Bryan Adams Welcomes Daughter Mirabella Bunny

05/05/2011 at 07:00 PM ET
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Bryan Adams is in heaven!

The rocker-photographer and co-founder of his foundation, Alicia Grimaldi, welcomed a daughter last month, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m really proud to announce on 22 April, Mirabella Bunny was born,” says Adams, 51.

“She arrived like all good Easter bunnies on Easter Friday. Mother and baby are both well and happy. Thanks in advance for your kind thoughts and wishes.”

Adams first revealed in March that he was to be a first-time father, explaining that Grimaldi “helped me start my foundation years ago and it looks like she’ll be running the family now!”

Adams is set to resume his world tour in June, which includes more U.S. dates starting in August.

— Marisa Laudadio

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Kelly on

I assume the “bunny” part is due to Easter?? Interesting..Mirabella is very pretty though. Always loved Bryan Adams.

fay on

at some point, SOMEONE should stop calling the mother of his child his “personal assistant” clearly there have been some… ahem… promotions…

Lilith on

My friend from high school had twin step-sisters named Sunny and Bunny. I bet you though it was used because of Easter. I like the name Mirabella its cute.

Georgina on

Aww Maribella is lovely. Not common but not perculiar. I think it’s funny when people, particularly Dads give their daughthers “cutsey” names, like bunny. I mean one day shes going to want people to take her seriously! But at least its only a middle name, she can just omit it for documents!

Congratulation Alicia and Bryan, an Aries baby, good luck with that!

Liz on

Right. So, the next celebrity baby to be born on Christmas will have the middle name, Santa Claus???

Sydney on

Mirabella – a lovely, sweet name.

Hi on

“Like all good Easter bunnies, she arrived on good Friday.”

Two things: 1. Adorable quote. 2. I thought the Easter bunny came on Easter Sunday. Do they do things differently in Canada? :]

Melanie on


Jillian on

Congrats. Cute name. Curious why the article doesn’t call her his girlfriend….oh, that’s right…they want drama. That’s what happen on the birth announcement. They have been dating for quite some time, People magazine should respect that!

Kay on

I agree, Georgina. While Bunny is an odd choice, Mirabella is very pretty and Bunny remains safely a middle name. What shocks me is that Bryan Adams is 51 years old! That means I’m a lot older than I care to think about!

Brooke on

Mirabella is lovely….I have to agree on the Bunny name. Her proximity to Easter must have prompted that. It is actually kind of a cute name.

meghan on

My Poppy used to call me Rabbit so that press release gives me warm fuzzies like you wouldn’t believe! Congratulations to the happy parents!

aurora mia on

I absolutely adore Mirabella!! ❀

soph on

“I assume the β€œbunny” part is due to Easter??”

Hmmmm. Possibly.

I’ve always liked the name Mirabelle. I think Mirabella Bunny is adorable.

Taylor on

I too think it’s odd the article still refers to her as his assistant. Oh well, hopefully it works out for them! I love the name Mirabella, I’ve never heard it before. Congrats Bryan and Alicia!

december on

Cute name!
@Hi : Most people in Canada celebrate Easter on the Sunday (well, normally most people have the Easter dinner on that day / the egg hunt etc (maybe Bryan’s family is different? but everyone I know here celebrates it in Sunday so…)

Mia on

Actually if she was born on April 22nd-she is a Taurus πŸ™‚ Also-good luck with that!–I’m a Taurus and I’m VERY Stubborn…..

Synia on

Bunny?? OK..

Congrats anyways!!!

Laura on

Congrats to Bryan!!! Love love love him!!

Elena Krafcik on

Well, my daughter’s name is Mirabelle, so I have to admit I love seeing a celebrity choose it, although I hope it doesn’t get TOO popular! No worries about Bunny becoming too popular – but oh well, I feel that they made such a great first name choice that I can’t be too hard on them for the silly middle name.

Veronika on

My baby name is Mirabella. I wanted to ask you if people trying to use nick names for your baby. I had some people trying to call her Bella and I just have to correct them.

Nicole on

It’s a little weird that the mother keeps being referred to as a personal assistance or foundation co-founder. Could it be that they (Bryan and Alicia) aren’t involved, and that this is simply an arrangement? That makes sense to me. Sad for that kid though… It’s like she’s the product of a business transaction.

Stephanie - French Furniture on

Well done, best thing he will ever do, gorgeous name, love it!

Jen DC on

Her name means “Look at the beauti(ful)” Bunny! I don’t love “Bunny” as a name, but at least as a middle name she’ll never have to admit to it. πŸ˜€

hannah on

Beautiful name! Yes I think Bunny is too πŸ™‚ Perfect for a little Easter baby.

Georgina on

Mia your absoloutly right, dont no why I thought Aries, maybe coz Im one!! We are also stubborn and bossy, so just stubborn is a plus!

LRL on

maybe she’ll end up with Buddy Bear Oliver?

elizabeta on

cute name, kid is lucky not to be named bunny mirabella πŸ™‚

Molly on

Love the name Marcella. There is a very underrated guitarist named Marcella Detroit (she used to play in Eric Clapton’s band and Shakespear’s Sister), and I love Bunny. I don’t know why people don’t like it. It’s cute.

Lainey on

Bryan said: “…it looks like she’ll be running the family now!”
Considering the fact that he is talking about being a family, it is pretty certain that there are still together. She is known to be his girlfriend for a while anyways.

Jane on

I guess she was really, really “personal”. That description is just plain silly and rather degrading. Great first name and I bet she is called Bunny by her father because it is cute, but as an adult she will be Mirabella B. Adams.

Mira on

Congrats to them. Cute name. Depending on the personality that she grows up into being, she may end up going by Bunny too. It’s nice to have different options.

Btw, Molly, thanks for sharing your opinion about a totally random name.

Hea on

Congrats to them! I wish them all the love and happiness in the world.

Molly – Huh?

Melissa Cottrell on

Congrats!! Love.Love.Love Bryan Adams and Love the name Mirabella Bunny! Too Cute! and goes together perfectly!!

Jamia on

I know two different women with the first name Bunny. It’s not THAT unpopular people…

Shannon on

Love the name! Congrats!

Sarah S. on

The baby’s name is not Marcella–it’s Mirabella!!!

Tanya on

the name Mirabella Bunny- I don`t like the bunny part and Mirabella seems like a very rare old fashioned name. The good thing is that she can choose to be either Mira or Bella for short.

soph on

Tanya – why is that a good thing? Mirabella is rare AND beautiful AND does not necessarily have to be shortened.

kelly on

When is this sillliness of giving off-the-wall names like apple, peanut, pilot and now bunny going to stop? at least it’s the middle name though.

Brooklyn on

I actually like the name Mirabella. When I first saw it I hated it, but it’s grown on me. Not a fan of Bunny however.

Anonymous on

Kelly, when is the silliness of giving plain simple names like kelly, mary, anne, etc going to stop?

Dennis on

Look at the bright side. She already got her MBA.

KRS on

Funny, I like Mirabelle but dislike Mirabella. I feel the same about Isabel (like it), and Isabella (no!). That extra syllable just ruins it for me somehow. Anyway, Bryan Adams is pretty cool and pretty much scandal-free. Gotta respect that. Bring her home to Vancouver Island, Bryan!

patty jo on

bryan i have always been a big fan of yours but shouldnt this girl be called your girlfriend instead of your assistant. not cool. oh by the way i like your babys name.she will always be called your little bunny. love you bryan. mabey someday i will get to meet you if youre down this way. love you bryan.

Jillian on

Patty Jo, he calls her his girlfriend, but doesn’t get to decide whet is printed in the article. Excluuding it brings more drama….

lala on

Bit old don’t u think!!!!! that’s just wrong on so many levels.
The poor kids father is going 2 b mistaked 4 his grandad!!!!

Lili on

His daughter, Bunny’s name is actually Mirabella. Her middle name is Bunny. This doesn’t make it any better but I guess Bunny is a nickname or pet name if you will…..(walka name)