BumpWatch: Victoria Beckham – Blue Belle

04/29/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Frederic Nebinger/Abaca

Among the earliest arrivals at the Royal Wedding — and both cutting dramatic figures — were David and Victoria Beckham.

A ponytailed and pregnant Victoria, 37, was sporting a navy Philip Treacy pillbox hat of her own design (just as she designed her own dress, also blue and svelte), while a well-groomed David, 35, in a Ralph Lauren gray suit with matching tie of a lighter shade, had his Order of the British Empire pinned to his jacket lapel. He also carried a top hat.

Reports say that rather than giving Prince William and Kate Middleton a present, the Beckhams contributed to the royal couple’s charities.

The pair expect their fourth child, a daughter, this July.


–- Stephen M. Silverman

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Tieraney on

OMG how hot is David??? I’ve never seen that man look bad! Lucky-ass Posh.

Sandra on

She looked so BEAUTIFUL. They both did. Hot hubby! 😛

olivia on


saydee on

Oh my, can David get any hotter?!! Whew…He looks so sexy!

How nice that they donated to the royal couple’s charity rather than buying a gift! I hope a lot of the guests did that, too.

klutzy_girl on

I don’t really like Victoria’s outfit or hat (Oh God, the hats at this wedding!), but David looks so very attractive here.

Georgina on

Looking good guys =D Simple yet stylish.

Pamela Claire on

I think Posh looked absolutely beautiful. A nice, muted color and simple silhouette… She definitely knew it wasn’t about her or her fashion today. And could David be any more beautiful?!

Mari on

Actually, HER hat was kinda the best of the entire wedding. Well, that doesn’t really say much since most of the hats were absolutely ugly (Princess Bea *shudder*).

The Queen looked like a giant canary but Kate was beautiful and she and William looked soooo happy.

shirabee on

can i just say wow! i thought these two were gorgeous in their outfits and i personally LOVE victoria’s hat!! side note- kate looked absolutely radiant and stunning!!!

Sandra on

Oooh and another thing, can you (mums and babies staff) post that picture where David gently touches Victoria’s belly?
That picture is just wonderful 🙂

Link to a gallery:

It the 8th picture, I think 🙂 Gorgeous photo.

Mary on

She does look smashing!along with looking classy (as always!)

Emilia on

Victoria looked very nice, but did you see her poor feet? Her 6″ heels were so high that her foot was “en pointe” like a ballerina’s. It hurts just to see it. En pointe plus bent toes, agony.

Melissa on

This women can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. Love her tiny little bump!

Kat on

I love everything but the hat… which was beautiful, but what I didn’t like about it was that it was on her FOREHEAD… it looked like it should have sat back… so the front edge was at the hairline…. still very forward, but not THAT forward.

Georgina on

Actually, her shoes were especially customised by Christian Louboutin to have a bigger platform in so her heels were not actually that high, so she could wear them all day and be comfy. That was the “specially customised” part, which I thought we all might like to know!

Anonymous on

She looks so much better with her fuller face.

Jessie on

i like what they’re wearing, but hate the positioning of that hat,lol

jordan on

Loved the fascinator, wish she hadn’t worn a tent.
The dress needed structure. AND HER HEELS WERE WAY TO FRICKIN TALL! It’s a royal wedding for pete’s sake.

Nancy on

Victoria was gorgeous as was Kate and Pippa. Those 3 were the ones I noticed the most. Who says that British women aren’t beautiful??

Sara on

Emilia- I saw the shoes and I thought, “Those poor puppies!”

But Georgina- They don’t look comfy to me … they looked like her feet were going to snap! I’m sure she’s used to them, though.

Otherwise, this is the best she’s looked!

Annie on

Sorry but I thought she looked more appropriate for a funeral in that outfit not a wedding.

V on

That is the best I have ever seen David look, Victoria not so much she looks like she is in an huge poncho to me.

ForeverMoore on

Looks like her dress has pockets, that’s functional…but I can’t help but wonder, how in the heck did they attach that hat? It’s so distracting! I think fancy hats are fun but most of them I saw were u-g-l-y!

Sonya on

saydee -William and Kate asked that instead of gifts people contribute to their chosen charities, so it was not something David and Victoria decided on their own

torgster on

I kinda think the ponytail ruined her otherwise nice look. It seemed so inappropriate for such a formal affair. But I did like that there were a couple instances where she gave us a hint of a smirk. Not a smile for sure, but at least not her perpetual scowl.

Amanda on

The hat looks stupid and I don’t like Davids hair like that either. Nice to see she actually gained a little weight though.

Maeve on

i know this might sound bad but i think victoria looks better when she has a little more weight on here she just looks kinda sick when shes super boney

but they both look great! im super excited for them i know they wanted this girl for a long time 🙂 congrats to them both!

stephanie on

Can Victoria ever smile in her pictures, don’t like the dress and the hat is weird that wire coming down is distracting, they both love the paparazzi taking there pictures with famous ppl.

Brienne on

i think everyone their looked absolutly beautiful. i loved the way victoria planned her look it was classy and elegant!! David looked absolutly lovely as well!! Well i think we all know that new baby of girl there’s is going to be very well dressed and adorable as well!!! Her other 3 boys look amazing as well(not at the royal wedding)every time i see them in pictures too. Sooooo, WATCH OUT SURI !!!!!!!!!!

Nella on

So these are my thoughts on their looks at the wedding: I don’t normally think David is that hot like most women do, but oh he looked sooo good at the wedding! He just had that sleek,sexy look to him and it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen him.

As far as Victoria goes, I agree she looks much better with a bit of weight on her. Her hat was unique and cute in my opinion, but then again I like quirky things. Her dress was very boring to me and wasn’t cute at all! I wish she wore a nicer color or different shape of the dress,something was just off with her outfit in my opinion. She could have done much better without being too out there, idk I expected more from her.

Some of the hats at the wedding were fabulous, very interesting and fashionable, others brought me back to the good old 1980’s haha. I saw a lot of beautiful women who were dressed nicely. I also loved queen’s yellow outfit, she rocked it!

Kate and William looked so happy and in love and that was wonderful to watch.

Brienne on

LOOK AT THOES TWO!!! They look stunning in their outfits. First off i herd that victoria was wearing 6” inch louis vouton heels which was so amazing considering she’s preggers!! wow she looked stunning!!!! David also looked great but victoria’s dress really wowed me!!

Fatima on

Aww David looks so hot! 🙂

Nonna on

Mr. Beckham is definitely easy on the eyes but his voicel!!! omg…he’s great until he talks…he sounds like an old man with a squeaky voice…Posh should tell him to just keep quiet…her dress looked awful…a black tent….some color would have been better…

Monica on

Victoria has a hot husband, three lovely sons but she never smile. Her outfit is fine, but she’s so boring.

Anonymous on

Wearing your hair in a ponytail at a formal affair is inappropriate? Now I’ve heard it all.

Amy on

Does that heifer EVER smile???? OMG she is at the flipping royal wedding with her hot hubby and the snot still can’t smile!! What a cow!!

JG on

She really isn’t THAT attractive…She never smiles and her fashion sense isn’t that great…Sorry folks, but she constantly dresses like like she is going to a show rather than regular person – will she wear shoes like that when the baby arrives? She seems to wear the most inappropriate clothing for everyday activities…The shoes are ridiculous, unflattering and dangerous…it is just strange

Autumn on

I remember some TV fashion critic said Victoria looked like she was going to a funeral, while David looked like he’d just stepped out of an Armani ad…and somehow I’d have to agree…lol. Still though I agree that they both look great…and definitely lucky Posh, having a husband that looks like THAT! 😀

(No wonder even Prince William said he’s “No David Beckham!” lol!)

Dee on

Can’t stand her, she always has that I’m better than you look. What is she trying to put across to us?? Always posses, I thought her hat was falling off, then realized that’s the way it is to be worn
Beckham looked ok, the medal looked out of place
they were laughable, like the lower ranks trying to look ‘posh’

mari on

i just wish she would have smiled for at least one of the pictures!! where is her pregnancy glow?!?!? she is so pretty, she has gorgeous kids, super hot husband and lots of money, so why is she always so serious! this was a wedding, a happy moment, but i go back to all of her pictures from friday and there was not one in which she smiled!

pia on

this is really sad… calling someone you’ve never met a heifer and a cow… what’s that all about? i’m not her number one fan but, seriously? you need to check yourself AMY

ali on

I haven’t noticed until someone pointed out Posh never smiles, lol.
Other than that she looked great with a fuller face. David is always hott. Smile or no smile

CM on

David definitely looked dapper there-even my mother commented on how handsome he looked. Her sudden compliment made me laugh. But , oh Victoria, why can she never smile?! I was rather disappointed in her attire-I’d been expecting so much more from her, considering her usual outfits. However, I must say that she seemed rather pleasant and sweet in some interviews I’ve seen of her. Nonna-I agree. That poor man’s voice…certainly doesn’t match him, does it?!

Jen on

Meow! David looked, hot, hot, hot! Was never big on him before but man did he clean up nice. My mom liked him, too.

sosideirish on

I thought they both looked absolutely stunning! Victoria was stunning, as always and, let’s face it, David is a more than good-looking man. They are definitely a gorgeous couple, and their choice(s) of clothing for the wedding was perfect.

Kasee on

I thought she looked really cute, to those saying she should have worn something else…what, exactly? She’s very pregnant, and at Westminster Abbey (a CHURCH) so maybe she was trying to be respectful. I also agree with the person who said maybe she wore navy and stayed simple to be respectful to the bride and not look like she was trying to compete for attention…

Anne on

Congrats to David and Victoria!!! 🙂

someone on

That hat look ridiculous. Cant believe he let her leave the house with that. The baby bump is cute though, Show it off more…..