Giada De Laurentiis Loved Girls’ Week in N.Y.C. with Jade

05/08/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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For Giada De Laurentiis, the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day was a girls’ week in the Big Apple with her daughter Jade Marie.

“She’s 3 years old,” the TV chef told PEOPLE at the Operation Smile gala Thursday in New York. “It’s at the time where everything is so fantastic and exciting for her, so I thought it would be really fun to spend Mother’s Day week here, just she and I.”

De Laurentiis, 40, brought Jade to the Today Show on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. “She’s going to be a pro,” De Laurentiis laughs.

It’s been a chance for Jade to understand what her mother does when she goes to work, De Laurentiis explains, and she’s already getting the TV bug.

“Once she’s there, I don’t exist anymore,” De Laurentiis said. “In fact, Hoda [Kotb] said, ‘You need to get that girl her own show.’ I’m like, ‘She’s 3.'”

The pair are heading home to Los Angeles this weekend to spend the holiday with her mother and husband, Todd Thompson, who will be cooking for everyone Sunday. Jade will be pitching in to help her dad, too.

“She’s becoming a very good cook, I must say. She helps make a mean carbonara, which is one of my favorites.”

Even though she’s a pro, De Laurentiis says her family isn’t afraid to cook for her. “My mother’’s not intimidated, and the rest of my family’s definitely not,” she said. “They think they’re better cooks than I am.”

— Asher Fogle

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mommyof2 on

thats funny that she said it was just jade and her, I seen pictures on a different site of her nanny pushing jade in a stroller. that drives me nuts when celebs act like they do it all themselves.

Katie on

I think that Jade was such a gift to her, since she never wanted kids! Look at all the fun she’s having with her!! She is a good mom, you can tell! Her recipes are easy too! And good!

NM on

Hey mommyof2, I’m a mommy of 5 and I have no nannyies. I raise my children with my husband. Don’t judge Giada, since you don’t know anything about her. I’m betting she’s a great mom.

torgster on

Totally irrelevant comment on my part but she looks like an older Olivia Wilde in this picture. They’re both darn pretty lol.

JM on

torgster i was thinking the exact same thing 🙂

Dee on

To the comment about the nanny, do you want her to be in NYC without assistance? Should she shoot her segments, attend various meetings, etc and leave Jade on her own?

I also hate when ppl associate a nanny with having someone else raise your child. If you have school aged children, does the teacher raise your child? The child spends 7-8 hours plus activities in the care of other adults so by your logic children in school are not raised by their own parents.

Giada is obviously getting a lot of joy from being a mother. Three is a great age because of the personality and curious nature really coming to the forefront. I am sure all mother’s will tell Giada to enjoy since the time is so fleeting.

Jen DC on

I like that color red for Giada! I wish there were a pic of Jade. 😦

@ Mommyof2: Do you know anyone else who makes a habit of mentioning their employees or support staff regularly? Donald Trump doesn’t sit around and say, “Oh, my secretary and I got this deal out the door.” While it is unjust that individuals who provide service to family and business don’t get mentioned, it’s not that unusual.

You have a problem with women who use the services of nannies, that much is clear. WHO CARES if she brought the nanny? Also, given her schedule OF COURSE she’d bring the nanny. But the nanny doesn’t figure into the discussion of the family unit of Giada and her daughter.

If it irritates you so much, why read celebrity blogs?

Amy Y on

I think alot of people overlook the fact that if you employ a nanny, your child can come to see you more during your work schedual. Especially if it is a ‘hurry up and wait type schedual’ like television is. If you drop them off a daycare (or whatever) then they are committed to staying until you can pick them up.

Just saying…

Shay on

Even us “regular” folk use daycares, baby-sitters, and (gasp) even a nanny. Don’t be so quick to judge people because quite frankly if you’re not a SAHM and your kid goes to someone during the day then you’re not doing it alone honey. She doesn’t have to give credit to the help, they get PAID to do their jobs and that’s credit enough.

molly on

Totally agree, Torgster! A slightly older Olivia Wilde…both stunning!

Robin on

I too saw the nanny photo and what was failed to be mentioned was that Giada was right there and they were all going through the airport…people are so judgemental…seriously…

allison on

I actually totally agree with mommyof2! “Just she and I” please Giada. Was there something wrong with your arms while in the airport or did you just decide not to push your child in her stroller and make the nanny do it while you casually walked along posing for pictures? You were not having a wonderful mothers day week with just the two of you please call it like it is honey! Your grandparents were actors but you are nothing but a cook that knows a few things about making pasta. get over yourself.

Competitive_Gymnast on

I feel like I am back in the 6th grade, claws in please! 🙂 Personally, I choose to believe that parents do the best they can and I think Giada is just like most mothers that rely on daycares, babysitters or nannies. More power to her for realizing she can’t do it all and do it in a healthy, successful way.

If you think that’s wrong, good, your kids obviously have your time 24/7 with no outside help. I think that’s great if it works for you. and what celebrity says “my daughter, nanny and I”? If she said that people would complain about that…

meghan on

Oh god, Allison. The NANNY was pushing a STROLLER!?!?! Call children’s services! Who gives a crap who was pushing the stroller? And who gives a crap if she says ‘the two of us’? If she said “Jade and I and her nanny’, you would be bitching about that too! Maybe you’re the one who needs to get over herself, not Giada.

Jillian on

I thought her point in saying the two of us meant, the two of them sans husband. Never took it to mean mo nanny since she was still working and clearly needs help! Does anyone know while she wasn’t working where the nanny was……everyday all day? Just saying? Oh, should she have had the nanny fly back separately from her? Quite silly but it was Mothers Day today so I guess it makes sense…..sigh

TJ on

Of course she brought a nanny! Who else is going to watch her when she’s on tv or doing some other work? I don’t think she asks the make-up lady to keep an eye on her while she’s doing a tv cooking segment.

The rest of us would have to leave our kids at home with a someone when we travel so at least she gets to have her with her when she’s not working. Sounds like a great plan to me.

Grace on

@Shay: While I don’t see why other posters are making a big deal that Giada had a nanny along on this trip, no, being paid isn’t credit enough. Everyone deserves credit for their work.

NM on

Okay, for people who don’t use nannies fine. STOP JUDGING THE WOMAN!!!

Brooklyn on

I saw Giada and Jade on the Today show the other day and Jade is absolutely precious! She was helping stir something that Giada was making – so cute.

allison on

Oh my god TJ I have no idea who else would watch the baby!
How about the freakin father you moron!

meghan on

allison, I’m guessing Todd has a job. He can’t very well drop everything to head to New York for the week, especially when Giada’s job has a fair amount of travel involved.

Jillian on

Allison, why on earth do you need to call her a moron? I hope if you have children, you don’t teach them to speak that way.