Spotted: Jessica Alba and Honor’s School Run

04/27/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

School’s out!

Jessica Alba is all smiles as she picks up daughter Honor Marie, 2½, from her preschool program in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The actress, 29, who is expecting her second child with husband Cash Warren this fall, says pregnancy this time around has been easier for her.

“Every moment was so new and kind of terrifying and now I know what to expect,” she says.

“With Honor, I was constantly like, ‘Is she moving? Is her heart beating?’ I’d worry about everything and with this baby, I don’t have the same anxieties.”

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Jax on

I think she’s having a boy

klutzy_girl on

I’m 99% sure the baby’s another girl, considering she was looking at pink baby clothes in a set of pictures from a few days ago.

Anonymous on

Talk about cray…one of the most beautiful ladies in the world having one heck of ugly child.

Natasha on

Seriously Baby Blog….you guys need to stop allowing these posts with people calling out defenceless & harmless, kids, little children and babies for how they look. It’s disturbing that it’s allowed and these posts get through a site that is monitored. Talking about kids in this way borders on some kind of child abuse and should be taken much more seriously.

What makes it so disturbing is that the people making these comments are adult, grown women (by presumption of course, but come on, it’s fairly obvious), some of whom may be mothers themselves. These women are disgusting.

They are clearly women with mental issues. Are they proud of themselves? Did they aim to turn into the kind of women who grew up to come online, find a public forum which is solely about the children of celebrities, then go to the effort to degrade and mock these innocent kids. I bet if the mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children or other friends and family of these people knew their dirty little secret – that they degrade and mock young children & babies online – they would be appalled and disgusted. But hey, it’s just a dirty little secret, right?

Next time you go to make an absolutely disgusting remark about a child, just think:
– Would you make that remark to the childs mother?
– Would you like your mother/father/friends/spouse/child/colleagues (etc) to know you go online to forums about other peoples kids where in you make these horrible remarks?
– Would you like someone to say it about a child you love?
– Would you like it if you were that kid and you grew up in a world where people had done that to you?
If you contest any of these things then perhaps it’s time you disconnect the modem and really think of the person you are, because you’re disgusting.

I’m making a huge deal, right? Surely that’ll annoy a few people, but I know there are women here who agree with me.
I don’t care how much of a big deal I’m making about this, feel free to criticise me for doing so, but I think a lot of people are really failing to see how much of a big deal this should be.

These women clearly have strange issues and a lot of problems, but PEOPLE(.com & magazine) should be equally as ashamed of themselves. If it continues I’m going to be contacting PEOPLE/ to make sure they’re aware of how weak the monitoring on their websites really are.

yrm on

The thing I loved about this site is that it did not let people make rude and cruel comments, especially about children, but lately that is all I’ve read. It is horrible to think that people can talk about that about a child so please it says here you reserve the right to remove comments at your discretion well then remove them because I don’t think these comments are necessary and I’m sure you do to. Bring back that site we loved.

SLW on

Natasha – Agreed.

Toya L. on

Bravo Natasha, especially this:
I bet if the mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children or other friends and family of these people knew their dirty little secret – that they degrade and mock young children & babies online – they would be appalled and disgusted. But hey, it’s just a dirty little secret, right?
Add on bosses and co-workers!

Catca on

That person apparently isn’t a very good judge of beauty either because Honor’s bone structure is what’s considered “classically beautiful”. I think she is one of the cutest kids in Hollywood and expect that she’ll be a real knock out when she grows up.

I also think Jessica looks so happy right now. It’s nice to see.

randi on

Her daughter seems tall for her age and Jessica is petite herself, isn’t she?

Cassie on

Well done, Natasha!

And the funny thing is – the majority of people that make these horrible comments always write under “anonymous” … so they clearly know it’s wrong and wouldn’t even put their own name behind it. Indescent cowards.

Toya L. on

I was thinking the same thing Randi.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

Natasha i agree 100% with u! and yes it is a big deal!..sick ppl!!.. Honor is beautiful! God bless her!

Ali on

I also think that Honor is unfortunate looking but I try not to comment about it. This is the first time I have actually. It’s just an opinion guys. She has always looked strange to me. Doesn’t mean she is UGLY. Just makes her interesting looking. All children are beautiful in their own ways even if they are funny looking. It’s better to just NOT say anything about it I guess.

Lis on

I too am sickened by those who need to degrade such innocent babies. SICKENING!! And I too agree with Natasha and the need to moderate these horrendous comments.

I have said it a thousand times and will say it a thousand more: I have yet to ever, ever, EVER see an ugly baby. Babies are life’s most precious and wonderful gifts from God. Beautiful…every single one!!

Jillian on

I submitted a comment, to test the waters….stating that Miranda Kerr’s had given birth and this was was before it was announced on here….DELETED…THREE TIMES!! Of course that comment gets deleted, but comments that are nasty are not. I have seen the F word on here and other nasty things. I guess what amazes me is that people say somethings that there is NO WAY they would say to the person face to face. There is no way, people would go up to Honor and tell her she is ugly. There is no way they would go up to Angie Harmon’s daughter, who is being so badly bashed it is disgusting, and say the things about her they are on here.

randi on

Something similar happened to me!!!!! There was a stale picture and news item on a celebrity and I made a comment based on recent news that People failed to report on —- guess what, my comment never made it through the “filter” either. Like you, I’ve seen profanity on here too and it has gone unchecked despite several commenters pointing it out. So, the moral of the story is that contrary to popular assumption on this board, there are live bodies making decisions about the comments — albeit bad ones. I’m going to hit “post” now, wish me luck.

Tee on

Natasha, you are absolutely right! Thank you for taking the time to write such a well worded comment. This website has gone downhill since it was taken over by People Magazine and it’s such a shame. I love coming and reading the articles here but the comments take the cake.

And quite frankly, I can’t figure out what people could possibly be talking about. Honor is adorable!

Jen DC on

Honor looks ANNOYED in this pic! But even in her annoyance, she’s adorable. I’ll never forget the pic of her in the little ruffled bikini? Adorable. She seems like a spirited little girl.

Amanda on

LOL @ Honor giving her mom the stinkeye. Too funny! It will be nice to see her as a big sister. She seems like she has a sassy side which is cute to me.

Evie on

Wow, Ali, you should really take your own advice and NOT say anything. While your at it, review Webster’s Dictionary for some very simple definitions. Unfortunate looking does not equal interesting looking. Also review stupid, classless and cruel – then look in a mirror, because those words were created just for you. Then, throw out said dictonary, because you should do the world a great favor and shut up permanently.

*And, by the way – I would rather be unfortunate looking than be the type of person who would attack a child. You are a bully. Grow a heart.*

ecl on

If no one reacted, those people would stop posting. But every time, it causes a giant stir so they keep on at it. Everyone should stop reacting.

nettrice on

Honor is my fave celeb kid. She’s a mix of her Mexican, Black and white grandparents!

BabyBlogAddict on

I think Honor looks more like Cash than Jessica

Nella on

Go Natasha! I totally agree with u! Some people on this website say the meanest, most pathetic things about little kids! It’s a shame that no one is controlling the comments that are being posted. I also liked the older website much better!

RKF on

I personally don’t think this kid is attractive at all. If you don’t like my opinion, I certainly don’t care, as I don’t need your permission to state it. And Natasha? The only person here who appears to have “mental problems” is you. Sorry sweetie, I’m not psychologically disabled because my ideal of beauty is different from yours (or anyone else’s.) Perhaps you’re the one who should disconnect your modem, as there’s clearly no room for opinions that differ from yours. Your long-winded diatribe doesn’t change my mind, nor will I feel badly for not thinking every child is stunning.

torgster on

I love Honors’ looks! I can’t even conceive of anyone thinking otherwise lol. We need to completely ignore these useless creepers posting garbage on here. Actually I guess we should pity them – how sad and empty their lives must be that they have to resort to such tactics to get attention!

Carla on

How come such a beautiful woman has a daughter who resambles a caveman?
She looks so… angry! 😦

hayley w on


ERRRR your the one calling a kid unattractive sweetie so its you with the problems hun well done for sitting behind your computer and being spiteful to a child, gee i bet your kids are just lovely to be around if thats the example your setting to them..

‘ hey kids you can say what ever yo want to who ever you want its called freedom of speech lets not worry about peoples feelings or having good manner or politeness lets just be rude!!’ for goodness sake just keep that stuff to your self no one else A wants to hear it or B cares about what nasty people who think its ok to be mean about a child thinks

molly on

Everyone has a bad photo taken sometimes!! (adult or child) as she may not look cute in this photo, i have seen tones of photos of this child that are priceless, I have a four year old and probably the first to admit some photos of her are not that cute (most for the 21st Board)

randi on

This post has jumped the shark. Time to move on.

Indira on

Is it normal to go to pre-school at 2 1/2???

Honor isn’t an unattractive child at all. However, that IS a really unflattering photo of her.

Jillian on

I wouldn’t say anything on here that I wouldn’t say to the person. I think it is cowardly to do anything but that. I assume each of you who say it, would go up to HOnor and tell her she is an unattractive child. I mean, why say it on here if you can’t tell it to her face? Or do you not feel that way? Just curious. How would you feel/react if an adult walked up to your 3 year old and said you are ugly and unattractive and have very beautiful parents. I can’t believe it!

soph on

“I don’t care how much of a big deal I’m making about this, feel free to criticise me for doing so, but I think a lot of people are really failing to see how much of a big deal this should be.”

Uh, yeah…because it’s NOT a big deal. People wants readers to leave comments about the photos and stories they post. Child abuse? Stop with the dramatics. You don’t know any of these celebs or their children, so why are you so worked up over it? Ever stop to think you’re the one with the problem? Oh, of course you didn’t.

In short, nobody cares about your righteous indignation. Oh, I’ll wait…”get a life”…”you’re cold-hearted”…”I’ll pray for you”…come on guys, you know the drill.

dsfg on

Carla, most people don’t smile 24/7, especially when strangers are snapping their picture.

Rachelsun on

The only ugly and unfortunate people are the ones making comments about Honor. I doubt if she was not mixed race these hateful comments would not be made. It is obvious they are coming from a racist heart! and that is my opinion and a fact. Every website w/ Honors photo have these same types of comments. You cowards are pathetic because that is what you are cowards who attack a child.

I hope you who makes these comments are “blessed” 10x over w/ the hate you are expressing towards this child.

In fact, when Honor is not making faces, as all kids do, she is quite attractive but of course because her nose is more “African” than “Caucasian” you nimrods have to call her names.
That is my opinion and I am sticking to it.

Jillian on

Carla, She looks “angry” because Satyana (Alyson Hannigan’s daughter) smiles all the time and only one child in Hollywood can be caught smiling all the time! They work together to mix it up for all of the people looking at the pictures. Aren’t those toddlers so creative 😉

Anonymous on

Honor is just over one month from being three actually and that is why she is so tall and looks older:) Born 06-07-08

anen on

Honor is definitely looking more like Cash as she grows which i guess isn’t surprising considering that daughters tend to look more like the fathers