BumpWatch: Kimberly Stewart – Shady Lady

05/06/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Mom-to-be Kimberly Stewart shows off her burgeoning belly bump while making her way through a Brentwood, Calif. parking lot on Wednesday.

The actress/model, 31, is expecting her first child with actor Benicio del Toro.

Although the parents-to-be are “not a couple,” the pair are “looking forward to the arrival of the baby.”

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Brooke on

She really popped from that pic last week, either that or the camoflage outfit she was wearing hid her belly well.

j on

When is she due? She looks pretty far along in this pic.

Anonymous on

lucky! i’d love to make a baby with benicio del toro 😉

Toya L. on

^^ I was thinking the same thing, I wonder when she’s due.

abby l on

I thought it was known that Stevie Nicks had let it slip that the baby is a girl to be named Sophia, due in about 2 months, but the article doesn’t mention it. Sophia del Toro is a very pretty name. Although Sophia has become very popular.

Kari on

I heard that Stevie Nicks let the cat out of the bag in an interview this past week. She is having a girl, whom they will name Sophia and she’s due in just a couple months (whatever that means). Take it for what you will…that could mean 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, whatever…

JC on

I saw an interview with Stevie too and she said 2 months.

Allison J on

Best of luck to Kimberly! She really does look like she has “popped” out since the last photo I saw of her.

sky on

i wonder why they are not sticking together for the baby?

Gigi on

they were never together, it was just casual as far as I understand it.

Mandy on

It was a one night stand. Would you stick together with your one night stand just for the baby’s sake? Come on now people….

Indira on

She is really unattractive in this photo.

AlaBella on

That’s more than a burgeoning belly to me.

HeatherR on

Upon first glance, I thought this was Kate Hudson…Lol.

Anonymous on

Indiria, I thought the opposite! I think this is a GREAT photo of her!!

Amanda on

What movies is she in and who did she model for? I’m not familiar with her, but I know who Benicio Del Toro is.

AlaBella on

Amanda, Kimberly is Rod Stewart’s daughter

Traxie on

Why was Stevie Nicks commenting on Kimberly Stewart? Just curious – is she her godmother or something? I didn’t realise she was so far along either, I really like her look in this photo.

MiB on

Sky, I’m happy they are not sticking together for the baby, because “sticking together for the baby” is hardly ever good for the baby. The best thing for the parents to do in this situation is working on how to co-parent peacefully and in harmony.

Matilda on

Indira, your comment made me laugh. Her face seems to have aged ten years… she doesn’t look happy at all.

Karen on

Traxie-She was commenting on the baby because she is/just finished touring with Rod Stewart. Not to mention that she is close friends of the family