Spotted: Vin Diesel’s Curly-Haired Cutie

05/05/2011 at 04:30 PM ET
Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Daddy-daughter day!

After topping the box office with Fast Five, Vin Diesel, 43, enjoys some family time with 3-year-old daughter Hania Riley while out Wednesday in New York.

Hania is the actor’s child with his girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez.

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AnnieG on

Wow we never see photos of her! Vin & Paloma do such a great job of keeping her out of the spotlight. She’s adorable though, LOVE those curls!

Sonya on

Actually, in a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel, Vin said that he has 3 children, and his youngest is a boy of 7 months.

Philippa on

Oh wow, what a beautiful little girl 😀

RFC on

What an adorable little girl. There’s definitely no denying that Vin’s her daddy – she’s his minime. 🙂

Jen DC on

Way to be a Hollywood blockbuster star and have a private life! Hania is adorable.

abbi on

good call Sonya! maybe People should give you a reporting job 🙂 wish we knew the other kiddos names for curiosity sake.

Sonya on

LOL abbi! I just love Jimmy:-)

Emily on

Wow. If you look up pictures of his girlfriend, you can tell that this kid looks just like her dad. You know, minus the hair part, haha.

lily on

What did Sonya uncover? The article says that this child is with his girlfriend. It doesn’t say that this little girl is his ONLY child. So if VD has other children, this article doesn’t dispute that.

She’s a cute little girl.

Sara on

Beautiful girl. She looks like a little Gap model. I know Hania is an Arabic name. Do other cultures also use it?

Jillian on

They must have changed the article Sonya, because it doesn’t say anywhere that this is his only child….

Melanie on

Sonya, do you have a link? I’d love to see it! I just love Vin 🙂 She sure is a cutie too!

Angela on

soph on

Not pretty? My first thought was that she was very pretty. Could that comment have been made because of her hair? They shouldn’t brush it if they have been. This isn’t a negative comment, mind…kids with curls are so angelic looking and I think brushing them out is a shame.

Sonya on

Jillian – yes, they changed it from the original. They also added Hania’s middle name.
I wish they’d at least Google the info before they post, I’ve noticed them changing the stories after posters correct the facts a few times now.

Celeste on

Okay. Time to play the race card. Vin has course hair texture (look for the breakdancing videos of him during his youth) because his father is African American. His daughter has inherited some of this and it is BEAUTIFUL. Anyone who thinks differently needs to get out more (and appreciate diversity).

portia on

Celeste, it’s time to play the grownup-card. The race card is divisive, nasty and gratuitous. Shame on you.

On the other hand, how would you like for someone to make an issue about one of YOUR features. I’m sure that they do not all meet the Caucasian ideal. Rarely, in fact, does anyone. We are all on a continium.

portia on

I’m surprised that the People monitors’ let the Celeste comment stand. Would the monitors have allowed someone to post “lets play the gaydar game”?

portia on

My my, she’s got the Kidman curls. Beautiful.

Toya L. on

She’s so pretty, she reminds me a little of Tallulah Dash.

Cecelia on

She’s a beautiful little girl!

Georgina on

Lol love Emilys comment “minus the hair, of course!”

I think she’s adorable, like someone else said he and her mum do a good job of keeping out of the spot light, but she is lovely. I think her hair is just perfect. My daughter’s hair is also curly, so I’m a sucker for a curl!

M on

She’s so gorgeous!! She looks just like her gorgeous mother. She’s going to be a stunner when she’s older.

soph on

Celeste, how are you playing any card? Who isn’t appreciating diversity here? There was just one bad comment, stop jumping the gun…

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Pretty girl, pretty name.

Indira on

I think she’s quite beautiful and a good mix of both parents. It’s funny tho she looks more African American than Vin does.

Shannon on

She’s so pretty, she reminds me a little of Tallulah Dash.

– Toya L. on May 5th, 2011

Yes! I knew she resembled someone else’s child. Pretty.

portia on

Well, Indira, she is part Hispanic. There were more slaves sent down into Latin America than the USA.

Bancie1031 on

WOW! This is only the 2nd (second) time we’ve seen her! She’s gorgeous …. definitely wished we seen more of Hania ….. please!

torgster on

Lovely little thing she is!

Jo on

She is so beautiful

nelle on

My My My if you are not caucasian then you are not beautiful sad but most caucasians have ugly features too did you guys think about that, just because you are white doesnt automatically grant you prettiness

Ewelina on

Hania is also a Polish name. It’s diminutive form of name Hanna. It’s really popular here in Poland.

Amanda on

I think she’s a beautiful little girl! I don’t think she looks just like Vin, she looks like she has her mom’s eyes and nose with Vin’s mouth. She’s definitely darker than Vin, but that’s genetics for you. He’s mixed and Paloma looks like she could be, just cause he’s light doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the DNA to make a darker baby.

Capri on

Beautiful little girl, love the curls!!

nettrice on

Looks like there were some “hit dawgs” responded to Celeste. I agree with her. There were and are comments posted here about children of color (skin color and hair texture) that indicate narrow minds and I don’t fault her (if she is a her) for pointing that out (one comment often means more are coming or lurking). Come on people. It’s the 21st century!

Mandy on

He and Paloma have two other children.

The youngest as mentioned about is a son who is 7 months old. His name is Hunter Paul.

They also have another girl who is 2 years old and her name is Valencia. Not sure of her middle name though.

Anonymous on

her name is cimilcé, not hania riley……thats wath he said in an tv interview, I think with Jay leno…..

Mandy on

Lies all of this. The names of the kids have never been revealed. Soooo lies!

AmandaC on

Actually on Wikipedia it states towards the bottom about this daughter being born and her name.

sinclair on

“She’s definitely darker than Vin, but that’s genetics for you” Who is darker than Vin, Amanda? Certainly not his daughter. They are the same tone..are we looking at the same pic? Paloma, OTOH, is of a somewhat deeper hue, not by much, though.

Anonymous on

Nelle, you are delusional and ignorant. It amazes me when people bring that up, as it clearly has NOTHING to do with anything. This is one of the many reasons why there is racisim in this world. People like you create it when it is not there.

he was on Jimmy Kimmel and said he had three children. He did not mention the names. Wikipedia is not accurate. I can go update it right now if I wanted to.

Eliza on

What have you been smoking. Because african americans do not have a look some are white some are mocha, olive and dark skin.
I agree with you I am from Haiti there were more slave sent to latin and south america then the USA. People read on your history and even Mexico had african slaves and there president was of african descent he free Mexico from Spain.Just because your from Latin America does`t mean you are White (spanish and Native american mix)does not mean those are the only mix. They are white(spanish) and black(african( mixs also. Look at Jlo she has african ancestry and look at eva mendes she also has african ancestry looks has nothing to do do who your ancestors are genetics play a huge role. united states of America has 1 in 3 or more whites that have the african gene in them its just hiding have you all heard of the lie I have Indian lol. Its usally mean you have black. Because white men were to far away from native american women there slaves were right on the property in there back yards. I love history and my boyfriend is american his family said they might have african ancestry same with a white american friend of my those are just honest about there ancestry.

Synder on

Even though Vin doesn’t want to admit that he is half black, it seems like it comes out through his daughter. I guess things can’t stay in the closet forever Vin!

Bancie1031 on

When he was on Jimmy Kimmel he did mention that he has 3 children …. but he never said whether all 3 of them were with his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez …. so my obvious question is I wonder if she’s the mother of all 3 of his children ….. and before someone even pops up with it, no just because they are together doesn’t mean that she’s the mother of all 3 of his children ….

I also wonder how he manages to keep all 3 of his children out of the spot light to the point where no one even knew about his other 2 children until he admitted them on Jimmy Kimmel …….

AmandaC on

He is by far my actor crush of all time, lovin him even more holding his daughter!

Julie on

Actually, this mysterious third child can’t be his girlfriend’s. His stans have done simple math and when she could have been pregnant with a second/third (depending where the baby boy falls), pictures of her at various events show her to be nowhere NEAR pregnant for months.

Scuttlebutt says he has an oldest child from someone else and then the two with the girlfriend. Which isn’t surprising, it happens all the time. But it was extremly disgusting that he said on Kimmel that he has 3 kids and then goes on to only talk about his 2 with her.

And the other poster was right. Vin has NEVER said his daughter’s name was Hania Riley. Only press has. He said her name was something else on Jay Leno, yet people keep reporting erroneous information. And he did NOT name the baby boy on Kimmel.

No wonder you can’t trust a damn thing online.

kim on

Its nice to see fathers wit there childern. I hope my husband gets better sow hé could spent more time with are litle angel.
but we have still a long way to go