Rachel Zoe: I’m Happier Than I’ve Ever Been

05/05/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
John M. Heller/Getty

Mother’s Day came a bit early this year for Rachel Zoe.

Since welcoming son Skyler Morrison, now 6 weeks, the celebrity stylist has been enjoying two new little bundles of joy: her baby boy and a new sparkler on her ring finger.

“I got a push present — a Neil Lane ring. I love it,” Zoe, 39, revealed to PEOPLE during the opening of IWC‘s A Night in Portofino last Thursday, prompting husband Rodger Berman to quip that the new mama is “good for awhile.”

Admittedly “in heaven” since becoming a mother, nothing brings Zoe — who says Skyler “looks more like me” — quite as much joy as seeing her son’s gummy grin. “I put a smile on his face. That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done,” she raves.

“I don’t care about anything else. I literally just stand there and stare at my baby like, ‘How am I even gonna leave you for an hour?'”

And just as easily as she has slipped into the role of mom, The Rachel Zoe Project star has also effortlessly shed her pregnancy pounds. “I swear to you [I have done] absolutely nothing. I’m nursing, so I think that’s part of it,” she explains.

“He was all in my tummy, so after a week or so, it was just kind of gone. It’s nursing, I think.”

As for finding a balance between motherhood and her demanding career, Zoe shares things have, fortunately, fallen into place on their own. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I feel completely content and complete,” she shares.

“But they say your priorities shift and they definitely do. My job obviously is always going to be a huge priority, but right now it’s still really new.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Vanessa J. Diaz

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just sayin' on

39? Really? No, seriously. Come on….

I think this is the same (dated)unflattering photo they used in the last post. IMHO, People isn’t doing Ms. Zoe any favours by using it again.

Jen DC on

Um… there’s no picture that’s going to do Rachel Zoe “a favor.”

Molly on

Way to make yourself look bad Jen DC. Judging people by how they look is never good

Mira on

Push present? Ewww

DW on

I think she’s adorable. Congrats to them!

Personally, I didn’t get a push present either time, but I sure as heck wouldn’t have turned one down.

In my experience, negative people are usually unhappy people. Finding the positive in everything makes for a much nicer way of living…Just sayin’ to all the Negative Nancies that comment on so many posts!

NinjaEema on

She’s 39!? Anyone buying that?

Jillian on

Push presents are the best! There is nothing ewww about them. They are a beautiful token of love and appreciation for a family to celebrate the joyous love of the birth of their child. I received one for my daughter and cherish it.

Gina on

Good job to her for nursing her baby, and getting her push present! There isn’t anything gross about either so I don’t understand why anyone would make that kind of a negative comment. Birth and motherhood is a beautiful time, and should be respected. Only positive thoughts and support should be given their way. Congrats Rachel Zoe!

NicD on

Yeah… I’m pretty sure she’s been 39 for several years. LOL. Glad to hear she’s nursing, though! 🙂

D's Mom on

Didn’t your mother’s teach that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Personally, I couldn’t be happier for her! Having a baby is a blessing — there are so many that try and can’t. Why judge? I just don’t get it. Congrats again Rachel and enjoy your little family.

Anonymous on

No offense..but why are we so proud of celebrities nursing?. Is it that big of a deal if she didn’t? I mean, I’m not sitting here blowing up balloons for her “congratulations on nursing” party…why? Because it doesn’t actually affect me. At all.

Good on her, congratulations on the birth of baby, and she’s gorgeous.

Toya L. on

She sounds totally smitten with her baby, I love it.

Alison on

I am so glad she’s enjoying motherhood. I had hoped she would.

Just sayin, I wouldn’t say the photois dated considering it is from the event she attended last week.

Holiday on

I never had a push present with either kids but that would have been nice! Maybe something with their birthstones.

Julie on

I don’t have any objections to a gift commemorating the birth… but EWW to the term “Push Present” what a tacky name.

It’s all just another concocted occasion to “push” more jewelry.

Rachel Zoe has the world’s most frivolous livelihood; she dresses well for a living and has become famous for it… This is how materialistic we’ve all become. De Beers tells us an engagement ring is supposed to equal three months salary. So how many weeks salary is a baby worth?

Clara 76 on

Not sure why everyone’s so obsessed with her age, but it’s correct. She as born on my sister’s birthdate and year. She’s 39. Of course, perhaps we should ask her to produce her birth certificate but even them you’d all swear it’s faked or something.

You’re all pathetic. Get a life.

Jennifer on

Motherhood is amazing and I ma glad to see her enjoying it so much.
As far as the catty comments above…Really?

nicole on

I HATE the term “push present”…just another thing made up by greedy women whose worlds are “all about them.” GROSS.

Madeline on

What’s with all the negativity?? Didn’t any of your mother’s teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all??
Stop being so rude and disrespectful, it’s not pretty on anyone. Have a nice day 🙂

Robert on

With all the hated and child abuse and neglect in this world, it
is wonderful to read an article about a mother that loves her baby.
I don’t care how much money RZ makes or has, what is important is that
she and Rodger love and nurture their baby.

Lindsey on


I am so happy for you guys! Hope you have fun with your nwe bundle of joy!!! 🙂

-Good Luck and Have fun being a mother! ALso happy mothers day!


Lindsey on


Why am I posting on

Why do you get a present for having a baby? That almost seems insulting to me. You went through labor, here’s a bracelet. Bizarre.

CaliGirl on

I won’t be having a child for at least 8 more years but when i do i hope that I will get a push present. It is a wonderful token to show how much that person loves you. BTW I am only 12.

CaliGirl on

@Julie- I definitely would not want to put a price on a child.

Karen on

Congratulations to Zoe, and glad you’re so happy!!

Shannon on

Now I get the nickname Raisin Face – WOW!

YaYa on

Rachel Zoe will be 40 in September.

Jennifer on

Sure, she’s all smiles and coos now — until she pawns the poor, helpless baby onto a nanny or day care (baby orphanage).

camille on

Why can’t people just be happy for the new parents??? Who cares how old she is…..or what photo of her they choose to print????

jojotato68 on

Good for her & her hubby!!
Congrats to them both…love the baby’s name 🙂
to all the nasty people…piss off.
Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman deserve some happiness…& some time off OMG do they ever sit down????

jojotato68 on

Congrats to them.
they needs a vacation & time with the new bundle of fun.
to all the nasty people…piss off…
she wanted a baby now she has one…leave her be.

Anonymous on

Did you seriously just compare daycare to a baby orphanage? How insulting to working parents.

In honor of mother’s day we should be celebrating new moms, not tearing them down.

Annie on

Rachel Zoe is amazing and she seems like she is truly happy and healthy and loving life. The negative comments are so unecessary, who cares how old she is? Why be so negative and nasty? And also she didn’t invent the term “push present” that is what it is referred to as. Congrats to her and Rodger and their beautiful new baby!!!:)

Emilie on

One week and “all the weight” came off? Wow! I guess it will be the same for Victoria Beckham post pregnany. I bet they have a nutritionist tell them exactly how many calories they need to eat to enable both them and the baby to survive and not put on any excess weight… And then they halve it.

Jax on

I love her comment that putting a smile on her baby’s face is the best thing she has ever done. That’s lovely. What a charming family. I wish them the best!

wpsegura on

Why so much focus on the woman’s age and looks, how shallow can people be. I am happy that having a child has been a blessing for her. Congratulations to her and her happy family. To all the haters, quir cyber bullying and grow up.

Kmac on

like she pushed…

Marina on

Rachel Zoe is really 39. She went to High School with me and was 2 years behind me, and as I am 41, that would make her 39, I have my yearbook to prove it. So whatever your opinions are of Rachel, she is NOT lying about her age.

Anonymous on

All the weight in one week?! Doesn’t that seem a bit impossible and unhealthy?

Jennifer on

Why don’t all of us women try supporting one another for a change? Do we really have to be catty and judgemental…. put a little love out in the world rather than negativity. It really does serve you well!

I think she sounds completely smitten with her new son and has the right to be over the moon with happiness! Congratulations to her little family!

linda on

i love RZ! we get her show here but maybe it is kind of old.
why do people give her so much sh-t? she seems like a smart cookie and the only thing bad i can think of is that she is sooooooo skinny. she was beautiful pregnant.

pendev on

Happy Mother’s day Rachel! Being a successful woman and having a new baby is a real eve opener.Things will fall together and Skyler will bring so much joy to you and Rogers life

Why so hateful? on

If her husband wants to buy her a ring (aka ‘push gift’) then good for them, why do people have to judge everything? Live and let live, jealous ones!

Just me on

Seriously negative posts here! No, it’s not out of the realm of reality to lose baby weight that quick. I did with ALL FOUR of mine. I was blessed with great genes, great metabolism, great eating habits and I nursed all four. I also got a diamond for my 4th child. Call it whatever you want to, my husband just wanted to show his appreciation for carrying 4 children. Also, what’s with all the hating on her? She just had a baby for crying out loud and people are dissing on her about her age? Seriously, ppl get a life. Congrats to her and Roger on their new bundle of joy! And I LOVE his name!!!

ChellBellz on

yeah there a ton a pathetic comments on here towards here, she is happy, she can take care of her baby. Leave her be!

LBL on

I don’t think she was actually pregnant. There was never one picture that showed her belly. She had a surrogate because she was too freaked out to get fat.

Anon on

Jennifer –

“Sure, she’s all smiles and coos now — until she pawns the poor, helpless baby onto a nanny or day care (baby orphanage).”

What a tacky, uneducated thing to say. Unless they are wealthy, financially comfortable woman, MOST women return to work and therefore have some form of childcare. For most people it is not a choice. And for those women who enjoy their careers and value their places in the workforce, there is NOTHING wrong with giving their children safe, educational, and loving childcare.

I am a nanny myself. I LOVE the baby that I care for more than life itself. And guess what?? His parents are the most wonderful, loving, caring parents in the world. He is not suffering by any means.

Please watch your condescending tone. You are being offensive and backwards.

mcv on

I am so happy for Rachel. See Rachel you were worried for nothing. I am so happy for Roger because he wanted this as badly if not more. And he has a buddy for watching sports. For so long it has been everything girlie. Roger you’ve been very supportive. You and Rachel are a wonderful couple all my best to both of you.

Wendi on

First, Congrats to Rachel and her husband, a baby is true blessing. Who cares at what age that blessing comes. She makes a beautiful mom. A push pressent is a wonderful thing, that doesn’t have to be jewlery, just something from the husband to the wife to aknowledge what she has done for the family. For my first child I got a necklace, for my second child I got some lovely bubble bath (big deal because i’d been in the hospital on bed rest for 5 months and all I wanted was a bubble bath) and for my last child I got a kitchen aid mixer, something I wanted grately but was also more useful than the jewlery. It is possible to loose all your baby weight in a week. I spent over a week in the hospital with second child after I had her and came home in my prepregnancy jeans, weighing less than when I got pregnant and I gained enough weight while pregnant that she was 10lbs 15oz….so no i didn’t starve myself before or after she was born. I think negative comments come from unhappy negative people.

argis on

She can’t be 39 – at least 45 – its not the picture – seen other photos of her and on TV – same thing – maybe too much time in the sun – if she’s 39 so am I!!

Truthiness on

Im very happy for Rachel Zoe. We all like a sweet story of a woman who is transfomed by the love for her new baby.
The “push present” taps back into her celebrity narcissim I think that is why so many people took issue to it.
The elephant in the room is the fact that this woman is so clearly an anorexic. She is very lucky she was able to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Its a mental disease, of course she lost all the weight 1 week later. people like her are terified of having an ounce of fat on them. I hope she gets the help she needs, at the very least for her son to see him grow up. I wish her much love & happiness in he life.

Jenner on

That’s great that she loves her baby so much. Most women do! And I agree that a “push present” is ridiculous and the term is disgusting.

cn tower on

Argis – ITA. Think of celebs who really are 39 — Jen Garner comes to mind. She looks like 25 compared to Zoe. And Sandra Bullock 45 (I think)? SHE looks younger than Rachel “I’m 39, really” Zoe.

To those who insist she is just “naturally thin” – please use some common sense; from what I’ve been told about her show, she doesn’t even pretend to eat! She is at a table with everyone eating and she doesn’t even have a plate of food in front of her – maybe just a drink. Being naturally thin (like a model) is one thing, but Zoe is painfully, sickly looking thin. Gisele Bunchen et. al. look healthy and vibrant.

“The weight fell off” — yeah that’s true when you don’t eat. Zoe uses all the classic anorexic one liners including “I nursed to lose the weight” -yes, sure you did….I would guess that she had next to no weight to lose..she probably gained 12-15lb total. To try and argue that she is healthy and naturally slender is an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

librarylady on

I am very happy that she decided to have her son. Her husband desperately wanted a child. In her show she worried that with her schedule would she be a good mom. I hope she lets go of some of the hollywood hype and lets the love of her family in. Work hard but love family harder Zoe…. Good Luck…

Cameron on

The term “push present” makes me want to vomit. It sounds so spoiled and entitled. If a man wants to give his wife a token of his affection fter she gives birth, fine. But please, for the love of god, stop calling it a push present!!!!

Melissa on

I find it funny that so many people are taking issue with the fact that RZ is being judged on her appearance. Isn’t this how she makes a living?? based on her appearance and the appearance of her clients?? OF COURSE people are going to judge her based on hers. That being said, people are entitled to their own opinions. It’s not like she’s gonna care what a bunch of faceless people on a message board think about a bad picture of her.

Personally, I think it’s fabulous that she’s so enamored of her new bundle of joy no matter what she looks like. Congrats and good luck!

Jillian on

On Mothers Day the claws are still out! Yikes. I am not even a fan of hers but will not sit here and just nitpick. I could actually say why I am not a fan. People are just nitpicking. She isn’t 39? Should we demand a birth certain like Obama? So stupid. Can’t lose all the weight in a week? My sister who is MUCH bigger than her did with her middle son. Anything is possible people. C’mon. Push presents and bashing her for it? She didn’t create the name. I treasure my gift, maybe because my husband got her something that matches? Either way…..it doesn’t mean to literally mean push and means so much more.

Sandra on

I totally love the Rachel Zoe show on bravo!!! She is adorable and genuine!!! So happy to hear she became a mom!!! Congratulations and best wishes!! And to all those nasty comments about Rachel : hahaha you wish you were Rachel !!!!!!!

14jikeav on

I have always wondered who will pay for the wedding ring towards the end of the Bachelor or Bachelorette on ABC? Just lately I have been recognizing that Neil Lane has generated the rings for your various Bachelor’s or Bachelorettes. Does Neil Lane “donate” the rings? Does ABC buy them? What makes it function particularly?! . Thanks..

Lajolla on

Roger & Rachel,

God Bless you and your baby…Skyler.
Happy Ever After!!!