Mariah Carey: Twins’ Names Start with ‘M’

05/03/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Mariah Carey delivered twins on Saturday, but the diva still hasn’t revealed her little ones’ names.

The singer, 42, took to Twitter to stir up some guesses. Promising to reveal all soon, the singer first teased her fans.

“So we r bout 2 reveal the actual names and b4 we tell em 2 our friends etc.,” she Tweeted. “I had 2 C if any of the #lambily wanted 2 guess!!!”

Finally, she revealed one clue about the names: “Both begin w/M’s!!!! :)”

Before all the subterfuge, Carey offered a heartfelt message to her fans, Tweeting, “I wish I could personally thank all those around the world who continue 2 send congrats + prayers for #dembabies! They’re doing great and they are the most incredible gifts we could ever have imagined.”

— Sara Hammel

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Brianne on

Marissa and Marlon

Hillary on

The girl baby will def be named Mariposa – I bet they will call her Mari for short (similar to Mariah, means butterfly in Spanish).

Aga on

Mimi and Marcus

klutzy_girl on

I hope she reveals them soon. This is driving me nuts. And I have so many “M” ideas! Like Marisol for a girl or Matthew for a boy.

Molly on

I was thinking Mariposa or Marisol for the girl too! I haven’t got a clue for the boys name though.

B.J. on

I’ve been guessing all along that she would name a baby or two after herself, so I’m going to guess Mimi (but Mariposa would be awesome!) and… Mario. I don’t know! I’m dying to find out what she named dem babies though!!

pammy on

Marilyn and Marlon just came to mind

Alyssa on

Probably Mariah II and Mario…fitting for her ego.

Jean on

Of course they didn’t release the names in the initial press announcement of the birth. They must get as much publicity as possible!

Just how they kept people guessing whether or not she was pregnant, then they announced she was indeed pregnant. Then they announced they are having twins. Then they announced that the twins will be a boy and a girl. And they even issued a press announcement when she had false labor and went to the hospital. They will probably issue press announcements every time one of the babies has a dirty diaper.

They are complete fame whores and it is beyond ridiculous!! GET OVER YOURSELVES! Guess as long as there are people hanging on to their every word (or tweet) encouraging them they will continue. They’re probably just upset that the royal wedding and the killing of Bin Laden overshadowed their baby news.

Rosie on

Melinda and Mitchell
Melinda and Max
Miley and Max
Mila and Max
Mila and Mitchell
I really have no clue. Can’t wait to find out!

NaomiF on

Micah or Miles for a boy and Maria or Marisa for a girl.

Rachel on

They did say fairly normal names so i’m going for Michael or Mason and Mariah.

sky on

they need to get over themselves, there is so much more going on in the world right now than these kids names!

Toya L. on

NOOOOO Don’t give the names or pics, it’ll only lead to dissection of both!!!

Amanda on

Marissa/Maya and Malcolm

Grace on

@Jean: Well said. I was just about to post the same thing but you beat me to it.

RKF on

Jean & Sky — I completely agree. Do they really think the general population really cares about their twins’ names? I’m embarrassed for their narcissism. Get over yourselves.

Catca on

I do think Mariah would name the little girl after herself – so I’m thinking it’s either Mariah or Mimi. For the boy, I’m thinking possibly Michael as Michael Jackson was one of her influences, or maybe Morgan after her sibling.

hayley w on

LOVE how ‘there are more important things going on than your baby name’ yeah so why log on to a celeb web site then click on this non story and comment if there are soooooo many important things going on,

jean to them their babies are the most important things how about stop tring to ruin it, jeez

christ if you don’t like them don’t post , it takes so much energy to be negative

i am happy for mariah those babies are a blessing, something pure in a world filled with such darkness

Toya L. on

Haley W.
LOVE how ‘there are more important things going on than your baby name’ yeah so why log on to a celeb web site then click on this non story and comment if there are soooooo many important things going on
I agree 100%.

Holly on

I really hate to be the person to say this, but we all know Mariah, and that she feeds off attention, and prolonging the names of her babies, even starting guessing games, is just an attention thing. This way she can keep the attention on her before it starts to die off. Sad.

J on


I’m guessing that some people, like ME, were reading the real news on the main People website when this story popped up and were also so disgusted that they had to comment. But then, I’m sure you do not realize that People has real news about what is going on in the world. I’m guessing when you heard about the death of bin Laden your comment was something along the lines of, “omg, like, who is that? Is he on Jersey Shore? Or The Hills? For sure, for sure!”

klutzy_girl on

It is MARIAH’s Twitter and she is the one who just gave birth to these kids. She can post WHATEVER she wants. Who cares if she wants her fans to guess the twins’ names? It’s all in fun.

J – There’s so much other entertainment news on the main site today. Are you disgusted by those articles?

Tee on

I don’t have any strong opinions about this couple at all. Very glad their babies are safely here, especially after the trouble they had with losing a baby. I have to say, though, that this guessing game is rather annoying. Just announce their names if you’re going to! Don’t drag it out. That just seems like an obvious plea for attention.

Yay on

I’m really hoping she’ll name the girl Mary.
Mary Carey Cannon? That would be awesome. 🙂

starkington on


Daze on

What does #1ambily mean?

Ivey on

Maya and Messiah

Collette on

Mimi for a girl ( after mariah) and Monroe for a boy (after Marilyn) she loves herself and Marilyn alot 🙂

Catca on


Why are you going to People to get real news and then making a snide comment about people going to the site for entertainment news? It is, after all, an entertainment site. There are lots of hard news sites out there for “real news” – I know, I visit them myself. And while I am on an entertainment site for entertainment news, that does not mean my world is limited to Jersey Shore or the Hills (I’ve actually never seen an episode of either show – not my cup of tea). Why not open yourself up and recognize this is an entertainment site, people who come here are not ignorant by virtue of being here, and some people have tastes that differ from yours?

Shannon on

“What does #1ambily mean?”

It’s #lambily (starting with the letter l). Mariah refers to her fans as lambs. Lambily=lamb family. 🙂

They sure are enjoying the attention, aren’t they? I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mimi!

Mia on

Minne & Mickey my 2nd guess Mia & Mio

Luna on

Honestly i agree with the posters complaining about this. It’s ridiculous. I bet their next headline is gonna be about the second letter of their names and so on. (sarcastic i know) She and that husband of her have turned into nothing but attention seekers using every single detail about their personal life to get headlines almost on a daily basis.

I cant believe they’re annoying me even more than the Kardassians.

fuzibuni on

This diva cracks me up.

Beaky on

Have to agree it’s attention-seeking. Everything about how they handled this pregnancy screams it. Drip-feeding the media with information to keep the interest up.

That said, bet the babies are cuties.

Robin on

Can someone please translate all of that for me? I don’t speak skank.

Abby on

Everyone is thinking Maya/Mia & Michael/Micah! Says something that they both start with M, eh?

How about Malachi (Mal-ah-kai, it’s growing in popularity) for the boy & Miranda for the girl? I am hoping she wouldn’t go for Mariposa!

daniela on

LMAO @ Robin!!! I was going to post the same thing! Except instead of skank I was going to say Mimi. LOL!

jdd on

How about Maynard and Mable?

Emily on

I don’t know why you guys are not able to stand the wait of finding out these baby names. They are not your babies…Do you really have nothing better to do then wait for these names to be revealed? Wow…Get a life!

Mira on

How condescending is she to call her fans lambs. Seriously, Mariah, lambs, as in young sheep? Grreeaat. Though, I guess, starkington proves that the moniker is well-deserved.

I’m going with Mariposa and Mario. Her poor hubby is nothing but a good-looking, sperm-donating, boy toy.

angie on

Mya and Miles?…hope they are at least something normal!

Toya L. on

I hope they don’t release the names of their children but others are finding it fun to guess the names, the same way some of us like to guess the genders. I seriously doubt anybody is holding their breath while waiting to know the names, or letting their kids starve, calling in to work etc…. it’s all in fun; they took the same amount of time to post their comment as you did and you do have a life right????

SarahB on

Really, some of you people are ridiculous, the only reason things like this get out in masses is because of websites like this. Which is an ENTERTAINMENT website. She posted a twitter update, then the media ran with it and made it a headline… She didn’t go to every news site and give them this tid bit of info. I love her voice, but I am by no means a fan, but some of you should give her a break. When (if) you had children, were you not thrilled and wanted to tell the whole world? I am pregnant right now and I know I do!! It was on her twitter page for her fans to read… Have you never posted or emailed or texted people with your own personal good news? She happens to be a celebrity, so it is a little different when she posts things. Lighten up and let her enjoy her newborns.

AnnieG on

I’ve been saying Mariposa for the girl ever since they revealed one of dem babies was a girl, and I’m gonna guess Monarch for the boy which is a type of butterfly.

Merhigha on

Mariposa and Mario
Malachite and Monarch
Mimi and Mymy
May and Maynot
Morphine and Mepergan
Merlot and Michelob

LetMeGuess on

1. Mara and Mason

2. Makenzie and Mitchell

3. Mikaylah and Micah

4. Madison and Mikel

5. Maris and Mickey

6. Malaysia and Mekhi

7. Mia and Matthew

Ellie on

Mufasa and Marge

Marva on

“So we r bout 2 reveal the actual names and b4 we tell em 2 our friends etc.,” she Tweeted. “I had 2 C if any of the #lambily wanted 2 guess!!!”

I find it interesting that she is twice my age and writes like a dumb 13-year-old. While I know some people think one can spell according to preference on the internet, it makes her appear neither very mature nor intelligent.

I wish her well with her babies, but I never liked her or her music – she seems a bit tacky.

Anonymous on

I agree with Catca Michael and Mimi are my guesses 🙂

emmie on

because we all know shes inlove with eminem…

lily on

Marshal/Mathers, isnt it weird shes naming both m and m which sounds like eminem….haha

Jaedyn on

Maya or Maribel and Mario or Milo 🙂

hayley w on


jeez love take a chill pill and put down your in touch magazine, your the one who thinks there is soooo many more important things going on and yet still has time to come on a comment about something you don’t care about …TWICE so really we can all safely guess from this information that you don’t have any thing better to do …..except troll the internet looking for things to get all upset about

and err i read REAL new papers when want to read about real news …suppose your tooo busy recording jersery what ever the hell that program is to pick up a newspapaer and have to look a trashy mags instead , oh well never mind 🙂 have a lovely day dear xxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Janey on

Chill out – It is all a bit of fun to guess the names.
What about Mimi and Michael.

Jed on

Mimi and Minge

megan on


M on

Good Guess above Colette!

Salem on


Audrey on

OMG, does she speak English? Can she read and write? Translator, please! From what I can tell, she probably is still trying to figure out how to spell the names she likes. And she’s only figured out the first letter . . .

Alaina on

Mariah had babies who were thankfully healthy and then – OMG – she named them! Can’t figure out why this is such a problem for people or why anyone would find it ‘disgusting’ or attention seeking? Don’t most people name their children? When someone has a newborn, isn’t that a pretty usual question to ask…”what’s his/her name?” Nick & Mariah are celebrities, therefore releasing this information willingly may alleviate some of the stalking that all the paparazzi does to hound the info down on their own. And no neither of the babies are named Mariah! Congrats to the Cannons and please don’t let all the hateful, negative people out there steal your joy.

Alaina on

– Marva, most people abbreviate on twitter because you’re limited to only 140 characters. If you know nothing about the forum and don’t like Mariah, why bother to comment??

– Audrey, I take it you are not familiar, but Mariah actually wrote basically all the songs on her 13 albums, 18 of which were number one hits. So, to answer your question, uhh, yeah she’s pretty good on the whole reading and writing English thing!

jessa on

marilyn and mike

Anonymous on

ilove the babies.