Family Photo: The Patton-Thicke’s Big Apple Baby

05/03/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Bart/Splash News

Exploring the East Village!

In the Big Apple promoting her latest flick, Jumping the Broom, Paula Patton steps out with her boys — husband Robin Thicke and son Julian Fuego — on Friday in New York City.

Julian, 13 months, is the only child for the actress, 35, and singer/songwriter Thicke, who wed in June 2005.

“He’s my little prince [so] I gotta take over the world in 18 years so I can leave it to him,” Thicke, 34, joked recently.

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AmandaC on

That baby looks like one of Brad Pitt’s twins! He looks so sleepy in this pic, very cute!

Anonymous on

Does that kid have Downs?

Shaunie on

Wow I haven’t seen a pic of Julian in a while, he’s gotten so big!

He looks like his Grandma Gloria Loring (IMO)!!!

AmandaC on

It doesn’t look like he has downs just really sleepy.

Megan on

“It doesn’t look like he has downs just really sleepy.”

Julian looks like that in close up pictures, though

Toya L. on

He is such a chunky cutie, I don’t think he has Down’s. If you look in the pic below from less than 5 months ago, I think his eyes are shaped (drooped down/sleepy like) like his grandmother and fathers.

Lainey on

I thought the same. He looks more like his grandmother than Robin and Paula.

Holiday on

I am not trying to be mean because he is an adorable baby but it appears to me he has downs.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

umm how come the baby is blond?!… adorable family!

meghan on

There are blondes on Robin’s maternal side.

Shannon on

Awww He is so precious. I like Paula’s outfit.

Molly on

Holiday, you are always a hateful person. What haven’t you been banned yet? If he has down syndrome, why does it matter? Some of you are just so ignorant. Would you appreciate it if strangers came up to you and asked ‘Does your baby have Down syndrome?’

Holiday on

Molly you are actually the hateful one acting like it would be horrible if he had down syndrome. I and other posters think it appears that he does, not that its a bad thing!

RKF on

Uh, Molly? Pipe down. Holiday isn’t asking this couple directly if their child has Down Syndrome, she’s making a comment, and posing a general question; People pondering whether this child has it has been brought up on various sites, thus this isn’t something new. Additionally, you may want to look up ignorance in the dictionary, as you have used it out of context, and I don’t believe anyone here has remotely made an ignorant statement. What’s “ignorant” is you assuming people are asking if he has Down Syndrome in a derogatory manner.

Molly on

Holiday, you are such a bitter hateful person. Why? Grow up and stop pretending you’re a mother too. You are always here

Sarah on

Paula’s mom has blond hair. The whole entire Thicke family has big round eyes and….blond hair. This baby is fine.

Hea on

Julian does not have Downs as far as I can tell. I googled up some pics of him and no, that does not look like typical Downs Syndrome features.

The way Molly puts it you’d think having Downs would be like having a horrible plague or that it would mean that you’re any less than others. Shameful thing to think or say. A person is a person regardless of health, mental ability and appearance and so on. We’re all different. In my hometown in Sweden there’s a passionate theater for people with mental disabilities. They put up a musicals and the most recent one is about Elvis and Elvis’ life and guess what? They made it to perform on BROADWAY New York in 2010! It doesn’t matter that you’re different as long as you’re happy and proud of yourself and your achievments!

Hea on

“Holiday, you are such a bitter hateful person. Why? Grow up and stop pretending you’re a mother too. You are always here

– Molly on May 4th, 2011”

What the bloody..? “Stop pretending you’re a mother too”? How can you even say that?

Anonymous on

Molly I dont think down syndrome is anything horrible. In fact when I was pregnant with both kids I declined testing because it wouldnt have mattered to me if they had down sydrome. I have a very close friend who has a son with down sydrome and he is a joy and a gift. You are the one acting like its the worst thing in the world. And do not say anything about how I am as a mother, you do not know me and my kids are my life.

Molly on

I never said it was a bad thing. I’m not Holiday

Molly on

Hea, because she’s not. She doesn’t sound like a mom and she spends all day and night on here. When is she spending time with her ‘kids’?

Hi on

To those who said Molly was being mean: I’m pretty sure she meant that Holiday shouldn’t assume Julian has Down’s Syndrome just because he looks different from her own perfect babies. Or something like that. Molly can please correct me if I’m wrong.

Holiday on

Molly I spend 5 minutes here and there throughout the day. My son is in school and I have a baby who naps so yes I do get time to myself to go on the computer. How is that so hard to understand?

Molly on

Exactly Hi and thank you

Hea on

“Hea, because she’s not. She doesn’t sound like a mom and she spends all day and night on here. When is she spending time with her ‘kids’?

– Molly on May 4th, 2011”

Because she’s not… Oh wow.
How is any of that any of your business and how can you sink so low as to use that as cannon fodder for your arguments? That’s darn right IGNORANT of you. You cannot assume a stranger is or isn’t a parent nor strip someone of their parental role just because of what you read on some forum.

Molly on

Hea, I’m laughing at your reaction. It’s not that serious. I have been around here for awhile and I have only seen people refer to her as a troll but yet you say nothing

Holiday on

Molly get a life and stop stalking my posts! I dont remember anything you have ever said because I could careless about you, but for some reason you have a fascination with what I say. I do have kids a 5 year old and almost 1 year old and I am a wonderful mama to them and it is extremely disrespectful to assume I am not a mom. Please just leave my posts alone and mind your business! And thank you Hea.

Hea on

Molly – I have been here on occasion since the beginning. First of all I don’t care about the “rumors” or theories or whatever that’s flying around concerning posters on this blog. You are being quite silly now but laugh all you want. I bet you’d think it hilarious if you spoke your mind and someone random told you that you’re not a real mom. Come to think of it… maybe you’re the one who’s not a real mom? You don’t seem at all mature enough to be one when you carry yourself like you do now. I’m relieved that my words won’t hurt you or make you sad. If they did, I’d feel bad for saying them because I can respect strangers.

Don’t assume. Know. If you don’t know – hush.

Julie on

Wow…I had no idea 12 year olds like this site. Seriously, some of you “women” and “mothers” really need to get a life. My children are less childish than you and they’re barely out of diapers.

Holiday on

Julie that comment made you sound just as bad.

Human on

Grow up people! Geesh!

Cj on

All of you need to grow up and shut up. Most all of you are trolls and on here repeatedly.