January Jones Will Be a ‘Great Mother,’ Says Mad Men Costar

05/03/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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January Jones‘s recent pregnancy announcement may have come as a surprise to some – but not necessarily to those close to her.

The actress, who is expecting her first child in the fall, has talked about wanting to become a mother for some time.

“It’s something that she’s wanted to do and that she’s excited to do,” Jones’s Mad Men costar Aaron Staton told PEOPLE at The Creative Coalition and WWE’s “be a STAR” launch in Washington, D.C. on Friday.

“January is such a sweet person,” Staton said. “I think she’s an honest person. I think she’s really going to be a great mother.”

Staton, who is dad to 10-month-old son Beckett, doesn’t think Jones, 33, will need much advice when it comes to motherhood.

“So much of it is natural,” he said. “It’s sort of intimidating, but so much of it comes naturally when you meet the kid.”

— Helin Jung

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julianna on

You can see the belly in this pic. I guess she’s between 4 and 5 mos and due in sept, early oct.

Brooke on

Yep, just as I said yesterday…..I knew she was further along than we all knew….I say 5 months at least. (And, because of that….Jason Sudeikis? Hello? Hello?)

SadieA on

Brooke, I read earlier they broke up because she wanted a family so badly and it isn’t his. It was Us Weekly, so take it for what it is…

julianna on

I think u r right, bcuz she’s so tiny and its her first she might be more like 5 – 6 mos.

Sydney on

Good luck January. Enjoy your pregnancy. As the saying goes…it’s never the right time to have a baby, but it’s always the right baby.

julianna on

Wonder if that’s why she and Josh Groban split, too. I hope all goes well for her. Can’t believe we have to wait a year for the next season of Mad Men.

JMO on

Ya know I always say life doesn’t go according to plan. You think you’ll meet someone nice, fall in love, get married, have a few kids but that dream doesn’t always happen the way you picture it.

I have read some nasty comments on her pregnancy saying that being a single mom is trashy and selfish and why would anyone “choose” it. But I completely disagree. If you are financially stable and at a place in your life where you’re longing to be a mother, why can’t you be one? Whether it’s through surrogacy, adoption, sperm donation etc. Nobody should be denied the dream of being a parent if they wish to be one.

I wish her all the best w/ the pregnancy. And I hope people can learn to stop being so close minded about certain things and stop worrying about peoples lives when they don’t directly affect them.

Amanda on

I just hope she has some good male role models around for the baby, I have my own thoughts on choosing to be a single mom but live and let live right? I just hope we aren’t listening to her complain about how much harder it is to be a single mom in 2 years.

She looks at least 5 months. She’s a thin woman. I’m 5’3 and 5 months pregnant with my 4th and she’s showing more than I am so my guess is around August for her which would put her at about 6 months.

Bridget on

JMO- Well said.

jessicad on

Sure glad I missed the comments on how being a single mother is trashy and selfish, that’s pretty rude to say. She’ll have some tough times ahead for sure, but it’s absolutely worth it and you realize how strong you really are as a woman, I wish her the best!

Toya L. on

Everyone carries different, my neighbor is 4 months and a little over 5′ but not 5’1 and she is bigger than her. Congrats to her.

Erin on

JMO, you nailed it. I always appreciate what you have to say and the way you say it. Could you fill in for me at my Monday morning presentations at work! LOL

Grace on

I was born to a single mom, a single teenage mom, to be exact, and she has never been anything except amazing. People give women who aren’t in a traditional relationship such a hard time. Parenting is not about marriage or age, it’s about love. People need to remember that.

Angela on

I think she looks great. I’m also thin but I look just like that after a few too many good meals. 🙂

And totally agree, JMO. There are plenty of people who get married for the wrong reason and end up married and miserable, but are considered respectable in the public eye due to marital status. I’d take being a happy single woman over a sad married one any day.

Cecilia on

I really hope that the tabloids stop speculating about who the father is. This is totally a personal matter, and when and if she is ready, she’ll disclose that information to the public. In the meantime, I wish her the best with her pregnancy and her upcoming motherhood.

amw on

ah. theres the belly! looks cute. congrats and best wishes to her.

M on

There’s nothing wrong with her having a baby because she is old enough and financially stable enough to raise a child, I just hope that the child will be raised knowing his/her father. I know not all families are perfect and single mothers can be great, but its still undoubtedly sad when a child only has one parent.

ForeverMoore on

@Julianna, I’m with you – so sad that we have to wait so long for MM! I’m going through Don Draper withdrawals. I’m pregnant with my second child and I already have the beginnings of a bump at only 9 weeks…with my son I didn’t start showing till almost 4 months. Her bump is so cute!

JMO on

Erin – haha! Well depends on what kind of presentations 😉 And thank you.

jessicad – the nasty comments didn’t come so much from CB but other blog sites. I actually couldn’t believe what I was reading and had to stop reading them because I was feeling so disgusted.

Nobody is denying being a single mother is hard and I don’t think people actually grow up dreaming of being one. However there is nothing wrong with choosing that as your path in life if your ready. I much rather see a single STABLE parent have a child then two people who are quite unstable (which I sadly see plenty of). Whether planned or unplanned a child is a blessing. Let’s focus on that 🙂

Catca on


Women can be so unsupportive of each other. I can understand feeling like a child should have a father or at least some type of role model in their life and saying that is their personal choice and opinion but still giving respect to others. I don’t think that’s rude at all and totally fine to say.

But what I do think is rude is when people make comments like, hope she doesn’t complain about how much harder it is to be a single mom in a couple years. Why can’t she? For starters, it’s true and she has a right to vent even if she’s enjoying being a single mom and doing it successfully. To counter with she chose to be a single mom is ridiculous. If a woman chooses to have more than 1 child it is harder than raising a single child and if she’s tired one day and vents that it is a bit harder – we don’t chastise her. Heck, we don’t even chastise women who rush into marriage just to have a child and end up in a dysfunctional unstable family situation (which studies show is far worse for a child to grow up in then a single parent household assuming the single mom is not also poor). Yet, we are very quick to chastise single moms.

My question to you is would you prefer single moms act like it’s easy and send that message to teenage girls, or be honest that it is harder and they’re making it work but it may not be the best choice for other women, especially young girls?

And have you thought about the idea that having a mom and dad does not automatically equal an ideal situation but that it’s the quality of the parenting that’s really important? A child doesn’t need his dad’s testosterone, he needs a loving involved parent, with two loving involved parents being the ideal. The mere fact of a male presence does not automatically equate to the ideal situation.

And more food for thought, alot of these kids without dads in their lives may be growing up in perfectly happy homes feeling completely fulfilled until some insensitive fool decides to come along and tell them they have been short changed in life. Attacking single moms isn’t just attacking adult women – it’s attacking their kids who will have a much tougher time being thick skinned than their parent(s).

Nella on

JMO- I completely agree with you, well said! I wish January all the best. I also read that she’s been wanting to be a mother for a while and just hasn’t found the right person to be with. She seems mature and financially stable and ready for motherhood so why not be a mother. I’m sure her child will know lot of love and will have great role models. I’ve met a lot of wonderful and stable people that came from a single parent family and their parent(s) did a fine job raising them, sure it’s not ideal but it happens and you just do the best you can. Motherhood isn’t easy whether you’re a single parent or not, so she will go through what other parents go through as well, it’s completely normal. Btw love the small bump, so cute!

Sheri on

I think she looks adorable and will be a great mother, I’m sure, whether she’s single or not. I’m starting to get the feeling that maybe she got pregnant via a sperm donor and not a boyfriend. Of course, we will never know unless she goes public with that, but I wish her and her new little one every happiness.

JMO on

The traditional family went out the window many moons ago. And that’s okay. I totally agree wit you Catca. I didn’t grow up in a very ideal situation and would of perhaps been better off with only having my mother raise me (which eventually is what happened). I more or less have bad memories of my childhood but my mom t hought at the time that making your marriage work was what was “best for the children!”

I also have a cousin who found out she was pregnant, ran off to Vegas to marry, and now a year later is getting divorced.

And we also have gay couples who raise children w/out fathers and/or mothers but it doesn’t mean they don’t have male/female role models.

So yes, single motherhood isn’t ideal and infact it’s hard to be a parent in general, but we do need to start supporting each other more then creating so much drama around a situation.

Toya L. on

My mother was a magnificent, single mom and not by choice with the first 3 (our father died), we had the best and she did her best and because of that we didn’t want for anything. Growing up I didn’t long for a father because I never had one, for me I guess it was how can you miss something you never had.

Now I see my husband helping our children say their prayers, with their homework, dancing with our daughters to the music channels, teaching them to swim, playing basketball and football with them, having sleepovers (sometimes without me), teaching them how to ride a bike without training wheels, splitting open his work slacks while teaching our daughter to turn cartwheels =) etc…. and I’m happy and very, very thankful for being so BLESSED with him and them; yet I see that and NOW sometimes there is this sense of mourning and questioning the what if’s, could’ve/should’ve beens since I didn’t have those things because my father could not physically be there.

Not having a productive, active, positive father or a negative, dead beat father affects children differently, no matter how much slack the mother pics up or how active she is because of an absent father and vice versa. Kudos to all the parents who are doing the best they can with or without an absentee parent, by choice or default.

Shelley on

A married couple does not a happy family make. When I was growing up my father was very verbally abusive and not involved with me. He generally acted like I was an annoyance and he and my mom fought all the time but stayed together for “my sake”. I had a very sweet and involved mother however and many times growing up I wished that it could just be the two of us. I honestly felt like I would’ve been better off and I would’ve been so happy just us girls. My point is that regardless of what a family looks like, be it a married mom and dad, two single parents, one single parent, two same-sex parents, etc; as long as there is an abundance of love there chances are the children will be happy and well-adjusted.