January Jones Expecting First Child

04/28/2011 at 07:50 PM ET
Jason Merritt/Getty

Mad Men star January Jones is going to be a mom.

“January Jones is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this fall,” her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

While Jones is keeping quiet for now on any other details, a source close to her says, “She’s really looking forward to this new chapter in her life as a single mom.”

Jones, 33, will next be seen in X-Men: First Class.

— Blaine Zuckerman

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kristen on

Let the “selfish single mom” bashing begin…

.arie on

Wow!! What wonderful news, she’s definitely going to be a beautiful mom!! Congrats!!

kaitlyn on

Wow that’s a surprise! I think she is just beautiful.

Gigi on

you started it!

cat on

Wow, that was out of the blue! Congratulations to January! I wonder if they’ll write the storyline in season five of Mad Men?

Alyssa on

Hmm..her and Jason Sudekis split in January. I wonder if there’s a possibility it’s his?? Just wondering. She’s beautiful; I wish her a healthy pregnancy 😀

Crystal H. on

Congrats to January!! 🙂 Is it me or does it seem like EVERYONE is pregnant nowadays? LOL!!

Grace on

That is going to be one gorgeous baby. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mad Men and think she is so beautiful. Congrats to her!

J on

Kristen why set the tone like that, you kind of start it when making comments like that. 🙂

She just broke up with Jason Sudakis recently I thought, I wonder if the baby is his?

december on

Wow! Another announcement! It really is happening like every week now, isn’t it?
I’m sure she will be a great mom! 🙂

I have to say it – who’s next?

Molly on

Congratulations. LOL Kristen. I agree with that. This blog is only good for laughs at how women claim to be good mothers but waste most of the day and night attacking other parents. Some of the comments are horrible. I don’t see why moderators haven’t banned the usual suspects

Carrie on

@ Cat.. I wonder the same thing. Maybe she will get pregnant by her new husband?

Brooke on

This one shocked me……I thought she and Jason split several months ago, but you never know, maybe it is his.

randi on

I wonder what prompted her to make an “announcement” to People magazine. It’s a little presumptuous. I don’t mean to cast doubt on her acting credentials, but she’s not a widely known A-lister (e.g. Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Reese, etc.), so the world is unlikely to be a-buzz about this.

Indira on

Wow, didn’t realize she was 33!

martina on

Wow, how random! Congratulations to January, she must be so excited to be a mom.

SY on

Funny, I saw a picture of her on another site and thought she looked pregnant, but then I thought of all people she’s not pregnant. Big surprise! Since Mad Men won’t be on again until 2012 this might be good timing for her.

Anonymous on

Is Benicio Del Toro the father?

soph on


anna on

Randi – she is probably going to start showing soon and decided to make a statement before rumors could start. Just my guess.

Corie on

I’m having trouble conceiving, but all these pregnancy announcements (celebrities and people around me) are actually giving me hope ! 😛

Angela on

Haha Soph, I thought the same thing 😉

Mia on

What a strange statement “looking forward to a new chapter of being a single mom” single?–Unless she is using a donor?

Michelle on

unmarried=single, so yes, single mom.

Nothing wring with that. Doesn’t mean the baby won’t have an active and participating father, just means she’s a single mom. The father is a single dad.

Jillian on

Mia, she is a single mom because she is not in a relationship.

Since breaking up with Jason she has been linked with Bobby Flay and Jeremy Piven….all since January. So….who knows who the dad of the baby is……could be any of them, really.

Bree on

@Mia even if she knows who the father is she will still be a single mother by the fact that she is not in a relationship. My mom knew exactly who my father was/is but the second she filled for divorce she became a single mother. My dad was an active part of my life growing up and I know him and his family and he is still my dad but I was proudly raised by a single mother.

Congrats to January. Fall babies are the best ;D (I am due in November so I am slightly biast!!)

Beaky on

Oh, yay! Fantastic news. 🙂

Mad Men isn’t scheduled to be back on air this year (wah!) so it’s likely filming won’t start until after she has the baby. So probably not going to be written in.

She has many years practicing everything she should NOT do as a mom in playing Betty! Hee.

Alexa on

Mia, the father might have decided not to be in the picture.

Cecelia on

Mia, her using a donor isn’t the only scenario where she’d be a single parent. If she’s broken up with the child’s father, then she will be a single mother raising her son or daughter as she’s not married or in a relationship with him. That’s not to say he won’t have a relationship with the baby but both would be considered single parents.

mera on

LOL…Benicio del torro?
@mia: i agree. why would you look forward to being a SINGLE mom?

kai on

Anonymous – hilarious! 😀

dsfg on

Mia, she means she is raising the child by herself.

JM on

i LOVE Mad Men 🙂 it’s the greatest show that’s been on tv since the The Wire. i amn very happy for her, i hope she has a healthy pregnancy and love and support. that will be one beautiful child.

Mleissa on

I’m confused about the Bobby Flay comments, isn’t he married to the lawyer from Law and Order SVU? Sorry can’t think of her name.

JMO on

Hopefully she’s a kinder gentler mother then she is on Mad Men lol!!

And some people choose to have babies on their own. No biggie! Why not have a child if your financially stable enough and it’s your dream to be one. Not everyones life turns out picture perfect!

Jillian on

Since January when she and her ex broke up, she has been linked to Bobby Flay and Jeremy Piven.

Mleissa on

Thanks Jillian. Thats too bad, i liked him i would have hoped he wasn’t a cheater!

meghan on

I think it’s inappropriate to suggest a married man is involved unless there is something more than tabloid conjecture to back it up.

Cecelia on

Mera, perhaps she’s embracing the situation. While the pregnancy may have been unplanned, why can’t she celebrate, nonetheless?

Molly on

but it’s appropriate to suggest an unmarried man is the father? People are commenting that it could be a variety of men she has been linked to (whether true or not) around the assumed time of conception. While no one is sending congrats to Bobby Flay, but of course he’s going to be mentioned, whether he’s married or not.

Catca on

Maybe one of these guys mentioned is the father, maybe someone not mentioned, maybe a donor. We simply don’t know so I’m not sure if there is really a point to speculating. I don’t mean this in a mean because I think she’s got a fabulous figure, but I was a little surprised she got preggers cus she looks almost too thin to be able to conceive…

The other surprising thing was the person who thought it was weird for her to make an announcement when she’s “not an a-lister”. The star of an emmy winning show is not an a-lister? And reality show stars and a bevy of b-listers and below as well as celebrities of days long gone make these announcements and no one ever comments it’s weird for them do so. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the comment…

In any event, congratulations January!

soph on

It was a joke, meghan. Grow a sense of humor.

Hea on

“unmarried=single, so yes, single mom.”

Definately not. If you’re in a relationship with someone then you are not single.

Kim1 on

mera Why would you look forward to being a SINGLE mom? the same way you would look forward to being a Married mom JMO

Anonymous on

If you’re in a relationship and NOT married, then, technically, you ARE single.

meghan on

It wasn’t funny soph. Maybe you need a sense of humor that’s actually FUNNY.

soph on

If you say so, hon.

SadieA on

Meghan, it wasn’t exactly tabloid conjecture. Bobby Flay actually showed up at the scene of her car accident after she called him, his rep confirmed that. People made their own assumptions, the tabloids had nothing to do with it.

Lainey on

Well, I hope it’s not Jason Sudakis. It would not be nice for January to raise a child with the man, who dumped her for being an “airhead.” But, I think he is more likely to be the baby’s father.

kai on

I think by announcing it in the midst of the Royal Wedding hoopla, January was trying to avoid attention. Good for her.

I’m bad, but I totally want Benicio Del Toro to be the father.

Jillian on

I have been with my partner…forever. He is the father of my daughter. We are not married and I am in no way, shape, or form, raising my child as a single mother. If she was in a relationship, it would say, she is raising the child with her partner who is unknown at this time.

Lainey, maybe she and Jason broke up bc of her fling last year with Bobby Flay. Just because his friends thought she was an airhead doesn’t mean he did.

Fay on

WAIT!!!!!!! get the f#©|< outta here!!!!!! Bobby Flay & Alex Cavitt broke up?!?!?!?!

Amanda on

She’s gorgeous! I love Mad Men too. @ Corie- I know what you mean. I’ve been having trouble too and just lost another pregnancy in March, but am still hopeful. Good luck to you!

Mia on

It’s just a strange statement …nobody wants/looks forward to being a single parent–so it’s just an odd statement/choice of words.

dsfg on

Actually, Mia, many people CHOOSE to become single parents. Sheryl Crowe, for example, among many others.

Anonymous on

Jillian – when you do your taxes you check single… So technically you are single and you are a mom.

Cecelia on

Mia, that’s a blanket statement, though. It’s a valid option for women and you don’t know that “nobody wants/looks forward” to be a single mother. Of course, like anything, it depends on the woman and circumstance but some women do choose that route. Even for those who don’t (i.e. became a single parent due to the death of a partner, partner and her split up, etc.), there’s no reason why they can’t look forward and embrace impending motherhood in the same way two parents would.

Mom Of Twins on

Maybe she’s adopting, the headlines reads “Jaunary Jone Expecting Her First Child”. It didn’t say she was pregnant.

Mom Of Twins on

@Corie, keep trying. 🙂

meghan on

@Corie, Don’t give up! Best of luck!

Catca on


Actually when she does her taxes she’d check head of household, not single if she’s a single parent. But same meaning as married couples can only check married or single filing separately.

Annie on

Well her career needs a baby so…

anna on

Congratulations January!

Lotte on

Didn’t she date Josh Groban a few years back? Now THAT would have made stunning babies, LOL. Many blessings to her.

AitchCS on

It’s a “feminist” statement she is making–even if she doesn’t know it. Padma Lacksmi did it. And Elizabeth Hurley. The Mom thing- completely on their own….. save for the sperm…lol

j on

@ mom of twins….there are other articles and pictures….she is pregnant.

Anonymous on

The most beautiful girl on TV. Congrats!

Some Guy on

My friend worked on the new X-Men movie. He told me a few days ago that she was pregnant, and that the father was director Matthew Vaughn, who she apparently was “seeing” throughout the duration of the film.

Apparently a few cast members were hooking up with each other throughout the shoot…

Maggie on

^ Wait – Claudia Schiffer’s husband? Oh I hope that is not true. They just had baby Cosima themselves.

Summer on

Has anyone thought that maybe it’s via surrogate? All of the pictures I’ve seen of her recently shows no bump whatsoever…. She’s expecting doesn’t necessarily mean “she’s pregnant.”

Just my thoughts.

Either way, congrats! Motherhood is so rewarding! 🙂