Kitty Baby Love Crayons Are Purr-fect for Little Hands

04/29/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Kitty Baby Love

Try as they might, little hands just can’t do all the things that big hands can. That’s why Portland-based parents Sara Chun and Ben Cavalcanti created Kitty Baby Love, egg-shaped kitty crayons that fit perfectly in the mini digits of young aspiring artists.

In 2009, the couple found a box of old crayons and embarked on a mission to turn them into something their newborn son Mikah could grab on his own. It took them a year to perfect their design, but now the once-unemployed pair run their business from home, making their adorable kitty crayons by hand by re-melting Crayola crayons. They’re developing a new eco-blend of soy and beeswax crayons, which they hope to launch by Christmas.

Because of their shape, these colorful cuties last longer than regular crayons — and they’re more earth-friendly because there isn’t any wrapping paper to throw away. Kitty Baby Love crayons are such a success — “We hardly have time to do anything else,” Chun shared — that the couple now makes meow-worthy greeting cards and candles for big kids, too.

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Olivia on

I bought my daughter similar shaped crayons from Crayola (just the tip of the egg has the color) and she didn’t like them at all. She much preferred regular crayons. What I would like to find is super thick crayons about the thickness of sidewalk chalk, but I haven’t had any luck.

Angel on

“In 2009, the couple found a box of old crayons and embarked on a mission to turn them into something their newborn son Mikah could grab on his own.”

Who gives crayons to a newborn? These things are super cute though.

TC on

Cute idea but at 3 bucks a piece that’s pretty pricey.

Any do it yourself people out there, there are tons of recipes online that show you how to make your own crayons by melting down old ones.

moxie1107 on

I melted down old crayons and made new shaped crayons for my Kindergarten kiddos as a Christmas gift. They loved them! I put them in cute cello bags… I will be honest though, it was a lot of work! Maybe it was because I had to make so many… it was still worth it though because I only had to pay for cello bags and molds for the crayons and my class loved them.

Sara of Kitty Baby Love on

Olivia- I know the tool youre talking about that Crayola makes. Those things can only color with the tips, which can be really frustrating if your a baby. That’s why we made the kitty eggs so that all sides could be used. Not to mention its just more fun being able to make different sized strokes.

Angel- Our intention was so Mikah, a newborn, could eventually use them… not so that our newborn could use them as a newborn- thats silly! ^_^

TC- We actually have a tutorial on our blog on how to do this! But be forewarned, melt+pour jobs usually produce really clunky or easily broken crayons. Kitty Egg crayons are unique because we make our own molds. It is a 3D shape, not just a flat mold. Sometimes things that are well-made (in Portland, not overseas!) and hard to find cost a little more.

moxie1107- Wow thats great you did that for your students! They must love you.

Mabel on

Has anyone from this company spoken to a occupational or physical therapist about these crayons? As a preschool teacher, I was actually told by an OT that crayons such as these are not recommended for young children, as they should be learning the pincer grasp and moving away from the whole-hand grasp. This particular OT told me that crayons such as these and the Crayola branded chunky crayons are her biggest “pet peeve”.

Rob Caine on

Unemployed people with child spend a year to draw faces on colored wax is all I read.

Sylvia on

Those are so cute that I would use them for decoration in my art studio. I would feel a bit guilty about using them or giving them to my younger relatives because I would think, “Aww the poor cat’s face is being used up”. Nice selection of colors for children though, Kitty Baby Love.

Sara of Kitty Baby Love on

Mabel- We have spoken with occupational therapists about the crayons and they really love them as fun art tools. They’re also good for adults to smile more 🙂

Rob- Not just 1 year, but 2! And hopefully many more to come. Its really the only way to live.

Sylvia- Thanks Sylvia! We get that comment a lot. Sometimes older children treat the crayons like pets more than they do crayons. One aunt told us her niece refused to use them and carried them around in her sock as pets =^____^=

Kelly on

WOW! These crayons and candles are great! Not sure what all the negative feedback is about. The only drawback to them is that they look so good and come in such a nice packaging that you don’t want to use them. I have a candle and my niece has the crayons and neither one of use will use them because they look so cool. I think I’m even going to order some for my adult college friends as decoration for their apartments.

juliet on

cute crayons, i do have a question though. how are these crayons more “earth-friendly”? It says the couple remelts crayola crayons. There’s still the paper wrapping on those crayons, and the box they come in, the couple is just pulling the paper off themselves. I’m assuming they use new crayons to create the little kitties. It is decidedly more earth friendly if they are recycling old, used up crayons from daycares or schools, or something, but other than their first batch, it doesn’t say that’s what they do.

Allisa on

I can’t possibly say enough about these crayons and the company that makes them. I originally purchased one of these sets for my one year-old son who loved them. They were such a hit I ordered more for all his friends! As a former teacher, I found that they were particularly inspiring for the little ones. Their beeswax candles also make charming gifts.

Additionally, the business has been lovely to do business with and I often recommend them to others. Hooray Kitty Baby Love!