Look for Less: Anja Mazur’s Cozy Chic

05/03/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Look who’s strutting her stuff!

While walking the dog with her family — mom Alessandra Ambrósio and dad Jamie Mazur — in Malibu, Calif. on April 1, Anja Louise gave her model mama a run for her money in the cutest ensemble.

The 2½-year-old wore Barefoot DreamsBambooChic Toddler Hoodie ($53) paired with lace-trim floral shorts and Mini Melissa‘s Spider + Little Prince Jellies ($58).

Love Anja’s comfy style? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a similar look — with items all under $22!

Courtesy American Apparel


Until it really warms up, keep her covered in American Apparel‘s Kids California Fleece Hoodie ($22).

The soft cotton zip-up — which also comes in pink, blue and purple — is the perfect topper for cool spring weather.

Courtesy Kohl’s


Cute tops — like Jumping BeansRuffled Tank ($13) — make dressing for warm weather a breeze. Plus, she’ll love the sweet ruffle around the neckline.

Courtesy The Children’s Place


Your little flower will bloom in The Children’s Place‘s Floral Ruffle Shorts ($10). From the pretty purple print to the pleated trim, they’re sure to become a fast favorite.

Courtesy Target


Let her kick it old school with Circo‘s Baylaa Jelly Sandals ($5). These retro-style jellies — also available in white — sport a fun flower buckle.

Anya Leon

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Mary-Anne on

WOW! A simply stunning little girl! Adorable outfit!

Ruthella on

Absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Nancy on

Can I just ask a question as someone who was engaged and married within a year.
Why do celebrities like Alessandra and Jaime (who have plenty of money) stay engaged for years even as their child is growing up?
Why be engaged then??
Just curious.

Georgina on

Love the fact jellies are seen the world over; be it the beaches in california or the English coast, if you what; 1-9ish, gotta be wearing your jellies!

AmandaC on

Nancy – I agree, these celebs are engaged for years & years and hardly any of them actual seem to get married once they have their “we’re engaged baby”. But to each is there own I guess.


Nancy, please add Jennifer Hudson to that list!

Holly on

I think a lot of people don’t want to get married, or are scared of the comitment, but think that it sounds better to say “engaged” instead of “boyfriend/girlfriend”. I think a lot of people think being engaged gets away from the whole “baby mama/baby daddy” labels. This is just my opinion. I don’t have any children and have never been engaged, I’m only 22! lol

Tai on

I simply love her clothes! So cute!!
The brand of her jellies is Melissa, a brand from her mother native Brazil, so why the link its for the store in Australia?
Check it out http://www.melissa.com.br/
I love Alessandra, she is absolutly stunning!!

Molly on

Such a cute photo but people are concerned about when her parents are getting married. Who cares? Marriage is overrated anyway

fuzibuni on

But molly, if marriage is overrated, then why even get engaged in the first place?

Mia on

Are they still together?–I don’t get it either…if you’re engaged-you’re ready to be married in my opinion. If you’re afraid to commit then don’t have a child with somebody or get engaged.

Hayley on

about the marriage thing – could be quite simply bt that they don;t have time to plan a wedding?
with some of these carees, you don;t know where you will be in 18 months doing work ect. could just be waiting for the right time, to focus and have a awedding they want.

Erika on

Nancy- I have thought the same thing. If you are engaged, you *ARE* planning to get married, so why not do it quickly? There are people who don’t get married for other reasons, and that’s their preference, but I don’t get why you would be engaged for so long.

Ash on

With the divorce rate so high why would anyone want to get married? They are happy let it be.

Nancy on

To Ash: I was just asking a question because I don’t understand. I was not judging them.
I have been married for 15 years and marriage is hard work. It makes you work harder at it when you have a legal bond. I am glad we stuck with it during the difficult times, because too many couples leave at the first sign of problems.

sloanesmomma on

OMG she is soo adorable!!!! MY 7 month old baby girl Sloane is sooooo beautiful too and cant wait for everyday! MY new favorite thing is dressing her! I used to be obsessed with clothes for myself still am but now I get to be obsessed with baby clothes!!! OMG so excited for everyday!!!!!! I just wish they didnt grow up and grow out of their clothes so fast!!! ANJA is a cute name_one of my finals but I went with Sloane because IT is very unpopular…..but now im hearing it might not be does anyone know other sloanes? ANyway love anjas eyebrows and the way her mommy dresses her!

Marva on

I just love children with strong eyebrows – so natural and pretty. I love strong eyebrows in general, they frame the face and give it expression – hopefully those people with aggressively plucked eyebrows realize that some day.

Indira on

If people are going to get engaged, I think it’s a fair question to ask when they’re getting married. It pretty much begs the question. It’s different than when two dating people are asked the question, that I find rude.

Shannon on

It seems obvious that some people rush to get engaged when the woman gets pregnant. Ex: Tom and Katie, Orlando and Miranda, Kate Hudson, Alessandra, etc. Sometimes it leads to an actual marriage, sometimes it doesn’t. *shrugs*

Anja has a unique look; I bet she will be stunning when she grows up.

Kate on

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didnt Alessandra have her baby and THEN the two of them got engaged? Doesn’t seem like it’s a “we got pregnant now we should probably get engaged” union to me. It seems like they had a baby, whether planned or unplanned, and then decided to become engaged.