Rachel Zoe Blinded by Love for Son Skyler

05/02/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
John M. Heller/Getty

Rachel Zoe is basking in baby bliss since welcoming son Skyler Morrison, now 5 weeks.

“Life is amazing, it’s perfect. It’s complete. I’m in love and I can’t see straight,” the new mom, 39, tells E! Online.

Having already regained her svelte figure, the celebrity stylist and star of The Rachel Zoe Project credits her quick bounce back to nothing more than breastfeeding her baby.

“I’m eating a ton and nursing my child. I have not exercised, I can tell you that much,” she says, adding, “I have to go home and feed him right now.”

As for deciding on a name for her first child, Zoe admits she skipped the name game altogether — and went straight to her all-time “favorite.” Coincidentally, both monikers also hold a special meaning for Zoe and husband Rodger Berman.

“It made a lot of sense because the ‘S’ in his name was for my great aunt and the ‘M’ in his middle name is for my grandfather and my husband’s mother,” she explains.

And while she has been able to balance motherhood with her career, mostly in part to her “unbelievable team” who moved the office into Zoe’s home, for now, the busy mama isn’t ready to consider expanding her family further.

“Right now I’m just having fun with this one,” she reveals.

— Anya Leon

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roberta on

I knew she would blossom!

Natalie Childs on

I think it is so unfair of people like Rachel to lie so blatantly about getting their figures back ‘naturally’ to other women who compare themselves to them. As a midwife I could clearly see that Rachel was not eating enough calories when pregnant to even sustain herself properly, let alone her child.

To say she is now ‘eating a ton’ sounds like complete rubbish to me, considering she was obviously suffering from an eating disorder before and during her pregnancy. This is not healthy and should not be held up as a role model for other normal women who eat the right foods and exercise and will lose the weight gradually and safely.

jeepers on

Does she look strangely old in this photo? I don’t really know who she is, but she in only 39 and looks much older in this picture.

EMM on

Natalie – well said..

TJ on

Having a baby does make you so in love you can’t see straight. How wonderful. She had no idea it could be like that and it will continue, at least until the teen years, so I’m told. LOL

Boys are so scrumptious and delightful.

JP on

Natalie and EMM, I also thought she was way too thin before she was pregnant, but I don’t think it’s fair to say she was still too thin during pregnancy or couldn’t eat a good amount and still lose her baby weight. I only speak from my own experience, but I gained about 24 or 25 pounds when I was pregnant with my son and lost all the weight within the first 6 weeks after his birth. I ate well and stayed fit during pregnancy and didn’t exercise until 6 weeks after his birth. I also nursed him and I do think that helped things in my case. Everyone is different.

val on

Natalie – I wouldnt necessarily say she’s lying. I was back at my normal weight within 6 weeks with nothing more than breastfeeding and some light walks with the stroller in tow. Everyone is different. Just bc one person takes months to lose the pounds doesnt mean its the same for everyone. I have approximately 10 friends who have had children in the last year and 8 of them lost it from breastfeeding alone, 2 are still struggling.

Jen DC on

I appreciate Natalie’s opinion but it’s just that – an opinion. None of us have ever personally physically examined Rachel Zoe. I, too, was shocked that she was able to become and remain pregnant given her extremely slight figure. I also believe that she looks far older than her 39 years because of years of extreme calorie restriction (not enough oils and fats = dry, wrinkly skin). But obviously both she and the baby made it to this point – so all I can say is that IT WAS DONE. How she did it will forever remain a mystery.

I can’t say whether she’s eating enough to sustain her son’s health, but luckily the baby has two parents. I can’t see her husband allowing the child to starve because his mother won’t eat enough. Furthermore, her body will likely (and did likely) take nutrients from her to support Skyler as a fetus and now as a nursing infant. The female body is an amazing thing.

When more pics of baby Skyler are available, we’ll be able to tell more about how he’s faring in all this. But til then, all I have are sincere congratulations for the family and well wishes for a healthy and happy future.

Renee on

@Natalie, some women DO lose weight quickly and naturally, without restricting, while breastfeeding. Yes, even that quickly. My sister-in-law is naturally very slim, she lost all her pregnancy weight (which was not much to begin with!) in the first 2 weeks. She has fabulous genetics. She eats like a horse while pregnant and breastfeeding, just has a very efficient metabolism. Don’t be all judgy, it comes across as bitter and puts out a bad name for midwives and all things natural!

martina on

What Natalie is likely commenting on is the IMMEDIATE weight loss & ‘regaining of the shape’ that Rachel apparently experienced. There were pictures of her two weeks post-partum where she didn’t look any different then pre-pregnancy. And I am sorry, but she did look extremely thin even in very late pregnancy pictures.

missy on

In all of the photos that I’ve seen of Rachel post giving birth, she’s been wearing very loose clothing. I don’t see how anyone could tell whether or not she’s lost all her flab.

I’m so happy for Rachel. It sounds like she’s really enjoying motherhood so far.

Hea on

jeepers – She’s looked like this for years. I think she’s just unfortunate to have lines and wrinkles early. Plus she’s been so thin.

abbyc on

Jeepers- she looks more wrinkly because they do not advise botox while pregnant and breastfeeding. So she obviously has been skipping her injections which is admirable.

As for Natalie’s comment, I don’t know why people are ganging up on Natalie. Yes, I actually lost all my pregnancy weight within two weeks with both kids, so it is possible. But I think Natalie was addressing the obvious fact that Zoe was malnourished when she conceived. EDs don’t go away over night. So she likely restricted herself during pregnancy. RZ’s ED is seriously like the elephant in the room- no one addresses it which I understand is none of our business. But I hate that she is a role model to young girls (and young women) and they look up to her and her thinness.IMO

Maggie on

Rachel is also someone who is/was a sun-worshipper. Tans may look great, but your skin is going to look like leather later. That’s just how it is.

I thought she looked great during her pregnancy – to me, she gained the weight she needed and you could tell in her face, chest, etc. I am also thin and dropped the weight quickly – some people just do. Doesn’t mean she’s lying.

I am pleasantly surprised that she’s nursing, for some reason I just didn’t think she would. She seems to be enjoying motherhood. Glad it happened for her and she is as into it as Rodger is.

Natty G on

I’m one of those lucky few who, within weeks, lost all my baby weight and then some from nursing (twins!) alone. I didn’t have time to exercise aside from taking the boys out for daily walks around the neighborhood. I never worried about how much weight I was gaining or how quickly I could lose it. I just ate well (and a lot) during and after my pregnancy. Though Rachel often looks alarmingly thin, it’s very unfair to pass judgment and criticize. Everyone is different.

Anna on

I’m 5’1 94lbs. Gained 15 lbs with my pregnancies. Was back to my normal weight/body within a week or 2. It can happen. Stay active during your pregnancy and active!

mary on

none of you have seen her naked. Trust me, I look great 9wks post delivery with my clothes on- you can’t even tell I ever had a baby according to some (and my pre-preg jeans) 🙂

Naked however? I am a bit of a hot mess. things just aren’t all back to normal. Clothes hide a lot.

Congrats to Rachel & Rodger!

hayley w on

as a midwife myself i would never ever comment that a women clearly wasn’t eating enough to look after herself or baby with out having fully examined her…….you can not judge on pictures , or by how skinny some one is as to the health of their baby.

just last week my uk size 6 lady who had gained maybe all of 20 – 25 pounds as a guess, we don’t really weigh women in the uk , gave birth to a chunky monkey of a son who was 10 pounds and 2 onz of pure wonderful baby chub , the cord was beautiful her placenta was healthy and that angel was a lovely healthy baby boy, but to just look at this skinny mama with her huge tummy you might have thought she wasn’t eating enough but clearly not only was she eating enough for herself but she was eating enough to grow that baby to a wonderful size .

although of course she had mummys tummy for a few days after but by the time she and little ollie went home you would have thought she had just had a big lunch!

shouldn’t judge a book by its cover , or in this case by pictures you see in glossy mags or celeb websites

sar on

I really don’t wanna be mean but she is the poster child for why you shouldn’t live in the sun. I’d rather be pale with nice skin than tan with a “raisin face” My mom is 60 and doesn’t have a wrinkly face.

Oh and can the media please stop asking women who stayed skinny their whole pregnancy how they got “skinny” after baby. They were never big to begin with and lost the weight because they had their babies.

Ellen Smith on

Women in Africa and other nations are on woefully inadequate diets and giving birth at alarming rates. So, why would it surprise anyone that she was able to “maintain” a pregnancy? She certainly had access to the best medical care and food, unlike the women mentioned above.

I had borderline gestational diabetes and was told to cut out sugar (I didn’t need insulin). I ended up gaining only 6.5 lbs. with my pregnancy – I was losing the weight, the baby was gaining. My son weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. and I was 16 lbs. lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. I ate a high protein, low carb, no sugar diet and was not in any way starving myself. The entire last 4 months of my pregnancy I kept my blood sugar numbers in check.

randi on

Looking older than her age is only one manifestation of her apparent ED problem (it’s altogether possible there are other medical problems) but she’s also doing severe, possibly irreversible damage to herself internally as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up with osteoporosis (if she doesn’t have it already).

Hea on

“Women in Africa and other nations are on woefully inadequate diets and giving birth at alarming rates. ”

Umm, Africa is not a nation and yes, a lot of women give birth while malnourished and the results are often malnourished children with all kinds of diseases and death. It’s sad and it’s not an argument when it comes to people who deny themselves proper nutrition when provided them. Now I am not saying Rachel is one of them. I’m just saying.

Moore on

Natalie Childs, You cannot fully comment on a woman’s anything using your status as a midwife without having examined her and noted the changes both pre, during and post pregnancy. You don’t know her eating habits prior to, how she’s nursing, what she’s eating now, nothing. Just that you think she’s too thin.

It’s people like you who seem to think they are sharing expertise when really you’re criticizing and alienating those with a different body type (cause,really, does she have any disorders that you have proof of?) and making yourself look bad. Good job. Your profession would also look bad if hayley w wasn’t here as a voice of reason.

Also I’d like to see proof of Rachel discussing her eating disorder because to insist that someone has such a serious issue is rude.

K on

I have to agree that we shouldn’t judge her weight loss. I have four kids and after each one I was back to my normal weight within 2 to 3 weeks with weight gains of 30-50 lbs. I am naturally on the thin size (at 5′ 8″ I weigh 120 and am a size 2) and people often comment that I am too thin or have an eating disorder, until they see me eat:).

One of my daughters is the same way. She is 9 and weighs 50 lbs and is also very petite, I can’t imagine that she will ever be a big child or woman. Obviously the baby was a healthy weight and she is nursing, so a lot could be genetics. I had basketball belly with each child and they ranged from 6 lbs to over 9 lbs. And the smallest was premature, estimated that she would have been over ten pounds full term.

miche on

Haha, Mary! Same here. I only gained 17 lbs with my son and lost it all within weeks. I only gained in my belly. I look great with clothes on…but without, my belly looks like a deflated balloon covered in stretchmarks.

randi on

Losing weight quickly after pregnancy or not gaining a lot to begin with is not the issue with Ms. Zoe. What jumps out at me is her unnaturally thin figure and the implications on her health.

We often see supermodels (and other celebrities) on this blog who are naturally super thin with an ectomorph physique and they seem to “bounce” back effortlessly post-partum. Ms. Zoe clearly is not in that group as these women (e.g. Miranda Kerr, Nicole Kidman and that other VS model Alessandra) are the picture of good health.

Tia on

Celebrities work very hard.As a result they can afford the best nutritional experts.Trust me you can loose weight quickly without starving.You just need to know what to eat.I struggled to loose weight after I had my children.I did some online research about the foods I was eating.Trust me you do not want to know about the garbage that’s in some of our foods.I made major changes to our household diet and I lost alot of weight very quickly.I’ve kept the weight off.

My point is not every skinny person has an eating disorder.I have also seen people obsessed with weight and I must tell you.It is truly truly a very sad thing to withnessed….imagine being obsessed with the calorie content of every morsel of food that enters your mouth?

babygirlsmoma on

I have been nursing my baby since day one and now she just turned 7 months and i still haven’t lost every pound and i haven’t worked out a day since given birth maybe thats why…I gained 40 pounds i’m 5’11 and only lost 33 lb so i have 7 more to go but i eat whatever i want whenever i want i do believe nursing helps!!

she has always looked older than she is for along time. i love her but something is different about her mouth that makes her look older…but who cares she’s fine!

babygirlsmoma on

after having my baby girl life felt so much more alive but not 100percent complete without my future children!!!!!!! some people just want one but i must have a couple more i hope God will bless me with that! But I AM VERRY blessed to have my 7month old!!

Molly on

Why do women like Natalie love to attack other women about how they look. Does it help you sleep better at night Natalie knowing you attacked another woman because of her appearance or her weight? Alot of you such as Natalie should stop acting like you are mothers when you spend more time around here than taking care the kids you claim to have

Evie on

Noun: A person (typically a woman) trained to assist women in childbirth

“As a midwife I could clearly see that Rachel was not eating enough calories when pregnant to even sustain herself properly, let alone her child.”

Natalie, you should stick to the definition of your job and not make thoughtless, ignorant and rude comments about someone you do not know, let alone have ever seen outside of the media. How self righteous, judgmental people like you possibly become a midwife is beyond me.