BumpWatch: Selma Blair’s Sunny Smiles

04/29/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Fern/Splash News Online

Lunch date!

Pregnant Selma Blair was all smiles after meeting a pal for a meal at Hugo’s on Wednesday in West Hollywood, Calif.

The actress, 38, is due this summer with her first child with boyfriend Jason Bleick.

“I think I know [the sex of the baby],” Blair said recently.

“I don’t do ultrasounds — I’m using a midwife so I don’t have all the information other mothers-to-be have.”

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Anna on

Isn’t it dangerous to not at least do an anatomy scan? I was diagnosed with partial placenta previa at my 20-week scan, which means my placenta was partially covering my cervix. I go back in a week to see if it has moved at all – if not, I’ll be looking at a c-section becuase there is a huge risk of hemorraging to deliver vaginally.

cris on

How cute is she!!!! Love how un-hollywood she is!

mitzi on

i think women have been delivering babies forever before ultrasounds came into the hands of doctors. Bless.

sarah on

I love that dress! Do you know who made it?

Jennifer on

I’m using a midwife as well, but have already had one US and have another one scheduled in three weeks. It may just be the wording, but it reads as though if you use a midwife you don’t want or need to have ultrasounds done, and that’s not the truth. Sure people had babies for many years without ultrasounds, but it’s wise to take advantage of modern technology when it can detech a potential problem with the pregnancy. Just my .02

That said, she look really lovely in that shot. 🙂

randi on

At her age, it’s very surprising that she’s avoiding ultrasounds completely. My last pregnancy I had a total of 4 (including the one they do while they perform the amnio).

ForeverMoore on

I love ultrasounds…it gives me a glimpse into the baby’s world in there and it gives me the peace of mind that everything is ok. Pregnancy is so completely out of our control that knowing all is well brings comfort, to me at least. I’m pregnant with my second and I just saw & heard the heartbeat today at 8 weeks…so magical!

RKF on

Pretty reckless statement about midwives, i.e- just because you use a midwife does NOT mean you shouldn’t have Ultrasounds (safety of the baby’s progress/welfare, and potential complications for the Mom should be a top priority.) Clearly it’s her decision not to have Ultrasounds, but I would never jeopardize my child’s health (or my own), for any reason, or conviction.

mitzi on

How does anyone know she hasn’t HAD ultrasounds? We are seeing one sentence out of context. Unless there seems to be a problem, a lot of midwives do not order ultrasounds. Who are we to judge? Maybe ultrasounds are not so safe for the baby. People are so judgmental. She isn’t judging you.

mitzi on

And to RKF, I am sure her health as well as the health of her baby are the top priority.

I am sure we don’t need to be kept in the know about if and when she does do one or another one. We do not even know how pregnant she is.

M on

Oh please, people have been having babies for thousands of years WITHOUT ultrasounds or any kind of medical help. I’m sure if she felt something were wrong with her pregnancy, she’d go to a doctor. Don’t get me wrong, I think medicine and doctors are wonderful, but she’s a healthy woman and she’s having an uncomplicated pregnancy, so there’s not much a doctor can do for her besides reassure her that everything is alright and perhaps recommend some vitamins that I am sure she is already taking.

” Midwives are trained to recognize and deal with deviations from the normal. Obstetricians, in contrast, are specialists in illness related to childbearing and in surgery. The two professions can be complementary, but often are at odds because obstetricians are taught to “actively manage” labor, while midwives are taught not to intervene unless necessary.
Midwives refer women to general practitioners or obstetricians when a pregnant woman requires care beyond the midwives’ area of expertise. ”

Midwives are not just random women, they are educated and highly trained in this profession. I don’t think people give them enough credit.

MissMel on

@mitzi-She is quoted above as saying “I don’t do ultrasounds” so people are basing their comments on that. Maybe she misspoke or the quote was taken out of context but since people have no way of knowing that you can’t blame THEM for commenting on what they just read.

Also, while it is true that women have been having babies forever without hospitals, people need to be realistic about the fact that there IS risk involved in that. Google U.S. infant mortality rates by year and look at how drastically that rate has dropped since the 1950’s when it was common to deliver at home.

RKF on

M- it’s 2011, not the Stone Age, therefore I’m not convinced hearing “women for thousands of years…” Does that make it acceptable? What also isn’t mentioned is the high rate of infant mortality without medical intervention in those years, etc… To each her own, but having a Midwifery certificate doesn’t equate to the expertise of a licensed Physician with extensive years of schooling and experience (in life threatening situations, or otherwise.) I also wouldn’t want a nurse performing surgery on me, as that’s not their level of experience. (This is just my opinion on the matter, and I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with me.)

fuzibuni on

I’ve been interested in the ultrasound debate and did some research about whether it makes birth safer.

There have been several trials that show ultrasound screening leads to more live births (4.6 deaths out of a 1,000 for those screened by ultrasound, compared to 9 deaths out of a 1,000 for non-screened).

However, when the numbers are adjusted to include the abortions for detected fetal disorders in the ultrasound group, then there is no difference in mortality for those who have ultrasounds compared to those who didn’t:


And for further reading, this is an interesting article I found from a doctor who is skeptical about ultrasound:

M on

RFK, comparing childbirth to surgery is absurd. Surgery does not occur in nature. Childbirth is completely natural and a lot less invasive and risky than surgery.

A midwife is a highly trained individual. As I said before, a midwife is not a random woman. To be a midwife, you must obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing followed by a Master’s of Science degree specializing in Midwifery. A midwife can prescribe birth control, pain medication, and can perform an episiotomy.

If a midwife suspects a woman is having a risky pregnancy, she will refer her to an OBGYN. I don’t think its right to judge Selma Blair for her decision. Its her choice and not a bad one. If she needs additional help during labor, she can always go to the hospital. I think its great Selma Blair is being so calm. I think so many women tend to obsess and worry over every little detail. Stress can be harmful to the fetus. I personally would go to an OBGYN if I were pregnant, but its not my business how Selma Blair is handling her pregnancy and it doesn’t make her a bad or irresponsible mother if she is not going down the traditional pre-natal route.

Ann on

i think it would be better off for women not to have ultrasounds. there are lots of women aborting their babies because they find out the babies have defects or because they aren’t happy with the gender. thats sick!!!! i think this is the last surprise we really have left on this earth don’t ruin it and be happy with what you get. if youre meant to have a healthy baby you will. if you have problems and get medical intervention dont think you or your babys gonna be safe, god has other plans and a doctor can only temporarily fix the situation…the inevitable will happen eventually! be happy and live in the moment because you never know whats gonna happen!

IAdore on

The sex of her baby is nobody’s business. What kind of medical care she chooses is her choice. I love that she’s using a midwife and going the natural way. Love her. Wish her all the best with her new little family.

Jillian on

Iadore, then she should be quiet. When she talks about it, people will discuss it. Too bad, so sad.

Mitzi, she says and has said before….she doesn’t do ultrasounds. Not sure what else that can mean.

Anonymous on

She is a moron probably chain smoking anyways…ultrasounds are used to detect a problem she obviously does not care so why should we

Indira on

Isn’t the whole point of an ultrasound to detect something that a doctor can’t? Personal story, I needed a physical for my team and, just so happened I went to a cardiologist(a family friend). During the first visits he does an ultrasound and EKG of the heart. Wouldn’t you know it, he found that I have long QT syndrome a rare heart condition. Out of countless of physicals throughout my life no doctor had an inkling of it but, the ultrasound/EKG caught it. Now, I still play sports but, have to monitor my heart rate. I guess my point is ultrasounds go beyond just finding out the sex of the baby. Some of that information can be vital and life changing.

Toya L. on

Exactly Indira, doctors do ultrasounds that potentially saves lives & they don’t have to solely be about ob. People were doing just fine without television, house phones, cell phones, computers, cars etc…. that doesn’t mean we can’t & do benefit from modern technology & there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, whether we use it or not.

Annie on

Back in the days before ultrasounds, women lost more babies due to complications. Stillbirths were far more common.

Cecelia on

While Selma and her midwife may have decided not to have ultrasounds, that is definitely not the norm for everyone. I had a midwife with all three of my pregnancies and each pregnancy resulted in two ultrasounds.

I’m also unsure of her statement where she said she doesn’t have the information other mothers-to-be have. My midwife, especially with my first child, helped inform and educate me every step of the way. Despite what the article portrays, women who choose the profession are not the incompetant alternatives to OB/GYNs. They are different but neither is better nor worse. It’s just up to each mother to chose what works best for her.

dsfg on

M, if they are so highly educated, then why aren’t they called doctors? Because obviously they aren’t AS educated as doctors are.

Nella on

I totally agree with Indira and Annie. While I respect Selma’s choice, there’s nothing wrong with having ultrasounds and checking up on the baby. After all a midwife or anyone as a matter of fact can’t tell what’s going on in there. Modern techonology can be very useful.Women have had babies for thousands of years, but there were also much more stillbirths and complications back then and I’m sure a lot of that could have been prevented if modern techology was used. I do hope Selma has a healthy baby. LADORE- Celebrities can keep things private and to themselves if they choose to. Selma obviously wanted to share that with the public otherwise she wouldn’t be giving out statements regarding the gender of her baby/ or whether she uses midwives or not. That was all her choice and then that gets posted on a Celeb Baby blog and it becomes a public thing, and people are free to comment on it since that’s what the point of this blog is. Now how people choose to comment on it,is entirely up to them.

tara on

I think her comment regarding “not having the information that other mothers have”, is in regards to not knowing the gender maybe. But plenty of mothers to be do not find out the sex of their baby.

I know 2 different woman that were having otherwise very healthy pregnancies, at their 6 month visit it was during the ultra sound that a heart defect was detected. Having that knowledge they determined the baby needed to be born c-section and taken in for emergency surgery to save her life. the mother’s were both prepped that their baby would be born basically blue. Without that knowledge through an ultrasound, 2 little girls would not be here today because they would have died.

regardless, I just hope that Selma delivers a healthy baby