Nicole Richie Designs for Busy Moms ‘Who Do It All’

05/05/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
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When creating her fashion lines, Nicole Richie, 29, often takes style cues from her own busy lifestyle.

“I design for other mothers and busy women who do it all,” she told PEOPLE Friday while promoting her spring jewelry, clothing, shoe and sunglasses collections at Aventura Mall’s Koko & Palenki boutique in Aventura, FL.

“I know my customers have the same needs as I do. They need good, solid, easy to wear clothing and shoes that will feel good all day.”

The designer (and mom-of-two), who was wearing a peach colored vest over one of her own Winter Kate white camis and light wash denim jeans, definitely knows all about looking stylish while multi-tasking.

But between her fashion gig, raising two young children (Harlow, 3, and Sparrow, 19 months) and traveling with rocker husband Joel Madden, how does she juggle it all?

“I get up at 5:30 a.m. for some alone time to work on my designs,” she revealed. “Then I like to go back to work around 11 p.m. to sneak a little more design time into my busy day.”

Richie also draws inspiration for her creations from her every day life.

“I love to see new things in the flea markets of different cities,” she said. “Right now I am having the most fun with bold sunglasses using large frames and colored lenses with jeweled accessories like tassels behind the ears.”

For fall, Richie is introducing purple and blue ready-to wear skirts, dresses, tops and shorts along with cool handbags large enough to hold mommy and baby things.

“Seeing my ideas presented as fashion designs is so exciting to watch,” she says. “It makes all my hard work come alive.”

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saydee on

It’s always so good to see her doing well 🙂 I’m glad she turned her life around.

mg on

please spare me the “busy mom do it all” crap. Speak to me when you work a full time job…without nannies, maids and tons of money.

Scarlet on

I agree with both comments. Glad you got your life together but pleeeze, you may be a busy mom, but I bet it’s not cleaning, cooking and keeping your household and a fulltime job. You’ve got help sister, which the majority of society doesn’t.

rb on

I refuse to take anyone who wears what looks like stripper thongs on their head seriously as a fashion designer.

alicejane on

Why, whenever there’s an article where a celebrity makes a comment about having a busy life, do people always moan about how they have maids and nannies and people to help? Where in this article does Nicole say that she does everything on her own? All she said is that she has a busy schedule, which is pretty obvious. I will never understand why people come to a celebrity website, and then hold it against said celebrity that they lead such privileged lives.

Jillian on

Nicole is one of those celebs that some people will find faults in or nitpick regardless of what they do.

Natalie on

It’s a bit sad really. Does it make you a martyr if you DON’T have nannies, cooks, cleaners and loads of money? Is your life so terrible because of it? Don’t forget that having children (for *most* people) is a personal choice. And if you don’t like the circumstances you’ve got when you make that choice, how is that anyone else’s problem? Should we grant you the I Don’t Have The Same Money And Resources As Nicole Richie Which Automatically Makes Me The Most Deserving Mother And Most Awesome Person In The World?

Besides, who cares? Nicole, like every celebrity and every non-celebrity mother around the world, is a human being with a busy life and schedule. Granted, they’ll do different things with that time and schedule but I’m quite sure it isn’t as easy as you people seem to make out…

Just play nice, yeah? Stop taking everything a celebrity says so personally!

torgster on

Well said Natalie. Why is it that half the posters on this site seem to be such bitching moaning jealous shrews? Give it a rest snd either get lives you can stand or get off this site so the rest of us can enjoy it.

alyssa on

You guys stop moaning. Like honestly, it doesn’t matter if she has help but due to the fact that she has paparazzi following her most of the time we can see that she is a pretty hands on mom. So don’t hate on her and take your criticisms elsewhere

Mira on

Well-said, rb. I get that Nicole’s style is all boho chique and romantic, but these headbands are downright silly and don’t flatter her at all.

Anonymous on

No one is jealous….sigh. I don’t agree with the people who are talking crap about Nicole, but they are not jealous.