Miranda Kerr Back to Work – and Breastfeeding

04/29/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Miranda Kerr

Breastfeeding seems to be doing wonders for new mom Miranda Kerr — sheΒ posted a photo of herself nursing 3-month-old son Flynn while at a shoot for Victoria’s Secret on Thursday.

The Australia beauty looked camera-ready while lounging backstage in a silky robe, red stilettos and wavy hair.

“Another day in the office. Back to work for VS. Flynn is with me on set! Lil cutie pie Xxx,” Kerr, 28, Tweeted.

The supermodel, who gave birth to her son with Orlando Bloom on January 6, is already back in catwalk shape.

After a surprise return to the runway in March, Kerr was back in beachwear earlier this month, where she showed off her trim and toned figure in a bikini by Have Faith during a photo shoot in Malibu.

What does her husband Bloom think of her post-baby body?

“It’s genetics,” he said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday. “It’s amazing. She looks incredible.”

When DeGeneres asked how she got back into shape so quickly, Bloom, 34, responded, “A lot of breastfeeding.”

— Alla Byrne

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Sara on

What’s with her posting all these photos of her breastfeeding?

Anyhow, this baby is huge!!

Sarah on

I wouldn’t really call two pictures “all these photos.” Besides, I think it’s great for someone to show that you can be hot, sexy AND a nursing mom.

And yes Flynn is a BIG boy! I saw Orlando on Ellen today and he said the baby is already 20 lbs.

Angela on

Simply stunning. πŸ™‚

Selina on

That is beautiful. So glad a mom is proud of breastfeeding her baby and showing the world what an amazing gift experience breastfeeding is. She looks incredible!

randi on

Kudos to her for promoting breastfeeding. Obviously it’s paying off — 20lbs is huge for 3 months!

Aimee on

I’m sick of everyone saying that breastfeeding alone gives you your body back. Yes it burns a lot of calories but I know plenty of overweight breastfeeding moms. The ones that get back into shape so quickly are simply the ones who didn’t get fat during their pregnancy period!! When all you get is a baby bump during your pregnancy you won’t have any weight to lose anywhere else. It is that simple.

Jennifer on

Beautiful picture! Kudos to her!

randi on

Aimee, you are right, it’s a generalization to say it gives everyone their body back. Everyone is different. It worked for Miranda who seems very lean to begin with and didn’t gain a lot of weight, but this is not the case for the next person. Let’s leave it at that.

SadieA on

This is how you promote breastfeeding! Gisele, take note lol

Emily on

Love that she shows so many pictures of breastfeeding. It’s fabulous!

Grace on

I don’t understand all the remarks about how great it is that she’s promoting breastfeeding. She’s not promoting breastfeeding – she’s trying to appeal to the minivan driving soccer moms who will gush over anyone celebrity who pimps their kid out to the public. I am amused though to see how many of you people are falling for it.

And why do you think it’s good for a celebrity to promote breastfeeding? I think it’s disturbing – and a sign of bad parenting – that anyone would make a decision as important as what and how to feed their child based on what a celebrity does.

Anonymous on

The first pic was cute but…women breastfeed every day.

Georgina on

Aimee, I completely agree, but I dont think Miranda has said that has she?

In fact I dont think shes said much apart from she is breastfeeding Flynn, which I quite like, thats a sure way to put people of doing anything if you start preaching to them.

Motherhood certainly seems to suit her though!

Kathy on

I agree, breastfeeding certainly helps lose the baby weight, but staying healthy during the pregnancy is what helps the most. You could tell when she was pregnant, she was still healthy and in shape. When I had my kids I also noticed this because with my first baby I gained more weight and didn’t workout or anything and the weight took a year to come off completely. But with my second baby I tried to stay healthy and only gained the recommended 30 pounds and the weight came off in a few months.

anon on

@ Grace – Clearly you’re reading this blog along with “the minivan driving soccer moms”, too. Just sayin’, lol.

And the fact that she is sharing her breastfeeding experience doesn’t necessarily mean she is pushing a breastfeeding agenda. She is simply unashamed to share a very normal mother-child moment with the general public. There is nothing shameful about feeding one’s child.

Sydney on

She looks fabulous.

Great photo.

Siobahn on

Grace, take an effing chill pill, it is NOT that serious at all, lol.
I think she looks beautiful, and he is just so chunky and probably such a happy boy! πŸ™‚

fuzibuni on

Gorgeous! I think it’s great she’s sharing these photos. I find her inspiring. Not only is it wonderful to see someone so comfortable with motherhood and her body… but I always equated becoming a mom with an inherent loss of “sexiness.” But Miranda has proven me wrong. She’s become even more beautiful since having a baby. The last few photos we’ve seen have been so lovely. She seems calm, happy, and absolutely radiant!

Jillian on

I have always found her beautiful, but she just has so much more beauty to her since becoming a mother and has such a glow. And Orlando! Wow. When he speaks about her, you can see how much he loves her and Flynn it is amazing. I think this is a beautiful photo because she is showing that you can work, be a mother and be hands on.
Thanks for sharing.

RKF on

I must admit, I am not a fan of breastfeeding photos (too much information, for my taste), but, WOW!, she is glowing, happy, and simply gorgeous. I’ll have to respectfully disagree with the person who stated she is trying to “appeal to soccer moms’.” What would be the purpose of her doing so? She doesn’t need the publicity, she certainly doesn’t need the money, and it seems like a far-fetched, and over-analyzed assertion. Just my .02.

Angela on

This little guy is going to pass my nearly four year old niece in weight right away. She is 28 pounds, but she is just a little one. He is really cute!!

Molly on

@Grace, why are you on this blog? Perhaps you need to stop acting snobby, go outside and enjoy the beauty of life instead of attacking celebrity mothers

Miss Ann on

i am gonna learn not to click on anything with Miranda’s name attached to it. the breastfeeding… tmi, two times too many.

Megan on

Bravo, bravo, bravo Miranda! Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience not to mention, the best thing for mom and baby. I don’t understand why people have such problems with a woman who is doing something that is completely natural and healthy. Would it be more acceptable if she was feeding him with some synthetic formula from a synthetic nipple?? I think not…

M on

The women who frequent this site are a joke. Nothing makes them happy. How about you guys stop over analyzing things and just accept them as they are?

Miranda Kerr is a beautiful woman who is breast feeding her beautiful son. How can anyone make any negative comments about that? What is there to debate or argue exactly?

Maddie on

It’s wonderful that Miranda is using her celebrity to promote breastfeeding, she looks like such a proud mama! Yes, breastfeeding may help shed weight, but as Orlando said, Miranda’s postpartum figure is largely due to genetics. She’s just lucky! What a beautiful baby Flynn is.

Cecily on


Marky on

How about not gaining 60 lbs when you get pregnant, then maybe you will lose the “baby weight” a lot quicker. I breastfed one baby, didn’t the other, and both times I lost the weight in the same length of time–3 weeks. I just didn’t gain more weight than I was supposed to, to begin with.

The one thing I will say, as a former Pedi nurse, is Flynn is gaining too much weight too quickly. Makes me wonder if he’s getting cereal, too, or what. Breastfed babies are usually not overweight the way he looks to be, otherwise. Not saying that to be unkind, but he is really huge for 3 months…..

sandrah on

Wow, Marky, Flynn is not overweight! He is 3 months old! Babies come in all sizes, you know?

Kristine on

Wow, Marky I hope you’re never my nurse! I’m sure he’ll grow to be long and lean, just like his mom and dad. If she is wise enough to provide her son with the best milk possible (hers!), she likely isn’t feeding him cereal.

As for those who say breastfeeding photos are TMI: would you say the same about a woman in a bikini, because that shows WAY more skin! There’s nothing gross or sexual about a breastfeeding mom. My son is 9 months old, and he hasn’t had an ounce of formula. It’s not only the most healthy choice, it’s a selfless decision (because trust me, it can be hard work!) and it’s an amazing bonding experience for my baby and me.

Informed on

Marky, you’re clearly a FORMER Pedi nurse to say something like that. WHO growth charts clearly show that breastfed babies, on average, gain weight faster initially than their formula-fed peers. They then slow down considerably as they get older.

I’ve observed this with my own (breastfed) son, and the children of my friends, as well as having taken the time to educate myself. IT’S NORMAL. (Not to mention that Flynn, 10lbs at birth, was big to begin with, so he had a reasonable starting point!) My son had doubled his birthweight at three months. He was born on the 50th percentile, was in the 75th percentile until six months old, and now, at nine months, is in the 35th percentile for weight because he’s slowed right down.

Flynn is healthy and beautiful and COMPLETELY NORMAL. Well done to Miranda – those first three months of breastfeeding are definitely the hardest, and the fact that Flynn is doing so well is a testament to her sticking with what she believes in.

mommytoane on

I have to agree that Flynn is indeed large for his age. At my DD’s 9 month check she was 20 lbs….and in the 90th %…..so for a 3 month old to be that weight is a little larger.

Rose on

What is so so wrong with looking at BF photos, it is natual not TMI. She looks gorgeous, unfortunatley i gain weight when BF lol

stephanie on

Why Miranda have to post pic of her breastfeeding her son that’s her private moment bonding with her son don’t understand these celebrities

Hea on

He’s not especially “huge” for 3 months. It’s genetics and he’s obviously a pretty tall little boy too.

I think this is a gorgeous photo of mom and baby.

madness on

well Marky, as a former pedi nurse you must have observed then that he seems to also be a long baby as well, and I believe he was born at 9 pounds or so, not a small boy to begin with. AND as a nurse, you should also know that it can take most new moms at least 6 months post pregnancy for their bodies to return to its normal physiological state.Just because you were blessed with a high metabolism and lost it extremely quickly also does not mean it would be healthy for every woman to lose it as quickly as you. As a nurse, you should know that as well.

Hen on

omg marky, you need to go back to nursing school. Love this picture!

Sandy on

Obviously she’s producing some ultra healthy breast milk because he’s a big healthy boy!!! Keep up the good work.

Angi on

Beautiful picture of a mother doing what her body does naturally for her child.

Jennifer on

He was 9lbs 12oz when he was born so he’s just a big boy in general. She’s always been my favorite VS model and now that she has had Flynn she looks even better then she did before she was pregnant. πŸ™‚

Jen on

I do not see anything wrong with this picture, however, I can see how people might not like it. For everyone who says breastfeeding is natural (i agree), not sexual, this picture sort of looks like she’s trying to sexualize it. The red shoes, the silk robe split to show high up her thigh… she’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it does seem like she’s trying harder to look sexy than natural. Just my opinion.

RKF on

Jen– I imagine she looks sexy because she’s on a Victoria’s Secret shoot. πŸ™‚ As for those asking why some of us find breastfeeding TMI? It’s just a personal thing — I’m not interested in seeing a stranger’s bare breast (thus it can’t be compared to seeing someone in a bikini.) I am not opposed to breastfeeding whatsoever, I just don’t want to see it in public.

Jennifer on

Love that she is normalizing breastfeeding. Beautiful family! Flynn is just perfect.

Jennifer on

@RKF- I’m sorry, but maybe we’re looking at different pictures? I dont see any bare breasts in this picture.

Kelli on

Jen, I agree. I am in no way offended by her breastfeeding at all. I think it is a very natural and beautiful thing, and that baby is very adorable. But I think it looks like she grabbed him, put him on the boob and struck a pose. Just a bit much. Not really a promotion for breastfeeding as it is a promotion for her beauty and quick weight loss. We all know Miranda. You breastfeed you lost all of your babyweight in 2 days.

Kate on

Anybody who has a problem with this picture has to have so many hang-ups and problems on their own that it’s not even worth adressing here. Glad she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what those poor close-minded miserable individuals think:)

Amanda on

I think it’s great she’s tastefully showing young women that you can breastfeed and still live your life as normal. She’s not showing anything, she’s just feeding her baby.

And Marky, there’s I agree with someone else that it’s obvious why you are a ‘former peds nurse’ the chart for breastfed babies shows they gain weight fast. All of my breastfed babies (3 so far) have plumped up VERY fast. My babies were all about 6lbs at birth and had all doubled their birth weights by 3 months old off breastmilk alone, in fact their weight gain slowed a lot once we introduced solid foods. My older two are school aged and are some of the smallest kids in their classes now. (and my oldest was in the 70-90% the majority of her first two years, babies are supposed to be chubby!)

meghan on

You wouldn’t be able to tell Miranda was breastfeeding a baby in this picture if you didn’t know she was. Flynn looks like he is snuggled to her, and nothing is being revealed. You’d think she was completely topless with the childish TMI comments.

Egirl on

I’m sure the baby is not really 20 lbs at 3 months old. You can tell from the picture is is chubby but not THAT big. I’m sure his daddy was exaggerating on the Ellen show.

Molly on

Kelly and Jen, are you serious? Anyone who sees anything sexual in this picture needs to see a Psychologist asap

K on

I don’t understand why people are whining about TMI when you can hardly see anything!

Jillian on

Meghan, exactly! It looks like she is cuddling him! No breasts are shown at all, so how ppl are saying tmi is mind blowing to me.

Emily on

this looks like the most staged photo iv ever seen! stupid.

Molly on

Emily the only stupid thing here is your immature comment. Why do people who hate celebrities come here just to post the dumbest things

Jen on

So Molly, anyone who doesn’t think the exact same way as you and agree with everything you have to say is immature, dumb, and/or needs psychological help? Sure thing.

M on

Beautiful picture. Breastfeeding is so completely normal, and it’s not like she’s showing her boob. In fact, I’ve seen more of her breasts in her VS ads than either of her breastfeeding pictures!

RKF on

@Jennifer — Did I say there were bare breasts in this photo? No, I didn’t. I was responding to someone else (concerning why some people find breastfeeding photos TMI, in general.) If you read my earlier post, I stated this was a stunning picture.

Terri on

Beautiful picture.

Mellissa on

Wow, lots of you should be ashamed for judging a mother you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT. Way to be classy ladies, seriously.

dani on

Most beautiful mom ever. Love her pics. Flynn’s beautifully sized!

Robin on

Pictures flaunting breastfeeding are nothing more than soft porn. I’m sick and tired of seeing them plastered everywhere and seeing women whipping out their boobs just because they can.

dani on

Wow Robin, were you born wearing clothes neck to toe? Sexualizing breastfeeding is so bizarre! It’s the only reason women have breasts! Gimme a break with this soft porn jazz!

Summer on

He was joking, he’s NOT 20 pounds, he said he is 12 pounds right now.

marie on

Robin on

Sexualizing breastfeeding is bizarre? What the heck else is she doing in that picture wearing those clothes?

Molly on

Jen, you are the one turning a picture of a mom breastfeeding into a sexual picture. You need help if the first thing you think when you see woman breastfeeding is sexual.

Maddie on

You guys should watch the Orlando interview CBB are talking about – it’s so sweet, you can tell he just adores his wife and son. Love the bit how he says ‘I keep pinching myself, that that’s my wife.’ LOL (Don’t know how to hyperlink it sorry!)

Jessie on


She was doing a shoot for Victoria’s Secret. And then she breastfed her hungry son. Even if she breastfed him NAKED, that doesn’t mean she is sexualizing breastfeeding. YOU are sexualizing it by making it about something other than feeding a baby. CLOSE YOUR EYES if you are so offended, but make sure you’re wearing a turtleneck while you do. Wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite and accidentally show skin that might offend someone!

alice jane on

The comment about this picture being no more than “soft-core porn” is making me laugh out loud! So true, never mind the fact that Miranda is a VS model and is taking a break from a shoot in this picture. She should have put on some sweats and a baggy shirt, tied her hair up, and wiped off that makeup before she fed her son. Her looking good while breastfeeding her baby is obviously provocative.

Flynn’s adorable, Miranda is beautiful, and Orlando’s interview with Ellen was the sweetest thing!

Kandy on

Everyone needs to lighten up – breastfed, not breastfed. How about we as women support and uplift one another. Every new mother looks radiant, every child is beautiful (and if I looked like THAT, I’d put my picture up 200xs, not just 2).

I just wish I thought of getting one of those chairs – that elevated footrest seems to put you in the perfect position! Maybe next time….or in my next career as a VS model.

RKF on

Some of you are certifiably crazy. If anyone finds that she is “sexualizing” her child, I’m very concerned with your mental welfare.

Sara on

I doubt she’s trying to sexualize it, but I still don’t understand why she needs to post a picture of it? Women breast feed their babies every second of the day. She’s not doing anything extraordinary at all!! Women feed their babies bottles all the time, too, and don’t post photos of that.

jane on

As a new mum who has struggled with breastfeeding, to the point that i can no longer continue, I find it frustrating to see pictures like this where she looks so obviously smug about it. It’s great that she is able to do it, but i do not feel that it should be shoved down our throats, as if those of us who cannot or choose not to breastfeed are less of a mother

Jen on

Molly, seriously, reread my comment before you try to attack me. You’ll see that I said I think it’s a beautiful photo. I only offered a perspective that might explain why someone else might not feel comfortable looking at it. You should really realize that people can have a different opinion than you. I don’t need help… can’t say the same about you though.

Julie on

The pic is stunning! Love how she makes it look so natural so enjoyble! n she’s proud to show the world that U can b a hot mama while keep ur mommy dutties as a priority.

She’s not trying to b sexy (she is naturally hot lol) That is her office wardrobe! moms don’t have to change anything for feeding a baby, it’s being in the train get ur boob out n baby here is ur food!

Julie on

^5 Alice Jane!

Allison J on

LOVE this photo! LOVE it! Miranda looks great, and Flynn is a healthy little boy.

Sat on

Lol, she should become a tour guide for breastfeeding. Here I am breastfeeding at the Taj Mahal! The Sphinx! Machu Pichu!

Vanessa on

I am all for breatfeading your baby, but it’s a private moment and I personally don’t want to see it!!! She is looking for the attention, and that’s sicking!

pia on

i am SO totally envious of this girl!!! she looks amazing, she has orlando bloom (for gawdsake!!!) and she has just snapped back into shape so well..

i love it too… breastfed babies are usually larger than formula fed babies for the first year of their little lives.. my babies were the same, SO chubby and then they level off… she’s doing a good job, obviously, and i think there is no harm in being influenced by what other people do if it’s a positive thing…


Mia on

Cute pic + she looks happy πŸ™‚

CAF on

She shows her boobs for a living (Victoria’s Secret), so this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Props to her for breastfeeding, but I think 2 publicized nursing photos are more than enough….

daria on

she looks beautiful, not indecent. as she posted, this is a typical day for her, which includes nursing her son.

Abi on

LOL!!! Y’all are funny. I admit it I am jealous, very jealous!! But I am not going to say negative things about her. I wish that was me! You go Miranda!

Kristine on

For those of you who say breast feeding should be done in private, I have a question for you: so what should a breast feeding mom do if her baby becomes hungry while they are out in public? Starve him? Buy some formula, and give the baby something far inferior to mother’s milk, not knowing how he/she’s stomach will react to it? It is not private…it is natural and necessary and THE BEST THING FOR THE BABY. Period. I was so scared to take my son out of the house the first few months because I was worried he would get hungry, and I would start sweating just thinking about the stares and glares. A new mom, sleep deprived, house bound and hopped up on hormones should never feel this way. We should be embracing all new moms, breast feeders or formula feeders. TMI? That’s just laughable.

mg on

wow…breastfeeding pics again. gimme a break.

Molly on

CAF, you’re just like Jen: a hateful person who wastes too much time online hating celebrity mothers.

Jen S on

It drives me nuts that people are constantly talking bad about breastfeeding. If you can feed your baby a bottle in public than I can breastfeed my baby in public. Maybe you are angry because I am doing something better for my child than you are for yours? And, breastfeeding mothers are doing something extraordinary. Anyone can formula feed your child, but no one can get up all hours of the night, or drop everything that they are doing during the day to nurse their child, but the childs mother. And, why should I be expected to breastfeed my child in a dressing room or in a bathroom when the next woman can feed her child a bottle in public?!

Anyways…. Miranda looks fantastic and I think it is wonderful to see that she is still nursing and working! Beautiful picture!!!

Gaby's Mom on

Breastfeeding didn’t work for me or my daughter. She had a very healthy appetite and I didn’t produce much milk…tried everything. I think it is wonderful she can breastfeed her son. She looks very happy and content in the picture not smug as some said. If you don’t want to look at it don’t look. As far as her post-baby body, she looks FANTASTIC…she also didn’t gain much weight. 6 weeks after my daughter was born I was 5 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant…I also didn’t gain much.

Robin on

Sure, breastfeed in public all you want. But, last I checked, public nudity was illegal in most places. If I am eating a meal out, the last thing I want to see is a woman whip out her boob for the whole world to see. And I have yet to see a woman who can breastfeed without exposing herself at least part of the time.

For the record, I breastfed and HATED every last second of it. The happiest day of my life was the day I stopped. My sister, on the other hand, breastfed for two years. I was mortified being with her, seeing the way people would stare and gawk as she would feed her son. I don’t have any jealousy for breast-feeding mothers. I FORMULA FED AND I’M PROUD OF IT!

Mira on

Robin, I think your sister should’ve worn an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt. What a silly thing to be proud of. LOL.

Kudos to Miranda!

Robin on

So I’m not stupid for not wanting to be seen with a woman flaunting her bare breast for everyone to see in a dining establishment? I don’t mean discreetly covered, I mean showing EVERYTHING. Well, I’ve been called worse in my life.

Vanessa on

Breastfeeding your child is the best gift you can give your baby. I also think it’s great that celebrities show people how easy it can be (she’s doing it at work) and if someone makes the decision to breastfeed their child because of her than WONDERFUL! So many women make the choice to not even try, and immediately feed formula to their child, I believe it is wrong. Breastfeeding is a small sacrifice to make when you think of all you are giving your child. You should at least try.

And to whoever is disgusted with women breastfeeding in public, close your eyes, turn around or go eat your lunch on the toilet. A child’s comfort is always the priority and if you don’t understand it than stay in your home and you won’t be face with a woman feeding her child…ridiculous…

Amanda on

The picture is very nice actually. To those talking about breastfeeding in public, you do know you can use a breast pump to avoid whipping your boob out in the food court you know.

KRS on

1)This topic always makes me shake my head in wonder…why do some people get so uncomfortable seeing (photos, restaurants, the bus, whatever) a woman doing WHAT HER BREASTS WERE NATURALLY MADE TO DO?! I wonder if these same people have a problem with Miranda and others showing just as much or more of their breasts in lingerie, bikinis, low-cut dresses, etc.? We are constantly bombarded with images of a female body as only a sexual thing, that some people just can’t seem to remember why we actually have the body parts that we have! 2)Why, oh why do so many women get in these ridiculous fights over the breastfeeding/bottlefeeding debate? For god’s sake, just do what feels right for you and your baby and don’t worry about all the negativity from others!

DD on

She is a naturally beautiful, slender woman. That is why she is a supermodel. Her baby was born at a whopping 10 lbs so she obviously doesn’t starve herself.

Breastfeeding can help with weight loss but I also know many women who don’t lose much till after they wean.

S on

I find it hard to believe the anti-breastfeeding comments here – I am a European and expecting my third child in June which I am planning to breastfeed again. We had planned on taking a two-months trip to the US when the baby is 4 months old but friends of mine told me that I should better leave my hands off if I dont want to risk ending up in jail for exposing myself due to public breastfeeding.

At the time I couldn’t believe what she told me, but reading all those strange comments about sexualizing breastfeeding and people who find breastfeeding in public disgusting, I think I’ll follow her advice and swap destinations to Australia.

A lot of women in Europe are breastfeeding in public and most of them do this in a very discreet way – I have always used a light scarf or sth similar to cover me and nobody ever had to feel annoyed or disgusted to watch me.

Breastfeeding is what breasts were initially meant for, not for public display in a tiny bikini on a billboard, but still you see a lot more of those in public and nobody seems to freak out about those.

Terrible double morale standards !

AitchCS on

I think the breastfeeding role modeling she is doing is fantastic. I mean, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model!
Her husband is so supportive AND such a cutie..

macayla on

I formula fed both of my kids after pumping breast milk for them initially, and I have zero regrets. Why? I ended up on an antidepressant for PPD. No way in heck I was going to keep giving my kids my milk when I was on an antidepressant that I needed in order to function. It was either don’t take the meds and remain incapacitated or take the meds and return to being able to take care of my kids in more than just the realm of natural nutrition.

Sometimes, I think you have to make the “selfish” choice to give up the breast milk so that you can be a sane, functional mother who can tend to her children in every way they need, not just the food that goes into their mouths.

Please, stop accusing ALL moms who are formula feeding their babies of being irresponsible, neglectful mothers. There are plenty of us who tried and just couldn’t do it for a variety of *valid*, healthy reasons. I did what was safest for my kids by not pumping them full of my antidepressant. Maybe the moms you’re judging are protecting their kids from medications that would harm them, too.

Leah on

Amen Aimee. Amen.

JenLaw on

They are a beautiful family. I carried twins, gained 90 pounds and nursed them both. The weight flew off. May not be true for everyone, but it happens. Don’t like breastfeeding? Don’t do it! Don’t like seeing someone breastfeed? Don’t look. Want soft porn? Buy it, but feeding a baby is not sexual. Does formula look sexual? Get real.

felina on

Public Breastfeeding is NOT illegal in the US, breastfeeding is exempt from public indecency laws AND Obama just passed an act that included text about employers being required to accommodate the needs of breastfeeding workers.
Every American woman has the right to whip out a breast and feed her baby anywhere she likes!

I am a mother of 3 and live in the Florida Keys, there is no way to feed a baby in the summer time covered up without giving him/her heat stroke. My children have never tolerated being covered while eating and they shouldn’t have to!

Who wants to eat with a blanket over their head?

Breastfeeding is natural and is a HUMAN right!

I am thankful that celebrities like Miranda are comfortable enough to post nursing pictures and talk about breastfeeding. Our society NEEDS to be reminded that breast were created to feed babies.

Every human on the planet exists because thousands and thousands of generations of woman breastfed their babies, how can anyone be against something that has sustained our species since it began?

Paola on

What i love is that in someway she is kinda promoting others to breastfeed, which alot of people don’t do because they either think its gross (which i don’t get) or they are just to damn lazy to give their baby breast milk. Breastfeeding is an act of love towards your baby, it shows them that you are there to give them what they need. Food, care and most of all love. If you ask me Miranda IS a role model (Get it) πŸ™‚