Willow Smith Performs at the White House

04/27/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
PAPSFIRST/Splash News Online

We are family!

On April 25, a super stylish Willow Smith (check out that colorful tweed short suit!) performed at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

The pint-size pop star, 10, whipped the crowd — including Malia and Sasha Obama — into a frenzy with hits including “21st Century Girl” and of course, “Whip My Hair.”

Willow also brought her equally fashionable mom Jada Pinkett-Smith and brother Jaden Smith, 12½, to share in the festivities.

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abbyc on

wow her brother looks so smug in every picture. what a sense of entitlement. this whole thing is so wrong on so many levels. imagine when they get older….

J on


Millie on

I was going to say that little boy always pulls the same pose. Maybe he gets it from his dad?

Did the mother really wear that to meet the president? Wow.

Marlee on

Jada looks pretty smug too, in my opinion.

I like Willow’s outfit. Cute and very Easter-y

Lora on

All i can say is eeeewww again…. I have to agree with the above post, is this what they wore to meet the president…

Talea on

SMH! Here we go with the Willow bashing again!

Julia A on

Wow did Jada really wear a tank top and ultra-short shorts to a children’s event at the White House? That outfit is so wrong on so many levels. And all their expressions seem to say “I’m just too cool for this.”

Sam on

Jaden’s look is exactly the same look Jada has on here! As for Jada’s clothes, I’m thinking because it was an outside Easter egg hunt she figured it was ok to wear that outfit. It’s not. Now we all know where the kids get their looks/attitude and their fashion sense from. No more need to wonder! YAY!!!

Tee on

Holy moly, now I know why these kids don’t have a problem with the way they dress! I’m sorry, but Jada should be ashamed of herself, wearing that outfit out in public! And then wearing it to the White House? Seriously?

I will never bash a child. It’s just wrong to do so. And quite frankly, who could bash these kids? It’s obvious that they learn all their bad habits from their parents. At least they come by it honestly.

Holly on

Seriously? We have something bad to say about every person in this photo? If you are even sort of familiar with the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, you would know it’s a very casual event. The president wont be walking around in a suit & tie, and kids will be running around in sundresses and shorts & tshirts. This isnt a formal state dinner, it’s a fun family event. I don’t see anything wrong with what anyone of them is wearing.

Jillian on

Holly, no one is walking around in tshirts. Did you happen to know anyone at the event? I can assure you that while casual….the President had a jacket and very nice slacks on and Michelle looked very nice. Sorry, but Jada’s outfit looks sloppy. Wearing shorts to the White House is something I would be embarrassed about.

Anne on

I really don’t get why everyone is commenting on this post, if they have nothing nice to say at all. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all (at least that’s my opinion).

Jen DC on

(1) The sun is shining in their eyes. They are squinting.

(2) “Ultra-short shorts”? Really? Way to exaggerate. The shorts are halfway down her thighs. Is it appropriate for the WH? Since they have met the Obamas and have been supporters (= major donors) of the President since the beginning of his campaign, Jada Pinkett-Smith obviously felt that her attire was appropriate for a kids’ event at the WH.

I would have dressed differently as an adult myself, but I don’t think exaggerating the issue and claiming that the children have a “sense of entitlement” (because how do you know how they feel?) based on an outfit their mother is wearing is ridiculous. And saying “I’m sorry but” doesn’t soften the blow.

mominFL on

this family is really starting to bother me. As many have mentioned, everybody looks so ‘smug, look at me’ in their pictures. And yes, I agree, Jada should have gone a little bit ‘less’ casual for the White House – is she even wearing a bra?

Amanda on

I could see going to a barbecue at a friends dressed like this,but I’d NEVER wear clothes like these to the White house. Even if it is a casual event, have some respect. Doesn’t anyone have values in this country?

Toya L. on

I saw pics of the event and while some were dressed up MOST were really casual (shorts, tank tops, t-shirts etc…)<– Both Sasha and Malia were wearing tank top like shirts, Sasha with shorts and Malia had on capris. The first lady's dress was nice and sleeveless also.

I think Jaden has always had that look on his face, like a smirk since he was weeks old (before he knew what entitlement meant, or danced, rapped or played a movie role).

Sam on

@Jillian – I agree. I was just going to let ‘Holly’ know how your President was dressed for the egg hung. Mrs. Smith’s outfit is not ‘ok’ for anywhere other then a night club, with adults only! As I said ‘now we know….’

Niko on

Losers bashing a 10 year old girl once again. Finding something better to do with your time, kids.

nettrice on

Leave those people alone! The so-called smugness is called ITUTU in West Africa. It means COOL. Look it up and learn something. Every “look” you interpret isn’t always the truth, esp. when it comes to people from other cultures and backgrounds.

nettrice on

There’s nothing wrong with entertainers dressing that way for a high-profile event, esp. since Willow is performing at the event. If anything, the smug, entitled people are most of the commenters here.

Butterfly on

That picture of Jaden is soo cute!! He has definitely had the same expression since he was a baby.

Toya L. on

Let me say that people were probably dressed casual because of the physical events that you could participate in. You could go over soccer, football and baseball drills, basketball and tennis training from pros, you jump rope, hula hoop, dance and there are many more activities for everyone to participate in.

I don’t know about anybody else but I play sports with my children mostly 3 days out of 7 and when it’s 90 degrees(like it was that day) you would never catch me in dress slacks, dress shirts, jeans, dresses, skirts, pantyhose, or heels “even at the White House”.

Shannon on

Is Willow wearing Chanel? Love it!

LOL @ some of these comments. What was Jada supposed to wear to an outdoor Easter egg hunt? An evening dress?

showbizmom on

I’m not going to comment on my feelings on this family. But they’re walking the pressline. Its not fun after a while. So the look could just be the “im annoyed look” he’s still a kid after all. some celebs give funny faces, others give the don’t “f**k with me’ look.

Sam on

@Nettrice – Perhaps those that practice this culture you speak of should be aware that it is not well known here and comes off as ‘snobby’ or showing a cocky attitude. Perhaps they should know that here it is ‘cool’ to smile when you’re having your picture taken, smile and show your appreciation to your fans. Perhaps.

abbyc on

Umm I didn’t know the Smiths were born in West Africa. And Jada needs to put on a bra. There.

Gagme on

I gag a little everytime I see this family. Will and Jada have done a bang-up job screwing up those kids. But, they don’t exactly have a conventional relationship with their “open” marriage so what can we really expect when they think they are so progressive and cool? Will has said that if he feels like sleeping with someone, he has to run it by Jada for approval and as long as he doesn’t lie, she is cool with it. How messed up can you possibly be? Whip my hair…what a freaking joke. I can see the little Obama kids “whipped into a frenzy” over this. This country has gone down the tubes and this is yet another example.

Cecilia on

@Anne: That’s what comments are for. Comments don’t always mean “positive”. They can also be negative or critical. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions as long as they’re not overly offensive or defamatory.

Anne on

“Mrs. Smith’s outfit is not ‘ok’ for anywhere other then a night club, with adults only! As I said ‘now we know….”

LOL!! Please common, adults only?! what are you, amish?? This outfit is appropriate for people to wear at day with kids present also, not just in clubs:P hahah

Emilia on

Shannon – yes, I thought that too – I am pretty sure Willow is in Chanel! The colors are lovely and I think it looks great for her.

I think mom goofed up though, for an Easter celebration at the White House. She wouldn’t have needed to be frumpy, but elegant would have been great, especially with her beauty and figure.

Jillian on

Toya, most of the people at the event were dressed nice. MOST of the people at the event were not dressed in shorts, tshirts, and tank tops. I think it would be fair to say that many children were dressed in nice shorts, but still not in tshirts. From the adults…..they were not wearing shorts and tshirts and tanktops.

I don’t think she needed to wear an evening gown as someone sarcastically suggested. But as we know, shorts are not allowed into many restaurants/businesses (at least in my state) for a reason. There are skorts, capris, skirts, casual dresses, etc. Again, this is my opinion.

Toya L. on

Let me rephrase my statement, “MOST of the photos that I saw, the people in the background were dressed as if they may have been going to the movies at best. The kids were rather dressed up but the majority of the rest had on tee-shirts, shorts, blouses, jeans and capris etc… Very few looked like they could have stepped into some church without stares…” Of course it’s impossible for me to have seen all the outfits of 30,000 people, so I definitely should have said FROM THE PHOTOS THAT I SAW and not generalized the word most.

I didn’t see the photos from the church service beforehand, maybe a lot of people were dressed up in those. It’s still no big deal, maybe we just saw different photos from different sites and think differently about the kinds of attire that one should wear to a 90 degree in the shade physical/concert outing event. Some think like you, others think like me, different strokes for different folks.

JM on

so let me get this straight. it’s not ok to say that brooklyn beckham is fat, or that someone’s baby is ugly but it is ok to bash these two kids for what they wear and their expressions? some strange double standards that some people have on this site. is it just because you don’t like them that you think it’s ok to criticise them and not other kids? interesting….

Ashley on

This ‘family’ is such a joke, sooooo “look at me”, it’s ridiculous

Mira on

I don’t think Jada’s outfit is inappropriate, but it’s frigging ugly. Python sky-high heels at an Easter egg hunt? Please…

Indira on

I don’t see anything wrong with Willow’s outfit(it’s a tweed suit!) but, Jadens is far too casual for the event. I’m sorry but, he looks like the boys I see going to class at my university. Way too casual for any official event at the white house. I also think Jada’s tank-top is a little inappropriate for the event as well. I have to agree that, they were trying to be different as opposed to going with the tone of the event. Other famous people were there and were dressed for the occasion. At the end of the day, it’s there choice but, I don’t think it’s above criticism.

martina on

Jada didn’t need to wear an ‘evening dress’, but something that showed less skin would be nice. It was an event with a lot of kids after all. As far as being comfortable for athletic events, I didn’t realize high platforms and short shorts were an appropriate attire for those.

And a 10 year old wearing Chanel is just obnoxious. Sorry. This family is the opposite of ‘down to earth’…

Anonymous on

GAG ME!!!!!!!!!! I’M SICK OF THESE PEOPLE!!!!! JADEN SMITH IS WAY TOO SMUG. WILLOW IS GETTING THERE. JADA, what does she even do? nothing. her little nurse show is nothing. last i heard, will (the biggest dxxxxe ever) went on the set trying to direct everyone.

Luci on

I knew I’d find a bunch of negative comments about the Smiths, the children, etc.

I WENT to the White House Egg Roll on Monday. First of all, it was hot as HADES out there. Second of all, almost every person I saw was casually dressed. The event is NOT a fancy dress occasion, nor was it after a church service.

Jada’s shorts are not short and they look appropriate. She is actually a small, petite woman. If her cups were running over, then I think the shirt would be inappropriate, but I think for her frame it’s perfectly fine. As far as Jaden’s clothing and expression, he’s probably like a lot of other pre-teens, coupled with the fact that he’s around the whole Justin Bieber, Hip-Hop thing.

You guys really need to lighten up or at least hide your bias a little better.

Jen DC on

You know, nothing this family does is going to satisfy this comment board.

@ Sam: Gee, Sam, are you smiling in every single photograph ever taken of you? EVERY SINGLE ONE? Because perhaps it would be best to do so to show appreciation to your parents, grandparents, other relatives who’d be looking at it. But be sure to smile IN EVERY SINGLE ONE, even if people are screaming your name, saying mean or disgusting things about you (which the paps do to get stars’ attention), even when you are exhausted, have your mind on other things or just want to get to your destination without too much hassle.

@ The Rest of You Haters: Again, you don’t know what they are thinking by their expressions. As someone who was here on Sunday, lemme tell you it was mad hot, sunny and humid. Clearly the sun is shining in their faces as evidenced by the huge shadow Jaden’s hat is throwing on his face and the brightness of Willow’s and Jada’s.

What’s really funny is that you have (for once) nothing bad to say about Willow (except for a few who find her performance outfit by Chanel to be over the top – I’ll get to that later). Could it be because she is smiling? Notice as well, however, that her eyes are squinted nearly shut – FROM THE BLINDING SUN IN HER EYES. But maybe her half-smile is sufficient fan appreciation that you can overlook the rest of it.

As far as the Easter egg-colored suit: She’s performing. Every artist (and given her youth and what is likely a dearth of actual lyrical talent in her songs, using “artist” is a stretch) has designer performance duds. Would you complain similarly if this was Rihanna running around in Gaultier S&M gear before going on stage? Or whoever else?

I notice that most other celebrity kids don’t get the same rough treatment as the Smiths. Are the Beckham kids “entitled”? Sometimes they don’t smile for the cameras. You fawn all over Kate Hudson – but hey, maybe the nepotism that got her her jobs isn’t as obvious as the Smith kids’. Lourdes Leon – you know, Madonna’s oldest? Where was this vitrol when she “designed” that clothing line with her mother? What about the Simmons kids? The daughters have a clothing and shoe line and the boys are in music. Better or worse senses of entitlement?

Georgina on

Ok two things, it would be ok to say it was a casual event or dress code, and that Jada was participating in that EXCEPT the stilletos she is wearing. Sorry but that contridicts the whole casual arguement. If you going for the “mum with kids over the park” look you wouldnt be wearing those shoes!

And secondly there is a difference between commenting on peoples facial expressions, and peoples bodies or appearence generally. No one has slated these childrens appearence, saying they were not pretty or handsome. Weve just questions why they are pulling the poses or facial expression they have in these shots.

Its also more “puzzling” shall we say because these are elective or promotional shots, rather than the papparazo shots of the Beckhams for example. The reason I felt it was unfair to label Brooklyn anything was 1) because he wasnt being paraded in front of the media when his photo was taken, he was on a beach with his family, and two because it was slating HIM not, say, his clothes or his expression.

I know full well the choice of attire my children wear or faces (on occasion) that my children pull are not to everyones tastes, but theres a difference between saying “I dont like her shoes” to saying “what an ugly or overweight child.” I also think its quite difficult to complain people are talking about your children when you line them up for pictures vs trying to keep them out of the limelight.

Toya L. on

I was the only one who brought up all the sporting activities that were played that day and in that post I never even mentioned Jada’s name. I specifically said most people were probably dressed casual (in the photos that I saw) because of the activities you could participate in (not that all did) and that “I don’t know about anybody else but when playing sports, I don’t wear heels nor dressy clothes”, so clearly if Jada had on heels, I personally didn’t think she participated in any of the physical activities nor did I state such. I saw Kimora and Kelly R. in heels and don’t think they participated in any either.

Sam on

JenDC – thankyou for the lengthy lecture, but what a waste of your time and mine! Sheesh! Relax girl! You need a little time to mind your own business. If you don’t like what posters here say, then don’t read them. This place is for commenting on photos we see, not lecturing posters! That was just way to long girl! Ok, my mini lecture is done, now back to the photo above…….

Just one question – how do you know the sun is in Willow’s eyes, were you the pap taking her picture yelling out nasty things to her?

Georgina on

Toya L; reading back I do realise you said about the activities, but my post was not exclusively aimed at you nor your comment, apologies if you felt that. I was referring to the numerous “its a casual event” posts, and why I felt the outfit was not particularly casual.

For example, Id understand why youd wear a vest and shorts if you were playing with your children, but she obviously didnt intend to, due to the shoes, so why not make more of an effort.

Toya L. on

Oh okay gotcha!!

Jen DC on

@ Sam: I’m quite calm; I just find your commentary ignorant (since you don’t know them) and idiotic. And even more idiotic is your statement that “it’s a waste of your and my time” since you sat there and read it. It’s only a waste of my time if *I* decide it is. Obviously since I sat there and wrote it, I found it worthwhile. Worry about things that actually concern you.

I know the sun is shining in her eyes because I’m looking at the picture. The sun is shining into their faces as evidenced by the shadows behind them. Simple deduction.

Sarah on

They’re annoying and boring. I don’t know how they can do this day by day and be happy with it. They just look fake, not even like normal people anymore. A few years ago I saw sweet pics of Will and Jada with their kids at a playground, but this seems galaxies away know and it’s really really sad.

Well, it’s their live, but I would not change with them.

Anonymous on

Who cares what your comments are. Let’s see what you and your children wore on easter sunday, It’s not your business what they wear the only reason you can make comments is because you can see them, but we can’t make a comment about you and your kids and what they wear or what’s appropriate or how smug their faces are my goodness get a LIFE and worry about what your kids wear. I guess every picture your family takes oh are all smiles. You are not paying these kids or raising them just worry about your kids and their smile on pictures or what they wear

Anonymous on

and if they are so annoying move on and comments on somebody else. They do not know you and you do not know them.

Jillian on

“and if they are so annoying move on and comments on somebody else. They do not know you and you do not know them”

Anonymous, if this is how you feel about peoples comments you should follow your own advice 🙂

Sam on

@JenDC – I did read it, and when I was done I knew it was a waste of MY time. It was a waste of YOUR time because nothing you said matters. Simple deduction.

Guess Jada doesn’t mind the sun in her eyes, she’s looking right into that sun. Poor Willow, she was being so brave, guess she forgot her sunglasses!

P.S. Notice I never called anyone in that picture a bad name, but YOU have called me ‘ignorant’ and ‘idiotic’ (twice!!). You shouldn’t comment when you don’t even know me! Basically it’s ok for you to bash posters (me) but not ok for posters (me) to comment on a picture. Durrrr!

Toya L. on

@Jen DC
I’m starting to pay attention to your posts, so far you are correct.

Gaia and labans mom on

People judge the fashions of other celebrity parents and children, I don’t see why the smiths should be an exception. I’ve never cared for jada’s fashion sense, I’ve found it bizarre since set it off came out. Willow looks outlandish as usual but that’s her thing so we might as well get used to it.

I think the thing that separates the Smith kids from other kids is that they’ve chosen to chase the spotlight. They’ve opted to thrust themselves into the court of public opinion. Personally I find this irresponsible on the parents part but that’s their choice. If they’re fashioning themselves into little icons then they should have to deal with the criticisms like other stars. putting yourself out there like the Smiths, the “we’re just people leave us alone, don’t talk about us” card used by Celebs is lost.

Anonymous on

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the problem with Jada’s outfit. She is wearing shorts, a tank top and wedge sandals for a kids event. That’s something a mom would wear to a kid’s birthday party.

If anything, like someone commented, Jaden is underdressed for a visit to the White House.

pammy on

Willow actually looks very cute. I do like her outfit in this picture.

eyeswideshut on

I wish this whole family along with the Cruise family and any other fameworing celebrity family would go away. Whoring their kids to being a generation of spoilt brats who get fame and record deals because their family are rich and buy them whatever they want whilst falsly telling them how they’re working hard for it to feed their 12yo egos. Gross.

Jillian on

Anonymous, “I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the problem with Jada’s outfit. She is wearing shorts, a tank top and wedge sandals for a kids event. That’s something a mom would wear to a kid’s birthday party.”

This isn’t a kids birthday party that they are going to. If they were at a kids birthday party, then I guess that would be a good outfit to wear. But, an outfit to the White House, while your daughter is there to sing for the President and thousands of guests??? Yikes!

Jen DC on

@ Sam: Actually what I said was that your COMMENTARY was ignorant and your STATEMENT idiotic. There is a significant difference between saying “Sam, you’re a moron” and “Sam what you are doing is moronic.”

If my commentary is so worthless, why are you still referring to it?

So Jaden and Jada are wearing the same squinty-eyed expression (in your words “cocky”) in one of your posts, but in your post answering me, suddenly their expressions are different? At least follow your own logic if you can’t bring yourself to follow mine. In my opinion, ALL their eyes are half-closed, regardless of the fact that Willow is smiling through glare.

Like I said: Nothing this family does is going to satisfy this board. But I sure am having fun mocking the “discussion!”

Jen DC on

@ Toya L.: I knew I wasn’t the only one to think that the misplaced anger toward this family is odd! I can admit that yeah, it’s totally nepotism that got Jaden his “film career” and Willow her “singing career,” but it’s not as if they are the first and they certainly won’t be the last. Furthermore, it’s hardly that important: They are ENTERTAINERS. There are worse, more detrimental cases of nepotism out there, or some on the same level as the Smiths’ (the aforementioned Kate Hudson *and* her brother; Drew Barrymore; the Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola; etc.) but either people are ignorant of the connections or for “some reason” (that can’t be named) it doesn’t matter as much or raise such ire.

I just find it curious.

But what I find FUN is when people fall apart and start to misread what I’ve said or deliberately misinterpret what I’ve written to fit the “stingers” they want to whip my way. Case in point: Sam. Too much fodder, too little time…

melissa on

These “kids” are 12 and 10? They look like 32 and 30 in what they are wearing and their presentation…talk about growing up way before their time…I thought Will and Jada seemed to be more careful about this so that their kids would not lose their childhood to showbiz? How sad and disappointing

Sam on

JenDC – you spend a lot of time typing your lectures and then you suggest I might misinterpret what you say. I never said your comments were ‘worthless’, please do not misinterpret words I type. Again, you are doing to posters (me) what you just said we do to you! At least you admit you are having fun mocking posters!

Fodder? Mooooooo! 🙂

Jen DC on

@ Sam: So synonyms are too hard for you. You write “because nothing you said matters.” What is that if not a bunch of words adding up to “worthless”? Is there a different interpretation you had in mind? Please share. I am genuinely interested (to see how you fight your way out of this verbal corner).

I have no trouble interpreting what you’ve written. You don’t think my points and questions have any merit, but you don’t actually answer any of them. You’re now upset because although you tried to make a claim that I’ve called you names (and others?) the evidence is present to refute that claim. Please continue; I look forward to the next installment of totally erroneous claims.

Jen DC on

And again, nope, not mocking posters – mocking this “discussion” of the Smiths and how they choose to raise and support their children. If I wanted to mock other posters, I’d just call them out by name and do it.

Toya L. on

@Jen DC,
Yes I noticed. Victoria Beckham who 98% (I’m being generous) of the time doesn’t smile with/for fans, at events and of course by the paps (don’t blame her), is hardly ever called out on that EXCEPT for the very LAST post of her and David. Her stepford wives seemingly acting self, always has a stoic look on her face (which I do and can be mistaken for arrogance/snobbishness, like she’s saying “hurry up and take your pictures peasants”. <—- Okay maybe I'm exaggerating on the last sentence but if the Smith's non smiling, squinty eyed look can be mistaken for cockiness/entitlement, I do find it odd that VB's non smiling, stoic faced self's personality is never labeled solely off her look. Sorry for the typos, it's hard for me to type on my phone.

Sam on

JenDC – Right! A direct quote from you “But what I find FUN is when people fall apart and start to misread what I’ve said or deliberately misinterpret what I’ve written to fit the “stingers” they want to whip my way”. You’re talking posters, as apposed to posts themselves! Glad you can admit you come here to play and get some enjoyment. What happend to having no time for such fodder?


Jen DC on

@ Sam: Still not answering annnnny questions I see.

How exactly is that “bashing posters”? I find your commentary humorous and your cow rendition as good as that of my 2- and 4-year old charges. I’m just pointing out what’s happening: Thus far, you’ve tried to say that I called you and others names – I didn’t. You’ve tried to say that I misinterpreted what you said – and when I asked for a different explanation of your words, you didn’t (really it’s actually can’t) provide any. That, in my mind, is the definition of someone falling apart on a message board. And watching and participating in that process is fun, yes.

Now, either you AGREE that you’re falling apart which would, in fact, make my mockery direct and cruel because it is wrong to make fun of those not as smart as or weaker than you OR you’re simply no good at reading comprehension. Because really, what I said is still directed at the posts – the misinterpretation (deliberate or sadly mistaken) of what I’ve written and said.

I see you’re using your thesaurus though! “Apposed!” Congratulations.

@ Toya L.: Yeah, the double standards are just rampant! I want to give people the benefit of the doubt and think that they just don’t remember that these are children and children don’t respond the same way adults will. Sure, these kids are in the public eye, but they are both of them entering that phase of life we call puberty, which is difficult for “normal” people. And since none of us has ever been on the receiving end of constant attention and the barrage of criticism and coverage these two are experiencing, it wouldn’t take much to be compassionate. But I guess only the Miley Cyruses of the world can get that.

Indira on

In the case of Posh spice she’s said a few times that she doesn’t like how she looks when she smiles and, that smiling in public makes her uncomfortable. Its easier to accept the scrowl when you learn its coming from a place of insecurity not smugness. Plus, she’s pretty much never smiled since she became famous in the spice girls. That was her thing, even back in ’96.

Maybe it’s just me but, I like smiling happy looking children not ones doing the Zoolander face.

Toya L. on

Great point Indira and it may be easier for you to except a smile that you perceive as a scowl vs smugness but for me it’s the opposite. When some people see the this family they see smugness/entitlement and for me, EVERY time I see Victoria, I get a sense of arrogance/snobbiness, that doesn’t mean that I’m right, the same way that others perceptions of this family may be wrong.

All children aren’t happy smiling ones (more than a handful are shown on this site), some have the same feelings as you stated Victoria does around cameras, some are shy, some just aren’t plain happy etc…. As far as Posh having that look since the 90’s, I showed a picture where Jaden has had the EXACT same look since 6 weeks old too. I guess it’s one of those things where everyone is entitled to perceive and believe what they want. It may just be me also, but I like adults who smile and seemingly interact vs ones that are robotic “stepford wives” acting. I’m not trying to change anyones mind about this family because nobody can change my mind on how feel about robotic looking and acting Posh.