Kate Hudson Predicts Baby’s Sex with Pendulum Test

04/27/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Peter Kramer/NBC

A newly-engaged, pregnant Kate Hudson showed off her bling on the Today show Wednesday morning, and confessed that she’s used a ring for a baby-related purpose as well — the pendulum test.

“You get a ring and your hair and put it over your belly and it swings,” the actress, 32, explains.

“Everybody has different methods … it goes in a circle if it’s a girl and it usually goes back and forth if it’s a boy. It’s saying it’s a girl, and I’m carrying so differently than I did with Ryder.”

“I keep saying ‘she,’ but she’s so nuts in here, she’s so wild. I kinda feel like it’s got the Hawn gene — my mom’s lineage for sure. Dancing every day,” laughs Hudson.

“I’m in my third trimester, so I’m definitely starting to slow down,”  the Something Borrowed star, who’s due in July, says. “The first three months was rough, and then it was great. And now I’m starting to get heavier and slower. But I love being pregnant.”

— Sarah Michaud and Tim Nudd

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JMO on

Her “son” is going to have such a complex for being called a “she” this whole time LOL 😉

I do hope it’s a girl though!

mommyof2 on

awe what a sweet article. Me and my sister both used the chinnese calender…i dont know if they really work but it did for all of our pregnancies..4 for her and 2 for me!

Jillian on

She looks great!! I saw the movie, Something Borrowed, last night and she was really good in the movie. Everyone in my family does the pendulum test and it has been true for all of us. I can see why she did it too. I think it is great that she is so happy. That is ALL that is important.

Kelly on

so happy for her!!

Aimee on

I hope she has a girl because it seems like she REALLY wants one. Sometimes you can imagine that you are carrying different, or feeling different just to talk yourself into the fact that you are having the gender you would like. I know I did and I had another beautiful boy.

Tee on

Kate looks lovely! Pregnancy really suits her and I’d love to see her with a daughter!

Allegra on

Haha I hope she gets the little girl she wants but it would be funny if it’s a little boy in there.

M on

Why does she keep talking about the baby’s gender? She’s going to be embarrassed if it turns out to be a boy after all the nonsense. If she is so curious, why not ask her doctor what the baby’s gender is during her next ultrasound?

klutzy_girl on

I’m so excited about Kate and Matt’s engagement!

Anyway, I think they definitely know it’s a girl. Everyone in the family seems to think so anyway – Her dad was interviewed right after she announced her pregnancy, and Kurt said he hoped the baby was a girl. Don’t blame Kurt and Goldie for that since they have three grandsons!

Louise on

Well, I had a totally different pregnancy with my second son- carried differently, had loads of morning sickness and craved different foods, but he was also a boy!

My third pregnancy was just like my first, but I had a girl. Don’t believe those old wives’ tales!

SadieA on

M, I think she knows it’s a girl and is just being coy, but thats JMO

Meghan on

Congrats! The pendulum thing worked for me too.

I personally think she def knows it’s a girl. I don’t think she would be saying all these things in the media about it unless she was sure. But it is none of our business anyway 🙂 It’s still fun to guess!

Jillian on

M, it is because she was asked. When someone asks a question….typically you answer the question. At least I do. But, I guess Kate should stop answering the questions.

Jennifer on

Myths, myths and myths. Although they are fun to do, that’s it…FUN. I kind of hope it is a boy after all this hoopla.

Sharon on

The way she talks about this baby being a girl (all the time) it would not surprise me if she knows what the sex is!!, because i think if it is a boy, she will be one dissappointed Mother!!

Sarah S. on

I’m not usually superstitious or whatever, but I did that ring test for both of my kids in utero (before I had it confirmed on the ultrasound. It happened to be 100% true in both cases (boy first, girl second).

Melissa on

Is people running out of new stuff to print? I sware I just read the exact same article(minus the engagement and being in the thrid trimester parts) on Kate Hudson a few weeks ago.

mominFL on

I did the pendalum test for my third son. It said I was having a ‘girl’. She probably knows it’s a girl and just using the ‘prediction’ thing. Either way – congratulations.

Erika on

It is going to be so disappointing if she has another boy, because I can tell she really wants a girl! It’s so sweet- every woman deserves a daughter and I know my mother was thrilled to have a girl!

Hannahsmom on

I did the pendulum thing the first time. It didn’t work, and I didn’t do it last time. We never found out what we were having, but my 2 pregnancies were extremely different, and I carried high with one and low with the other. Both were girls. The Chinese calendar worked with my first and didn’t with my second. There’s just no way to tell outside of an ultrasound, and even that isn’t foolproof!

Toya L. on

She looks really pretty in this pic.

Jennifer on

how can a ring swaying over your belly know what the gender of your baby is? It is just a 50/50 chance…I don’t buy into all of that stuff. It is fun to do, just like the chinese lunar calendar. And I may add, the CLC said I was going to have another girl (after my first daughter) and I had a son. I was just happy to have one healthy baby! If Kate has a girl this time…great…another boy…great!

meme on

The pendulum worked for me too (all three times). I did it on all my girlfriends and they got correct results as well. I am not at all superstitious, and it may be purely coincidental, but it is fun to do!

Angela on

I think she’s having a girl because she’s pregnant in her face, if you get what I’m saying. I have two girls and one boy, and you could only tell I was pregnant in my face with my girls. Whatever she has, I hope she and baby are healthy.

Liz on

Just get a test then! Maybe it feels different because she or he has a different dad! Or just because it’s a different pregnancy!

Ali on

I bet it’s a boy.

Meela on


I hardly think that she would be a “disappointed” Mother!

People have “PREFERENCES” however I have yet to meet anyone that was not happy to have a healthy baby despite not having the gender they would have liked!!

Amy in Oregon on

I used the Chinese gender predictor and it was right for all 3 of my kids……I used it and plugged in all of Kate’s statistics and it says…………..GIRL!!! Hope it’s right =)

Luna on

Who’s the actress who got this pendulum thing done in the Ellen Degeneres show? Her last name is Monahan or something, she came out in the movie Source Code with Jake Gyllenhall.

Anyway, she had this done and i don’t remember what she got but when she gave birth it turned out the opposite sex! So come on, this is nothing but a joke. Just a flip a coin thing.

Erika on

Angela, my mother said the same thing. She always told us that with her daughters, her face changed and she looked different, but with my brother she didn’t look any different in her face. She also said she gained weight all over her body with us girls, but with my brother she only gained in the stomach. It seems kind of strange, but she swears the pregnancies were like night and day. I don’t have kids yet, but when I do, I will be anxious to see if the same holds true for me.

Halley on

Ihope she wont be too disappointed if its a boy since she’s been so clear this whole time that she wants a girl 😦

NM on

Nothing but a myth!

Mia on

I think she’s having a girl! + it’s nice to see they are engaged/will be getting married–although it’s interesting since she kept saying “oh, I don’t want/need to get married again”–I think she was just afraid he wasn’t going to ask.

JMO on

It could feel different bc she’s also older then when she had her son so her body is in a different stage!

There are so many fun one’s to do. Like the palms up or down. Craving salty food vs sweets. Lunar Calendars. They say girls tend to make the mother look less “pretty” during pregnancy bc they suck the life out of them so to speak lol. And then of course the high/low bellys. I believe them all to be myths but it’s true you get a 50/50 shot at it!

I will say I’ve won many baby pools at work using the chinese lunar calendar!! lol

Rachel on

I’m really surprised people still believe that how they are carrying has anything to do with the gender of the baby.

ForeverMoore on

Well I was pregnant “in my face” and I had a boy…just goes to show that every woman is different in how their bodies react to being pregnant

Marilyn on

Well, if it’s another boy, she can always try for a girl later.

Kelley on

In my opinion, you won’t know the baby’s gender until it comes out (ultrasounds have been wrong before, rarely, but they’ve still been read wrong)of the mom. I don’t particually like when people are like, obsessed with wanting the baby to be a certain gender…I know when I’m pregnant, I would want the baby to be a HEALTHY and HAPPY baby, because that’s really all that matters. Babies are beautiful gifts given to us by God, so He’s gonna decide whether we have sons or daughters or both. Let’s just be happy for children, people! 🙂

Amanda on

I think that the reason she’s talking about it so much is because she doesn’t know the gender. We didn’t find out with our son, and Kate and I seem to be very similar people when it comes to our zen attitudes and relaxed parenting attitudes (granted, all I know of her is interviews and such, but anyway…)

I really don’t think Kate cares if she has a boy or a girl. While I would love the perfect little “stereotypical” family of a boy and a girl, but I will be thrilled if our next is a boy. What’s sweeter than brothers? Best friends for life. After five miscarriages before we had our son (and on Christmas Eve, what better present!), I am in no position to be picky about what I’m blessed with. I feel like if Kate was that conceded, she can definitely afford gender selection, so…take that however you want. I just hope for everyone else the same thing I hope for myself…a healthy little one who can make it all the way through pregnancy and delivery.

Oh, and for the record, the pendulum test and the Chinese thing were all correct for me…and I don’t believe in any of that. I had a feeling that all along, he was a boy. I just didn’t think he’d weigh 10lbs12oz. 😉 And before you ask, yes, even though I dilated to ten, he was just too big. Csection for me, even though we had planned a completely natural home birth attended by midwives. Things never go the way you plan them, but things usually turn out okay anyway. Best of luck to the growing Bellamy family. 🙂

Rose on

I’m betting she knows it’s a girl, i’m sure whoever comes out they will be loved!

Nella on

Whatever the gender is all that matters is that it’s a healthy baby. I do have a feeling it will be a girl for some reason. My sis did this Pendelum test when she was pregnant and it was correct for both of her preganancies. Of course I wouldn’t believe that 100% that it works. As far as the weight gain goes, it just varies, my mom had three daughters and had very different pregnancies,cravings , and weight gain with all of us. With me, she gained the most weight and with my sister she barely gained any weight, and looked very different while she was pregnant with her. So I wouldn’t believe all of those myths.

Daisy on

I *know* the way you carry means nothing, but I can understand her feeling like she might be having a girl – she did gain weight all over with Ryder. It was very different and it’s pretty normal to start reasoning things out like that.

I doubt she’ll care either way when the time comes and I have no idea why she should be embarrassed if it’s a boy.

JM on

i hope no one is actually pretending that any of these things (the ring, how you are carrying etc.) are in any way accurate. personal anecdotes don’t count, you do realise that there is always a 50% chance that it is right anyway? so if you did this and i turned out to be right that means nothing 🙂 i understand it can be a bit of harmless fun like reading out your horoscope in the newspaper, just as long as we don’t pretend there is any truth to these things 🙂

Jennifer on

Okay…with my daughter: craved sweets, no morning sickness, belly was more all around big, felt pretty good the whole pregnancy. With my son: horrible morning sickness, more basketball shaped tummy, craved protein, felt miserable most of the time. My friend who is pregnant with a girl now feels like I did when I was pregnant with my son. And these myths…..even my OB said that they are all for fun…no real validity behind them. Every pregnancy is different…..there is no scientific evidence behind swaying a ring over your belly, etc.

molly on

I tried all the tests when pregnant with my son and most were wrong. I also “felt” like I was having a girl but apparently mother didn’t know best! I think half the fun of not knowing while pregnant is speculating and playing mind games with yourself and others, which is what I think she is doing with herself and all the interviewing; it is great fun! Congrats, just wish for healthy and happy baby and the rest doesn’t matter a bit!

Cecelia on

The only predictor of an unborn child’s sex that I have faith in is an ultrasound when done at the appropriate time (not too early) and the baby’s in a position conducive to letting the technician know either way.

Old wives tales are simply for fun. Perhaps a woman does the pendulam test one day and it moves in a circle while on a different day, it moves back and forth. What’s she having, then? Twins? As for the rest, I’ve had different pregnancies that resulted in the same sex and the Chinese calendar was wrong for two of my children.

Boy or girl, I doubt Kate will mind. Ryder having a brother would be just as wonderful as him having another sister.

Ellen Smith on

The sex of a baby can be accurately determined by amniocentesis. However, having an amnio is done for more serious purposes – to determine if there are genetic defects, etc. Most women 35 and older are encouraged to have one (they can opt not to, of course). Whether one chooses to be informed of the baby’s sex is personal preference.

As for younger women, all of the myths are just that – myths. Have fun, but don’t take pendulum swinging and Chinese calendars too seriously.

Amanda on

a lot of the myths were right for my first three but according to EVERYTHING (my gut feeling, and I wanted a boy so it’s not that I wanted a girl..chinese gender charts, symptoms, the way I was carrying, ring test, cabbage test, ect) my fourth was supposedly a girl, but he’s definitely a boy; and that is after being pregnant with girls and a boy before him.

I sure hope they already know they are having a girl because they are making it quite obvious that her entire family is counting on this baby being a girl. I had preferences wit each of my pregnancies, I think it’s pretty normal to slightly hope for one or the other more, but I never said a thing about it especially before I knew the gender.

momof4 on

I hope it’s a girl for my sake. I don’t think I can take three years of reading about how she should “cut her boys long hair because he looks like a girl” on this site.

Andi on

Well at least she didn’t get HUGE like she did with Ryder..so far, anyway.

Amy on

Every single “gender prediction” said that I was having a boy…the pendulum thing, Chinese gender chart, the way I was carrying, etc. The only thing that said GIRL was the urine gender test (which I did just for fun) and of course the ultrasounds…sure enough, I have a sweet little girl 🙂

Brandee on

Just want her to know that the name Ryder is not uncommon my grandson who will be 21 next month is also named Ryder.

hannah on

I do the pendulum tests for all my friends! The thing that clinched it for me was when it predicted twins for my friend.. girl first and then boy and it was true! Her girl was Twin A and boy was Twin B.

I’ve done it for both my hubby and I. For him it reads girl, boy, boy, girl, boy and for me it reads boy, boy, girl, boy (he has a daughter from a previous relationship) We have the 2 boys and will be finding out the sex of baby #3 in 2 months or so. Cant wait to see if its right!

MG on

The pendulum test said I was having a boy, the chinese calender said I was having a girl. Ultrasound confirmed it was indeed a girl. I think it’s fun to guess. I can understand Kate’s thinking. Not actually confirming the gender until the birth, but having fun guessing.