Maya Rudolph: Delivery Surprises Are a ‘Big Payoff’

05/04/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Tina Kaawaloa/INF

Maya Rudolph is in for a big surprise — and she couldn’t be happier.

As with her first two pregnancies, the Bridesmaids star and partner Paul Thomas Anderson — already parents to daughters Pearl, 5, and Lucille, 18 months — are planning another delivery surprise with their third child.

“I’m excited. The exciting part is not knowing who’s coming,” Rudolph, 38, tells Access Hollywood. “You have to wait nine months for a surprise, but then it’s a good payoff because it really is a surprise.”

And while the couple would love to have a sneak peek at their little one’s features, Rudolph laughs even that has been near impossible!

“The sonograms don’t help because you always try to see the baby’s face, and my babies usually do this in all their ultrasounds,” laughs the expectant mama, while placing her arms over her face.

— Anya Leon

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Sarah S. on

I love this shade of pink–it looks opalescent! Congrats to her; she looks like she’s in the home stretch!

miche on

She sounds so fun and excited. And she looks great.

I’ve done it both ways…finding out and not finding out. I honestly think I enjoyed the pregnancy where I found out more because you can dream, plan, personally shop for, anticipate and even call the baby by their name for those last, hard months of pregnancy.

eribri on

beautiful color but that dress doesnt help her pregnancy figure!

Shannon on

Love the color of the dress, but the sheen is distracting.

Amanda on

Personally, I think it’s a surprise either way. I’ve found out with all 4 of my kids and the birth has always been amazing, exciting and surprising…even though we knew if they were boys or girls. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Poppy on

Peoples obsession to find out what the sex of their baby before hand is painful – WHY do you need to know, it is the one surprise mother nature holds and you have to go ruin it……

Ctaci on

I too have done it both ways and I much prefer to know. I absolutely hated the guessing game people wanted to play when I didn’t know. Some would stand back and judge me by my size and shape. It was horrific.


Loved not know, it was such a great surprise. We know too much about eveyrone’s lives now and this is one of the last, great surprises.

Jax on

If thats what works for her then awesome! But if I ever have a child I’d want to know the gender of my baby, then you can start narrowing down the names

Melody on

I LOVED not finding out what we were having. Yes it is hard not knowing at times, but it was fun hearing what people thought it was. In my opinion, it made that last push before I delivered my son even more exciting. As far as the planning goes, we weren’t able to paint our nursery anyways as we rent, and we saved a whole wack of money by getting second hand baby stuff. Having a neutral babies room is also great, cause it’s not overly cutesy now that my son is older.

Samantha on

I had to confirm what my suspicions were! I knew from the get go my son had the parts he did, but I wanted to make sure :o) I don’t think I could go months and months and not “know” the little, or big in my case, person growing inside. To each his/her own!

Amanda on

How is is an obsession Poppy? These days it takes more effort to NOT know the sex of your baby than to find out. An anatomy scan is pretty standard (and there’s no way I’d go without whether I wanted to find out the sex or not because most importantly I’d want to know my baby was HEALTHY!) and they can usually tell during that scan. Why not know? If some ultrasound tech knows why shouldn’t the mom and dad? It’s also *nature’s* surprise if your baby has a heart defect…but that’s something I personally would want to prepare for.

Melody on

Wow Amanda, comparing not finding out your babies sex to heart defects is just downright ignorant. Why do you think that you have to find out what you’re having when they test for potential problems? You make it sound as if not finding out makes someone a bad mother. People like you just piss me off.

Gaia and labans mom on

Honestly I loved not finding out. I think folks these days are way to practical! Nurseries get decorated and babies eventually get named. Finding out then and there is the biggest surprise. I make sure to tell everyone not to say a word until I hold the baby myself and see for myself. It really is tops!


Waiting till the end of the nine months…..( I did so with my son and my daughter )….is like opening the best gifts ever Christmas morning.

What a terrific surprise !!!

In this world of everything coming to you in an instant….it’s one of the last surprises we can “choose” to receive.

Good for them.