Emma Bunton Welcomes Son Tate Lee

05/06/2011 at 09:45 AM ET
Mike Marsland/WireImage

Baby Spice had another baby!

Emma Bunton gave birth to her second child, son Tate Lee, on Friday, May 7. He weighed in at 7 lbs.

“Both mother and baby are doing well,” her rep says in a statement, “and the family are over the moon and would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes and support.”

Bunton also expressed her joy — via Twitter.

“Our beautiful son Tate has arrived safe and sound! We are all so happy and excited. Thanks and love to you all,” she Tweeted on Friday morning.

Bunton and her fiancΓ©, British singer-turned-chef Jade Jones, are already parents to 3Β½-year-old son Beau Lee.

And 2011 is turning out to be quite the family-focused year for the 35-year-old pop singer — as longtime boyfriend Jones also popped the question in January.

— Sarah Durham Wilson

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tckl on

i love the name. i planned on naming my son that!

LRL on

Tate is cute. it fits.

Sydney on

Congratulations! Love this family. Really like the name too, goes well with Beau.

Charlotte on

my nephew’s name is Tate πŸ™‚ It’s easy to spell, and relatively normal. Congrats to Emma, Jade & Beau!

Kelly on

Love that name!! Congrats!

Hannah on

Congratulations Emma! As a longtime fan of the Spice Girls, it’s wonderful to hear that she’s so happy. Giving birth to her second healthy baby is also a positive testament to women living with endometriosis (like Bunton) everywhere!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love the name! (And first normal name, this week.)

Georgina on

Aww, Im glad this got posted! I love the Spice gurls too! Congrats to Emma and Jade and big brother Beau, I agree Tate is lovely, again unusual but not odd, and EVERYONE can spell it! Goes well with his surname too, coz “Jones” is (in the UK) quite a common surname.

One down, two to go!!

Brooke on

Adorable name….Beau and Tate are great names for brothers.

A. on

Ahhhh, finally, a decent, semi-normal name!

Ashley on

I love her boy names! They are such an adorable family.

Alexis on

It’s funny how some names just seem to make good sibsets. Apparently Beau and Tate are such, since Luke Bryan and his wife also have set, although theirs are nicknames: Thomas Boyer “Bo” and Tatum Christopher “Tate”. Congrats to the Bunton-Jones family.

JM on

aw very happy for them, congrats. i don’t like the name Tate at all πŸ™‚ i just think it sounds like a rather odd noise, and everytime i hear it i just think Tate Modern πŸ™‚ but congrats to them, i hope everyone is healthy and happy!

Stacie on

I love the name..I have a Tater of my own πŸ™‚

Jaedyn on

Tate is cute! It fits very well with Emma, Jade and Beau! I love how all the names have 4 letters! Can’t wait to hear his middle name. Maybe it’s Lee aswell.

Chantal on

Love the name! It goes so well with his brother’s name and it sounds really cool. Beau and Tate Jones.
One day it will be like “Hey! You know those Jones brothers, Tate and Beau?” Yup. Sounds awsome. And they won’t get bullied for their name whem they go to school. Great choice!

Congrats to this happy family!

B.J. on

Congrats to Baby Spice on her new baby! (I just realized Beau’s name is Beau Jones, hehe)

Dee Dee on

The Spice Girls are on a roll. Most have either just had a baby or getting ready to have one. Congrats to all!

kelsey on

i have a tate too, and always get compliments on his name!

pia on

aw.. sweet.. and i agree, tate goes perfectly with beau. i like emma bunton, she seems like she has it together… πŸ™‚

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! I like the name.

Laura on

I have a Tate as well. Everyone loves his name. Great choice Jade & Emma.

Kerri on

Love the name! Congrats to them!

Ashleigh on

I love celebs who name their kids normal names! Yes it’s unique and not too common, but it’s not off the wall. I was a Spice Girls fan when they were together and am so glad to see them all happy. Congrats to the happy family!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Sure beats Meredith! Congrats to his parents, nice names for both their sons.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

forgot to add – IMO it also sure beats another recent baby boy name, Moroccan!

harley on

I do love the 4 letter names without being similar πŸ™‚ Fantastic choice and not overly common. Congrats to Emma, Jade, Beau, and welcome little Tate!

Jillian on

As soon as I read it I thought of Sharon Tate, which isn’t probably the best thing.

Macy on

nah, it doesn’t beat Meredith cos that is a classic gaelic name. But its decent. Better than Michaels, Jacobs, Johns or Roberts though…

loumin80 on

I like them and wish them all the happiness in the world, I really like the name Tate too – but as my husband just pointed out if you say the following in a high pitched Irish accent (like the trashy TV character Keith Lemon does here in the UK)- ‘Beau-Tate-o’ sounds like ‘Potato’ and it really tickled me! sorry…back to the congrats! xxx

Viv on

Macy – I agree, it doesn’t beat Meredith… although maybe I’m saying that just because I’m Welsh! I have to correct you in that Meredith is a Celtic name (Welsh) rather than Gaelic (Irish/Scottish). It’s a name rarely given to a girl in UK. There are many Welsh ‘Maredudds’ and ‘Merediths’, but all are boys! Beau and Tate are unusual names for the UK, a country which tends to stick with the traditional when picking baby names. But with the common British surname of Jones, you need something that’s going to stick out! Congrats to the family.

Jillian on

It is a better name than Meridith for a boy!! If it was for a girl, I would say Meridith would win! I told my family tonight about Meridith and my 3 nephews gasped and were so confused.

Lucy on

Sam and Freya’s mum has some big b@lls talking about strange names. You have a kid named Freya, right? That’s not normal so why are you so down on creative names when you picked something creative (nice word for ugly) for your kid? I’d expect critism from a mom of Sam and Ava or Sam and Olivia, but Freya?

Meredith is cool. I think Bunny for a middle name is adorable. Tate is manly. I’ll give it to you that Mariah’s babies’ names seem like she was trying too hard to be cool, but they’re no worse than Payton Manning’s twins’ names.

Still Freya? Who knows maybe that’s just your witty screen name and not the name of your child? Since you’re very judgemental of creative names, I hope so.

l on

@Lucy- Freya is not a “creative” name. It’s a Norse name. Just because you never heard of it doesn’t make it invented or ugly. (And I think you’re hardly one to talk, since you think Bunny for a name is “adorable”…) How about learning some manners and doing some research before attacking other people as aggressively and pointlessly as you did?

Rebecca on

I love the name Tate, not very common here in the UK but it sounds very cool! Freya, on the other hand, is pretty common here, so it doesn’t seem at all ‘creative’ to me. I love the name Freya, too πŸ™‚

Sam & Freya's Mum on

No need to attack my daughter’s name when you’re ignorant in the first place. Rather than being a made up name it’s actually from Norse mythology and I get a lot of positive comments about it!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Thank you ‘l’ and Rebecca by the way for respecting others’ opinions and not being so nasty or narrow-minded…Perhaps Lucy should check her facts before making comments. Her name more common in UK/Europe I’ve noticed (being a European/Norse name not surprising!), seen it mentioned a lot in UK mags that we get over here in NZ….

Keri on

I love the name Tate – my son is a Tate. It is not common but not morbid like some names.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Emma, Jade and big brother Beau on your new addition! I’m sure Tate is absolutely PRECIOUS, and I can hardly wait to see a picture of him! I wish all of you nothing but the absolute best!!!

Laura on

Love the name!

Liza on

Lucy agreed!

Jurnee on

My son’s name is Tate. πŸ™‚ Love it!!!

lizzielui on

It’s funny how someone who took a dig at one name that parents chose for their child, gets defensive when someone makes a jab at a name they chose for their child. I LOVE IT.

Mrs. L. on

Why don’t more celebrities follow in their footsteps?! Beau and Tate are beautiful, unusual names without being weird! Congrats to them!

KRS on

Sorry Sam and Freya’s mom, but you’re busted! You insinuated that the name Meredith is sub-par, did you not? No problem, since it’s just your opinion and we all have them. Lucy doesn’t like the name Freya. Again, just her opinion. Freya may not be a made-up name, but it’s by no means common, and in this part of the world it’s pretty darn obscure. Meredith is a lot more common, but usually as a girl’s name. I sentence you both to community service, mainly cleaning up all the mess from the broken glass houses you both threw stones at!

anna on

That is my sons name…i spell it different but i love the name and i love his name…taite fredrik mikel calderon…a different name couldnt fit him better

Viv on

Freya is a very common name in the UK. I’m a teacher, and out of 600 kids in my school, there are at least 10 Freyas. Meredith is also used as a boy’s name in the UK and is quite common in Wales. It’s never pronounced MEH-reh-dith, but always Meh-REH-dith. Any female Meredith would be teased. America has done the same with the Welsh boy’s name Rhys (Reece) and given it to girls. But why are we so obsessed with that on this thread? Different countries have different preferences. Let’s get over it, shall we? And not criticise each other in such a futile manner.