Tia Mowry ‘Embraces the Sexuality’ of Pregnancy

05/04/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Dimitry Loiseau

“I know that there are people out there who say that there is nothing sexy about being pregnant,” says Tia Mowry. “Then there are some people who embrace the sexuality.”

The Game star, 32, decidedly falls in the latter category, having recently posed for a revealing belly photo.

“I feel empowered; I feel sexy,” says Mowry, who’s expecting a baby boy on July 3.

Inspired to pose for the photo by her mother — who regrets not having taken such a shot herself — the actress admits that she’s a little “obsessed” with her glammed-up pregnancy pic.

But this third trimester’s not all smiles for the camera. Mowry, who is married to actor Cory Hardrict, admits that sleeping is not easy.

“I have sciatica so I’ve gotten those pregnancy pillows,” says Mowry. “That doesn’t seem to be working for me.”

Add some jitters to the mix: “They say that the baby should kick 10 times every two hours,” says the nervous mom-to-be. “I’m obsessed with counting how many times the baby’s kicking. So around one o’clock in the morning I’m counting in my head, not sleeping!”

Her pregnancy will be televised when the Mowry twins return to the airwaves later this summer on their new reality show, Tia & Tamera Take 2, premiering on the Style Network.

— Blaine Zuckerman

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amy on

SO overdone.

Lisa Johnston on


Kelly on

she looks beautiful

Brianne on

Eww, looks like Sarah Jessica Parker with a tan!

Romy on

I’m surprised by this because she was always a conservative Christian. I would have thought the white linen pants and sports bra would be her route for a belly photo.

Aly on

I like it because it’s natural, but sexy is debatable. Glad she feels that way though, go girl!

Rachy on

This photo is absolutely GAWJUS!!! I’m sooo happy for Tia and I wish her all the best with her pregnancy…

sloanesmomma on

BULLLLLKY JEWLRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did my maternity photos last fall and wore nothing except my petit Van Cleef necklace!!!! SHE is wearing a huge ring on both hands, a huge bracelet, a huge necklace huge and huge earings takes away from her belly!!! ONE day she might wish she was just bare with her wedding ring…idk just my opinion! to much make up too!!!

Michelle on

I love Tia Mowry! I’m happy for her and Cory! They’re such a beautiful couple!

Shay on

I love it. She looks beautiful! I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I certainly don’t feel beautiful or sexy. I’m so glad that she embraces her pregnant body, not many women do.

ecl on

I am sooo over celebs and their nudity!! It’s my biggest pet peeve when they try to justify their exhibitionism and need for attention as empowering. 1. Not posing nude does not mean that you don’t feel sexy. You can feel sexy without posing nude. 2. You can pose nude without making the pictures public. 3. Maybe this used to be a risque and empowering move, but when all celeb women now feel a need to do it and nudity is everywhere, it’s just conformist.

I would like to add (before I get personally attacked) that I have no problem with exposed pregnant bellies, no problem with nudity (except for the fact that it’s everywhere and always female) and an not a prude or social conservative. I just really dislike people trying to explain conformity as empowerment.

Brooke on

It is very embarrassing to see a woman nude. She should put some clothes on.

Brooke on

very nasty

Nancy on

I agree with you ECL. I just wonder for the people who think we should all look at pregnant bellies, how would they feel about an obese man or woman flaunting everything they got everywhere?

Annie on

Ditto what ecl said.

Mallory on

I’m all for taking photos like this because pregnancy IS a beautiful thing….I just wouldn’t publish them.

jessicad on

You guys are harsh! 🙂 I think she looks amazing, I did the same style for some of my pregnancy pics, love them. I felt very sexy and definitely empowered since I was by myself, so I’m with her on this one!

CIndi on

If I had that body, I’d flaunt it too! She looks amazing!

bevvie on

HER pregnancy, HER body, and HER picture. Don’t like it don’t look! I’m sure she didn’t ask for your opinion about whether or not she should have taken the picture! Somebody always has to give negative feedback about things that are not their business!

You look good, Tia! Congrats on the baby. Be blessed!

RKF on

I completely agree, ECL. She’s naturally pretty, yet unfortunately the excessive makeup, and tacky jewelry makes this picture look raunchy/trashy, not “sexy.”

RKF on

Hey Bevvie? If you don’t like what other people write, then don’t read the comments. Go take a Xanax, and calm down.

Georgina on

Yep, I agree ECL and Mallory, just seems like everyone has to have this type of photo taken to demonstate to us they feel sexy/empowered or whatever. Im all for it, if thats what you want to do, but I dont see why they feel the need to publish them.

Im also not offended or put off by these pics, I just find it odd!

Shannon on

Good for her if she feels sexy now. She’s got two months left to go. I wonder how sexy she’s going to feel at 9 months? LOL. I felt digusting at 9 months and couldn’t wait to not be preggo anymore 🙂

charity on

I really liked her — thought she was conservative. While the picture is beautiful, I don’t think it’s something that should have been made public.

Megan on

Oh, yipee. Yet another star who doesn’t understand you can look, act and feel sexy without ditching all your clothes for the cameras *sigh*

Sydney on

I’m not sure where she heard that statistic. 10 movements every 2 hours is a lot! No wonder she isn’t sleeping well.

The latest evidence-based guideline is that a pregnant woman should feel 10 fetal movements in 10 hours. So it’s fine if the baby doesn’t move for a few hours, as long as 10 movements are felt over the course of 10 hours.

Candy on

Good for her!!!! She is obviously comfortable with her body and her feelings, which is hard enough these days, probably more so for someone in the entertainment industry. That kind of confidence will serve her well in life.

shalay on

I agree with ECL and Mallory. I’m not against nudity or pregnancy photos. But what’s the point of plastering them on magazine covers and websites? I get it. You’re pregnant and you feel sexy. So take the picture, frame it, and hang it in your bedroom. This was once shocking in the early 90’s when Demi Moore did it. Now it’s just getting redundant.

She DOES look beautiful, though.

Pocahontas on


Vonny on



Shay on

You’re a negative bunch of women. I find it pathetic.

Gigi on

awkward pose. Why must they publish them. Take them all day and every day if you want, but we don’t need to see them.

faith on

ummm is it just me or what, are we looking at the same pic she looks totally BEAUTIFUL love it

fuzibuni on

Aw. I think there’s nothing wrong with doing these types of photos. She looks very pretty.

Doreen on

I think she looks lovely! I’m just really surprised because she’s a Christian and having this photo out there…I don’t think is right. It’s fine in the privacy of your own home but to expose your body to the world like this…I just don’t know.

Lizzie on

So many negative comments!!! People can be so rude! It’s her body!!! I think that she is BEAUTIFUL and if she feels that she should show it then why not? People pose nude all the time, get over it! As far as her jewelry, ever thought that maybe she likes it? DUHHHH!!!

ecl on

If it’s her business and she doesn’t want feedback, she should actually keep it HER business. She made it public, for us to look at, so now it’s our business. As for the comment, if you don’t like it, don’t look, well, it’s not the picture that offends me, it’s the sentiment behind it.

soph on

She’s obsessed with the pic? Uh, okay. Her expression is all “yeah you know you want to look at this” and no Tia, we actually don’t.

Stella Bella on

Too much makeup and jewelry. Her body is lovely, though.

Janay Tyler on

I feel that this is just a beautiful picture and I don’t understand the need for people to be so judgemental. If she wants to take a semi-uncensored pic of her beautiful pregnancy and wants to show the way she feels about her pregnancy, so what. I applaud her for doing so. If you don’t like it then why take the time to comment? Beautiful picture and I wish you the best of luck in motherhood!

Sandy on

I think she looks fantastic. I find nothing “inappropriate” about the naked human body. She’s not taking extreme close-up porno shots, she’s just naked and covering her breasts at that. Good for her!

Toya L. on

I’m glad that she feels sexy pregnant WITH or WITHOUT her clothes on, more power to her if she wants to show HER nude pregnancy photos. She looks great!!

Shannon on

She looks amazing!

Toya L. on

Her expression is all “yeah you know you want to look at this” and no Tia, we actually don’t.

– soph
If you looked at the picture enough to give her facial expression a word caption, then actually you did look.

mommytoane on

Make something public, expect it to be commented on.

I agree 100%, nudity does not equal sexy. I, personally, don’t find the picture very sexy, or very flattering. But I applaud her for taking pictures. Thats one thing many of us pregnant women hide from is photos, when really our children will thank us for pictures when they get older.

Shay on

I agree 100%, nudity does not equal sexy. I, personally, don’t find the picture very sexy, or very flattering. But I applaud her for taking pictures. Thats one thing many of us pregnant women hide from is photos, when really our children will thank us for pictures when they get older.

And that is why sexy is subjective. SHE feels sexy nude, no it doesn’t mean we all should but she does.

J on

Meh, it’s the usual nude pregnant photo. Can’t say Ihate it or like it, it’s been done so many times all these celeb photos start to look alike now.

Mae12567 on

I thought she was a Christian? What happen to holiness

soph on

“If you looked at the picture enough to give her facial expression a word caption, then actually you did look.”

Um, yeah. Where did I say I didn’t? I had no choice but TO look at as I scrolled through the blog. It’s not something you had to click on to see; the photo is forced on you. Understand it better now, Toya?

Molly on

So many ignorant comments. So pregnant women have to cover up 24/7 now? lol

harley on

We Americans are such prudes about nudity. And I don’t recall some rule in “Christianity” that said thou shalt cover thyself from head to friggin toe. Adam and Eve were naked, we’re born naked, nudist beaches/topless beaches don’t end the universe. It’s a beautiful photo in a style SHE wanted. You want a low-key no jewelry photo? Go for it, I doubt she’d comment on yours. Maybe you ought to think about that. But, oh wait, hypocrisy abounds on comment threads. Did it need to be released? No. But You know what, the people who actually like her and aren’t pessimistic nay-sayers, actually enjoy seeing people enjoy their pregnancy.

ALii on

She looks fantastic, pregnancy is beautiful.

Rae on

Mae, being christian does not mean “being fully conservative” or the need to abide strictly to any image.

JMO on

I think these photographs are beautiful for your own personal collection, jmo of course!

sky on

too bad she did not tone down the eye shadow and jewelry, she looks like a cheap knock-off of demi moore.

BabyBlogAddict on

I love Tia, especially from her Sister Sister days!

Personally I don’t like the styling – I think the hair is a little foofy/poofy for trying to look natural and I don’t like the necklace or eyeshadow shade and maybe all the silver is a bit of overkill but those are only small knit-picky things. I think it is cool that she feels comfortable taking such a picture and I think it is nice to document such a momentus occasion! I would just adjust the styling…

She is really the only one that needs to be happy with the shots! Good luck for the birth!!!! I can’t wait for the Tia and Tamera Take Two – love those girls!!!

Brooke on

Molly – the answer to your question is YES. No one wants to see your nasty-ass stretchmarks

Erica on

She looks beautiful, but nude pregnancy pictures are awfully redundant. :/ I agree with the people who are saying she looks overstyled. The jewelry, hair and makeup are bit much.

CoJo on

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE TIA! I have been following you and your sister’s careers since “sister sister” I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU BOTH!

YOU ARE GORGEOUS! I am so happy you feel sexy as a pregnant women! Please do not pay the negativity any mind! They didn’t have to look.


RKF on

Molly loves using the word “ignorant” (that’s always her response in various postings.) I only wish she knew the definition. For the umpteenth time, if you don’t care to read comments on a public forum, please go away.

Siobahn on

Conservative America rears it’s ugly head once more..Goddamn you women are uptight! Nudity is part of life, and I think she looks STUNNING, and overjoyed about her pregnancy and her life, and that is what’s important.

Tee on

There is no disputing the fact that it is a lovely picture. But I don’t understand why she and her husband chose to make it public! The pregannt body is absolutely beautiful but nudity should not be public. It should stay between a husband and a wife. I’m sorry, but I do not think these types of pictures are appropriate for public viewing. Modesty matters.

ecl on

Yes, nudity IS part of life, but apparently only for women.

Tink on

Ahahahahahahaha….being naked means you’re not being ‘holy’…jeebus that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve read on here, and you ladies sure like to enter that competition!

M1 on

If I looked like that when I was pregnant I would’ve been walking around naked everywhere. That definitely would’ve been a cure for how hot I was all the time during the later months.

I felt sexy the first 4 months when my body was filling out everywhere. I had a cute little bump and some cleavage going. I liked the extra weight around my hips. Hormones were raging and I couldn’t keep my hands off of my man. Later on in the pregnancy I was just miserable.

JenLaw on

I am way conservative and Christian and I wish I had photos taken when I was pregnant but I did not look that good. Bless her heart!

Melanie on

As a photographer, I absolutely LOVE when my clients are willing to go for pictures like this. They are timeless and classy. Yes, I said classy. There’s nothing inappropriate showing–it’s her bare belly that is GROWING A LITTLE HUMAN! It’s a miracle!

Of all my maternity clients, the ones that choose poses like this are so happy once they see their pictures. It’s such a special time in a person’s life and it’s definitely something to look back and fondly remember.

If you don’t like looking at the pictures, then don’t look–but just because you don’t like seeing them, doesn’t mean she can’t be proud of it and want to show it off.

Toya L. on

Yeah okay, have a good day.

kelly on

This picture is soooooo photoshopped and edited that it almost does not look like her own belly. Keep it real, and show a little stretch mark, hyperpigmentation or linea nigra….otherwise the shot is boring.

kristan on

at sydney – have you ever been pregnant? i had a baby 3 years ago and while i was pregnant, i had to take an hour out every day and count how many kicks were in that hour. My doctor said there should be at least 10 kicks per hour. You attack her because she was told probably by her doctor that there should be 10 kicks per 2 hours. Before you open your misinformed mouth, why don’t you talk to a doctor.

sarawara on

I consider myself a VERY conservative Christian woman, wife and mother. I’m a graduate of a Southern Baptist Seminary and work in full time ministry. I believe that the human body is beautiful, and photos like this only help promote positive associations between women and pregnancy. Motherhood was designed to empower women. Watch “The Business of Being Born.” Give birth and see if you don’t feel like you can take on the WORLD!

Kudos to Tia for sharing a beautiful photo.

Nancy on

Molly–all you do is negatively comment about everyone who doesn’t agree with you and you attack people personally.

Yes, I chose to respond. When I go on CBB, I don’t expect (or know) that I am going to view an almost naked woman. When I am scrolling down, I don’t have a choice about it. If I did, I would avoid it. I don’t care to see every “asset” every person has whether they are a Victoria Secret model or a 1000 pound person or a pregnant person.

Photos like that, you know, (gasp) could be kept between herself and her husband.

I once had a friend ask us over to watch her birth video. Uh, no thanks.

Molly on

Nancy, sorry but not everyone is conservative. Deal with it. This site maybe too liberal for you since they do support women’s rights

Ashlee on

Yeah and conservatives can support women’s rights as well, Molly. So deal with that.

And chick needs to put her clothes back on and realize that no one really cares to see her naked self. JMO!

soph on

Hey Molly, I’m as liberal as they come, and I still don’t want to see some D-list star grinning at me naked. Like the photo? Cool. That doesn’t necessarily make someone who doesn’t a prude.

Jillian on

I think photos in this nature are beautiful. Not sure why they chose to make it public….that is weird to me. I had photos like this made but didn’t even make them public to my family. Some things I believe are suppose to be left to yourselves. Now for this specific photo…it is just not doing it for me.

Myself9876 on

So fake!!!

Molly on

Ashlee and Soph, grow up and deal with it

Susan on

BTW she does want the comments. Or she wouldn’t have made it public

Agree 100% ECL

Toya L. on

Yawn, I agree with you Melanie.

Nancy on

Molly is a troll. Don’t respond to her/him. She/He thinks that she/he is the only opinion which can be valid on this site.

soph on

I believe we are, Molly, but feel free to give us some more nuggets of your wisdom.

Dawn Miller on

I would rather read a million mean spirited comments than 1 from someone like Vonny. Do everyone a favor (but most of all, yourself) and learn proper english and grammar. Don’t you realize how ignorant your post comes across? I hope you do not have children, Lord knows we do not need this new generation being as uneducated as you are.

Jillian on

Soph, great comment.

Molly, you chose to read the comments, we didn’t chose to see the picture. And “grow up and deal with it,”…….let me know if you have any other third grade comebacks I can share with my nephew for the playground 😉

Toya L. on

TRULY scrolling must work for only certain people and/or computers.

Molly on

Nancy and Soph, I’m not a fan of chauvinistic women. That’s why your comments and Toya’s annoy me. Do you forget that you’re women?

Lynne on

I love Tia and I think she is a great actress. I think she looks beautiful in these pictures. I was raised as a conservative Christian and I would never do a nude photo but if I did, I would want it to remain private between me and my husband, I wouldn’t want everyone to see it. However I believe that a person’s faith is their business and I don’t think it’s right to pass judgement.

Jennifer on

If you want to do something like this, just do it privately. To make this pic public, is just kind of over the top. I don’t want to see her posed like this.


I love pregnancy pictures of any kind, this picture is beautiful, except for her facial expression… She looks like a she-man… just saying… I don’t care what the haters have to say, I will enjoy reading your comments. Trust me.

Sarah on

I think she looks beautiful. everyone is entitled to their own opinion! I wouldn’t change nothing about the picture, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I think its great that she has embraced that. If you dont like or agree with her choice just leave it alone b/c she did this b/c she wanted to.. And I think she looks amazing!!

Jenna on

Uhhh…. why are some of you comparing a pregnant woman’s body to an obese man? Not even close… AND if you didn’t want to see it… DONT READ THE ARTICLE!

j on

First of all….I absolutely love the picture. I think she looks great. I personally would never take a picture like that because I am on the shy side but, I applaud her for the courage.

I firmly believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion. However, I feel that people on this site use “opinions” to just be plain old mean.I have a lot of opinions that I keep to myself because I would never want to be mean or hurt someone’s feeling intentionally.

Also, I find it very insulting that someone would mention that they don’t like a star anymore because they are Christian but not that conservative. That is very hypocritical and judgemental. Not everyone has the same feelings, beliefs, or far be it opinions. I just want to know who gave others the right to judge someone.

Samanthhaaa ! on

Personally , i love this picture. I love when pregnant women take nude pictures only because they have enough confidence to pose nude. Pregnancy’s are hard on your body and your emotional state of mind. Some women don’t feel pretty or sexy at all when they are pregnant. But to know that Tia feels that she is and is okay in her own skin to show everyone, that shows alot about herself.

Just a note though, if your gonna take a nude picture pregnant, people should make it look natural. I understnand this was a photoshoot for People magazine possibly but if she got pictures with her and her husband, i hope that she went a little more natural with the make-up and jewlery. Other than that I LOVE IT 🙂 I just can’t wait till i get to take beautiful pictures with my big belly soon 🙂

Alicia on

lol, WOW! so many people and their negative comments! Just because she did this picture doesn’t make her any less of a Christian! She looks gorgeous. Lots of women take pics like this whether they’re famous or not, so please stop thinking that celebrity mamas have a monopoly on naked preggo pics. Celebrity mamas’ preggo pics just so happen to be the ones made public and why is that I wonder? Oh yeah! It’s because they’re a celebrity! DUH!

LOL, I don’t think she believes that she’s only sexy if she’s naked. I didn’t get that. What I did get was that she was ebracing her pregnant body and felt comfortable in her own skin in and out of clothes. I’m sure she took some with clothes on too. It’s art people, get over it!

Kim G on

This is not cute. Pregnancy is beautiful but do you have to show the whole world?

michi on

ok- so everyone is entitled to have an opinion- nothing worng with that, we all have our own type of taste in things which is why we are all different, so whether or not the picture may be pretty,beautiful good or bad in taste, it had all of us looking…my personal opinion to each its own, she looks beautiful- im sure we all have pics that all other people would may not agree…!

Nancy on

I did not say that pregnant people = obese people. I was just saying that there are times and places for people to bare their body. I don’t go to a Celebrity baby blog by People Magazine and expect to see these type of pictures.

Just as some people don’t enjoy seeing obese people in short shorts, others do not wish to see an almost naked pregnant person no matter how sexy that person may feel.

Frost on

I’m a huge fan of Tia and think she is beautiful with a beautiful family.

But I do feel that a couple of changes would have made the photo better. A more natural makeup and hairstyle, and then only the wedding ring. I think the simplicity of it would have helped bring it all together.

Tia probably has a couple more photographs anyway though that she just chooses to keep private.

MichaelEdits on

Show what you want, don’t show what you don’t want, and nobody forces anybody else to look. Calm down.

Grace on

@Kristan: Sydney did not attack Tia, she merely pointed out that Tia’s information wasn’t accurate. It’s ridiculous to compare that to attacking someone. Take a deep breath and calm down.

@Jenna: You’re statement that we should just not read the article if we don’t want to see the picture makes no sense at all. The pictures were on the main page of the Mom&Babies website, so there’s no way we could not see the pictures.

Ev on

Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous! I love these sisters, and I also wish I had the courage to take a photo of myself pregnant and naked. A woman’s pregnant body is one of natures most awesome spectacles people. I unfortunately was only able to get pregnant once and while i don’t have a photo I made a cast of my belly. I really do wish I had the photo tho; you look at it years later and remember the joy you felt that one perfect day celebrating the upcoming miracle of birth. Hatas, get lost! More power to ya sista!!

Chaz on

I remember this site before People took over. They would only post positive comments. Now people are incredibly mean and petty with their comments. I miss the positive vibe from the posters that just enjoyed mom & baby updates.

I’m starting to think Celebrity Baby isn’t worth reading anymore.

heather on

televising your pregnancy and releasing nude pregnancy photos to put yourself back into the spotlight is pretty pathetic. i’d have a bit more respect for her if she just stayed under the radar.

heather on

nudity is natural, but there’s really nothing else natural about this photo. it’s ridiculously airbrushed, her hair is huge, the jewelry is overdone. it’s like she did this at Glamour Shots, if that place still even exists.

malia on

I find it amusing how many people are saying so many negative things, but every one of you read the article and looked at the picture because you WANTED to. If you didnt want to see it then why did you click on the link to bring you to the article? Maybe just so you can say horrible things about someone that you dont know, just because you might have issues with yourself, thats the only reason why people say horrible things about others. Tia is one of my favorite actresses, which is why i read the article, congrats to her and her husband.

J on

I don’t get it, some of the same people who cheer on naked pregnancy pics are also the same people who call playboy photos that look almost exactly like this trashy.

kriste on

AMEN to Haley couldn’t have said it better myself…I think it is a beautiful thing and if she chooses to share it with us then I think it is fantastic. God gave us women a beautiful gift and that is to create and carry and nurture his little angels. He didn’t find nudity wrong why should we?

Brooke1 on

You guys are SUCHHHH prudes! She looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE it… I think every woman should do a picture like this when their pregnant. The natural aspect of it is soo beautiful. I agree with someone before though that said she needs to lose the chunky jewelry and the heavy makeup. While it’s beautiful, it needs to look more natural then all done up! 🙂

B.J. on

I am by NO MEANS a prude, but to me, some things should be kept private, and this is one of them. Why do they feel the need to share with the world? This is a private moment in their private lives. I don’t understand the need to broadcast it to the world.

I enjoyed “Sister, Sister” but it’s been AGES since the show was on, is Tia really a celebrity, or is she trying to get attention because she’s pregnant and babies help make fame nowadays? I don’t mean to be critical but it’s just weird to me. It isn’t like this is someone who has been “famous” for the last several (relevant) years.

tu2 on

she is beautiful as usual. though i think her jewlry and her hair is too much for the picture. she has a right to take a preggo-sexy picture but i think she should have kept it private.

molly on

While I do think the jewelry detracts from the real beauty of the pregnancy, she no doubt looks great! I didn’t take photos like this while pregnant (quite frankly I just think they have become trite and overdone) but I did feel fantastic and in wonder of my body. I feel women if so inclined, should feel and realize their sexiness and amazingness while pregnant. It is such a magical and wonderous time! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Momof4 on

I have always liked her and I think she looks beautiful!

datruth82 on

@heather: to ‘put herself back in the spotlight’? Are you serious? Her show, ‘The Game’ is HUGE in the ratings – bigger than some shows on network TV.

Fans of the show fought for over 2 years to bring the show back, and it’s doing insanely well.

The marketing push BET put behind the show’s relaunch was significantly larger than many marketing pushes for some movies.

And, her husband was just in ‘Battle: Los Angeles’, and got quite a bit of press for it – with her visibly supporting him all the way.

So, yeah, she doesn’t need anything to help keep her in the spotlight these days…

L on

Heck, if I had that body I’d be showing it off too. Thing is, I don’t, and in reality neither does she. I’d be MORE impressed if a celeb were to publish a REAL pregnancy photo rather than an airbrushed facsimile thereof.

LRL on

datruth82, she really isn’t in the spotlight, though. she may have success on her show, but she has not come into the ‘mainstream spotlight’ until her pregnancy. I too feel the jewelry greatly distracts. I also don’t feel pregnancy is really sexy, it’s just amazing and beautiful! It’s wonderful to see what a women’s body can do and what it is made for, but I don’t find it sexy really.

lipolady on

What are you trying to prove? We all know what a pregnant belly looks like you are no different. Please why don’t you grace the covers of People, OK, you are not classy at all like I thought do you think Prince Williams wife would ever do that–well not in public. Shame on you

Amanda on

She looks beautiful. For yall that are saying negative comments yall are just haters. Haters cause shes very pregnant and pulling it off and looking fabulous doing it. The haters are the ones that prob didnt have a beautiful baby bump…

collete on

don’t publish this in my line of vision. it’s the same level of harassment as a flasher. quick but hardly painless!

f on

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. I have 3 children. But why do these women feel like everyone should see their belly? I don’t want to see you in a bikini or with your belly painted like an egg or you posing with your hands on your belly. Keep it to yourself. Sometimes a story caption (which tends to be misleading) or just the headshot of the person is what catches my attention. After I see what it is, I move on to something else.

Let’s not forget the “unique” names they give their kids.

Lexa on

lmfao @ All the haters! For one she is gorgeous, two she’s famous, three people make negative comments cuz they’re ALL JEALOUS! Being Up tight, self loathing idiots does not give you the right to put others down. Karma’s a Bitch. To the people who think this is a Beautiful photo, I totally agree! Blessed be, and Tia, Congrats to you and your Hubby on your baby boy!

loula on

Wow reading these comments & some of you people are pathetic. one pregnancy is a beautiful thing, something ever mother enjoys. & comparing this to other “nude Pic” like really dude so covered in all her places baring nothing but her beauty. so the next time you guys “feel” a certain way about celebrities how bout you JUST DONT CLICK THE LINK !. i think pregnant woman are always beautiful nakey or not :). wish her the best.

Grace on

@Lexa: So then why are you putting other people down? Your entire post is filled with insults towards other people, and yet you are lecturing others about how they shouldn’t put others down. And it amuses me so much that you don’t even see the hypocrisy of your own actions. So does this make you a self loathing idiot as well since you’re putting others down, or is it only the people who disagree with you who are self loathing idiots?

okra on

Sorry, but pregnancy is NOT sexy. I don’t see guys getting up in the morning saying to themselves “Man…I wish there were more pregnant girls for me to go have sex with!”

At best she looks natural (without all the makeup/airbrushing of course). But sexy? DEFINITELY NOT.

Carmen on

I think this is beautiful. For those of you out there with negative comments, she is bringing a person into this world and that is a very beautiful thing.

Ricky on


kristy on

i agree about the nube part celebs shouldnt be showing their body in public that . i mean damn if youn happy about being pregnant just talk about it you aint got to show your whole damn body. i mean grow up

megan on

I think she looks gorgeous, and I like her jewelry choices

Crystal on

I think she looks beautiful. Let her enjoy her moment. Let her share it with her baby.

pixiegirl on

I would just like to say the photo it self is beautiful and so is she. It shouldn’t matter what she is wearing in the photo. If she wants to show off her body that is her right to do so. If u don’t like it don’t look.

Darienna on

she looks pretty and beauitful body but after she is skinny body, pretty body as more. well she is going to be mother.

Valda.DeDieu on

She looks so beautiful! She’s glowing….

marie on

Everybody Who Feels This is negative and not a good picture..GET OVER IT.. Its Her Body Her Pregnancy Her life.. Yall Just Mad Cause it Aint you. i knnow if yal were famous and pregnant yall would probably and most likely do sumthin like dis. and its not like shes showing her boobs or anything else its jst her stomach.> so with that being said grow up and get over it….


Sylvia Mckinley on

Tia you look beautiful and I pray you will have a healthy and beautiful baby boy! Congrats and be blessed.

vanessa on

first of all, i think that it’s great that she feels sexy being pregnant. However you don’t have to pose nude to prove to everybody that you feel sexy. i personally would never pose nude while pregnant, and if i did i sure wouldn’t have them published. we’ve seen this from so many celebrities, and it’s really getting quite old. it’s almost like posing for playboy, and it’s even tackier when your pregnant. i almost find it disrespectful to your baby. if you feel sexy then just feel sexy. posing nude is not, i repeat NOT sexy. it makes you look trashy. when you’re expecting a child that’s all the more reason to keep your clothes on. have some respect for yourself. save that for you and your husband.

vanessa on

i think it’s great that she feels sexy while being pregnant because most women don’t. But if you feel sexy then just feel sexy. You don’t have to pose nude to prove to the world that you feel sexy. i think it’s tacky to pose nude, especially when your preganant. that’s all the more reason to keep your clothes on. have some respect, you’re going to be a mother. save that for you and your husband.

DN3 on

I think she looks great — if only every pregnant woman could be so lucky to look that good during THEIR pregnancy. I agree that the negative comments are unneccessary. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. She does look sexy: beautiful skin, shapely arms in her third trimester and no stretch marks. I think that the photo is done very tastefully.

Mahogany on

i think that she is beatiful the way she is and no on should judge her!!

Tina on

I’ve lost track of how many celebrity women have done this kind of photo shoot. But, in my opinion, none are as good as Demi Moore’s was. All these other women are posing really weird. The placement of the hands is crucial to a good shot. The expression on the face also sets the mood. Mariah Carey looked like she was washing her armpits. This one is just cupping her boob. And that’s not a Mommy-look on her face. More come hither.Stop trying to imitate Demi’s photo. Make your OWN beautiful maternity photo.

Tina on

PEOPLE.com what happened to my comment? I pressed post. Where is it? It wasn’t an offensive comment by any stretch of the imagination.


ladies ladies ladies…why the negativity? I agree to everyone having an opinion…but lets be nice….really?

here’s a fact demi moore did it, liv tyler did and I dont know how mnay celebrities after took pictures like this..so really this is nothing new…

If you have ever been pregnant..especially when you get to the point that you cant even see your own feet anymore…feeling sexy may be somewhat difficult…and if this did it for Tia than GOD BLESS HER…

Maybe the makeup cheered her up and made her feel glamourous…some opt for more natural some dont..who really cares…Just lift her in prayer and hopefully we get to see the pics of her son….GOOD LUCK

wilisa walker on

I am so glad she is having a baby good luck

Laura on

I see so many people commenting on her makeup, hair, and jewelry. The thing is that it is HER picture and she has the right to make herself up the way she felt most comfortable. Maybe its not what you would have chosen for yourself, but she is the one that has to be satisfied with this picture.

As far as the conservative Christian thing, guess what people…we are all SINNERS, and last I checked posing nude (with all the right spots covered I might add) isn’t a sin so stop being so judgemental.

Lala on

bevvie – that’s right; “her pregnancy, her body, her picture.” So why the heck is she showing us??

I totally agree with ECL as well.

Kasia on

For all the negative women out there just because you don’t have kids or just because you did or are pregnant with stretch marks stop hating you only look like the asinine idiots that you are. Tia’s pictures are beautiful you should hope to be so lucky if your time hasn’t already passed.Mrs.Hardict good,and beautiful job and to the dummy who said she did it for attention, I got news for your unknown tail she’s well known and doesn’t need attention that’s what her family and husband is for. Oh yeah and the 7 million viewers who watch her show. We have enough men hating and doing us wrong we do not need our supposed female sisters taking the rest of our confidence away. You all with neg. comments should be ashamed of yourselves for not empowering this beautiful woman enjoying her beautiful life all because you’re jealous.She is Sexy A sex woman is someone who in in tune with them self,someone who has everything they could ask for, someone who is just happy to be. With all that’s going on in the world this is what your bitter about where were these comments when Demi Moore did it or when Britney spears,or even Jennifer Anniston’s stunning cover shot so do me and Tia a favor and get over it hater’s!!!!!!! AND SHUT UP PLEASE GET A LIFE IF YOU DON’T LIKE READING ABOUT OTHERS!!

Kasia on

Were any of you there when she took those pictures NO how do you know it’s airbrushed shut up. As for the girls and you know who you are how the hell can you say she’s using her baby for spotlight hello 7 million viewers, so to the other girl who mentioned xanax you really need seroquel, but tell your shrink that xanax he has you taking isn’t enough your bi-polar girl and the girl wasn’t being a hypocrite she was speaking real talk idiot. Looking for someone to blame getting kids to promote fame or something is insulting she made her baby through love not by going to another country. Now she already knows that that was a dumb thing to say she’s not ANGELINA “Steal Your Husband Jolie, just going around picking out kids to be seen what the hell she doing building an ark. Chelsea Lately was right those kids Angelina keep picking out like shoes don’t wanna go back to another damn 3rd world country when they just left one.And you got the audacity to talk about a woman who’s married to the man she’s pregnant for. Are you serious or are you just stupid Their baby was planned only because she wants to start he family. That picture will be cherish by that child, when he can say that’s me in there Mommy? Or you looked beautiful Mommy, did you ever think what you were saying could hurt her? I just think you should pick your battles better and hope you look that good when you carry if you can carry. Don’t look if you don’t like it, you do know that your eyes opens and closes when you want them to right? you do know you don’t have to buy the mag or go online and read it you wouldn’t stop no show. Tia’s the bomb, while your not even a damn firecracker.

Kasia on

@Amy,Aly,Romy,and Brianne this is for you, don’t talk about someone’s religion because when you first open the bible Adam and Eve were as one and were naked. men keep kicking us down everyday but they do what they want , do you really think we need a woman no matter what race creed or color belittling or downing a positive independent young woman? with women like you who needs friends or the disrespectful men being this way? Not all men I might add, just some!

Kasia on

@lipolady are you just plain slow his wife is a princess in England and who cares what Princess Kate would do are you just that mad because your name is lipolady? I have 2 children and I promise I haven’t gotten one iota of a stretch mark and didn’t need any damn lipo either. Stupid is what stupid says I guess. @ LaLa she showing it because she can and it’s not your body so don’t worry about it.I’ll bet ,I’ll just bet all the negative commenting people are either bad built or hate themselves, last time I check pregnant woman didn’t have warning labels on when ,where,and how the want to pose or how much makeup they want to put on. Beside you all just might need more makeup than you so claim she’s wearing you all a bunch of butta-faces( for the dumb that means everything on you MIGHT look good but- her-face). If anything ASININE people like you negative nancies should have warning labels that read : hating hoe up ahead don’t pass strain may be infectious.

februarystars on

Ew! Why do women do this! There is nothing “sexy” about a big belly. Cover yourself up!

kkkennn on

LOVE the pictureee:D

Dawn Miller on

Kasia – I’ve read thousands of comments on here – and trust me, yours is the stupidest I have ever seen. Do us all a favor and go back to High School and get your GED….and pay extra attention in English class.

Debi on

This is so gross! Pregnant women need to keep their clothes on, and their shirts down!

shannz on

i thought she was a CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this pic is not reflecting that she need a REALITY check!!! (DISAPPOINTED)

Anonymous on

On another note, she has said that she wanted the first name of the baby to start with a c and the middle name to start with a t. I like the name Cade Thomas.



OAN:: I DIDNT KNOW THIS WAS A BASHING SESSION… I wish i could address most of these posts-)especially ecl, nancy and annie since i stopped reading the negative comments after this. for one its not for u or the other (“”)ditto-ers to like. so what if she want to show her stomach SHES F***IN PREGO and F***IN excited as most mothers are!!!!!!!! its better she is naked as it would be awkward her holding up her shirt, or even stupider he dress. No, no one would be excited to see an obese person’s belly b/c it doesnt contain NEW LIFE in that belly only fat.

Sabrina on

I think Tia looks beautiful. Too many people want to stand in judgement of her. One reader had the nerve to say “She WAS a Christian”, well, guess what, SHE STILL IS!!!!! If you really want to go there, the bible says: Let he who is WITHOUT sin, cast the first stone! Tia looks beautiful and I pray many blessings come to her and her husband.

Ariel on

I Think She Looks Pretty.. Y the Negative comments?? bunch of dumb ass HATERS