Spotted: Britney Spears Makes Tea for Her Tots

05/03/2011 at 07:00 AM ET
Courtesy Britney Spears

She may be a Femme Fatale at work, but during the weekend Britney Spears kicks back and brews some tea for her sons Jayden, 4½, and Preston, 5½.

“Had a great time at the boys’ tee ball game yesterday,” the popstar, 29, Tweeted on Sunday, sharing a photo of herself in her kitchen with the pair.

“Made the boys mama’s homemade sweet tea after!”

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saydee on

Wow her boys have grown! It’s good to see Britney doing well.

Mandy on

She looks so fake lol.

Anonymous on

This picture is a hot mess and the photographer or whomever chose this photo should be fired or reconsider their career. First of all, Britney looks like a scumbag, and very fake with her little pose like she is the good mom. Second of all, its obvious someone is trying to get the boys’ attention because whomever it is, Sean is looking at. They look like trained little monkeys.

I do however think her sons are so cute.

Louise on

Is it just me or do these two boys look almost like twins? They are so similar in appearance.

Nanny_Emma on

This isn’t a professional photo, guys its a snap for her twitter. A friend or family member probably took the photo.

Toya L. on

They are so cute and getting so big, I am glad that Brit seems to have made a great turn around.

T bag on

Dead eyes

RKF on

She doesn’t look fake to me; She looks like she’s posing for a picture with her children, as most people do when a camera is on them… As for her looking like a “hot mess”, what would you like her to be wearing in her own kitchen, a cocktail Chanel gown in full makeup? Petty people…

TC on

It’s her smile, it’s just off.

Then look at the glasses the kids are holding, they don’t look like plastic and then the straw is way to big for the cup. Look closely at the pitcher she’s holding, does that look like she just filled up two glasses of tea?

The entire scene looks beyond fake.

I do wish her well though, the kids are adorable and I’m glad that it seems she’s gotten her life back on track.

On a side note though, Jayden reminds me of Joey Lawrence back during the Blossom era, just the eyes and the haircut. Beyond cute.

hayley w on

wondered how long it would take for the trolls that keep popping up to make comments about this picture…..

i think the are the ‘scumbags’

its a cute picture , no one looks pic perfect alllll the time, however how cute are those kids! other poster was right they could almost be twins! xx beautiful

Cassie on

Are you serious TC!?!

Have you ever thought – gasp – maybe she’s in the process of making the 2nd batch of tea!?

And who cares if the glasses are plastic or not … and that they have huge novelty straws sticking out of them. THEY’RE KIDS!!

To be honest Britney just looks like a typical Mom. Exhausted from her hectic schedule and from raising two kids – She’s trying to unwind with the kids and is showing the same face most parents would make if there picture was snapped – unstaged.

Gimme a break. People will look, find, and obsess over nothing.

Georgina on

OK Ive never really heard of sweet tea, but Im assuming as she “made” it there must be some sort of mixing involved. Id also assume you wouldnt do it in the glass pitcher, but in something else, whizzy mixer or a larger jug, Im thinking plastic, I dunno! So the boys probably wanted some a.s.a.p after seeing that, as generally patience isnt a virtue in 4 and 5 year olds, and so the pitcher was for everyone else.

And it looks like someones phone snap or whatever, they were all standing together so someone snapped it. I dunno, I dont see why there would be a conspiracy here?

Whats a “tee ball game” though anyone please? Im curious!

JM on

lol, some people crack me up. *sinister voice*: “those glasses are made of ….wait a MINUTE….GLASS! and those straws they’re just…. TOO BIG. and britney she just doesn’t have that universal look of someone who truly DID just pour two glasses of ice tea! i mean, she’s not even wearing an evening gown like i do in my own kitchen, and her smile is ohmygod it’s a little AWKWARD! (alternative meaning: hot mess dontcha know!)…. something about this picture is seriously awry, we MUST get straight on to this”

😀 seriously guys, listen to yourselves!

showbizmom on

I don’t think she looks a hot mess like some have said, but she also doesn’t look like “Briney Spears”. She looks like a lot of moms or dad’s do when we have the time to 100% focus on our kids. Can we all just take a moment and look at some of our family photos? Yeah, we all don’t look so good either.

@Georgina Really, never heard of sweet tea? It’s so good. Just plan ole’ tea sweetened with sugar and some lemon for some.If the internet was safer I’d invite you over for some! Tee- ball is a kid form of baseball. No pitcher the ball is placed on a tee so the little ones can hit it easier.

TC on

*Sigh* what I was getting at was the entire picture looks staged.

Yall are a lost cause.

B.J. on

She looks so….. different. And their eyes (all of them) are so haunting…

RKF on

TC — I think we got your point, thus we’re a “lost cause”, how? Maybe stop over-analyzing a freaking picture? And why do you care if it was staged? Every photo of myself as a child was staged, as I was fidgety, looked away, had no attention span, etc…

stephanie on

Britney sons are adorable the only problem with the pic is that she should dress better but hope she doing OK. on

ok first off to all the negative people who never have anything nice to say about anything ESPECIALLY Miss Britney Spears, this photo does not look fake. It looks like a nice at home family picture & second this wasn’t meant to be takin by a real photographer. It was just a normal day taking a normal picture & for it being just a normal day after a game I think she looks really pretty & her sons look adorable :-)I love sweet tea & my mom makes good sweet tea too!

amandamay on

her mom or a friend probably said “everyone look over here and smile!” and snapped a photo – that’s how most of our photos look. half the time my son has a weird look on his face and my smiles always look odd and forced (i’m not photogenic). she’s in the kitchen with her kids and someone just snapped a quick shot. i usually wear sweats around the house and a bun too 🙂

Yay on

I agree with you,TC!

I have nothing at all against Britney, but come on..

Britney: So…I’m just standing here.. Stirring in a tiny glass pitcher with an extremely large wooden spoon… It didn’t really need stirring, I just.. like to stir, I guess.. *giggle*

Shannon on

Her boys are adorable! Britney looks tired but no different than a lot of moms with young children. 🙂

Susan on

Forget the glass why is she given caffeine to these kids.

I’m always shocked when any mother forgets and does this. My cousin a very well educated woman with a few degrees did this one night. And then was shocked when her 4 year old wouldn’t go to sleep as normal and she had tantrum city on her hands until 11 pm.

I asked her if the tea had caffeine and it still didn’t dawn on her that was why her kid was acting off.

amandamay on

susan – how do you know she used tea with caffeine? there’s no way to know that.

Meela on

Hey Anonymous!

So easy to call a mother spending “anytime” with her children a “SCUMBAG”!

While you don’t even have theo courage to reveal your name!

Harsh much!!!

How ofen do we see Britney in the news lately?

Give her some credit for maintining some dignity unlike other hollywood starlets!

Leave her the heck alone, it’s not a nanny making the tea, she is doing it herself.

Emily on

Susan, seriously? What about people who let thier kids have the occasional soda? That has caffeine. Big. Frickin. Deal.

And what is wrong with glass cups? Seriously, I feel like i fell in the rabbit hole with some of these nonsensical posts you crazy ass women are making.

Jazzy on

Assuming the person asking what sweet tea and tee ball are is not from the us? Or it’s a sarcastic comment? Sweet tea has sugar in it, they way most southern states make it. Tee ball is baseball for small children.

Get off the high horse, Susan. Caffeinated or not, plenty of kids grew up ok drinking iced tea as a kid. Always something to criticize on this blog or “helpfully point out” that a celebrity mom is doing wrong . And the problem with glass cups is??? All we grew up with were glass cups… so what? And my word, somebody better report those oversized straws!!! (gasp)

Marva on

@Emily, I agree with you about the glasses, at 4 1/2 a child should be able to handle it without breaking anything.

But regarding the caffeine – I completely agree with Susan here! It’s absolutely NOT for children and for me it IS a big deal to give a child beverages like Cola, Sprite etc. (do you call that soda in the US?). I would NEVER drink something like that – I tried cola once at nine years (at a birthday party, my parents didn’t buy it) and found it disgusting, and that was it for me. I’m 22 now and tried it again last year and still hated it – my siblings do too. I’m always horrified when I see parents buying ‘soft drinks’, it’s SO unhealthy, like drinking pure sugar plus the caffeine. I don’t even drink coffee, because I don’t regard caffeine as being particularly healthy – it works like a drug.

Back to the topic: While I find the majority of comments unnecessarily harsh, I kind of agree about her looking like a ‘hot mess’. I too tend to wear sweatpants around my house, but I’d never do that in front of a guest and certainly not for a picture – which I then would NOT put on Twitter for the whole world to see.

alicejane on

Hahahaha, I can’t believe how intensely some people will dissect one picture! It’s not a perfect picture and Britney doesn’t look perfect so without any delay… out come the conspiracy theories. It seriously shocks me that people even take notice of what the cups are made out of or what size the straws are.

Britney seems like she’s in a really good place, Preston and Jayden are adorable, and I wish them all the best of luck in their lives!

pammy on

Ok I am way older than most of you – so let me explain to those that don’t know. Sweet tea does require you to stir it. You add sugar to hot tea – so it will melt – and thus you need to stir it. Then you can either put it in the fridge or just add ice to a glass and drink it that way.

I drink decaf sweet tea all the time – and grew up drinking caffeinated tea as a child. I grew up in Virginia and live now in NC. It’s rare for anyone living here to drink unsweetened tea. And Britney is from Louisiana so I am gonna assume sweet tea is normal there as well. Generations upon generations have eaten and drank things that people are so against now, it’s not going to hurt kids or adults if done in moderation. I’ve even drank from a water hose when I was younger – and lived to tell about it.

amandamay on

seriously,ladies – how the heck do you know it’s caffeinated?? you can get tea without caffeine!

Becca on

omg people complain about everything. southerners drink tea. That includes their kids. I drank tea as a child and I manged to go to sleep at a normal hour. Tea has only %30 of the caffeine of coffee. Get a grip! BTW, Britney and her boys are adorable!

laurelcanyonfashionista on

a celebrity mom just can’t win on CBB. if you’re elisabeth rohm then people complain that all you do is submit posed, professional pictures. if you’re Britney, people tell you to clean yourself up and get a real photographer! LOL!

i have no idea what’s going on in this photo. but it looks REAL to me. maybe that pitcher is what she’s drinking out of…how do I know? her kids are cute and i appreciate a mom looking kinda real…i imagine this is how she looks a lot of the time and i appreciate that she didn’t get all done up just for her twit pic.

MiB on

Honestly! Do you work hard to find negative things to comment on? 4 ½ year olds shouldn’t drink out of glasses? I would be more worried if you couldn’t trust a 4½ year old to drink out of a glass or eat from proper dishes. The straws are too big? Big deal! I remember that that didn’t matter at all for me as a kid, tough I preferred several thin straws or the curly ones. They are drinking caffeine? Plenty of kids all over the world grow up fine drinking tea. Usually kids get it diluted, but if you are used to drinking tea the caffeine shouldn’t make you hyper. The pitcher is full? Well, as someone else said, maybe she is doing a second batch? She uses a wooden spoon in a glass pitcher? Well, I quite often do that too, I don’t have any plastic spoons and you don’t always want to use a metal one in a thin pitcher. She looks a mess? Well, how do you dress when you go to your kid’s sports classes? (OK, so I would never venture out of the house in sports pants unless I was doing sports, but I seem to be in a minority there.) The picture looks odd? I thought it looked like a quite normal indoors snapshot with flash to me, it is probably a bit staged, as in someone saying “let me take a picture with you making the tea”. Big deal!

I can’t believe it, here I am defending Britney Spears and I have never even liked her in the first place! I guess I just can’t see anything wrong with this picture.

saydee on

Maybe it’s decaffeinated tea? That’s the only kind I make.

sunny on

I agree completely with Susan and Marva on the caffeine thing, I don’t know if Britney gave them caffeinated tea or not, but anyone who says it is harmless to give to children is WRONG!!! It is an addictive drug with harmful side effects, shame on anyone who thinks it’s okay to drug a child with caffeine!!

LisaC on

@pammy – love this part of your comment ” I’ve even drank from a water hose when I was younger – and lived to tell about it.”

The good ole days and we all grew up okay, no one here has a right to judge because none of us are perfect. Leave the poor woman alone and who cares how she looks in the picture she has come a long way and she doesn’t have to please us all that matters is her boys.

Kate on

Don’t people give their kids chocolate? There is caffeine in it. Tea is a drug??? Do you think it is safe to go outside since there are cars, and UV rays, and all other harmful stuff? I don’t care about Britney either way but these comments are very funny.

Georgina on

Showbizmom – thanks for the invite!! And the explainations! I thought it might be something different due to the “sweet” name, coz we do tea and sugar over here, (Im from England). We also to put milk in our tea too, (some of us!) but the principle is the same! Would that be cold or chilled though, due to the glasses, or do you drink it at room temperture? Coz if it were hot they couldnt hold it in a glass?

And for people saying tea has caffine in, it really depends upon what type of tea you buy, and obviously how much sugar youre putting in it, but dont forget its diluted, in this case, with water, or you can also add milk, so its not really comparable to cola in that sense, nor does it have the same caffine content as coffee. So if your making it for kids, you can just make it weaker. (I do for mine!) Ive never know anyone to be horrified about a child drinking tea. Lol!

mamafae on

Her smile is definitely fake and her eyes look ‘not there’ but at least she’s not driving around in a convertible with her son on her lap or shaving her head in public anymore.

Way to go, Brit.

Mel on

Wow. I seriously can’t believe some of the comments here.

What’s wrong with the photo?

It was a quick snap probably from a cellphone for twitter. There is nothing wrong with the way she or the boys look. Come on ladies. If she was decked out head to toe then I might say something…but this is nothing.

eribri on

Ya’ll are over analyzing this WAY too much.

Did it ever occur she may have filled their glasses before the pitcher? Or made 2 batches?

She’s dressed down obviously she won’t be appearing while shes at home making her sons a drink in a photoshoot ready outfit/style.

It’s sweet tea and home made, likely she isn’t the ONLY one to make homemade sweet tea and give it to their children.

Stop judging.

Jennifer Chew on

To each their own, but I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with giving kids caffeine. I have a brother who is a lot younger than I am, and I remember my Grandfather giving him a half a can of Coke-a-Cola when my brother was about 3 years old just to see what would happen. That was over 20 years ago, and my brother turned out fine. My brother still drinks Coke on occasion, but his drink of choice is now anything with alcohol in it. Caffeine is like any other drug, it can be addictive only if you let it get to that point. If you don’t let it get to that point, then you should be just fine. It’s all about temptation, and having the will power to resist it.

Jennifer Chew on

I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with giving a toddler caffeine. I have a brother who is a lot younger than I am, and I remember my Grandfather giving him a half a can of Coke-a-Cola at the age of 3 years old just to see what would happen. Nothing did happen, and that was over 20 years ago. My brother is now in his early 20’s and turned out just fine. Caffeine is just like any other drug, and it can be addictive only if individual lets it get to that point. It’s all about temptation, and having the will power to resist it. My brother still drinks Coke on occasion, but now his drink of choice is water.

Jennifer Chew on

I’m not saying that my brother is an alcoholic, he isn’t. He only drinks that stuff socially. Actually, he drinks a crap load of water. Takes a water bottle with him everywhere.