Spotted: Jamie Lynn Spears, Maddie and Jayden Take in T-Ball

05/04/2011 at 12:00 PM ET
Miguel Aguilar/Pacific Coast News

T-ball time!

Jamie Lynn Spears escorts her 2½-year-old daughter Maddie Briann and 4½-year-old nephew Jayden James to a Los Angeles park, where they cheered on big sister Britney Spears‘s elder son Preston during his game on Monday.

Spears, 20, usually keeps a low profile at home in Louisiana, where she raises her daughter with Casey Aldridge.

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Gigi on

Wow, I know we can’t always be camera ready…..but the kids are cute.

B.J. on

She looks much older than 20 nowadays. Eek. But Maddie is adorable!

saydee on

Wow Maddie looks just like her daddy! Cute kids

Toya L. on

Maddie is too cute.

TC on

I love this picture because it’s not staged.

Adorable cousins

Ashley on

Maddie is very cute 🙂

Nan on

The kids are adorable! But, the dress is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen 🙂

Isabelle on

I thought she was living in Nashville these days…?

Sarah S. on

Wow, Maddie is already 2 1/2?! Glad to see Jamie-Lynn with her nephew; she seems like a good mom and aunt.

sloanesmomma on

cute kids! maddie looks like both of her parents!

Lisa on

Okay I’m surprised by the negativity. She looks like one of us. I am never glammed up going to the ballpark to see a little league game. And Maddie is such a cutie and she does seem like such a good mommy and aunt. Jayden is adorable as well. It is nice that the family is civil for the kids knowing that Jamie Lynn, Britney, Kevin Federline, Victoria Price were all there. My question is if Casey and Jamie Lynn are an item ?

Autumn on

LOL! When I first saw the pic I thought it was Britney…then remembered that Britney doesn’t have a daughter.

Anyway it looks like both Jamie Lynn and her daughter Maddie are certainly growing up. 🙂

Daisy! on

Was there a moment in time when it was decided that we all ought to criticise the Spears sisters at any given opportunity? Must have missed that. All I am seeing is a perfectly normal pic of two sweet kids with their Mommy/Auntie.

Cecelia on

Lisa, I agree.

Apparently some people are decked out in designer duds when they attend t-ball/little league games.

Personally, I tend to wear workout clothes as I know I’m going to be at a park, occassionally running around and playing with my younger two.

Laura on

Madison’s top is from Target. My daughter has the same..

Lovely photo!

Emily on

I always thought Jamie Lynn was gorgeous and REAL looking. I’m not even a fan or anything…but she always looks lovely. Nice skin and hair….I’d like to see any of you old biddies in a dress like that and see if you’re even half as attractive.

erica2 on


Kylie on

Seriously people? Shes a mother taking her child and nephew to the park, and you have to attack how she looks? I’m sure all of you get all glamed up to take the kids to the park.

And Laura, while Maddie is usually a short for Madison, her name is not Madison, it’s just, Maddie. 🙂

Doreen on

She’s a HARD looking 20!! Yikes! Love her but omg.

alicejane on

Wow, people are pathetic. Victoria Beckham gets slammed for wearing heels to the park with her kids, and Jamie Lynn gets slammed for not dressing up enough to watch her nephew’s t-ball game?! Again, pathetic.

Like TC said, I love this picture because it’s very real, not staged. Jamie Lynn looks like she’s doing really well, and Maddie and Jayden (and Preston!) are adorable.

Michelle on

Seriously People Magazine, Britney’s older son’s name is SEAN Preston NOT Preston!

Lizzie on

Michelle, they call him Preston.

Capri on

Wow, some of you women are so nasty, she’s TWENTY years old!! Wow, not sure I was aware that it’s protocol to be dressed to the 9s at the ballpark.

& @Michelle….everyone calls him Preston, Britney included.

Nella on

I don’t understand all the negative comments. She’s clearly going to the park, casually dressed, and not ready for the cameras. She looks like a mom going to a park with kids, completely down to earth and normal. Who cares how she looks! I think it’s great that Jamie Lynn stays out of the spotlight and tries to raise her daughter the best they can. Maddie and Jayden are both such cuties!

Susan on

People are always going to have an issue with Jamie Lynn – she had a promising future and was a role model for young girls and she got pregnant. It wasn’t about her having sex – it was about her not knowing to be safe when having sex.

But maybe she wanted out of that life and this was how her 16 brain thought she could get out.

She looks like any teen mom. And I do commend her for being out of the spotlight.

Kelsie on

You people are ridiculous! I’m sure if you had someone taking your picture all the time you wouldn’t look the greatest in every picture either. She’s going to a park, not a runway. Give the girl a break, you guys are probably one of the reasons she left Hollywood in the first place, she always has someone bad talking her. Maddie and Jayden look very cute, and Jamie looks very pretty.

Kate on

lol Lisa i am surprised you’re suprised. This must be the first time on this site ?

And btw i dont see any outrageous negative comments. I dont think we want to see only “oh how cute” comments. We all are entitled to opinions, some like the dress, some dont, so what’s wrong with saying that. Honestly, this is not a dress to wear to the playground. I have 2.5 yr old one and this dress would be pulled down before we’d leave the door.

Toya L. on

Cluck Cluck!!

Sam on

Cute picture, of ‘normal’ people doing ‘normal’ things. They look like they are having fun. AND JAYDEN IS WALKING! hehe

I don’t notice any terrible comments here either. I think those that said there are, are just looking for the negative, so they get riled up. Lots and lots of nice things have been said here today, concentrate on that.

B.J. on

Jamie Lynn looks old for her age. I think that’s difficult to deny, and it’s not mean-spirited to notice. I agree with whoever said that dress is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!

Bancie1031 on

Jamie Lynn looks tired …. but Maddie and Jayden looks great ….. I can definitely see some family resemblance between the 2 …. 🙂

Tanya on

Little Maddie looks so beautiful! I havn`t really seen her since she was a little baby, and how she has grown since then! Glad to see Jayden there also. They are cousins so its great to see them together and see Jamie as both a mom and auntie.