Brooke Burke Refuses to Do Dishes on Mother’s Day

05/06/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Sonia Moskowitz/Getty

This Mother’s Day, you can bet Brooke Burke‘s not doing the dishes!

Her fiancé, actor David Charvet, has a relaxing day planned for the Dancing With the Stars host and mother of four.

“I’ll go to the fish market early in the morning,” he told PEOPLE at the Operation Smile gala Thursday in New York. “Come back with whole branzinos, and cook a barbecue.”

Both Burke and Charvet’s mothers, along with his sister and her kids, are coming over to their house for a big, afternoon barbecue.

“My favorite fish, my favorite meal, and I don’t have to cook,” Burke, 39, said. “None of the women have to cook or do the dishes.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Charvet, 38, said playfully. “I said I was going to cook. I didn’t say that I was going to clean.”

“I’m not doing dishes on Mother’s Day,” Burke replied with a smile.

Even though the holiday is still a couple days away, Burke already received a gift from her youngest child, Shaya Braven, 3.

“I got the cutest gift from my son for Mother’s Day,” she said. “He gave me a painted handprint on a tile. He wrote on it, and it’s so cute.”

The busy mom can’t decide on her favorite part of motherhood.

“So many things,” she said. “My children keep me real and keep me honest. And I’m madly in love with my son and all my daughters. I’m in love with [David], too, but with them it’s different and special and raw and uncensored.”

— Asher Fogle

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Tina on

Does anyone else think it’s weird that he’s going to the fish market on a Sunday? Not sure how fresh those branzinos would be!

Anonymous on

I think she is great on DWTS. She posed nude a million times? Really, Jana…..where and when? Hmmm…..

Anonymous on

Tina, what is weird about going to a fish market on Sunday? We do it occasionally. Ours is actually packed on Saturday and Sunday’s. 30 minutes before it opens a line forms outside the door. Why would the branzino’s not be fresh on Sunday’s? Ours gets deliveries every morning of fresh fish….I would venture to guess hers does as well. Most big fish markets do.

mommyof2 on

strange interview?? everything with them always seems very staged. I always feel like she tries really hard to be a celebrity.

Magggie on

She’s a great mother! Who cares what she did in the past. I’m sure no one posting things here is perfect! I’m glad she will spend her special day with the one’s she loves!

Soco on

Why shouldn’t she do dishes? That is a mother’s duty, to take care of the family

Cortney on

Her husband is more annoying than she is but I still cant stand her sketchers commercial!

Laura on

She totally bugs. I agree with mommyof2.

Laura on

LOL and he’s gonna ‘cook a barbeque’

Nancy on

She is strikingly beautiful but I am afraid that she is going to be another one of those celebrities who will be “engaged” forever.

Kit on

She always seems like a nice mom to me! I cannot believe some of the hateful things people say on this site, why do I read the comments, it always makes me sad for humanity.

Sarah S. on

David is not her husband–he’s her live-in partner. She’s divorced from her 1st husband (a rich Hollywood plastic surgeon); and still receives the big bucks from him. If she ever marries David, the big bucks stop. I know she gets a hefty sum from DWTS, but hey she’s the only one bringing home the bacon and it won’t last forever.

RKF on

Kit- the comments make you “sad for humanity”, yet it doesn’t bother you that Brooke Burke has shown her breasts and vagina to the world (repeatedly) in Playboy? If you ask me, that’s sad for humanity.

Jillian on

Soco, Sexist, huh? It’s not a mothers job to take care of the family, it is both parents. Both parents should be doing different things to help in the family. With that aside, she is taking a break from dishes on Mothers Day….what’s wrong with that?

Mommyof2, she doesn’t have to try to be a celebrity…..she is one.

JM on

really? strikingly beautiful? i don’t see it, she has that fake hollywood plastic look to me… i agree the interview sounds a little forced.

Grace on

Considering she has a live-in staff, I highly doubt that she does dishes any other day of the week either. I hate it when celebrities try to play the “I’m just an average mom like all of you” card.

Jillian on

Seems like there is a big double standard going on here with her posing nude in playboy….which she did twice. Not a million. There are many stars who have done so and aren’t judged harshly for it. Interesting, if you ask me.

And how is it sad for humanity that she posed for playboy? Don’t look! I think it is sad how negative people are because that rubs off on other people. I dont know Brooke or care what she did TEN years ago in a magazine. I dont know why others do. It amazes me the judgements people make about things……with her and anyone. People should try and not be so negative. After reading this article, people nitpick her going to a fish market on Sunday?

I know, I know…..your opinion. Don’t read it if you don’t like it. I get it. I usually say it. I

Toya L. on

cluck, cluck, cluck, peck, peck, peck!!

Kit on

RFK, in fact I do not think it’s sad for humanity if she did pose nude, I could frankly care less, I put more value in how people treat each other. I would like to live in a world that lets others live and and let live. If it doesn’t hurt me or anyone else, why should I care what someone else does?

I frankly wouldn’t know this woman if she came up and bit me, I posted because I couldn’t believe the level of vitriol expressed towards this poor woman, I don’t care who you are or how much money you have, if you see such hateful and nasty comments made about you it has to hurt.

shalay on

I’m sure if Brooke said she donated $1 million to a charity, people would nitpick her for either not donating enough, or boasting about it. She’s one of those celebs that get torn apart for anything they do or say because people love to hate her. Jealousy, maybe? I don’t know. She always seemed like a great mom and person to me.

J on

Sad for humanity? The dramatics from people who take other’s comments way too seriously is amusing.

emily on

Posed NUDE?! Oh the humanity!! LOL

Hey ladies, I think your mom jeans are cutting off the circulation to your brain.

Nella on

Hahahahahahah Emily that was funny hahah. Seriously people need to relax So what if she posed nude, that doesn’t make her a bad person!!! She didn’t do any harm to others and it’s her body,her choice whether she wants to pose nude or not. Not everyone has same views on nudity, but to say she’s a bad person or annoying because she did it doesn’t make sense to me at all. My definition of a bad person is when you do harm onto others and I don’t see Brooke doing that. So to say that her posing nude is sad for humanity is ridiculous! Personally, I am not a fan of Brooke or her fiancee, but it’s certainly not because she posed nude in the past, I could care less about who she shows her body to. I can’t base my liking someone on things like that. I don’t think she’s a bad mom and I think all of her kids are adorable. I hope she has a great mother’s day just like any other mother should.

torgster on

As an entertainer or whatever she supposedly is on Dancing I can’t stand her and miss Samantha Harris. But I tell you, if I had ever had her body, damn straight I would have probably LIVED nude lol.

Holiday on

Is it really a big deal she posed nude?? She is a grown women and free to make choices. Besides Playboy is pretty classy, its not like she was spread eagle in Hustler or something.

Jillian on

So glad I can finally watch DWStS now! Thank goodness Samantha is gone!

Jen DC on

@ Kit: I’m with you – much of the commentary makes me sad for humanity too. Between the bad grammar and spelling, and the straightforward jealousy and/or hatred and disrespect of and for the celebrities expressed make me sad too.

Nudity is human, folks. No one forced you to look at her breasts and vagina! It doesn’t make her a slut; it makes her comfortable with her body. And after 4 kids, if I had that body, I, too, would walk around with more revealing clothes and possibly call Hef for an interview so I could get PAID for the hard work it takes to keep it that way…

I don’t watch DWTS or much TV, so I can’t say whether she’s a better hostess than Samantha whoever. Or that she’s annoying. Sketchers *commercial* or paper advert?

Cortney on

@ Jen DC its a commercial where she is in tighter than tight white pants and she is spinning around in her sketcher shape ups and she goes on and on about how her non exsisting butt gets a workout just by wearing the shoes and I swear when they zoom in and freeze frame her butt you can tell she doesnt have underwear on!

Angela on

Everyday should be Mother’s Day, seriously. Today is no different than any other day except other mothers and I get some sort of recognition. I am still doing the dishes and laundry today because my husband has to work, but I feel very rewarded. 🙂

Jillian on

Cortney, have you heard of a thong?

Grace on

@JenDC: Disrepect for celebrities? Really? Why should I respect celebrities? I respect certain celebrities who have used their fame and money to good in the world, but I will never respect a person simply for becoming famous.

And it’s getting a little ridiculous to see the lable of jealous being slapped on every person who doesn’t worship celebrities.

dsfg on

Playboy = classy? Seriously?