Bethenny Frankel: Why My Mother’s Day Is Extra Special

05/08/2011 at 08:00 PM ET
Andy Kropa/Getty

Today marks a special day for both Bethenny Frankel and her daughter. Not only does the reality star celebrate Mother’s Day, but Bryn Casey also hits a major milestone — her first birthday.

“We usually walk around with my family on the weekends,” Frankel, 40, tells PEOPLE at the Candie’s Foundation 10th Anniversary party Tuesday. “We just walk around downtown and get lunch, so we’ll go to a swing set with Bryn and we’ll go somewhere for lunch.”

However, despite the low-key holiday, the first-time mom and husband Jason Hoppy aren’t ruling out a future birthday bash for baby girl!

“We are planning a party,” she reveals. “I wanted Bryn to have pictures later that she could see and have all the balloons and have fun.”

In sync with her birthday, Bryn is also “standing on her own” and is on the brink of her first steps, reveals Frankel, who adds the mother-daughter duo love making memories together.

“We sing, we dance, we have dance parties, we do bathies every night,” she says. “I’m so in love with her. It’s the most magical thing in the world.”

As for keeping the romance alive with a baby in the house? Plan ahead, suggests Frankel. “It’s not as sexy as you think it’s going to be,” she admits. “You come home and take your blazer off and if you’re already wearing lingerie, it’s easier to give it up.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Kim Peiffer

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kaitlyn on

Happy birthday, baby Bryn!! And happy Mother’s Day to Bethenny!

Angela on

And baby #2 is on the way! We’ll see the big announcement Monday night.

Michelle on

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy 1st Birthday Bryn…..Cant believe tomorrow is the season finale already. 😦 Love Bethenny and the whole gang. 🙂

Meghan on

Happy mothers day Bethenny and happy first birthday to Bryn! I just finished reading her book, which is excellent and I love watching the tv show. Bryn is so happy, mellow and adorable and pleasent 🙂 Bethenny and Jason are wonderful parents!

just sayin' on

Although I am only familiar with them from this web site, for some reason I see a lot of similarities between her and Rachel Zoe.

Sydney on

Has she had plastic surgery? Her face looks…unusual.

Mary on

Angela, I think you are confused with someone else. This show was previously filmed….and she was not pregnant.

Kim on

Oh, I can’t wait to see what the announcement will be on tomorrows episode. I hope you’re right Angela!! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to Bethenny and Happy Birthday to Bryn!!!

Anonymous on

I think the big announcement is that they sold skinny girl for a very large sum of money – but a baby announcement would be great – she seems to really be enjoying motherhood.

erika on

Pretty sure the announcement is that she sold her Skinny Girl company for $120 Million!!! Not chump change!!!

Jillian on

She sold skinny girl awhile ago and has spoke publicskly about this..,,,

Holiday on

Her baby is so laid back and easy! Mine is almost exactly the same age but way more active.

Holiday on

I just realized my dd and hers are a day apart. Mine was a year yesterday.

Heather on

Bryn is one of my favourite celebrity babies. She looks like such a joyous child. Happy Birthday!

M! on

I can’t help but think of the Joker from Batman every time I look at that pic of her.

Capri on

Angela, you must really feed into previews lol. She’s crying & saying she can’t believe it in the preview because it’s when she sells her Skinny Girl Margarita company & made $120 million off of it, hence her saying “everything changed”

Kristine on

Happy Birthday Bryn..what a special day to celebrate!
Not sure how someone knows Skinny Girl sold for $120M when all reports have been closed on the undisclosed amount!!! Either way, kudos to Bethenny! Sad the season if already over.

Shelli on

The amount she sold SkinnyGirl was announced in a article about how much reality stars made in 2010.

tara on

the amount is speculation. betheny was on watch what happens last night and when andy asked her if that was how much she made, she said she can’t say she would be sued.

Toya L. on

40? 0_0 Happy Birthday Bryn.

Jillian on

40 she is….

It’s estimated the business is worth $120 million……but the deal for what it sold for is confidential. Did it sell for that amount? Probably close to it, but it’s confidential.

KP on

Her face is disturbing…I’m 39 and quite frankly…..she is scaring me. What the hell has she done to her face?? She looks like a freak show!

abbyc on

you people are so mean. bethenny looks very pretty. she may not be the beautiful face we are used to seeing in photoshopped cover magazines, but she is NOT unattractive. i think the reason she is popular is because women relate to her.

Sus on

I love Bethenny and her show. I find her interesting and hilarious. She is a beautiful, charismatic woman. Congrats to Bethenny on the success of her business but especially on her success as a wife and mother. I hope her and Jason have a lifetime of happy memories together and with Brynn.

Heather on

Happy Mothers Day and Happy B-day Baby Bryn!
What a Celebration! I hope it’s on the show! She’s a
Wonderful Mother who’s been through so much.. and she
chose a great path to not be the parents she had growin-up
to be Stronger Better and Loving Caring Mother. Someone
Inspiring to look up to exp. when Women in these days
don’t have the time to Cook, Work, and Take care of a Child.
Keep It Up Bethany You Really are a Rock Star!

m smith on

she looks like steven tyler from aerosmith

Debbie on

Bethany, I have watched you on tv over the years and have fallen more-and-more in love with you. Don’t think I’m a weirdo making advances, because I’m a grandmother of 4 from an only child/daughter. I am so proud of you for the way you have handled adversity in your life and for the example you have set for those who have had problems in their own lives, too. Please don’t ever change. I hope you remain in the entertainment business so we will have a chance to watch baby Bryn grow up. Best of everything to you and your family. ps My daughter and I enjoy Skinny Margaritas every weekend – and sometimes during the week when necessary:)

modu on

Love, Love you Bethenny. You’re such an inspiration to all women and sometime I see myself in you. You’re such a strong lady with big dreams.
Your show give me the strength to continue with my own dreams and I will continue watching you.

Love u and never change!!!!!