Royal Wedding Bridesmaid and Page: Get The Look

04/29/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Prince William and bride Kate Middleton weren’t the only ones able to enjoy the stylish pomp and pageantry of the royal wedding. Mini attendantsHon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones, 8, Tom Pettifer, 8, Lady Louise Windsor, 7, Master William Lowther-Pinkerton, 10, as well as Grace van Cutsem, 3, and Eliza Lopes, 3 (not pictured) — were also exquisitely dressed.

The girls wore custom Nicki Macfarlane gowns, handmade with the same fabric as the bride’s dress and embroidered with their names and the date of the wedding. And the boys wore striking red uniforms reminiscent of a Foot Guards officer during the Regency era, with its insignia drawn from the Irish Guards, whose Colonel is Prince William.

Want a similar look for your little princess or prince? We’ve found look-alike styles that will get them royal-ready in a snap. Check out our picks below:

For Bridesmaids:

Courtesy Dillard’s


Need a special frock for a big occasion? Try Bonnie Jean‘s Popover Dress ($60). From the intricate embroidery to the sweet puff sleeves, it’s perfect.

Courtesy Dillard’s

Satin Flats:

These pretty Mary Janes ($39) from upscale kids boutique, One Small Child, feature a sturdy hard leather sole and can be dyed any color of your choice.

For Page Boys:

Courtesy Stella McCartney Kids

Military Jacket:

Brit designer Stella McCartney really hit it out of the park with her military-inspired, wool-blend Lee jacket ($175). Just like the ones worn by the Royal Wedding pages, it features contrasting epaulettes and a traditional insignia.

Courtesy Nordstrom


Your little guy might not be so into cropped pants like the ones worn by the royal page boys, but these Joseph Abboud Flat Front Dress Pants ($39.50 – $45) are equally as dapper.

Courtesy Zappos


The pages’ patent buckle slip-ons really took their outfits up a notch. For a similar style, we suggest Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids‘ Multi-Million Air loafers ($38.40). Not only do they feature a durable rubber sole, but the cushioned insole makes them super comfortable.

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annie on

These outfits are very similar to those worn by Princess Diana’s flower girls and page boys at her wedding. A nice touch.

Emilia on

Oh! I loooooved the children at the royal wedding! Weren’t they wonderful! Those little boys’ soldiers uniforms were fantastic. I think that in these fashion suggestions here, the dress is quite nice but I don’t think their boys’ styles come anywhere close to the look of the royal pageboys. But then, the real ones were hand made by William’s tailor, so there you go.

Barbi on

Where can we find those headpieces worn by the lil’ girls? I would love to buy one for my 4 year old grandbaby.

Hea on

Barbi – Try a florist?

Erika on

Could this be any cuter? I love the outfits the kids wore, they all looked age appropriate and I started crying when I saw the little ones walking down the aisle with Pippa.

I thought the little girls were considered bridesmaids and not flower girls? Is that true?

Jillian on

erika it says they are bridesmaids in the heading.

Indira on

Yes, they’re bridesmaids. Pippa, Catherine’s sister is the oldest bridesmaid to be in a royal wedding!

Miche on

Jillian – they changed it. It read flower girls earlier.

Erika on

Thanks Indira! I knew Pippa was the oldest in this wedding, but I didn’t know she was the oldest ever! That is really interesting. I’ve always wondered why all the bridesmaids are really young, and why the littlest ones are still considered bridesmaids and not flower girls. I find the whole Royal Wedding to be fascinating!

Millie on

Erika – In the UK, they’re considered bridesmaids not flower girls at any age. Flower girls seem to be more of an American tradition.

Erika on

Oh okay! Thanks Millie! I really don’t think there is much of a difference anyway- I know in the weddings I have been to, flower girls are just much younger bridesmaids that wear different dresses.

Holly on

They were just adorable! I especially loved the little boys uniforms!

mommytoane on

Technically the history of a *flower girl* goes way back further than we can imagine. Traditionally, flowers or wheat were at a wedding to promote fertility, often carried by young girls. The first flower girls were seen as far back as Ancient Rome. So its not just an american tradition, its just not traditionally part of British weddings.

As for the floral Headband, check out a renaissance type store as well. My little girl has a beautifully done floral crown, complete with ribbons streaming down the back from a local Renaissance fair. OR you could easily make one by visiting your craft store and picking up some fake flowers to glue to a headband.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

Isn’t Kate’s sister the maid of honor? and not bridesmaid?!! and yaay! cant believe that they choose Jordan as their honeymoon destination!! such an honor!!:):)

Jillian on

Pippa was not the oldest bridesmaid ever……

The world’s oldest bridesmaid was Edith Gulliford, who was bridesmaid at the wedding of Kyra Harwood and James Lucas on March 31, 2007 at Commissioner’s House, Chatham, UK at the age of 105 years & 171 days.

The most recent royal wedding — of Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips to Autumn Kelly in 2008 — saw the groom’s sister Zara Phillips, then 27, among the six bridesmaids.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on


Georgina on

Manal, technically I think, you are a maid of honour if you are married when you assisting the bride. So Catherine would be a maid of honour at Pippas wedding, if asked!

I also thought it all depended upon where they went in the procession as to what the names of the participants were. For example, like momtoone said, flower girls throw flowers along the eisle, and generally go down it first before the bride. Bridesmaids, are just that, maids to the bride, and are supposed to be behind her, usually to fix her dress. Thats why the flower girls are usually kids, and the bridemaids are usually older.

Bridesmaids date back to medievil times, and were meant to create distracts of bad spirits. The idea was it should look like there were numerous brides so the spirit wouldnt no which one to “get” I know bridesmaids are very C of E, so maybe it has something to do with religion, and thats why they didnt have flower girls.

Indira on

I didn’t say she was the oldest bridesmaid ever, I said she was the oldest to be in a royal(uk) wedding. I should been more specific, she’s one of the oldest to be in a royal wedding involving an heir to the thrown.Traditionally the brides party consists of all children.

Elizabeth on

If you are married and the chief female attendant at a wedding, you are the matron of honor. If you are unmarried, you are the maid of honor.

Elizabeth on

The chief female attendant at a wedding is the maid of honor, unless she is married, then she is the matron of honor.

Georgina on

Elizabeth, you are right, I knew there were two names for a position, and it depended upon whether you were married! Couldnt remember the exacts, I think that because here in the UK we just use the term “Cheif Bridesmaid” to avoid confusion!

Jillian on

Indiria, you said, “Pippa, Catherine’s sister is the oldest bridesmaid to be in a royal wedding!” Which means she was the oldest bridesmaid to be in a royal wedding. How is that any different than saying ever? You made a mistake and I was just clarifying. No biggie. Erika responding and said, “I knew Pippa was the oldest in this wedding, but I didn’t know she was the oldest ever!” Just wanted to be sure she knew.

Vanessa on

I LOVE that Catherine and William had little girls for bridesmaids. Full-grown women, in bad dresses, look stupid as bridesmaids. They are supposed to be “maidens”, after all.

Vanessa on

I think Pippa was Catherine’s “lady in waiting”, not her “maid of honour”.

Gaia and labans mom on

The little boys outfits are too cute. I wonder if they get to keep them. The girls outfits are painfully dull. I don’t care for the all white wedding party.

Its been reported multiple times that this wedding broke with convention because the best man in the past has been a married man. The bridal party has always been exclusively children. On TLC they said that Phillipa Middleton was the oldest bridesmaid to be in a royal wedding at twenty-seven. Perhaps they’re falsely reporting or exaggerating(or limiting who they are considering royalty for the sake of this “record”) but I’ve heard it several times at this point also.

Vanessa a maid is just an young unmarried woman or girl as far as I know. I think Phillipa still qualifies.

su on

omg!! these kids and their outfits… freaking cute!!!!

sami on

The children were so cute, and seem to be enjoying themselves

Terri on

Lady in waiting is the title she would get if Pippa is chose to be Catherine’s personal assistant.

The attendants were precious and the wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch. I’m sure that was a huge relief to all involved!

smiavs on

I think it must be a European thing. Here in France, the wedding party (aside from the couple being married) has been entirely children for some time. I’m not really sure why. Not French, myself….

damoiselle on

These children were just darling in their outfits on the day, loved the flowers in the girls’ hair.

Gaia and labans mom – that would’ve meant that William’s parents broke convention 30 years ago because when Charles married Diana had younger brothers Andrew and Edward as his “supporters”. Apart from that, the rest were all children.

smiavs – my husband is French and I’ve found that they don’t really have the ‘tradition’ wedding parties with groosmen, bridesmaids etc. The bride and groom each have 2 “witnesses” and I think they can be anyone as long as they’re over a certain age. But this is only my personal experience and it may very well differ between regions.

sandra on

my husband is French and I’ve found that they don’t really have the ‘tradition’ wedding parties with groosmen, bridesmaids etc.

I’m french too, and I always saw the bridesmaids and groosmen in the weeding party.
The bride and groom each have 2 “witnesses : Yes it’s mandatory in french .

Sorry for my english !!!

mslewis on

Just want to jump in and say, in re: old bridesmaids . . . when Princess Elizabeth got married in 1947 ALL of her bridesmaids were quite old. They all looked to be in their 20s. I don’t remember any small children. So, maybe small children is not a “tradition” just a “preference” for the Brits.

Doesn’t matter . . . Pippa looked amazing and the little ones were so well-behaved and adorable!!

mamabear on

Yes, your local florist should be able to make one for you. I had one made for my daughter to wear in our Christmas portraits. I chose mini white carnations and baby’s breath. It was gorgeous 🙂

Amelie on

Other countries have different traditions and customs. What is the norm for North America isn’t necessarily the norm around the world.

@mslewis It is indeed an early tadition to have younger children as bridesmaids in England (dating way back before 1947 by the way). Originally, that’s what bridesmaids and pages were.

Jennie on

Get the “look” for the flower girl dresses for the royal wedding!
I found the perfect dress by called The Princess Kate