Antonio Sabàto, Jr. Welcomes Son Antonio III

05/02/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

Third time’s the charm for Antonio Sabàto, Jr., who welcomed a son over the weekend.

Cheryl Moana Marie gave birth to Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani Harvey Sabàto III on Sunday, May 1 at 10:30 p.m.. PEOPLE confirms.

“Antonio and Cheryl are both well and couldn’t be happier about the new addition to their family,” Sabàto’s rep said in a statement.

His first middle name, the Hawaiian ‘Kamakanaalohamaikalani,’ means “a beloved gift from the heavens.”

Antonio III joins elder siblings Jack, 16, whose mother is actress Virginia Madsen, and Mina, 7½, whose mother is Kristin Rossetti.

Sabàto, 39, next appears in the comedy Balls to the Wall and indie drama A Mother’s Secret.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Monica Rizzo

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Andi on

OMG he will be 30 before he can spell his middle name!

chevjuls on

Congratulation to Antonio Sabàto,Jr, and Cheryl Moana Marie on the birth of their son Antonio Sabàto the 3rd, but how do you pronounce the name?

AmandaC on

He better start looking for baby momma #4 soon!

Rosie on


kristine on

omg I feel like a kid in kindergarten trying to pronounce it, sounding it out…slowly…lol!

in any event, congrats to them all!

Macy on

Poor kid, that middle name is going to be a nightmare to spell.

I also think its awful that parents keep giving their kids the fathers name, Antonio the 3rd? This isn’t a dynasty people!

Hilary on

Trying saying THAT name ten times fast.

lizzielui on

Funny, there are tons of Hawaiians with traditionally long names (both first and middle names) who can spell them just fine.

Catca on

I don’t think it looks that hard to spell or pronounce if you break it apart.


Now just read/say it top to bottom and you’ve got it! The meaning of the name is quite beautiful.

Gina-Nicole on

Baby’s gonna hate his parents every time he fills out forms 😦

Tee on

Wow, that’s quite a name that little boy is going to have to learn how to spell!

I’m not sure why but the title of this article really bugged me. “Third time’s the charm.” I don’t have a problem with people that want a boy or girl and I especially understand it when you already have two of one gender. But still… “third time’s a charm?” Way to spit on the two daughters he already has. Ah, maybe I’m just being too sensitive.

Shelby on

PLEASE tell me that middle name is a joke.

Jen DC on

Thank you, Catca, for showing some simple common (phonics-based!) sense. Most likely he’ll never use it for forms, also following common sense, because it’s too long.

And the whole state of Hawai’i is full of names like this and the kids seem fine with it (lived there for 6 months, learned the rudiments of Hawaiian pronunciation in that time and have lived to tell the tale). I only wish I could have gotten an invitation to Ni’ihau. 😦

MissMel on

@Tee- He actually has a son and a daughter. His first child with Virginia Madsen is a boy, Jack. The title doesn’t really make any sense at all.

Also, I like to pride myself on having plenty of common sense, but I didn’t know how to pronounce that middle name and I would bet many other intelligent people wouldn’t either. Yes, the state of Hawaii is filled with names like that but this isn’t Hawaii. Also,he can’t just elect not to use it when filling out certain forms. It’s his legal name and as he gets older many forms will require the full legal name.

Jessica on

@Tee His older children are Jack and Mina, a boy and a girl. Not sure where your idea that he has two daughters is coming from.

lisa on

You gotta be kidding me??! Seriously? I read that they were gonna throw that name in there but I really thought it was a joke. Its a beautiful meaning but they’d been better off with”beloved gift from the heavens”as a middle name.

my great niece 1st name is Na-vai-ya,dashes& you have any idea what a nightmare that’s been.her birth certificate is spelled correctly but her social security card,hospital records&state medi-cal card doesn’t have the dashes cause the system wont accept more than 1 dash.this has caused more than 1 delay&a whole host of problems.

I cant imagine what will happen with this long name when it wont fit in all the little boxes.good luck to that baby he’s a handsome little man tho..

Shannon on

Congrats to them. What a lovely name with a special meaning. It isn’t strange or difficult to pronounce if you speak Hawaiian. Not everything revolves around the continental U.S. or the English language. Ethnocentric much? Sheesh.

em on

I really, really hope it’s one of those middle names that he will never use. I never use my middle names. Maybe I did once or twice. Seriously. It’s cute, original and all, but that’s just terribly too long to write.

M on

I don’t get why the middle name would one which means something with a girl, while the baby is a boy. Is it just me, or is that actually weird??

Sydney on

Looks like Virginia Madsen wasn’t happy calling their son Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani Harvey Sabàto III – so went with Jack. Fair dos!

Congrats on the new arrival.

Rebecca on

I’m going to try to give the author of this article the benefit of the doubt and guess that when they wrote “third time’s a charm,” they were referring to the fact that the baby is a third? Antonio III? I’d like to think that the author wasn’t referring to the third child being better than the others. Just a thought.

Also, what a mouthful of a name for such a little guy. I feel really bad for anyone has to write out that really long name. Sure it has meaning, and that’s great, but if I was in their position, I would have worked harder to find a name with meaning that was more “file-friendly”…that’s just me though.

But they announced the name months ago, so their family probably has had this discussion with them and they still liked the name, so it must mean a lot to them. At least they didn’t name their baby something ridiculous like Pilot Inspektor or @. If the worst thing about the name is length, and it’s full of meaning for the family, then I don’t really think it’s all that bad. And it definitely gives him a name that carries on the tradition but allows him to have at least one name unique from his father! 😉 Haha!
(sorry for the long post)

Georgina on

I thought it was “third times a charm” because the baby is Antonio III and this guys third baby. Just because he has two kids doesnt mean this one is any less special or a blessing, so why not coo over the baby.

And Sydney I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing! Lol!

lizzielui on

Sydney and Rebecca, Virginia didn’t give her child a Hawaiian name because neither she nor Antonio are Hawaiian. Cheryl Moana Marie’s parents are native Hawaiian, thus the tribute to their heritage.

lizzielui on

Yikes, I meant Sydney and Georgina. Sorry for the improper attribution Rebecca.

Jennifer on


lyly on

Are you serious? What on earth were they thinking!!!!! That middle name will hunt him forever.

Grace on

lizzielui, if that were true then he wouldn’t be a III, right? Antonio and either his father or someother man in his family would have to have the exact name. You can’t just put III on the end of a name (well I guess you could, but it wouldn’t make sense). So I assume it Antonio Sabato, Jr.’s name too.

And macy, you really think naming children after their father or grandfathers is awful? I think naming my son after his father and great grandfather is a way of paying tribute to two incredible men and fathers who are good examples to emulate. NOt your thing? Fine. But awful? Hmm.

fuzibuni on

Interesting how there was so much trash talking about Melanie Brown having three babies by three men. But not one person so far has mentioned that about Antonio. I wonder why that is???

skunknuggets on

Congrats to them! That is quite a middle name though. LOL

Erika on

Congrats to them!

Is it just me or did someone else recently give their child a similarly long name? Definitely a celebrity…

sinclair on

yep, fuzibuni, read up-thread. it is there..and in another thread where ppl made lots of ignorant comments about his baby boy’s beautiful Hawaiian name.

Jen DC, so jealous! (6mos in Hawai’i)–is that the correct spelling? Can’t wait to go…

RPK on

Grace, I disagree with you just because I think that it’s a HUGE double standard. Women say that they want to “pay tribute” to the father of their son by naming him after them but why is it never (or at least RARELY) done with women? Why does a woman carry a baby for 10 months and go through the pains of childbirth to name her child after the man she is with who may or may not one day leave her. I think it’s kind of sad that we don’t hold women in the same regard. Why aren’t there more GRACE JR’s? Why aren’t there more Katie Jr.’s or Hannah Jr’s, etc, etc? Why are we, as a society, so cool with “honoring” fathers and not mothers in the same way? Do you get what I mean? I just think it’s kind of sad and unfair…and I’m a male. I just wish more people saw it in that light. I know far too many women who are single now because of divorces or partner’s leaving them and they have Tony Jr. who they wish they had never named after the jerk who cheated on them and decided to walk out one day. Women are worth more and I wish more noticed this sexist, dated tradition of naming a boy after his father. It’s underminingly sexist. That’s the worst part about it!

Also…I think it’s kind of boring. Why not give a child his own identity and originality??

Minami86 on

I dont know this couple but I do think it’s very ignorant to make fun of someone’s name because you dont like how it sounds or how it’s spelled. Many names dont make sense if you’re not familiar with a culture. Be enlightened before passing judgement on someone else.

Anyway, I’m sure the baby is adorable so congrats to the couple!!

Leialoh on

Kamakanaalohamaikalani is actually short for most people in Hawaii! Hawaiian, Samoan any polynesian name most of the time is like a sentence! It is a tradition here in Hawaii, and yes it will definitely be hard for him to pronounce because everyone around him will probably have a hard time pronouncing it OR they will prounounce his name completely wrong! But of course there are nicknames, so most times you would say Kamakana instead of the entire name. Anyway Congrats and the middle name is definitely a blessing!!! Hopefully he brings him to Hawaii so he can learn about the Hawaiian Heritage since he has a Hawaiian middle name!

lizzielui on

Sorry Grace but you are incorrect. Antonio was born in Italy. His father is Italian (Antonio Sabato Sr.) and his mother is Czech. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1996. They are incorrectly attaching the title of “III” to the baby’s name as he does not have the exact name as his father and grandfather.

Carmen on

“Congrats to them. What a lovely name with a special meaning. It isn’t strange or difficult to pronounce if you speak Hawaiian. Not everything revolves around the continental U.S. or the English language. Ethnocentric much? Sheesh.”

Thank you!!! I wish some people would do a little research before making comments.

Luna on

Is the middle name a joke?

torgster on

Don’t care about the name, don’t care about the three baby mommas, don’t care about the dumb title to the article. All I want to know is …. how gorgeous is this child going to be with parents that look like these two. Yikes it’s almost scary lol.

Lyoness on

@ Catca – Thank you. I guess they don’t teach phonics (or geography) anymore. I remember when everyone here had an apoplectic fit over Lisa Bonet’s son’s name.

Grace on

RPK, I only have boys but had I had a girl, she would’ve used my middle name as a first (Grace isn’t my first or middle name). and it’s fine if you think that’s boring. That’s ok. But awful? All of my boys are named after family, but I understand it’s not for everyone. Just as I don’t get why people make up strange spellings for their children’s names, some don’t get why you’d name a child after a family member.

And lizzielui, I’m not incorrect and didn’t say you were either. I merely said that if this kid were a true III, he would have to have the exact name of two other men from his father’s side of the family. Throwing another name in the mix would only create a new name.

But whatever. I don’t care what he named his son or that there is no scantron form that can
handle all those letters. As long as they are happy and healthy, then fantastic.

Kim on

I think you pronounce his middle name like this:

kah-mah-kah-nah-ah-loh-ah-mhy(like “why” but with a “m”)-kah-lah-nee

babygirlsmoma on

wonder if he will have another baby and wonder who it will be with next???

Tee on

MissMel and Jessica, thank you both for pointing that out! I totally mis-read the article! Sorry about that.

sar on

Some of you people make me sick with how ignorant you are when it comes to things that are cultural. My husband is Hawaiian and while we chose to not go with the traditional long Hawaiian middle names for our children we have many friends, and family that do.

This is a completely normal middle name for those with Hawaiian roots and it’s not “weird” My niece knew how to pronounce and spell her middle name from the time she was very young.

Just because something doesn’t seem normal to you doesn’t mean it can’t be normal to someone else.

Georgina on

Lizzielui, I was referring more to the fact that his eldest son is not Antonio III rather than any middle names he may or may not have.

Also I wasnt aware of any rule that said you had to be Hawaiian to use a Hawaiian name.

Daisy on

I have to write out full names as part of my job (by hand and typed; multiple times) and yikes this one would be a task. Going over & over spelling will be a burden for this kid with every legal document. Hawaiians must give Sri Lankans a run for their money in the long name stakes.

Anonymous and don't give a damn on

Wow, ignorant much? Cheryl’s parents are native Hawaiian which, if I couldn’t tell by looking at her, I could tell by her name. And she is honoring her heritage. “Well, this isn’t Hawaii?” what kind of stupid statement is that? Plenty of Irish immigrants give their children names like Sinead and Siobhan and Aidan, well, this isn’t Ireland and two of those names are NOT phonetic.

Suz on

You cannot be a “III” unless your name is IDENTICAL to the “Jr” and to the first recipient of the name. The classlessness of Hollywood never ceases to amaze. I have never had to spell out my middle name on any official form; middle initial is sufficient.

Kate on

I think the “third time is a charm” is because he had a very popular guest spot on Charmed and a play on the fact that his son is Antonio the third. I certainly hope that’s it, because it doesn’t sit right any other way. Definitely a bad choice of words. And as for the middle name, different strokes for different folks. Names are different all around the world, and pronounciation in general is quite varied between cultures. Congrats on the baby boy.

lizzielui on


Sydney’s comment was implying that Virginia Masden did not want her son to have the long, Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani Harvey Sabàto III name this this baby has. I simply stated that he probably would not have had that name because this is not Antonio’s full name (so why would they choose a random Hawaiian name) and because Antonio is Italian and Czech, without any hint of Hawaiian in his name. The name Harvey is not a part of Antonio’s given name either, so technically this child is not Antonio Sabato III.

Georgina on

Actually Lizzielui, I thought Sydenys comment was referring to the fact that she didnt want her son to be named after his father; i.e. have the name Antonio, or be Antonio III, and so went with a different name, Jack.

No one mentioned his middle name, but it would be a safe assumption, based on the III titling, that the middle names would be included, because that how you get to the III.

As I dont even know who he is, I dont know his whole name, nor his nationality or anything else, I just thought, due to the normal way jr etc are passed on, that the babes name was the same as his dads.

So due to the fact his first son didnt get this name, it must have been because his mother didnt like the name and vetoed it, and that just shows so much more because of this baby.

And I was just amazed someone else thought that too. That was the extent of my post!

Sydney on

Lizzielui – I was referring to the fact that Virginia did not follow the naming trend that Antonio Jnr is clearly keen to perpetuate.

In fact their son is called Jack Antonio, so it appears they came to a compromise including Antonio in the middle name.

Merhigha on

Congrats on the arrival of Antonio Kamekalekahimekahineyho Harvey Sabàto III. Hope nobody plans to buy him a personalized baby gift…that will set you back a few bucks if they charge by the letter.

Heather on

I was born in Hawaii as so was my mom & dad.Techinically we are not of Hawaiian blood.But no further from that do I feel that I respect & love the heritage.My grandfather gave my sister,brothers & I hawaiian middle names.My family calls me by my hawaiian name(not the whole thing) which is pretty common. My sister & I gave all of our children hawaiian middle names & they know them all by heart.

Anonymous on

lucky bitch LOL

Lindsey on

RPK – I just had to comment because I agree 100% with what you said. It infuriates me that women are looked down upon if they choose to give their last name to a child who they carried and delivered. The audacity! (I’m joking). I hate how the patriarchal sexist tradition of only giving the man’s last name to a baby still is acceptable in the US. Sickening.

RPK on

Grace, I don’t think there is anything wrong with your tradition of naming your boys after family members. I think that is fine. Just not in the case of father to son. I think it crosses a line in most cases that demeans a woman’s place in the family. Almost EVERY time I ask someone why they chose to name their son “Bob Jr.” (for example) they say, “In honor of my husband” or “So he can be just like his daddy” but why do we never hear someone naming a little girl, “Jane Jr.” to “honor” the mother or so she can be just like HER mother when she grows up? I don’t get it. I like incorporating a family name as a MIDDLE name but I feel like kids should have their own individual identity. It always seems a bit insulting to me, having come from a family with a Jr. in it, when I looked at my older brother and saw he was gifted this special-name just because he was a boy.

I am not dissing people who do this. It is just my pet-peeve. I think people don’t look into how sexist it truly is if you really, truly think deeply about it. Why are we glorifying men so much and not bestowing the same honor to the woman who gave that child life? It baffles me.

Lindsey, glad you agree! Nice to see an enlightened perspective about it. 🙂

susan on

this is to tee, jack is a boy, not a girl. Thierd times the charm is meant towards the women, by the way what happened to the one who won him on the show. Did he dump her for this chick?


All the ignorant comments about his middle name being a nightmare is really disrespectful. Obviously none of you haoles have any respect for culture cause if you did you would see that it’s tradition. No one makes fun when hill billies name their kids the same. Just because you guys don’t know Hawaiian doesn’t mean it’s a weird name.

hj on


arienfire on


Unless you got permission from someone with Hawaiian blood to use a Hawaiian name on non Hawaiian children, that could bring bad luck to your family. My grandmother is half Hawaiian, and I listened to all the tales and rules about names. If you want to give your children Hawaiian names and are not Hawaiian, you are to ask someone who is Hawaiian, preferably someone older, to give the names. You don’t just TAKE them and name your kids. Hawaiian names are sacred and you don’t just give it because it’s pretty or because you lived in Hawaii.

arienfire on


Living in Hawaii does not give a non Hawaiian person the right to have a Hawaiian name. If a non Hawaiian wants to bestow a Hawaiian name to a non Hawaiian child, they must ask permission from an older person of Hawaiian blood. You cannot just TAKE a Hawaiian name as your own because you like it and think it is pretty. Hawaiian names are sacred and have many meanings, and you could be bringing bad luck to your family because you gave a wrong name. Those who take names without permission are violating the Hawaiian people and their culture.

anonymous on

his middle name is actually short compared to mine!!!! all of you (except the ones from hawaii) are from the mainland a.k.a. the “mainland” and donʻt know anything about polynesians and how we roll. the hawaiian middle name describes who we are. i personally know some of her family and they ARE PART HAWAIIAN. his nick name is makana is that easy enough for all the haloes out there??!! no but really there are a lot of ignorant people. this is our way of life and culture so how a bout you respect it for a change!!