Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Name Twins Monroe and Moroccan

05/04/2011 at 11:30 AM ET
Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Did you guess correctly?

Mariah Carey recently dropped a hint that her newborn twins’ names would each begin with the letter ‘M.’ Now, the mystery has been cleared up.

Carey and hubby Nick Cannon‘s son is named Moroccan Scott Cannon and their daughter is named Monroe Cannon, the couple announced on her official Web site.

Scott is both the middle name of Cannon, 30, and his grandmother’s maiden name. Carey and Cannon’s daughter did not receive a middle name because the singer herself doesn’t have one.

It appears the twins may already have nicknames, as Cannon Tweeted, “Roc and Roe! Let’s go!”

As for the inspiration behind the names, Monroe was named after Marilyn Monroe, who has been an inspiration to Carey, 42, while Moroccan comes from the top-tier of Carey’s New York City apartment, which features Moroccan-inspired décor and was also the site of Cannon’s marriage proposal.

The couple welcomed their twins – their first children – on April 30, their third wedding anniversary, in Los Angeles. To mark the special occasion, they also renewed their wedding vows in the hospital with help from Rev. Al Sharpton.

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Amy on

Beautiful names! Congratulations on 2 healthy babies!

Shannon on

The names don’t really flow well, but congrats to Nick and Mariah!

fUsa on

Love the names!

shannon on

Good choices. Definitely unique and not too “out there.”

Mimz on

I love Monroe and the meaning behind it. I don’t dislike Moroccan, but it’s a mouthful and good luck to the little guy learning to write and spell it. And I hope he doesn’t get too many taunts of More Rockin’.

Toya L. on

I don’t know one person who guessed right. Congratulations to them again, I like that the names have special meanings for them.

tamara on

I love that the names obviously have special meaning to them and for them to be born on their wedding anniversary and to be given these names I think it’s sweet

Anonymous on


Audrey on

Moroccan is an adjective, and the baby isn’t Moroccan, so that’s kind of weird. And if she wanted to name him after her apartment decor, why not the actual place name Morocco? Why an adjective? Only they will ever know, I guess.

As for Monroe, at least it is a name. If I was going to name a baby girl after Marilyn Monroe, I’d choose the pretty and feminine first name Marilyn, rather than the unfeminine (and in my opinion, ugly) Monroe, but at least it is a recognizable and non-embarrassing, actual name, which is more than can be said for most celebrity name choices.

klutzy_girl on

It’s nice to finally know the names!

Monroe is cute, but I’m not quite sure about Moroccan.

mks on

I remember hearing that Nick had said that the names they chose were unique but not too odd (or something like that) and I think they succeeded in that. Beautiful names for what I am sure are two beautiful babies.

Capri on

Awww, Monroe is SOO super cute, love it!! Moroccan is interesting, but I like how they came up with the names. They can always call him Rocco or something!! Can’t wait to see them, Congrats to the Cannons!!

Karen on

To each their own, but… not liking these names at all. Monroe is super cute for a boy, but a girl? I guess it’s not that bad. And Morrocan, wow, that poor child. Can’t say I’m surprised. I know, I know… everyone has the right to name THEIR children, what THEY want.

Tieraney on

Ehh, could be worse I guess. I prefer the daughter’s name, its cute… But Moroccan just seems like a mouthful to me.

Twyla on

“Did you guess correctly?”

LOL, are you kidding me?

An adjective and a surname. Mo & Mo. For twins. Ugh does not even begin to describe it.

What’s wrong with Marilyn if you have to name her after MM? Moroccan Cannon sounds horrible phonetically as well. I really expected more from someone who makes a living off of music. Poor kids.

Gorjess on

All that suspense….for those names. Major letdown.

Christy on


Chloe on

Moroccan Cannon-Carey?! What a mouthful! I bet they are gorgeous children 🙂 I really thought Monroe was the boys name until I read here, but then again I never expected Mariah to be someone who would pick traditional names!

Lily on

Wow. Terrible names.

Jade Crystal on

@Amy, i agree!!!

LOVE them, cannot wait to see how cute they are.

Anonymous on

Good grief…

brannon on

Love Monroe. Super cute … Morrocan cute as well but kind of a mouthful with Cannon …

Mom2boy on

Yup, those are the names I read. Monroe is cute and goes with the wave of boy/girl names we’ve discussed before. Moroccan….I would say it goes with the geographic names that’s also a trend but if that was the case, his name would be Morocco right?

nelly on

Beautiful names especially Monroe but I think Morrocan should have been Morroco instead …but either way cute names …congrats Mimi

Jade Crystal on


NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME TASTE! THATS WHAT MAKES A NAME UNIQUE.. THEY DIDNT ASK FOR YOUR ADVICE. There are lots of names that I dont like. Im not going out of my way to comment on why the names are stupid/terrible on a blog about it.

Mandy on

Well that was a letdown… I like Monroe but not Morrocan. At all.

But its not my kids.

But yeah….I feel let down haha.

All this suspense for THOSE names? Meh. To each their own.

I just can’t wait to see photos.

Bella Mama on

umm.. yeah.

Shannon on

“Moroccan Cannon-Carey?!”

According to the article, their last name is just Cannon.

Ali on

Here we go with more stupid celebrities giving their children ridiculous names. First of all, Moroccan is an adjective. Why would you name your child that? Secondly, not giving your child a middle name because you don’t have one seems quite selfish. Monroe isn’t as bad a Moroccan, thank goodness.

Sydney on

Moroccan? Really?

I thought they were avoiding wacky.

Angel on

Moroccan (Mo Rockin’!) is a bit odd as a name, but I like the meaning behind it. Monroe is boring. I thought the boy was Monroe and the girl was Moroccan at first. Both names could go with either sex. The names are following current trends (place [adj of place] name and surname on girl), so they’re not too surprising.

Brooke on

Really dislike the boys name….Morocco would have been so much better. Moroccan is too much, really. Monroe I don’t have a problem with at all….

Tula on

Horrible names. You sort of expect strange names sometimes, but those are pretty awful! Each to their own though.

Jade – sweetheart, this is a forum, people comment. The world would be a dull and boring place if we all agreed. Just because I and others think the names are bad, doesn’t make us haters.

cara on

Huge guffaw of laughter!!!

Shannon on

Moroccan Cannon is hard to say all together. Poor Monroe doesn’t have a middle name?

M on

Oh jeez, horrible horrible names. I am one who loves unique and somewhat crazy names, but these are too much. I suppose Monroe is decent, but Moroccan is hideous and just ridiculous! As somebody else already pointed out, why give him an adjective name? They could have at least name him Morocco (which would still be pretty silly, but not as bad). I wonder what ties this couple has to Morocco? I’m betting NONE which makes the name even worse.

kirsty on

lol i just posted about this on another post, they didnt print my post and did a feature instead lol.

The names could be a lot worse…to each their own x

Karen on

Hey Jade Crystal…
This is a place for comments… you know, opinions. I don’t think anyone has said anything rude or disrespectful, so RELAX. And, we are not addressing our comments directly to Mariah or Nick. So yeah, we know they didn’t ask for our advice. Chill out.

JM on

Hm not bad. i expected something a lot more out there from them. I quite like Monroe, though Marylin would have been just as nice and maybe more feminine for some.

I don’t get why they didn’t choose Morocco over Moroccan, Moroccan actually makes it sounds more feminine to me and with Morocco they could use Rocco as a nickname. plus it would still honour the thing they are referring to. the reason that the architecture in her apartment is described as Moroccan is because it is an adjective describing something, if someone asked her where the architecture came from she would have to say Morocco so why not just pick that?

anyway, not my kids so it’s entirely up to them of course 🙂 but these are two of the names i have heard more recently from celebrities that i like a little more 🙂 some celebs sure do choose crazy names.

jennifer on

i just love the names of the baby so cute and sweet

jennifer on

love the names

Angie on

What was wrong with Scott for the first name? And I agree with the adjective points–Morocco would make more sense and Rocco would be an good shortened version. Moroccan is like naming a kid Mexican, Pretty, Smallish, or Giggly. I just don’t get it. Then again, these kids will probably not be subjected to much public ridicule–private nannies, tutors, schools, etc. They’ll probably be protected from the more traditional snarky comments non-celebrity kids with quirky names face. I don’t think kids should be teased about their names at all, but why stack the cards against them? I actually thought they would go with more musically-based monikers like: Lyric and Chord (those were my votes). But, someone probably thinks those are weird, too 🙂

Amber on

Morrocan Cannon just runs together and sounds awful.

Monroe is better for a boy, IMO.

The names are not as bad I had imagined (sadly), but they ARE bad.

Alyssa on

I really like both of them! However, I think instead of Moroccan, Morocco might have sounded better with Monroe.

Mira on

Twyla nailed it. Moroccan Cannon? Meet Algerian Pistol. Dumb doesn’t begin to describe this name.

Monroe is okay, but I think if they wanted to honor Marilyn Monroe, they should’ve gone with Marilyn.

Vanessa on

Moroccan?? Lol Maybe they could have went with Marilyn but hey…it’s their choice!

gagirl on

I LOVE the name Monroe Cannon. That’s got a great ring to it and puts you in mind of Harlow Madden. Very different and cute for a girl. The jury’s still out on Moroccan. I find it a little odd and didn’t expect that one at all! But hey, whatever THEY want to name their kids is THEIR business. What I do find funny is they said the names were picked out since the day they met. At what point did Moroccan enter the convo?!?!? Were they just chatting it up about her penthouse and then all of a sudden…..”hey that would be a GREAT name for our future son”?!?!?!?!

Whatever. I’m just glad “dem babies” are here and healthy above all else! I can’t wait to see them. I bet they are beautiful children.

RKF on

She named him “Morroccan” after her favorite penthouse suite in NYC (this came straight from her mouth.) Horrific non-name, and worse meaning. Poor kid has to live his life named after a Nationality & a hotel room.

Ashley on

I have heard the name Monroe quite a few times and always on a girl so it has grown on me. Moroccan does sound more feminine. But it is unique so I kind of like it in that way. It’s interesting. Congrats!

Brittany on

If they wanted your alls opinions they would have said What does the public think of these names?So you all are supposed to congradulate them not tell them how much you hate the names.I like the names alot.

Eulalia on

I want to comment so bad, and have sooooo much to say about it, but it is NOT my business and I am going to be far more adult than most and not say anything at all…

Some of you could learn from me!!!

martina on

So it’s Mo and Mo… well, it doesn’t really matter. Huge congrats on two healthy babies. I actually like Monroe Cannon. Moroccan Cannon is a mouthful, but to each their own.

123abc on

These names are selfish and childish, just like the parents. Not once did they consider the children or how these names will be received and perceived as the kids get older. The names may have meaning to the parents, but that’s about it. Monroe is a boy’s name and Moroccan is a style or an adjective, not a name. What will they be called? Mo and Roe?

Heidi K. on

Mira — you cracked me up with “Moroccan Cannon? Meet Algerian Pistol.” Too funny!! It IS odd to name a child with an adjective, that’s all there is to it…

Becca on

HORRIBLE! Monroe is not a female name! Why not Marilyn? Moroccan is just dumb.

Sydney on

Brittany – they released public statements about the births, the initials and now the full names. Of course they are inviting people to comment.

There were plenty of congratulations given out in the birth announcement post. Just because you happen to like the names, doesn’t mean everyone else will share your opinion.

Georgina on

Did I imagine it, or did someone else recently name their child Morocco? I dont remember who it was, nor if the baby was a girl or a boy, but I remember them coming not long after Alicia Keys’ Egypt.

Monroe is a very old male name, its reminds me of old gentry who live in stately homes and have butlers! So it conjours up a little old man to me, which makes it odd calling a sweet little baby, let alone a girl it. I agree Marilyn is a nicer name, but I dont get why youd want to name your baby after her, shes not exactly idol material, nor someone youd want your daughter to emulate!

Alma on

Moroccan isn’t a name, its a nationality !
I like Monroe though, but the poor boy

Karen on


Let me give you your Brownie badge. And guess what, you did comment and we all know what you think, so you might as well have just said it.

Jen DC on

@ Mira: OK, I’m dying over here – “Moroccan Cannon, meet Algerian Pistol.” I gotta go; I need to find a quiet corner in which to howl with laughter where it won’t disturb anyone else.

Monroe is fine. Not particularly feminine, but hey, at least it won’t lead to (particularly) cruel jokes on the playground.

Toya L. on

Hopefully they wont release pictures but I doubt it.

fuzibuni on

Oh Mimi.

Shawna on

What is wrong with all these celebrity parents? Are they trying to make their children sound completely ridiculous???

Just me on

Congratulations 4 the babies! but the names….
Ummm, well, no comment! 😛

Kat on

While I’m not a fan of last names and first names, Monroe follows the ‘Madison’ trend for a little girl.

I agree the Morocco sounds nicer, why name a child after a nationality? Maybe he and French Stewart can be good friends.

JMO on

Gorjess – my thoughts exactly!


Alice on

I like Monroe, but Moroccan? Good grief. Maybe the will call him Moro for a nickname which wouldn’t be so bad.

Rose on

I don’t mind Monroe, but Moroccan is awful! Morocco would of been much better, hopefully it’s a typo !

Nicknames would be Monny and Morry, which is cute.

Romy on

really horrible names, but what do they care what I think? When I read it (on justjared)I thought Monroe would be the boy at first. I am shocked she did not go girly for her daughter. Marilyn would have been better. I really don’t like the meaning behind them either. Again, they don’t care what I think, I am just giving my underwhelmed opinion. I am not a celeb worshipper, just enjoy the entertainment.

Kari on

Monroe: Adorable!! Love it!
Moroccan: WHAT???? Poor baby…

kris on

Moroccan is a nationality, not a name.
Monroe is a boys name.

Romy on

and of course they both begin with M!!

molly on

I really like Monroe and I like that they are differently without being crazy so the kids will suffer later on! I have to say though, with names, I have learned not to judge because something that someone else doesn’t like might hold a very special and meaningful place for the couple and their families. Congrats to them, can’t wait to see some adorable photos!

Monie on

Well, if it is press they wanted – press they got!

They probably thought that they had to go to such an extreme (confusing the entire USA with their choices) in order to get front page news after Bin Laden was murdered.

It isn’t my children that have to live with these names…

Marlee on

I really like Monroe. Moroccan is too much of a mouthful. Perhaps they can call him Scott?

Monroe and Scott sounds OK together.

Sara on

Not a fan of the names at all!! but to each his own. Congrats to them!

Kat on

I like Monroe… I see it more gender neutral, because it could be in honor of Marilyn Monroe… but I’m not feeling the boy name… I could have felt it more if they went with the name of that country, not the adjective for the citizens… Plus, I’d be worried he’d end up being called Maury (but spelled differently) as Maury Povich

Tianna on

Good Luck !

Jade Crystal on

I am well aware that this is a forum, ladies… thank you. Just like your “opinions” can be expressed, so can mine.

sky on

not a fan of those names. i guess they wanted to go with the m’s and be different. is it morocco for short?

Jaedyn on

I like Monroe… for a boy. Moroccan is awful. Especially with the last name. MorroCAN CANnon? Well…

Soph on

Well, they were never gonna call them Mick and Maureen

Olivia on

Audrey, I agree. Morocco would have been a little better choice in my opinion. Plus I find it weird to name a baby after the decor in one’s apartment. Overall, meh and both the names.

Chantal on

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the names was.. “Ehh.. Excuse me?”

The names don’t go with the last name. It just doesn’t flow right.

Monroe isn’t a bad name. But Moroccan? I sort of hope for that little boy’s sake he will be called Scott.

But other than this: Congrats to the family! I bet those little ones will be very beautiful!

Sarah S. on

I agree with Alma. Moroccan is a nationality!! Maybe they could have named him Morocco instead. Monroe is not as bad, but at first I thought it was the boy’s name–not the girl’s. Not crazy about these names at all, but then again they’re not mine to name!

SarahJane on

I’m so glad that they were able to conceive and now have 2 healthy children. Congratulations to them. We all know how much they wanted this.

That being said…Moroccan? I mean, Monroe is at least a name, but Moroccan? Perhaps he’ll go by Scott.

ecl on

Ok, first, who names a kid after decor in one’s apartment?! I agree with Olivia on that. Why is the meaning behind that considered cute to anyone? Second, Monroe? That woman killed herself because she was so unhappy. How is that a role model for women?! Normally, I don’t comment on names because I pretty much don’t care, even when they sound ridiculous. But these names aren’t just ugly, the meaning behind them is awful.

Marilyn on

I would have named her Marilyn if she was honoring Marilyn Monroe and Morrocan doesn’t sound right for a name. It sounds like he’s of Morrocan decent, not a boy’s name. Also, Monroe sounds like a boy’s first name more than a girl’s name.

Holly on

i think its interesting that people are commenting “What a letdown” or “horrible names” really everyone? What right do we have to decide if what they have decided to name their children is “acceptable” to us? Would you ever make a comment like that to a family member, or to a friend if you didnt like what they chose for a name? I think the names are great, they obviously have special meaning to Nick and Mariah and I wish them nothing but good health and lots of happiness 🙂

Kelly on

to each his own I guess!!! I am sure the babies are beautiful!

megan on

Another site says the boy will go by the NN Roc….so I guess its not that bad. It would have been kind of corny…but they could have done Marlilyn for the girl and Monroe for the boy 🙂

emily on

hate the names.Georgina Mike Tyson named his son morocco.

x on

Named after Decor. Yeah I’m going to have a kid and name it Walmart.

Momma on

I suppose it could have been worse. She could have named one of them after where they got married. “Amusement Park Cannon.” At least the boy has the option of “Scott” when he gets older. That poor little girl is stuck with Monroe.

Toya L. on

She said Marilyn Monroe was an inspiration to her not a role model for women. Nobody said the meaning behind them naming their children was cute, we thought the fact that their children’s names had meaning for THEM was cute/sweet.

Jennifer on

When I read Monroe, the first thing that popped in my head was that TV show from the eighties, Two Close for Comfort. The neighbor’s name was Monroe.

angelika on

Is the boy going to wear a baby djelaba?

Tess on

Both names are downright terrible. Those poor babies.

Barbra on

Uhm. Let’s be honest here. Monroe is a beautiful name for a boy or a girl. Moroccan is the dumbest name out there except for Bronx. Kids will call him moron instead. He was named because she has a room named Moroccan not because he’s important to her. She could have come up with such a nicer more meaningful name for her son and she didn’t. Insanity!! I love Mariah, but I think she’s a idiot also.

B.J. on

Oh boy… Monroe is alright, but Moroccan is just…. huh. I have to agree, Morocco would have been better. I don’t even….

Kat on

Of course this narcissist named her kids beginning with the letter M…everything revolves around her. She is the most stuck on herself celebrity I have ever seen. I feel sorry for these kids being named an adjective because “that’s where daddy proposed” and given the last name of a star with whom Carey has NOTHING in common.

Yes, I’m a hater, so let a hater hate.

mommytoane on

People don’t want comments on things, they wouldn’t make them public.

Unique names. Not something I would have picked, but to each their own. Bright side, at least Marilyn Monroe’s real name wasn’t used (Norma Jeane Mortenson/Baker).

soph on

Agree, Audrey. These names reek of desperation. “Marilyn” wasn’t edgy enough for them…

Eulalia, you win for the most ridiculous post I’ve ever seen here…posting to say you’re not going to post and then expecting a medal for it. Hahahaha.

abbyc on

I thought Monrow would be for the boy. Moroccan….seriously that’s the dumbest name. I wouldn’t even name my puppy that….

Beth on

Monroe cute name for a girl. Moroccan terrible terrible name might as well went w/ Moroccan Slipper Cannon since its a adjective. Morocco at least would of followed trends naming baby’s after places. Congrats for them though on the twins.

Vicky on

So stupid!! Morrocan?? What idiot names their kid after the way they designed a room in their house. Geez! Mariah please come to your senses and let’s give it another go…LOL Understandably you were overwhelmed with the task of naming two babies and Nick clearly has no say in the matter so…LOL LOL!! Come on!! Once and again…please you can do this…LOL!

Michelle Z. on

I hope they call their son ‘Rocco’, because Rocco Cannon sounds like a great name!

stephanie on

WOW Monroe should be the boy name that’s not bad beats Moroccan and I pick a girl name for them since she have money and she like the M theme I would call the girl Madison but it is her child

Vicki on

I’m fine with the names on their own, but I don’t like them together. “Roc and Roe” (their nicknames as stated above by Nick) sound too much like “Rock n’ Roll” to me.

Romy on

I thought she’d go with Mariposa for a girl, which would have been better.

CMC on

They can go by Roc and Roe

But yeah. I don’t care for them at all.

Ronda on

I like their possible nicknames much better they can call them Roc and Roe;)

L on

Ok, yuck! Poor babies…

Becky on

Like the name Monroe ok enough for the girl, don’t care for the boy’s name at all.. I don’t see anything wrong with the girl not having a middle name as a lot of women after marriage use their maiden name as a middle name..I think it’s great that they names mean something to them, but you’re really gonna tell your son that he was named after an apartment building? Bless his heart..

@x..Oh my, LMFAO over that one..Would you call him Wall or Mart?

Mandy on

Regardless of who his parents are Moroccan is set up with a name to make fun of. I’m just stating a fact, not hating on them. Kids are cruel. That is well known. And he’s going to be picked on. I can’t believe he was named after HER apartment. Everything revolves around her.

Poor Rocco.

Macy on

Terrible names! Monroe is a boys name, and Moroccan is an ethnicity!

mommashane on

I’m waiting for Paris (Hilton) to babysit Morrocan, Egypt (Alicia Keys’ baby) and Bronx. Paris Bronx Egypt Morrocan I’m sure I’m missing some other name places.

Amanda on

Monroe is okay, I guess I just imagined that Mariah Carey would give her daughter a much more feminine name and Monroe is definitely not feminine. I do love the name Marilyn, which IMO is not terribly popular so it would still be unique without being too out there.

Moroccan?????? That’s out there, and I agree, named after her apartment decor?

Mariana on

Hate the names. Kind of disappointing.

Mia on

Glad their 2 babies are healthy–but I don’t like the names at all–but I guess they could call the girl “Roe” and the boy “Rocko” for short–that works.

Jeisa on

Did anyone notice that “moroccan” sounds like a blend of “mara” from Mariah and “can” from cannon? So it’s a blend of her name and his last name?

I’m curious to see if anyone agrees. Do u know what I’m trying to say?

K on

First thing that came to mind when they revealed the names began with M&M was eminem!! hahahahaha

Carrie Jo on

Still very happy for them. I’m not a big fan of the nsmes. Usually I don’t have too much of an opinion on names, but these names…Well, what ever. They chose the names they liked for their babies. I do thing Morocco would have been better.

Jeisa on

Moroccan sounds like a mix of Mariah and cannon

criticaleye on

What did you expect after “dem babies”? I knew it was coming…sure not Elizabeth and George, lol.

Victoria-Jane on

Can’t say I’m keen on either name but feel ego has been satisfied on Mariah’s part – both babies have her initials – makes me wonder how hard Nick had to work to sneak Scott in there! What a mouthful for a little chap to say Moroccan Scott Cannon so many c’s and nationalities he’s neither moroccan or a scot and there are so many more pretty country names beginning with M like Martinique, Mali or even Monaco. As someone commented earlier it is definitely something you’d expect to find in a museum with a detail label underneath! How lucky was I that my parents didn’t call me Victorian because I’d be Victorian Farmer now! That aside I’m sure they’re both beautiful and will grow into their names in the same way that Brooklyn Beckham has (what a stir that caused in the UK)and they still have faired better than poor Blanket or Audio Science!! Each to their own world would be very dull if it were full of Jane and John’s I suppose!

monkey on

Hey, I gotta give her a little credit. These names are pretty dumb, but I thought she was gonna give them way dumber names, like Butterfly Lamb or Honey Bear. Considering the subject, she could have done way worse.

Nancy on

I just wonder what is up with celebrities. In my city, I have never heard of so many strange names.

It is as if celebrities think “Im a celebrity, I have to think of a unique name that nobody else has” Far be it from them to name their kid Ethan, Jacob, Katelyn or Ellie.

These kids have to live with these names forever!!

Brooke on

Wait – she named him after a ROOM?????? Bad choice on the parents parts…Morocco would have worked so much better. Morocco and Monroe I could have dealt with. Then again, they are not my kids and I won’t be the one being teased.

Mandy on

How about Target Walmart.

Or Jewel Meijer.

Or Aldi Kohls.

Or how about Dominicks Borders.

J.C. Penney. T.J. Maxx

Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bahahahaha. This is too fun.

Michelle Z. on

I thought the boy would be called Monarch.

Hen on

Monroe= Cute

BUT It MUST be Morocco. I bet it is a typo or something. right? Mariah, Nick??? Anyone?? please clarify! Say it aint so!!!!

Georgina on

Thank you Emily!! Couldn’t think who it was!

jessicad on

I almost named my daughter Monroe so I love that! Moroccan is cute too!

Molly on

Not bad names. Nancy, I hope you know not everyone is unable to handle unique names like you. Deal with it

J on

Yikes, LOL!

Anya on

Not a fan of the names at all, but the nicknames are actually pretty cute: Roc and Roe.

showbizmom on

I’m super happy for anyone that become parents. I honestly don’t get the name of their son. their daughter’s name is cool, but I just don’t get the son’s name. I wish them the best in life and hope that can lead somewhat normal lives with parents that are such public figures. God Bless them

Cecelia on

Monroe is nice. As for Moroccan, it’s not my cup of tea. If they named him Morocco, it still wouldn’t be my style but I’d understand it because some people like place names. Despite the original meaning, it still makes me think of various nationalities so I’m visualizing children named Irish and Chinese instead of Ireland and China.

Regardless, those babies aren’t mine so it’s not my decision what they’re named. It’s sweet that they chose names that had meaning for them.

Congratulations to the new family of four.

Amanda on

Awful. Poor kids!!!

Amanda on


AnnieG on

LOVE Monroe, but don’t like Morroccan – would have been so much better as Morroco, but not my kids!

Roc & Roe is so cute ;p

Tia on

Nick and Mariah have both said PUBLICLY that they feel like 12 year olds.So what did you people expect.I wonder how Mariah will cope with motherhood.Once she finds out that kids arn’t pets.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Monroe I like – Morroccan not so much – a mouthful!

sarawara on

Simmah down, people. The world has enough Bailey’s, Haley’s and Kaylee’s and yes, there’s even a Naleigh.

Monroe Cannon? Beautiful. It’s reminiscent of Harlow Madden. Very old Hollywood glamour; very fitting for Mariah Carey’s only daughter.

Rocco Cannon? Also beautiful. Strong. Personally, I can’t wait to SEEEE these gorgeous children. You know they’re going to be good looking!

ashley on

Beautiful names ??? Really?? Come on people. He came out saying its not going to be anything crazy. Uh I would say thats exactly what it is..Moraccan is not a name and I feel sorry for those kids. THese celebrities just think about getting that oh my god factor and dont think about what these kids are going to feel like in future! So gross!

Sydney on

samwara – Rocco Cannon would be a lovely name. But they didn’t choose Rocco – they chose Moroccan.

You might want to revise your use of apostrophes too.

Tee on

My goodness, those are interesting names. I don’t like either one of them but they aren’t my babies. Quite frankly, I’m just glad they announced them and aren’t dragging it out anymore.

Victoria-Jane on

@Mandy personally I feel the world would be a better place with a handful of Bohemian Rhapsodies – I have a sister in law and niece expecting within the next 6 months i’m going to put Bohemian Rhapsody and Lidl Tesco forward as suitable names!

Laura on

Oh my… As many of you have said. WTF to Moroccan? It’s an ADJECTIVE!! And a nationality… I seriously said to my mom “That would be like naming the baby Mexican or Chinese or American” I find it utterly ridiculous. Naming your baby after a place is not too weird to me but not an adjective! Like “Morocco” would make much more sense to me…

I’m not a huge fan of Monroe either (think it sounds like a boy name) But it’s not too horrible.

Tru on

Their names are hideous!

Allison J on

Not loving the names AT ALL. But, hey, they are not my kids, so more power to Nick and Mariah. To me, Roc and Roe sound like “Rock n’ Roll.” LOL

RKF on

Uh, Sarawara? They didn’t name their child Rocco, the child’s name is MOROCCAN. Are you reading the same article as the rest of us? It’s not likely a reader of a blog can just choose a nickname for them.

Alice on

Ohh, uhhh I’ll just say I love the nicknames Roc and Roe.

Rosy on

Holy terrible names, batman. What the hell were they thinking, those sound like dog names!

Hilary on

I like the name Monroe, but for some reason it doesn’t really seem fitting. I guess I expected an ultra-feminine name for their daughter and Monroe isn’t. Not a big fan of the name Moroccan, but at least he can go by some semi-normal nicknames when he gets older, if he chooses.

Luna on

Moroccan Cannon? How about Can-Can as nickname instead of Roc.

Marci on

I think that everybody who picked on Peyton Manning for naming his girl Mosley should apoligize! I would rather have a girl named Mosley than a boy named Moroccan! On the other hand, Roc and Roe (as Nick is calling them) is super cute!

Marci on


Niko on

Monroe for a girl is kind of interesting. Morroccan is out there for a boy, but whatever. The boy will have an easier adolescent life by shortened his name to “Mory”. Congrats to the Carey-Cannon family!

Tatum on

Those names were major let downs…Monroe is decent at least it is within the realm of unique but not wacky. Moroccan is just plain wacky, hopefully they will call him Scott!

Mandy on

I’m waiting for the April Fool’s butttt its May….so yeah.

JM on

Brittany it would be a lot easier to take you seriously if you had written your post with a basic understanding of spelling and grammar.

i never get the posts that argue that we shouldn’t give our opinions on names. do you think that mariah and nick are so fragile that they can’t stand reading the fact that strangers don’t like the names they gave their kids? come on, you don’t choose two names like that without expecting comments. as far as issues go this one is pretty trivial and harmless so why not discuss it? it’s not hurting anyone.

oh, and to the poster above. i still think mosley is a horrible name for a girl, but then so are yardley, sloane, logan and gaia in my opinion, but they just seem more popular in america…

Romy on

Roc and Roe is just as silly imo. Who wants to be a girl named Roe? not me.

B.J. on

I actually rather like Roe, it’s cute! Roc and Roe, however…. Somewhat comical! Still, I love Mariah for everything that everyone else hates her for. I’d be vain too if I could hit those high notes! She’s got the World Record for highest note ever sung. I am impressed!

Wonder who the babies look like, and how long before they release pictures?

Vanessa on

Sorry but not a fan of either name, especially the boy.

schultz on

Monroe for a girl sounds a little stripper-ish to me. No?

soph on

Roe as in Roe v. Wade? Yeah, super cute…

Debbie on

What stupid names!!! Jesus!! These stars are making mockery out of names now!!!!! Just pick a normal name, just because you want to have a different name doesn’t mean you have to make up names that are soooo &^%$##%^&**%@!*!! Honest to God….

D on

I’m surprised at how many people are commenting on the lack of a middle name and saying it’s “selfish” not to give one.

I don’t have a middle name, my sister doesn’t have a middle name and two of my cousins don’t have middle names.

My mother always said she thought our first names were so pretty that we didn’t need them. I never cared.

Maddie on

I actually don’t mind Monroe. I think it’s cute, although I don’t really associate it with a girl.

Moroccan on the other hand…well…I would understand Morocco. But an adjective as a name just seems odd to me. I actually don’t think it would be too awful except it doesn’t flow well with the rest of the name.

Molly on

So much whining over complete strangers names. Deal with it. Whining about it here isn’t going to change anything

Rachael on

I like Monroe, but do agree that Monroe Cannon sounds like a stripper name…

Moroccan is a bit odd, I hope they have a good nickname for this kid as he’s really going to need it as he gets older and into school.

I honestly thought they’d come up with much worse names, I expected them to come up with something around the lines of where the kids were conceived, or what they were drinking/eating at the time! 🙂

Nickle on

Woa! Woa! Blessings to Mariah and Nick and congratulations on the birth of your beloved children! Parents teach your kids not to make fun of kids names! Unless they are friends! Names of your children are to be special for the parents! The twins will accept the love of Nick and Mariah and will never ever be unhappy with their names! I would put money on it! We live in a different world and children who are taught to respect everyone will do so, our society is moving towards being more tolerant of differences! Nick and Mariah live a hip hop celebrity, very wealthy life, those kids will be going to school with others on the same level! Ask your kid if they like their plain name. Don’t be surprised if they don’t care for it!

soph on

Psst, D, only one person said it was selfish.

Zoey on

I guess if Roman is a name than Moroccan can be too.

I think it is rather silly that they named him after a room and Monroe doesn’t have a middle name like her brother. I think they should have named them both without a middle name. It looks so weird with Monroe not having one and Moroccan getting one.

I like Monroe because of Marilyn Monroe. I think she should added a more girly middle name to fall back if Monroe doesnt like her name. Monroe is just very unisex.

But they are their kids not mine. So Congrats Mariah and Nick! 😀

Ashleigh on

I’m not a fan of the names, but they aren’t my children so it’s not my choice. I just feel sorry for Moroccan when he is trying to learn how to spell/write his name. I understand how people want their children to have unique & uncommon names, but sometimes celebrities go a little far. But again, they aren’t my children.

God Bless the family and may they continue to have happy and healthy babies!

Marky on

I went through a lot to have my daughter, and it was difficult to come up with a name we thought would be one she would love and others would like and never be ridiculed. It appears neither Mariah or Nick thought about that when naming these babies who may be their only children. Wow, there is just nothing cute, beautiful, or anything positive about either of these names, which the children have to live with forever. I seriously doubt either one will ever look at their parents and say, “I love my name!”

Lauren on

Ewwwww…..those poor kids.

Lauren on

I feel bad for those babies….what horrible names….especially the boy who was named after DECOR. WTH?????

Elena on

Moroccan Cannon! Wahahahahahahaha poor rich kid………LOL sorry I think this name is just ridiculous….

Anon on

Stupid. Immature. Attention-seeking.

Nothing surprising here, given the parents!

Will be entertaining to see how Mariah handles motherhood, in addiion to losing what looked to be 80+ pounds during her pregnancy…

twalker60649 on

My 1 year old daughter is named Monroe Elyse, so clearly I adore the name. Congrats to the happy couple! At the end of the day, they had two healthy babies. That’s all that really matters.

Beatrice on


Heather on

I think Monroe is cute, but Moroccan? I’d be down with Morocco, but I don’t like Moroccan. Roc and Roe? that’s totally cute.

Appreciate on

Weird that one twin gets a middle name and the other doesn’t, no matter what the reasoning.

M1 on

Wow. Moroccan. Eeek. Monroe’s not so bad.

I guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t live in the house that was featured in her cribs episode anymore. If I recall everything was all shabby chic. Shabby Chic Cannon.

Sarah M. on

It says Nick has already started calling them Roc and Roe. We’ll see if those stick.

Mike Tyson named his youngest son Morocco. Gena Lee Nolan and Cory Hulst (??) named their daughter Stella Monroe. I’ve heard of a few other females named Monroe lately.

I prefer Morocco over Moroccan. I could see Moroccan, but for a girl. I prefer Monroe for a boy. But they are as bad as they could have been, imo.

Congrats to them!

MiB on

Even though word names are not my cup of tea, I don’t actually mind the fat that the name is an adjective (as opposed to the more common noun). After all, I have heard plenty of adjective names out there, my neighbours son Kind comes into mind. What really made me laugh out loud was the combination Moroccan Scott! I guess I will always keep wondering if this precious little American boy is supposed to be a Scot from Morocco or a Moroccan from Scotland 🙂

Anyways, congrats to the happy new parents!

Manouche on

I already see their futurs nicknames at school … “The Mo…rons” hahaha

Vanessa on

Moroccan is something you eat, not name a child.

Poor kid.

Jemma on

So if they’re attention seeking and naming their kid a nationality, or an adjective as some said, what about all these other celebrities who name their kids after careers (Pilot and CrimeFighter – if that is a career?? lol), numbers (Seven) and food (Peanut)

Yes I also may too have preferred Morocco, but they’re actually not THAT weird compared to others.


Jemma on

and not forgetting of course audio science among many other odd names.

I would absolutely love to be a postwoman in America in the future delivering letters to a Miss. Moxie Crimefighter and a Mr. Pilot Inspektor.
What a laugh.

kait on

feel like Mariah Carey’s kid is going to have this conversation a lot in his life…. “So you’re Moroccan?” “No I’m American! My name is Moroccan.” “Oh, cool what is your name?” “MOROCCAN.”

patty on

What are they thinking.

Jane on

Monroe is OK and could have been for either child. It would have been nicer, at least to me, to have a family name, not a dead actress, but not my child. However their son is going to have to go to school with other little 5-6 year olds who may be nice, but they are still children and no matter what the training, can be cruel about names, and it does not matter that your parents are rich entertainers. Parents should give more thought to that and that includes some of the other crazy names. It is all about being somewhat selfish to me. Agree with one thing though–named after room decor?!?

Treva on

The names are better than Jet or Apple, so what can I say. I thought it was weird at 1st (Moroccan?), but people name their kids Paris, India & even America so what is wrong with Moraccan? It’s kinda cute

Jennifer on

Give Carey credit – she obviously showed some restraint for once. I really expected the names to Mariah and Mariah. I’m just surprised she didnt make Nick change his first name to one that starts with “M” so he would have her initials too. Monroe is nice. Moroccan Cannon sounds like some kind of antique weaponry, but at least he can shorten it.

Me on

Though, I’m sure the every child’s name has a special place in their parents heart but these celeb babies are just ridiculous. Shame on the entourage/friend/family that did speak up and point this out to parents ahead of time! As a rule, name a child a name that they would be proud to introduce when then are 40 + not only as a cute infant.

Risha on

Great names chooses! I wouldn’t have named my children those names but I really like them for Nick & Mariah. Nicknames will be used for sure: Monroe(ROE) & Moroccan(ROC)

Alexandria S. Richardson on

Congrats on the birth of your twins!

I was disappointed in the name choices. Their daughter should have had a prettier name. If Marilyn Monroe was Mariah’s inspiration, then why not name her Marilyn? It also begins with “M”.

The ideas they had as for why they chose these names are touching, but should have been used as middle names. Nicole/Nicholette would have been a nicer choice for the baby girl. (Just my opinion)

kristine on

Jennifer – LOL! Too funny!

Treva, I would agree if they had named their son Morocco..but since they made it the nationality that would realistically change Paris to Parisian, India to Indian, America to American, and so on. Not names you hear often, if ever!

Not a fan of either of these names, but agreed they’re better than others I’ve heard!

Mira on

“feel like Mariah Carey’s kid is going to have this conversation a lot in his life…. “So you’re Moroccan?” “No I’m American! My name is Moroccan.” “Oh, cool what is your name?” “MOROCCAN.””

Mwahahaha. So well said, kait.

And, btw, roe, means fish eggs. Not a cute nickname.

Jackie on

Congratulations to Mr.and Mrs. Cannon on their two healthy babies.I think that their choice of names for their twins are cute!!!

Terri on

Oh my jesus………what were they thinking? Did they even take into consideration that these kids will have to live with these names for the rest of their lives. Monroe is bad enough but Moroccan…thats not even a name for the love of god. It doesnt even flow when you say it. I like unusual names but this is just ridiculous. My daughter has friends that are twins and their names are just as bad. Ebony and “Mahogany”. Nothing like naming your kid after a piece of wood or better yet, when other kids give her the nickname “Hog”.

Liza on


Stef on

AWFUL. Seriously, Moroccan??

carol on

Come on, you Guys !!..seriously !!..MOROCCAN ???..Nick, YOU R FIRED !!and Mariah, You should know better !!..That pooooor Child will absolutely HATE U !!..U still have time to change it for the Childs sake..You 2 flubbed it !!

Maddie on

Silly names, particularly Morocco. Giving children names that are hard to understand, say and spell is like a lifelong curse, not a blessing.

Catca on

Normally I think it’s rude to say negative things about what people name their kids, but it’s pretty well known that people do it and Mariah and Nick sent out the teasing twitter asking people to guess. They pretty much set themselves up for the comments so while I still thinks it’s a bit rude, Mariah and Nick did pretty much roll out the welcome mat for the comments.

I did always find it odd when a child is given a longer name that many people jump to the idea about how hard it will be for the poor child to learn to spell their own name. It feels like you’re advocating for setting the bar low for your child. What’s wrong with a challenge and teaching them the confidence that comes with overcoming challenges? Learning to spell a longer name isn’t exactly an insurmountable challenge for a child. Of all the negative comments about names, that one has always come across the silliest to me.

And as far as the “kids can be cruel” thing – it really depends on the name. Just having a different name can cause some teasing, but that teasing can help make your child stronger too, and kids will find other things to tease a kid about if they can’t come up with anything with the name. Having said that, there are some names that do go a bit far and can be unfair to name a child.

mg on

simply awful.

Jules on

Moroccan Cannon??? Did they say those two names together before they named him? That’s sounds horrible. I hope they have a nickname for the poor kid.

Jennifer Chew on

I understand that there are parents who want to have the names of their children be unique (I remember going to high school with a boy whose actual name was Golden). Having a name that is not as common is fine, but there should be a line. Parents should know what that line is, and not to cross it. Most importantly realize what would happen to the children as they get older an go to school with those unique names. It’s a well known fact that children that goes to school with children with unique names will get teased. Trust me, I remember Golden telling me in when we were in high school together that he was teased continuously throughout his years in school because of his name. And because of the constant teasing he went through because of his name, he had the thought cross his mind many times about killing himself.

I don’t like my name either because when I was in school, I remember going to school with at least 20-30 other girls with the same name as me. I often make jokes about the fact that my parents had no imagination at all when they did name me, so they end up giving me one of the most common female names out there. I don’t know what is worse, having a very common name like mine, or having an extremely uncommon one. But parents do need to realize these things when naming their children, and know what the repercussions are when naming their children.

twalker60649 on

@ Catca – Well said! Couldn’t have said it better myself

soph on

I’m so tired of the “better than Apple” comments, they’ve been going on for years now. Poor Apple Martin. No, Moroccan is not better than Apple.

sarawara on

Oh people. If you’d read the ENTIRE article you’d see that Mariah herself has already nicknamed them Roc and Roe, and not (as you suggest) some blog or reader.

And Sydney: ””””””””

mochababe73 on

I was expecting something else, but I guess that it’s okay.

To be honest, the name Monroe is growing on me even though the only three Monroes that I know are all men named after a grandfather who has been deceased for about 10/15 years. Harlow grew on me, too. She’s named after Jean.

But, the more I hear the name Moroccan, the more I dislike it.

But, to each his own. That’s what makes the world go ’round. Anything is better than Apple.

dalla on

They should call them Roc and Roe. . I love them as a couple and wish them only good things.

Anon on

Actually, I like Apple and Moses and maybe even Peanut better than Moroccan!! Maybe they’ll “wake up” and change the names before it goes too far/long?? (crossing fingers…)

Verna on


Pauline on


Jude on

Oh yes, Monarch would have been nice! Monroe and Monarch.

Moroccan is idiotic! Why not call your son Nepalese, South Korean or Danish!… Ugh!

Kaylie on

I love how there’s meaning behind the names right down to the middle names (or not middle names?). And the nicknames Roc and Roe are so cute!

Mira on

I much, much prefer both Pilot Inspector and Moxie Crimefighter to Moroccan. At least, the former two showcase the parents’ sense of humor. Moroccan just shows that his mother is a megalomaniacal idiot.

Abi on

So Roc and Roe?? sound much like Rock and Roll?? LOL! I kid you not I went to middle school with a girl named Lasagne. They used to call the kids who had detention name’s over the loud speaker, and guess who pretty much had detention every day. Yup, Lasagna Larkin (her full name). Moroccan is a bit off the wall, and to be named after the way you have your loft designed is a bit weird, especially if your sister is named after a movie icon. To each their own, good thing they have famous parents :o)

Karin on

I don’t know if someone has posted this already, but Mark McGwire has a daughter named Monroe, one of his triplets. The others are Marlo and Monet. Haven’t heard Moroccan before, though!

Kasee on

I don’t think Monroe is a stripper name, it sounds actually quite classy to me. If it makes me think of anything I’d say President Monroe.

cherie on

Moroccan Scott? Why not Irish Joe or American Jimmy? It’s a good thing these kids don’t have to get real jobs when they grow up.

Black on

Whether one likes the names are neither here or there. This is a 42 year old woman and a 30 year old man (husband and wife) who have decided upon the names of their children. From the majority of the posts,I would imagine that the children will face the same kind of teasing and ridicule that is displayed here. So sad that we find it difficult to accept differences. Even sadder when we are unable to tolerate them. Let’s be realistic, these children may love their names and the meaning attached to them. Hopefully the parents will teach them to be self assured – totally confident in who they are as individuals. Congratulations Nick and Mariah.



We get to name our babies and they get to name their babies.

None of our business. : )

jimmy hanley on

Monroe is not a girls name of all the girl names in the world poor kid !!

jimmy hanley on

POOR kid to be named monroe thats not a girls name why do celebs name their kid crazy names and they have normal names !!

joueala ronaele on

really not-good names..i dont get why you would name ur child after “your house’s decors”..and marilyn isnt bad..why does it have to be monroe?

AlaBella on

Definitely not my cup of tea. Poor kids! I’m almost surprised Mariah didn’t throw some Butterfly or Rainbow in

Kate on

It’s like that comedian Louis CK said. “There are no laws when it comes to naming your children. There should be a couple of laws…”

Kate on

I have heard a lot worse in real life with no meaning behind it. I find that the flow is the worst. The can-can thing. Did they not say it out aloud? Names have such a broad spectrum I guess. The boys name is borderline. I feel more for the kids without famous parents with names that are a lot more obscure than this.

Kate on

One more thing. While I am not saying this is what happened, it does bother me when parents use their child’s name to set a trend, because it is the kid who is left wearing it if it backfires.

Princess on

I was awaiting with great anticipation the names of Mariah and Nick’s babies and was rather disappointed. LOVE the name Monroe (for either a girl or boy). Morrocan, I beg to differ. It just doesn’t sound “right” as a child’s name.

My next statement may sound a bit corny, but since Marilyn Monroe was Mariah’s inspiration, it would have been super sweet to pay homage to her by naming the baby girl~Marilyn and the baby boy~Monroe. I KNOW they would have gotten a lot of slack on having her children named Marilyn/Monroe but they are receiving lots of slack now with “Moroccan”.

BTW, why no middle name for the girl ’cause her Mom doesn’t have one? Doesn’t make too much sense to me, but dem is not my babies! 😉

Emma on

I love the nicknames. I think they’re better suited for babies. the actual names- are going to take some getting used to. But congratulations none-the-less!

Ashley on


Celine on

Why do some people feel the need to give weird names to their children? I’ve noticed much more last names used as first, or names that would fit a dog or a robot better than a baby.
Please, think about the little ones who will have to spend their lives trying to explain why their parents were so selfish…

tph on

Both names are awful, and the tweet hashtag #dembabies is ridiculous.

Brooklyn on

I don’t like the names at all, but congrats to them.

lisa on

Well all I can say is…thank goodness that poor boy can legally change his name when he’s 18!

Jeanne on

Moroccan… oil? Okay!

Lilo on

Sooooooo fugs.

Shalala on

I likeley Monroe. Moroccan I don’t mind so much except for the fact that it was chosen due to her room dècor.. What if she suddenly hates the look of the room and does some major redecoration?? What would happen to the name of the kid?? Will he then have to ho with Louis XV if she goes that way with the deco?? I can not think of a less personal reason to name your kid after.. That’s an ok name for a hotel room.. The Moroccan Suite.. I would much rather have her named her baby after her first puppy or something, that would mean she cared about a living thing before, against her caring so much for decoration that her kid has to honor that.. Weird..

dina j on

Their babies, their names Roc and Roe works for me. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Cannon. No one complained when Demi named her kids Rumor and Scout.

Ilona on

I bet when J Lo read this she guffawed her spinach egg white omelette, and even now is still laughing.

ecl on

My favorite comment here by far – “Give Carey credit – she obviously showed some restraint for once. I really expected the names to Mariah and Mariah. I’m just surprised she didnt make Nick change his first name to one that starts with “M” so he would have her initials too” Hilarious! Thank you for the laugh, Jennifer!

Melissa on

Congrats on two healthy babies! Hate the names though, but I hate most names celebrities use.

Smilez on

Congrats!!! so happy for you guys!

Mimi on

I wish People Magazine would get Mariah’s birth year correct. It’s 1970, not 1969, which makes her 41. Anyway, I love ya Mariah, but I just can’t envision you pushing 2 kids on swings while wearing stilettos.

Ashley M on

Hold up….did she have a C-Section by chance?? If so that clearly explains why she named her son that horrible name…she was under the influance of drugs LOL.
As for her daughter, not a bad name, not my choice. One thing that is for sure tho….she has something for M&M’s (Eminem) hehehe

Philly Tee on

Beautiful names. Beautiful meanings and all that matters is that the new mommy and daddy love it! Nobody else has to! But for the record, I love it!
Welcome Moroccan and Monroe!

Congrats Mariah and Nick!
Wish you and your family many blessings!

Veronica on

Roc and Roe! I love it! And Moroccan Cannon may not flow like you guys say, but Moroccan Scott Cannon does, and that is his name. Plus, those babies are richer than all of us combined, so they are not going to suffer in this lifetime.

Eryn on

I like the name Monroe, but Rocco Cannon would have sounded better than Moroccan. Well, to each their own. I am very happy for them:o)

CJ on

Those are very cute names, and for Monie STFU they don’t need press they’re Nick and Mariah get a life! Don’t be mad because no one would care WTH you would name your kids!!!!

Anonymous on

Well, Moroccan can go by his middle name Scott if he likes. It’s not that the names are bad. I like the sentiment. But naming your son after the decorations in your house doesn’t quite add up with me. To each his/her own. Best of luck to the parents.

toyapooh on

i would just like to say that congrats to you all and i would love to see the babies in person no iam not famous but i would love to be some day very very very unique names i see no problem with the names so mr. and mrs. cannon dont listen to the comments that people have to say about the names i like the names very much..#BIGGEST FAN