollywood is like a lifetime. And they dated for 8 years prior to that! Congratulations to the new parents!

Sydney on

I really like the name. Bear Grylls seems to have got through life just fine!

Congrats on the birth, Alicia has wanted to be a mother for a long time.

It’s nice to see some positive news on here, especially as Kelly Brook (UK Celeb) announced she lost her baby today at 5 months pregnant.

Misster on

Bear Grylls’ name is not even Bear. It is Edward.

Annie on

Ugh. Stop. Just. STOP! And, yes, I’m fully aware celebrities don’t care about my opinion.

Rusty on

@ courtney,

Bear Grylls full name is Edward Michael Grylls. The difference is that his name is a nickname, while Bear Blu Jarecki doesn’t have different formal name to fall back on.

Bear is a fine name for an outdoors-man or a sport team. In my opinion, it would be easier to go through life as Bernard, Arthur or Orson (they all mean “bear”.)

Luckylou on

What in the world is she thinking? C’mon people! Of all the names out there you would give your child the name Bear? Poor, Poor kid when he grows up

Ken Nice on

I find it ironic that a vegan would name their child “Bear.”

Mandy on

Hmmm let me name my son after a big hairy animal. Yeah. That makes total sense.

Megan on

LOL……..good point Ken.

dsfg on

Actually, I think it’s normal for a vegan to do that. Vegans respect animals. They don’t eat them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like them.

Renee on

I have read a few comments and someone said what I was thinking Bear Bleu oh no that child will never be made fun of I mean congrats on the little one but ok?

Tess on

Are the names Fred, Bill, Tom, Susie, Mary all taken?

A. on

Oh boy… just why????

Kaye on

I find it ironic that a vegan would name their child “Bear.”

– Ken Nice on May 9th, 2011

Hehe. Thanks for the chuckle.

jessicad on

I think it’s cute!! At least he’ll stand out:)

Mandy on

Celebrities need to stop one-upping one another with who can have the most outrageous baby name and stop and think about what they have set their child up for.

This child is going to be the laughing stock of preschool, grade school, middle school and OMG let’s not mention high school.

And don’t tell me he’ll never be made fun of because of who is mom is. That’s utterly ridiculous. None of those kids will know who this C-lister Mom is let alone care.

He and Moraccan should make a pact right now to watch out for one another. Because they’re both going to be finding themselves locked in the locker right beside each other or getting their heads dunked in a toilet.

I can’t see why normal and common names have become so obsolete?? Mark, Anthony, Samuel. WHY NOT?!!?

No, let’s name him Bear Blu so that years from now he’ll be called Bear in the big blue house. Yeah, that’s ok.


Monica on

Well, I like Fox…Mulder. Just kidding!
But Bear Blu? Really???

Shannon on

Bear Blu?

RKF on

I completely just lost respect for her, as it is CRUEL to name your child, “Bear.” Yet another selfish celebrity that ignores the ramifications of naming your child something ridiculous, and humiliating…

Niko on

Another Hollywood baby with a truly bizarre name. So typical. Bear Blu? Good lord. Who names their kid “Bear Blu”? I offer Alicia and hubby congratulations on their newborn baby regardless, but c’mon!. “Bear” is a name not suitable for a human being, period. Nickname? Maybe. A first name? Stupid, and cruel, IMO. Why not Blair? .
At least give the child a normal middle name to fall back on in case he hates his first name.

The thing is, a lot of celebrity parents don’t think before naming their baby. a.) How he or she would feel about his/her later in life? b.) Will he/she be teased/bullied in school? c.) These are questions parents–celebs or not–should be asking themselves before naming their baby.

Rae on

Reminds me of a name like Red. Sounds manly but Red is usually a nickname which Bear should be…

Niche on

Congratulations on the birth of a healthy Baby Bear!

Katrin on

My daughter was named Bonnie Blu. But Bear… Poor little boy.

Niko on


At least Morrocan can escape with “Mory”. No such luck for Bear Blu. A feel sorry for him already:-((

Niche on

I just wanted to add that many of you MOMS commenting on bullying seem to be promoting and encouraging it. That’s the saddest part. I sympathize with all child bullying victims. No wonder there are so many bullies, they learn from their parents.

Although the name isn’t something I would give my child, I wouldn’t pretty much say the child deserves to be teased. The name doesn’t make the person.

bonnepomme on

Maybe they’ll surprise us and nickname him something proper like “Franklin”, lol.

Anonymous on

Hate the name!

Melanie on

Apple seems pretty normal these days, huh? 🙂

nettrice on

If the commenters (poking fun at the name) are any indication I think her child will be prepped well before encountering such narrow minds. My mother made my name up, too, because why not? I’m an original. Unique. Some people don’t want to fit in and if Bear Blu chooses he can change his name like Zowie Bowie did (he just directed the film “Source Code”).

Kes on

Elephant Pink or Giraffe Orange would have worked better.

Kelly on

Bear? Seriously? Congrats to the new family though!

Taylor on

Congrats Alicia and Christopher! Not a fan of the name but I’m sure he’s adorable!

Melissa on

Bear Blu…seriously?

Do they not understand this name has to follow the child the rest of his life. naming children ridiculous names like this is so beyond the word selfish. this name even to me tops what Valerie betenelli named her son “wolfgang” with names like Bear,and all the rest of the foolish names they come with. You have pretty much guaranteed your kid wont be working professional jobs.

soph on

Find a tissue then, courtney, because Edward Gryllis (he has a son named Marmaduke, btw) liked his nickname but that may not be the case for all Bears.

Blu Jarecki is not bad, actually.

megan on

As in Bear In The Big Blue House ?

Allison J on

Congrats to Alicia and Chris. But the name “Bear” is just bizarre! I feel bad for when he gets older – kids WILL tease him. And having an equally odd middle name means little “Bear” can’t just go by his middle name. At least Sparrow Madden can go by “James” if he doesn’t like his first name. Oh, well….

Adrienne on

Beautiful name, beautiful family and what a time to celebrate. “Normal names” for celebs aren’t used anymore. Craziness is the new norm, and who knows maybe she is actually reading this?! She juuuust had a baby, way to make her feel bad!!! To some people, traditional Indian names are terrible, names that african americans give their children are questionable, white people are using surnames as first names and people use such words like serenity and faith and mangle the spellings so the words that are now names are unrecognizable. Things and times are changing. Get used to it, or stick with heather, daniel and jennifer… its ultimately YOUR choice- whatever happens tho I hope people don’t make you feel bad. CONGRATS GUYS

soph on

Melissa, what? Valerie did not invent Wolfgang for her son. Seriously?

BabyBlogAddict on

I think it is actually a pretty cute name!

Toya L. on

You’re right, I gave all of my children except one, common names and now I know they’ll be graduating with about 20 others with the same exact name. Now I wish I had named them some inbetween names. LOL

JM on

Er Melissa Wolfgang isn’t a made up name. i know quite a few Wolfgangs of various generations. it’s been a long established name. take a wild guess what mozart’s first name was?

MissMel on

I have a news flash for everyone. Giving your kid a normal name doesn’t mean they won’t get teased. My name is Melissa and I went through my childhood in the 80’s and 90’s being called “Missy Pissy.” My friend Shelley was called “Smelly Shelley.” If kids want to be jerks they will be, so the important thing is that parents teach kids to be proud of who they are.

It doesn’t strike me as being at all odd that Alicia chose a unique name for her child. I think it fits her personality. She’s a vegan. She got married barefoot in an eco-friendly wedding. She’s essentially a modern day hippie. If the kid doesn’t like his name when he gets old enough he can change it.

Jane on

Wolfgang and Wolf are common German names. I don’t know, did people having babies this week just all want to go off the deep end? Room decor, bunnies and bears. Maybe Mariah’s son will go by Scott when he grows up. At least he and Mirabella Adams have options, this one has initials B B as a possiblity. Actually the initials go well with his last name.

Daniella on

Seriously, Bear Blu? I know someone called Bear, but it’s his nickname since he’s a hardcore kayaker & out-doorsy kinda guy. His real name’s Jason. At least give the poor kid a half-decent middle name to fall back on. Nicknames can always be given later.

And she can’t use the ‘unique’ card since there are literally thousands of unusual, rarely heard names that are actually very pretty or strong, but have either fallen into disuse over the years or are simply from another culture (Lyra, Aislin, Antonella, Caelum, Andren, Elora, Addix, Corina, just to name a few rare or unusual cultural ones I’ve come across in college).

I mean, it’s their child, so it’s their choice, but what person wants to put a name like that onto a college or job application? I’ll be the first person to admit that really ‘normal’ or common names bore me, but at least give the child a semi-normal middle name to fall back on or one that isn’t completely ridiculous (I save that category for the Pilot Inspecktor’s & Moon Unit’s of the world).

Catca on

I love how most of the commenters are talking about how kids will ridicule the name while they themself are ridiculing the name in the post!

And Melissa, maybe you should take a class on other cultures. Wolfgang is not only a very traditional german name, but it happens to be the first name of the most famous musical composer in history – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The father of Valerie’s child is a musician so really, you think the name is weird? Calling someone out for naming their child Wolfgang is a bit like calling someone out for naming their child Shannon or Erin. They are traditional names in another country. You just don’t hear many traditional german names here like you do the Irish ones because we happened to fight Germany in 2 world wars so the germans here kept a low profile (no small wonder with the Japanese internment camps). And as for finding a job, I have to say, with how global the world is today, if you can’t identify common names from other cultures, you really shouldn’t be in a position where you would have actual hiring authority.

Having said all that, I do understand what people are saying about unusual names. They do impact a child’s future and it could make it difficult for certain professions like consulting. The child will have to work harder to overcome first impressions about his name when it is a name like Bear Blu. It’s unfortunate, but true. I don’t think that’s the case for Wolfgang though as again, Melissa, it IS a traditional name.

Soco on

Congratulations Alicia, I’m sure he is a beautiful baby boy!

If they love the name, than that is all that matters

Pat on

She should have had the baby in either France or Australia. Those countries act as guardians for helpless babies who have no control over crasy parents! They make sure they have proper names that will take them from 0-70 years and cause the baby/child/adult no embarassment.

Jane on

haha to Ken & agree with everyone who hates the name. it tries too hard – and totally misses.

J.J. on

Congratulations to the Silverstone-Jarecki family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT I don’t like Bear Blu to be honest…it would be a very cute nickname for him, but for a real name…god no!! :(. How about something like Blair..Blair Scott Jarecki is cute, or Benjamin or even Easton? With all the names celebs gave to their Audio Science, Moxie Crimefighter, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Tulip Marshmellow, it’s so obvious that although western celebs make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, they still have the mentality of a 4 year old! Those names would be something a 5 year old kid would name a doll or toy..but not an adult!! :S. Anyway, their kid, their choice.

jessicad on

Catca I agree with you! Kids will do exactly as they see their parents doing!

Macy on

Congrats to her! I like the name, Bear I could do without but I love the name Blu! Blu Jarecki would sound great, and if he goes by that, he’ll be fine.

Sushi on

Seriously? People are freaking out because Alica named her son Bear Blu? Oh lord it’s the end of the world! I find it an intriguing name honestly. If your really that narrow minded about what people name their kids, then go find where else to rant about it. It really could have been worse.

Kari on

Those who are calling out other posters, saying they’re bullying need to chill. People are being OBSERVANT. Yes, the name is terrible and people are just expressing their opinions, which the last time I checked, is ALLOWED on a message board.

I thought Moroccan was bad, but, WOW–Bear Blu??? Just awful!

Bluto Bear on

Awesome name!!! This is uncanny. My profile name on an Aussie Chat site is “Bluto.Bear”….which usually gets shortened to either being “Bear” or “Blu” !! It was only a matter of time before someone famous named a child after me. Thanks Alicia xxxxx

showbizmom on

Yes, little Bear Blu will be made fun of. By the kids of some of these mean spirited moms! No, it’s not ‘normal’ but I’ve meet Ms. Silverstone and she’s not ‘normal’. And No, it’s not a bad thing. That kid will grow up loved, supported and hopefully healthy. The community she lives in and is active in will love the baby with the name Bear or Nathan. Let us be more concerned with the mom’s that give their babies normal names and go unloved, not supported and unhealthy.

I hate to say it, some of you ladies need to get a life.

Shelly on

Honestly, I have a friend who has a little boy nicknamed “Bear”. I dislike his given name so much that I’ve called him “Bear” his whole life.

criticaleye on

It’s her choice..please BEAR with her. LOL

Rachael on

Huh?! Did I miss something?

What kind of name is that?

JMO on

Bear is what you call a dog. Or a nickname. But a first name, ugh seriously this kid has to grow up with this as his name? I mean I don’t think I can take too many people seriously with the name Bear or Peanut or Pilot. Celebs have gone really crazy with names and it’s sad. I’m all about different or unqiue but some people are just getting plain stupid….sorry but they are!

Mary-Anne on

Congratulations to Alicia and Christopher on the safe delivery of their little boy.

I am pretty sure that there must be some significance behind the name….and personally can’t wait to hear how they came up with it!

Jayann on

What is it with these celebrities who give their kids these HORRIBLE names? Pilot Inspector? Zuma? Morrocan? “Bear Blu?” Is there something in the Hollywood epidurals that is causing this? How about “Lil Ferret Face” -followed by the color of your choice?That would be original! It would be good for a boy or girl! Or, for a girl, “Lola” – which comes with a guarantee that she will end up dancing up and down a pole? Or “Pre” for “pretentious?” These parents need a spanking. They should be ashamed. Not cool at all.

DiamondsGuns on

I for one love the name and had planned on naming my first born son Blu Bear, however mine is after the famous Australian Drop Your Dacks Bear; Bluto.Bear.

I really look forward to this name becoming a fast trend in todays society.

Congrats Alicia!

soph on

“If your really that narrow minded about what people name their kids, then go find where else to rant about it.”

This is a celebrity baby blog, Sushi. Please share where else a celebrity baby name related rant would be appropriate.

showbizmom: “get a life” is so third grade. Try a little harder.

Kim on

Dear Lord, you are naming your child NOT your dog. Maybe if they have a girl they will name her Yak Yellow, oops I mean Yak Yello.

Beaky on

I don’t see what’s so bad about it. It’s not a ‘normal’ name, and it would be nice to have a more traditional middle name, but really…. It’s so much better than Morrocan. At least he’s not named after some wallpaper.

showbizmom on


No, I think ‘Get a life’ pretty much sums it up. Back to my third grade class I go……

Marci on

At least Moroccan is gonna be called Roc. Where do you go from Bear? Poor baby!

Tara on

What a completely stupid and insipid name. When will people realize that giving your kid a name like that doesn’t make them any more “special” or “unique” it just means they have a stupid name that they will be forced to deal with for the rest of their lives all because mommy & daddy were so dumb.

ELO on

Many congrats to Christopher and Alicia! I am super happy for them, all the while stunned by their name choice. I was seriously expecting something “normal” from them. Alicia always struck me as someone who would choose some sort of classic name for her baby.
But, whats done is done. Im sure he is beautiful and I’m glad they are a happy little threesome.

Erica on

I’m all for unique names but this is the height of selfishness. Why would you put your child in a position where they constantly have to defend/explain their given name to future employers? Unless Alicia is making a lot more money than her recent filmography implies.

Seriously though, can you imagine if little Bear Blu ever wanted to run for President (or hold any political office for that matter)? People like to pretend that names don’t matter when it comes to employment but empirical research says otherwise. Why not keep the ridiculous, cutesy names for nicknames…ie Bear “EDWARD” Grylls.

RKF on

I wouldn’t name a stray animal “Bear Blu.” Are they indirectly asking for their child to be bullied? Abject, selfish morons.

Sam on

Ummm, unless I missed something ‘Melissa’ did not say that Valerie Bertinelli made up or invented the name Wolfgang. She said Valerie named him Wolfgang.

Soph, Jm, Catca, don’t be so quick to jump on a poster without reading what they write and not what you think they wrote.

Bear Blu doesn’t seem like something Alicia would come up with, was thinking James or Daniel type name. Oh, well, he’ll go to school with Zuma, Jathon, Sparrow and Knox so it will be ok. I also agree completely with MissMel – no matter what your name is kids CAN and DO find something to tease about, happened to me and my name is Sam (Sam Sam Rubble, Samantha the witch, whamy Sammy and the most popular “Sam is a dumb name for a girl”. 🙂

Marky on

Some of these kids who have such ridiculous names are going to be like the son of a couple of actresses in the 70s’; they changed their names as quickly as they could, and they changed them to “ordinary” names because they hated having names like the ones Alicia and Mariah gave their children. What a sad situation; haven’t these people ever been to an elementary school and spent time with even the sweetest kids? They don’t necessarily mean to hurt a child’s feelings, they just do, and it doesn’t mean their parents are cruel and not trying to teach their child better. Sometimes there is an “engraved invitation” to tease a child, and a really weird name is one of them.

Daisy on

Bear is nms but it’s ok as a ~creative~ name for someone else’s kid. The combo of Bear Blu seems so off to me. Bear is strong, masculine and probably a bit cheeky where as Blu is just… silly and seems incomplete.

Anonymous on

Congrats on the kids. But seriously, do these parents ever consider their children. Or is it just a race to the top spot of the list “I have the kid with the name no one else has named their kid before, so I am the most creative person ever”.

And seriously, I think Bear Blue is even worse than Morrocan Scott. At least Mariah’s son has a normal middle name.

missionispossible on

These Celebrities need to just please stop naming these silly bizzare names for their kids. My GOODNESS!!!!

Kresta on

I expected her to have a huge baby as she was so big. I am not feeling the love for the name she chose.

alise on

I think it’s kinda cool. I’m sooooo tired of the common names I’m hearing for children these days. Ava, Emma, Jake, Connor, Liam, Aiden (yawn).

soph on

Sam, the implication there was that Wolfgang was a ridiculous and selfish choice on the mother’s part. It sounded like Melissa was saying Valerie pulled it out of the air (“names they come up with”) but if she didn’t, than fine. It was a poorly written sentence anyway, hence my “what?” Don’t be so quick to jump either, sweetie.

Molly on

People lose respect for people for giving their kids unique names? What’s wrong with some of the people around here. If they spent more time focusing on children with real problems such as poverty and abuse instead of what people name their own kids, the world would be a better place.

Kaye on

Quick question:
I’m curious which name people prefer from the ‘bear combos’-
Buddy Bear / Bear Blu ???

Elle on

Nich, I highly doubt anyone here would make fun of the kid over its name. It’s not the kid’s fault. It’s the idiotic parents for giving them the name. The poor kid can’t do anything about it. If my child teased another kid over their name, they would be spoken to. No child of mine would get away with bullying another child. I would never “promote or encourage” bullying. And kids at school like to tease others. I remember being teased because my surname was the name of a famous candy brand. Kids don’t need their parents around to find something to tease each other about. And a name like Bear Blu is just asking for trouble.

Sarah M. on

Bear Grylls full name is actually Edward Michael BEAR Grylls. I’ve always seen it listed as his second middle names. If I recall hearing correctly, he’s always gone by Bear, though. He seems to have survived. (And 2 of his boys are Marmaduke and Huckleberry.) Jamie Oliver’s son is named Buddy Bear Maurice.

Kids will be teased for MANY different reasons. Hair color, skin color, the clothes they wear, facial features, height, weight, etc., etc., etc. No matter how normal or unique their name. Some people have the personality for a more unique name and others have the personality for a more normal one.

And as others have mentioned, there’s something to be said for not being 1 of several in your classes. There were 5 Sarah’s in my choir class in high school. And we couldn’t all of by first name + last initial, because two of us had last names starting with ‘Mc’.

At the very least, both Bear and Blu (Blue, Bleu) have both been used as names for a long time.

Congrats to the whole family!

Tink on

@ Pat: Um Australia doesn’t control what you name your kid. Not sure where you got that idea but parents have full choice in naming rights, as evidenced in any classroom you visit, including made up names like Trahdyn (guess how you say it 😉 ). I don’t mind either name on its own, and its unlikely he’ll ever say “Hi I’m Bear Blu”, it’ll just be ‘Bear’.

dazzle on

Bear???Really??? is it a joke right???

JM on

Sam, yes but she said it as if it was so unusual. i was merely saying that it isn’t an unusual name at all and has been around for a really long time. 🙂 i just assume that everyone knows how mozart is (anyone with any education) and thus the name would not seem odd…

mary on

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Now this baby’s birth is overshadowed by it’s horrible name. when will these celebrities learn???

Cécile on

Nettrice, I don’t think Bowie’s son had to change his name. IMDB lists Duncan Zowie Jones as his birth name.Zowie was the name printed in papers to fit the extravagant public image (at the time) of this father.

I find it rather funny that some of the artists with the most outrageous or wild behaviors/images (at least when they were younger) gave their children normal sounding names: Elizabeth,Georgia and Jim for Jagger, Theodora and Alexandra for Keith Richards, Jack for Johnny Depp, Jennifer for David Lynch come to mind.

I guess they don’t need a “oh so original” name to show the world how they can be creative or the artsy type. Others need it. Only time will tell the impact on the child, if any.

Nancy on

Come on guys, Hollywood is so much better than the rest of us. They can “outdo” each other with crazy names because they don’t want to name their kids names that the average middle class person does.

Their kids will go to private schools and have private tutors and an inheritance so that they won’t have to worry much about teasing later.

amber on

I personally don’t see why everyone is having such a fit over what the girl named her child. Honestly she’s probably thought through every aspect of what her child will go through but seriously there are worse names out there! I know people who named their kids numbers seriously one through eleven! and don’t you think they was teased? Everyone has their own style and their own opinions but stop to think the world is not as “traditional” as you all tend to think it is…

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Alicia and Christopher! I can’t wait to see him!

I personally don’t care for the name they chose but hey he’s their child and as long as they like it then so be it ……

Dimakatso on

It’s her child not anyone’s else stop commenting bad about the baby’s name. Anyone has the right to name their child whatever they like

Daze on

A year and a half ago, I ran into a stray dog, that looked like a big black bear. We never found where he came from. Had him groomed, veted, dna tested and he is a Newfoundland/German Shepherd mix that looks like a big hairy black bear. I was going to call him “Bear” but the rest of the family thought that was not a good enough name for a dog.

Not good enough for a dog…get it?

Romy on

they should expect some Bues Clues gifts

Kate on

ONe day this child may become a doctor. Dr. Bear. Great. Not.

Alicia is an example people shouldn’t decide the name in the first minuetes after the child is born. The emotions are so high they prevent them from thinking straight.

sara on

I don’t think Bear is that bad but paired with Blu it sounds like a cartoon character

Amanda on

I’ve always thought children who tend to make fun of other children for their names usually have parents that are equally as shallow. Children are going to get made fun of for anything no matter what. Even if their name is John. But someone making fun of others for their names is just beyond ridiculous.

Tammy on

Kids will find a way to pick on ANY name, so why does everyone care so much about this one? Congrats to Alicia and fam, I’m sure he’s beautiful!

Serena on

I have to agree, it does sound like a cartoon character. Do people not think about how this name is going to sound when he’s an adult? I’m totally okay with the fact that you want something a little different but this is just off the wall and not cute in the least bit. Awful name.

jay on

oh mamma mia! maybe veganism does something to the way of thinking…

j on

i went to school with a guy with the first name blue, which I always thought was a really cool name. maybe he’ll go by blu jarecki. at least they didn’t name him “Sue”….. :o)

Ava on

Bear Blu.. poor boy of crazy parents. he will have problems with this name his whole life. he will hate it. poor child.

Lisa on

Dont people realize babies grow into adults?? Bear Blu pretty much guarantees he wont become a doctor, lawyer, etc… I thought the idea was to want BETTER for your children, not make life harder?

sandra on

ah ah ah ah Bear blu, it’s really a name for your country??

miameows on

I have a good friend named Bear – not a nickname. He’s 35 years old and still loves his name. He said he had just as much teasing as any other kids with “normal” names when he was in school. I think I got more teased for being named Mia! (people would sing that Maya the Bee song at me, not even the same pronunciation! grr!) Kids are going to tease other kids no matter what.

And at this point I don’t know any kids (nieces, nephews, friend’s kids) with “normal” names. More kids have unique names now, it’s not this huge of a deal. I’m thankful that I wasn’t named something boring or common.

TJ on

We gave our child nicknames in utero and still call her cute names now. But her given name is normal so she can be taken seriously in “real” life. As long as this kid becomes a rock star, actor or stays in “Hollyweird” Land, he will do O.K.!

TJ on

Maybe Bear will grow up and marry Bryan Adams daughter Bunny!

neža on

a name doesn’t guarantee anything, especially not for 21. century celebrity kids, when are you all going to realize that?
it’s just a name, just some random letters put together, sure it has a more widely spread meaning, but so have plenty of names and nobody finds them weird… just as people won’t when they get used to this one

Leslee on

Bear is far from the worst name I have heard but I tend to think of a dog when I hear it used as a name.

I guess we all just have to use our best judgment when it comes to naming children. Can you pictures Bill Gates being Bear Gates instead? How about Justin Bieber being Bear Bieber? George Clooney being Bear Clooney? Maybe Ashton Kutcher as Bear Kutcher? Brad Pitt morphed into Bear Pitt? President Bear Obama or Bear Bush? Rev Bear Graham? Bear Trump? An Olympic swimmer named Bear Phelps? We have a Tiger golfer, although not a given name, not likely to be too popular anytime soon. Not sure I would want a dentist or proctologist named Bear either.

Bear is an awesome name but only if it really fits the individual, hard to predict what the child will become. I guess I vote for mixing one unusual name with a more mainstream. At least things are flexible at that point.

Eliza on

Oh my gosh that weird name sounds like a native name that I here up here in Canada.For black Americans certain kinds do not name your children ghetteo name blacks already have a hard time.If certian kinds of black americans want to name their children real black names talk to someone that is from ”Africa” where true black names come from. This kid is white so its not going to have a hard time compared to those minortie of kids.I always wonder certain people should not have a right to name their kids.

P.S sorry for my post on going on to black americans but it needs to be said.

dani on

Bre, My daughters name is also Aspen. She’s 13, and was called penny as little one. Now that she’s in highschool, she gets called spin by her friends and classmates. No one ever went the Ass route. So don’t worry, she’ll be just fine. As for Bear, I bet he’s adorable, and will be so loved and self confident, he can laugh off the nay-sayers.


First of all, learn how to spell. Second, what the hell are you trying to say?

I think Bear Blu is interesting to say the least, but for me it will always remind me of “Bear in the Big Blue House.” But I’m sure it will be a name we all get used to, like “Apple” for instance.

Anyway, Congrats to this new beautiful family!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the little one!

Catherine on

I think it’s cute–don’t hate so much

showbizmom on


As a Black person in America, I’m a little confused. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are a grown up and for personal reason decided against using punctuations. Just FYI, had you used punctuations,your post might have made some sense.

Why is Africa in quotation marks? That’s the one that really confused me. As for real Blacks, I’m going to assume once again you are talking about African Americans? EX: Someone from Kenya that immigrated to the States? Is that what you mean?

I really wanted to lay into you for your comment, then the more I read it, the more I feel sorry for you and laugh. I’ll give you this, maybe it did need to be said, but NOT by you!

Barbie on

I think she was totally CLUELESS as to what to name him. What a ridiculous name…

Jennifer on

I think that is a silly name.

Synia on

Bear Blu?? why not table strong??

Julia on

Bear Blu is an odd name, but not the worst. That has to go to one of my mother’s former students: F’quanda (pronounced F**k Wanda).

court on

Still not as bad as Sundance.

Sarah on

Who does not love the name Fox since Fox Mulder?? 😀
But Bear Blu really is too much…

Julie on

Congrats to Alicia and her husband! I’m so happy for them!

Butterfly on

Congrats to Alicia and Christopher! Their baby, their name choice. I agree with others, having a “normal” name doesn’t mean you won’t get teased and having an”unusual” one doesn’t mean you will

Eliza- I’m clear on what you were trying to say but don’t understand why you felt this was the time to say it! What does the name of Alicia Silverstone’s baby have to do with naming practices in the African-American community?

J on

Eliza you could have kept your P.S. down to “sorry for my post”.

Becky on

Congrats on the new baby..Not going to comment on the name..

melissa c on

Thank you Niche for saying that most of the moms on her criticizing alicia for the babies name is pretty much bullies themselves. Why would a name matter to little kids anyway? I have a 5 year old and he will play with any other child regardless of name. First thing a child says is “hi i’m so and so what’s your name?” “cool u want to play?” and that is they won’t go ” your name is bear???? omg i can’t play with u someone beat this kid up right now!” GIVE ME A BREAK! Oh and btw, most people don’t walk around calling their friends or other kids by their first and middle name, so it doesn’t matter what the middle name is.

Doreen on

Congrats on the little bundle of joy 🙂 And I hope he is strong enough to live with his name.

It is very interesting for me to follow the comments. I am German and here it’s regulated in certain ways what kind of name you can give or rather not give a child – you cannot name your child after a place, a brand or use a last name as a first name – there are some exceptions, but you usually have to come up with proof that the name really exists if you go and register the birth. Most importantly, you have to prove that the name will not expose the child to ridicule … sometimes I am kinda glad that this regulation exists here.

Anyway, he will be bullied – no matter how well the other parents raise their kids – a 4 or 5 year old can easily make the connection on their own that Bear is actually the furry animal in their children’s book …

Stacey on

Doreen – I think that is an excellent rule. Horray for Germany!

Holiday on

To me the name sounds like a character from a kids book.

Sam on

@Soph. I’m not your ‘sweetie’. 🙂

soph on

I know you aren’t, Sam. Is that the only response you have then? Okay.

What of it? on

I don’t see what the big deal is. Kids make the name, the name doesn’t make the kid. He’ll very likely do the name proud.

Michelle on

Bear Blu? What a horribly unfortunate name Alicia. Way to damn him to a life of ridicule and bullying.

Cindy Johnson on

I Love the Name you and your Hubby picked, “Bear”, it happens to be my nick name, has been for 20 something years. I proudly where the Tattoo of a little girl bear with the words, “The Bear” underneath her on my left ankle. I think it’s adorable, and who cares what everyone else thinks, it’s your decision! “Unique is always a good thing, who wants to be a sheep”?

emme on

Bear Blu?? Celebrities need to think about the names the give their babies…it probably sounds like a good idea to name your child Bear now, but 30 years from now, what is his wife going to think

holly on

seriously, Bear = Bjorn or any derivative of it in Northern Europe. Many cultures have names that mean “Bear.” Just because it’s not usual here doesn’t mean it’s bad!

Sam on

@Soph, less is more. 🙂

Amy on

@ Holly: Thank you for your comment. My husband is from Norway and his name is Bjørn. It’s actually a very common name and bears (no pun intended :P) the same meaning as the English word.

Amy on

@ Eliza: Shame on you for your horrible comment. Enroll in a grammar class and grow up!

Sarah M. on

Melissa C. – Exactly! I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I am a nanny and have worked with many different children. ALL of the older children that I’ve worked with have NEVER had an issue with another child’s name. Their only concern was if they could play together. A 4 1/2 year old I watch now makes friends and plays withe EVERYONE. He meets other children and usually forgets their names minutes after meeting them! They lose track of each other places, and Aidan will walk around calling out ‘Friend. Friend.’ He’ll tell his mom about his new friend later and look at me and ask me what his friends name actually was. Because he has completely forgotten!!

Emma on

My boyfriends name is Bear, well actually, were we live you write bear as Beer.. That was funny when we visited the USA, haha. No worries Alicia, my boyfriend loves his name!

Catca on

I’m sorry Sam – but I just reread what Melissa wrote and she did say the name “Wolfgang” was ridiculous and selfish. There is no other meaning in the grammatical structures of her sentences. She said she hates it when people name their kids ridiculous and selfish names. Next sentence, Bear Blu even tops Valerie Bertinelli naming her son Wolfgang. Exactly what other meaning could be gleaned from that?

My point was simply that calling a name that is a traditional name ridiculous or selfish just because it happens to come from another culture is pretty lacking in knowledge of our global community, especially when you are calling out a name like Wolfgang. I would hope that there are very few people in this country who haven’t the name before given that it was the first name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and it’s not a name that is lost in the past either. A lot of German and Austrian men have that name today. If you are going to go on a message board and call another name ridiculous and selfish, maybe you should learn a bit about the name first before casting judgment. As I said, it’s a bit like calling the name Shannon or Erin ridiculous. Those are pretty ethnic names as well, just more commonly used.

molly on

I really don’t think this is the worst name ever and I personally just love waiting to hear what the next celeb name comes out with! I am sure he will grow into it like all kids and then people will think there is no other name fit for him!

The other name from a celeb I think is cute with Bear is Everly Bear from Anthony Kedis and his ex…and there was meaning behind it so perhaps there is some significance for these parents. Congrats to a healthy baby- the most important thing at the end of the day!

Mel on

I do like Alicia Silverstone, her body of work and her recent foray into the healthy lifestyle movement via her book and website, The Kind Life. I’m sure she has a great story for why she and her husband picked the names they did for their son and I’m sure for *them* its wildly loving and sweet.

Its just *so hard* for the general public to share those sentiments when it comes to a name that might not be the norm.

I am all for names that make a child an individual, as a Melissa born in the 70s I encountered many other Melissas throughout my school years — but that is what nicknames are for.

I do wish that Alicia and her husband had picked another legal name and dubbed their child “Bear Blu” in their homelife…but this was their choice.

But their choice as public/media figures which will cause all of us to raise our eyebrows.

heather on

nooooooo, lol…Bear Blu??? Ugh, horrible name, poor kid! Its a cute nickname I guess, like Bear Grylls name which is NOT Bear. His real name is Edward. Terrible name choice

heather on

gee showbizmom…If you are taking the time to read and check for comments about what you have posted I think maybe you might want to get a life too.

Miss Ann on

Ridiculous. Ludicrous. Preposterous. Absurd. Silly. Outlandish. Outrageous. Bizarre. Unreasonable. Nonsensical.

Yes I used the thesaurus. The sad thing is none of these is quite the right word, but they are pretty durn close.

I wonder what the nurses be thinking when they come in for the parents to sign the birth certificate application.

Megan on

I ususally don’t bother w/ this kind of post but I can’t resist! What were these two thinking or smoking when they decided to saddle their poor son with the name Bear Blu?!! Should have given him a real name then from the second he was born call him Bear as his cute little nickname if they liked.

Judy on

I’ll bet my grandma had the same thoughts as some of you when her grandson was named Joshua and not Robert or Gary. C’mon people! What’s the big deal? A child would be more apt to suffer ridicule for Jason, Mark, or Sean these days. Those names are becoming more uncommon. Times, they are a changing! Congrats to this couple. And I love the name. I hope the next one is a girl.

Krista on

Why would someone give a kid a name like that? I can see Bear as a middle name, maybe. But that kid is going to get picked on. Why not save the unusual names like that for a nickname?? I don’t get it.

Stephanie on

aww! so cute.

A. on

I’m not a fan of the name personally, but I hate the comments about “he’s going to be teased for life!” like how in the world do you know that? What else do you see in your crystal ball?

Maybe teach your children that everyone is different and that a name isn’t something to make fun of and everything will be ok.

kalebsmummy on

i think this is one of the most ridiculous names ever. for them to call him bear..and then middle name blu..i mean there is no saving this kid from embarrassment! they could of given him at least one normal name not 2 non-names. poor kid..i cannot believe it.

Karen on

You have GOT to be kidding me w/ this name. I hope the name is a joke on us.

Merhighya on

PLEASE, MAKE IT STOP! I can’t take anymore of the maniacal monikers. Enough with the stupid names that your kids are going to hate you for and are going to drive them all into therapy!

cj on

yes, maybe ACE (using both parents 1st initials) or heck even Silver would have been better. when he grows up, he’ll have this baby storybook name. blah

michelle on

LOL Did she give birth to a stuffed animal???

Carmen on

She should of went all out and name him Yogi Bear. I feel sad for the kid when he gets older.

Sue on

People will assume his name is Barry, which is sort of anachronistic and boring. Middle names don’t matter, anyway. No big deal. He’ll be loved.

februarystars on

What did she give birth to? A human or a dog?

JS on

Awful name. Awful to do to a child. Anyone who names their kid Bear Blu should be sterilized.

Kenderfoot on

This world is full of too much negativity. To call a child Bear, in Native American culture is a very powerful name. Think about it for a sec. A bear is a very large powerful animal at times, and yet is most loving to their cubs. They teach them to hunt, or fish, play, and love. How can any of that be wrong? Why not give the child a strong name, and be unique, and allow him to become strong and proud of who he is, so in this life they have been given, he will remain a strong and powerful being? And why condemn the parents, or child, before the child is even old enough to open his own eyes? It is all in the raising of a child, they find who they are, and where they fit in. If a child is loved, and made to be proud of who they are, the name can only stand out and say this louder. Kudos Alisha, the name is perfect, and proper for a boy. He can only become stronger in life for having it. And those who are negative, well, how can anyone be negative about the gift of life that has been given by God? HE perfected this child, and sent him down to us .

Jennifer on

This child will probably never work and will probably go to either a private school or be schooled at home with a tutor.

kim on

bear blu makes roc and roe sound really great.

Sam & Freya's mum on

It’s worse than Buddy Bear! An online survey on a news site here in NZ also now has Bear Blu ahead of Morroccan and Mirabella Bunny as one of the most awful celebrity baby names. On a positive note, congrats to the parents on a healthy son and luckily for him he’ll be growing up in la-la land!

Kim on

What a horrible name for a child. Bear? Seriously? That’s more of a nickname than a first name for a child. He’s not going to stay a baby forever, and will grow up pinned with that atrocity.

mmmm on

Congrats to Alicia and her family. A healthy baby is the most importatnt thing here and I don’t mean to lose sight of that, but Bear Blu? My husband would NEVER agree to that!!!

mmmm on

my husband would NEVER agree to Bear even if I loved it. That said, Im glad they have a healthy baby- that is most important!

Anne Gabrielle Royle on

That’s ridiculous!
Ok to name your kid with a noun, but at least it has to sound good. My youngest kid name is River, and no one ever makes fun of him because of that

Amanda N. Johnson on

Would you go to a physician or an attorney whose name is Bear Blu? These children will one day grow up.


kat on

Chicken pink, horse green, bear blu

whatever lol

Congrats to having a beautiful healthy baby.

Kathy on

goofy name. just because you are a celeb doesn’t mean you have to curse your child or that doing a weird name is HIP…. that goes for all celebs….it doesn’t mean you have to do a common or popular name cause you can be creative and unique in spelling… Bear Blu sounds like a stuffed animal you would give your baby not the babies name… where and why do these folks think Bear, Sparrow, Zuma, Apple etc are good names…nickname but their given name….

poor kids …even with parents as celebs you know they are going to get teased….especially BEAR….come on Alicia were you on medication cause BEAR is not a kids name…

samantha on

why is it that some celebrities think it’s SOOOO origional to name their children odd names?? a nickname of Bear can be cute, but for REAL???! the one thing that’s going to save them all is whem they grow up all these wierd named kids are going to be the same age so they’ll think all their parents were either on drugs or just wierd themselves..wonder how serious people will take them in business???

Kim on

I’m just curious as to where they come up with these names.. definantly unique that’s for sure..

bock on

I have never seen so many comments on this new baby. You people out there don’t even know the havoc,the terriost, the slime trying to harm us and you are more interested in a baby’s name. Think about the boys fighting for our countryand give them your honor and your prayers.

LB on

I never understand the debate about baby names; particularily, celebrity baby names. As long as it’s not something obviously offensive (the case in France was regarding parents when wanted to name their child after a cuss word), why the fuss? Maybe these parents are not religious and don’t feel right about giving their children biblical names (like many of the alternatives listed above). Maybe they’re inspired by life and objects in nature and they feel these surroundings are worthy of being their child’s namesake. Maybe there’s something that feels “right”, affectionate and cozy about these names (while I wouldn’t have chosen it, there is something endearing and spirited about “Apple”, like the traditional English petname and first name, “Plum”). There is no difference between “Matthew” and “Bear”, except that one has been heard for much longer and seems more familiar and less strange because of it. Again, not everyone is religious and some may not feel comfortable giving their children names that have a biblical legacy and storyline behind them.

Erika on

Horrible name. This should be world’s worst name.

Stephanie on

Bear Blu? What is wrong with you? It’s a baby, not a freaking dog. Get ready to have your child ridiculed all throughout grade school and beyond.

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