Spotted: Rebecca Gayheart Totes Her Tot

04/26/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Out and about!

Billie Beatrice Dane shows off her barely-there hair while running errands with mom Rebecca Gayheart on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Billie, 13 months, is the only child for actress and model Gayheart, 39, and husband Eric Dane of Grey’s Anatomy.

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jana on

Beautiful Mom and beautiful Baby!

Elisa on

Billi is a doll. I have a crush on her daddy hehehe.

lily on

I’ll preface my comment by saying everyone is entitled to an opinion. I’ve read comments on this site of people who attack other people who they disagree with. Billie isn’t cute at all in my opinion. A lot of folks on this board perpetrate the myth that all babies are cute or adorable. It simply isn’t true. Billie is a good example of an unattractive kid. IF she wasn’t a celebrities child, I doubt anyone would gush about her.

randi on

I don’t have an opinion either way (cute, not cute) but agree with the sentiment that there is often much ado about nothing in certain cases — if the child wasn’t a celeb kids, no one would look twice. I don’t want to start one of those 100+ comment debates by naming names, so I won’t.

In the past and even very recently, I’ve seen barbs and all kinds of negative remarks about the celeb kids who are featured and I don’t agree with that. I don’t have a problem with criticizing the parents where appropriate, but making fun of a child is unacceptable. BTW, not a Rebecca Gayhearts fan and not familiar with her work besides the original Melrose Place (circa 1990?) and her noteriety for cocaine addiction and the hit and run incident.

anon on

lily, i completely agree with you. billie is just not a cute baby.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

Tall baby!! shes adorable!!

mominFL on

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the only one that can judge me is God! This child is beautiful – in all her bald glory. Maybe it’s a bad picture of her, who knows. But as an adult I can’t believe someone would bash this innocent little girl. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Lily, apparently there is a saying that you have never heard, let me introduce it to you, ‘if you can’t say nothing nice, then say nothing at all’.

Shannon on

Bilie looks like a boy.

lily on

Fair enough Randi. My intention was certainly not to criticize or make fun of Billie either. I was merely pointing out that she is one example of how people put celebrities and by extension their kids on a pedestool for no reason. She isn’t particularly cute even at 13 months.

In this age, with 24 hour news cycle, it seems as if celebrity worship is at an all time high. Now even the kids are deemed “celebrities” which must affect them in certain ways. My opinion is the same. NO one would likely gush over that baby if she wasn’t the baby of a half famous celebrity couple. If Rebecca did cocaine, I certainly hope she is off it now. This couple also had that sex tape released a few years back; they may have an open marriage. Who knows. But let’s all stop trying to deem EVERY celebrity and their kids something extraordinary. It’s dull and lifeless because it’s not truthful.

lily on

but agree with the sentiment that there is often much ado about nothing in certain cases — if the child wasn’t a celeb kids, no one would look twice.
I agree with you Randi. A lot of people on this site gush repeatedly about some of these kids. In real life, if they saw these same kids or babies at the mall or in public and there parents were not famous, I bet they’d barely steal a glance.

Baby worshipping of celeb kids is just worshipping an extension of the celebrity. It’s amazing how people worship these celebrities. It’s sad and very telling about our society.

Kate on

It is really interesting that Rebecca no longer hangs out with her BFF Brooke Mueller, whom she introduced to Charlie Sheen. They used to be pictured together on regular basis.

Erika on

Lily, I do agree with you that not all celebrity kids are cute. I personally do think Billie is a very cute little girl, though this isn’t the best picture of her, however it is a matter of opinion. I don’t understand the gushing over Shaya Charvet, Max Bratman or Levi McConaughey, because I don’t find them to be adorable children. While I do find Billie to be a cute child, it is all based on your opinion and I don’t take offense or understand the outrage when people say certain celeb kids aren’t cute. And I definitely don’t agree with the sentiment that all babies are cute.

Amanda on

Whenever I see Rebecca, all I can think about is that naked tape of her, her hubby and Kari Anne all cracked out. Think twice before video taping crazy things if you plan on being a parent.

k on

lily- are you kidding me?
this is a celebrity site? if you dont believe celeb kids deserve special attention, do you believe they deserve a site? if not, why are you on this one?

Marie on

Whenever I see Rebecca I think of how she murdered a little boy.

Cecelia on

Lily, while you’re entitled to your opinion, what I don’t understand is why you even comment at all if you don’t have anything positive to contribute? I’m not saying negative opinions shouldn’t be allowed but, in this situation, it’s simply a picture of a mother and child out and about. There’s nothing more to it. If this was an article and you disagreed about what was being said by the celebrity, by all means, state your opinion but in this case, it’s a simple photograph. I’m not saying you should think every child is absolutely beautiful but don’t comment on pictures that you don’t wish to see. It’s actually easier and takes less time to scroll past the post than it is to write and submit a comment.

Also, it has nothing to do with the fact that Billie is a child with famous parents. If her parents were school teachers and I saw them in Target, I’d still feel the same way.

This isn’t my form of attacking you. I’m just genuinely curious as to why people (not just you) feel the need to comment about a child’s physical appearance. If they don’t think he or she is “cute”, “adorable”, “beautiful”, etc. that’s fine. I would just think people would have common courtesy to keep that to themselves since you’re not gaining anything by stating your opinion out loud.

M on

I’m sorry but that baby just isn’t cute. With two gorgeous parents you’d think she would be an adorable child, but no…

Mira on

This kid is living up to her tomboyish name. I think she’s very cute.

ReedFla on

Hey Mira, suck on some big, fat hairy balls!

Elisa on

I think she is adorable, as most of the babies are!
Her daddy is McSteammy, dammit. She’ll be a gorgeous woman, that’s for sure.

Holiday on

I cant help it, any time I see this woman I think about her on her cell phone going around another car and not paying attention and then killing an 8 year old little boy. She disgusts me. Her kid is average looking to me.

chelsea on

I think she will be a lot cuter when she gets more hair.

Jillian on

I also see her and think of her she killed a child because of neglect. I then think about the sex tape with the trashy drugy girl. She is awesome…..

Sandra on

Why are you ALL so rude?

Seriously, everyone is indeed entitled to their opionion, but not a single one of you know this woman, how can be so harsh?

I think it is beyond terrible that she because of neglect killed a little boy, but I feel confident that she is beating her self up every day for it – and even more now, after she’s gotten her own little baby.

And btw I understand that not every child i beautiful, but I am one of those people who believes that every child is cute. AND Billie is both pretty and beautiful – and I am sure that she will grow up and be one stunning woman.

And please stop bashing a little child :/

romy on

Marie, it was not murder, it was a car accident and she was at fault. And to others I think it’s strange to come on and say Billie is not cute. I mean to make a point of saying it right away? I can understand name opinions, I don’t know. some posts are just strange. I think Billie is a cute kid. she has lost some hair, but her little face is cute. if she were in a cute outfit, rather than a boyish outift, she would look even cuter. Probably if she were a baby of a worshipped celeb ppl would say she’s gorgeous instead.

hayley w on

any one that thinks to comment on the beauty of some ones child in a negative way clearly has serious issues deep with in themselves. babies are not here to be judge by any one they are here to be cherished , loved and taken care of, i worry about any one who sits behind their little computers making nasty little comments to make themself feel better.

adults can defend against online bullies or as i like to call them trolls , they make a few nasty post and get their kick by watching every one get offended, its all they do with their sad little lives and its the only way to get any attention and its sad they are now picking apart peoples children.

you don’t think billie is cute well good thing she isn’t your child then, because lord no’s the amount of small young girls on diet thinking they are ugly and worry about things small girls shouldn’t worry about can be blamed on people like you. congrats guys i hope your really proud of yourselves , not that you will read this your too bust calling a 6 year old fat .

JM on

Lily i do agree with your sentiment and i like the way you put it. it’s ok for us to admit that we ALL find certain kids cuter than others. seriously otherwise we’d all be the same. and i know what you mean that some people gush over certain kids just because they’re celebrity kids. i personally don’t see why people gush over francesca bateman, leni klum and max bratman. but that’s fine, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. it’s not as if any of the celebrities are ever going to read this, or care 🙂 and as long as it is expressed respectfully there is nothing wrong with expressing an opinion.

AmandaC on

I think she is cute, but because she doesn’t have all the long or curly girly hair it makes her not as cute as she could be. Wait a few years and when she grows into her self she be adorable. JMO.

Romy on

no one would look twice at Violet Affleck either, if she was not a celeb kid

jessicad on

I’m sure NONE of you have ever been distracted or on the phone while driving. I like this couple for some reason and think Billie is adorable. We all make mistakes, is she supposed to stop living her life because of the accident? She deserves to be happy too, and I’m sure she carries plenty of guilt around anyway.

Sarah on

I don’t care about this family at all. The mother disgusts me.
The baby isn’t really cute, but I’m not sure if this woman deserves this miracle.

kristine on

All babies are beautiful in their own way 🙂

And for everyone that comes on here every time she is featured and goes on and on, calls her a murderer, etc, tell me in all honesty that YOU have never been distracted while driving…really, not once..never…ever…and I’ll call you a liar because it’s not possible.

JustMe on

I think this baby is so cute! My little sister was bald until she was almost 2; she grew the most gorgeous and full set of wavy light brown hair you could find! Natural blonde highlights and all! So when I see bald babies, I say, wait for it, she’s gonna have some hair.
I also think Violet Affleck is one of the most beautiful children I’ve seen! So to those that don’t think she’s pretty, here’s someone who truly thinks Violet is stunning.

AJ on

I think the judging of the child’s appearance is a bit harsh…

Yes there parents are celebrities, but they had no choice in the matter. If you take a second to think about what you would feel like if it was your child that people were making these comments about, I hope you would stop.

What if people commented like this about a picture you posted on facebook? Is it the sense of anonymonity that makes it okay?

These are real people, even if you don’t actually know them. I agree with the previous poster, if you think the baby is ugly, you are entitled to that opinion, but what is the point of making a comment about it.

Holiday on

Jessica I dont EVER talk on my cell phone while driving it is just dangerous and against the law! Are you going to defend her about her drug use and sex tape too?

Holiday on

Here is some info on lovely Rebecca…. drinking, doing drugs and having a 3 some while pregnant
On August 17, 2009, a home video was posted on the website that showed former Miss Teen USA contestant Kari Ann Peniche with Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart. The three are nude and apparently under the influence of alcohol and drugs. They appear to be engaged in some sort of sexual situation, even though the 12 minute video was edited down to just 3 minutes. Midway through the clip, Gayheart, pregnant at the time, says she has to lie down because she’s “so high.” Kari Ann Peniche also makes a reference to drugs being “fun,” and there is a conversation referencing cocaine. The clip ends with both Gayheart and Peniche in a bathtub together, while Dane runs the camera and adds commentary.[11][12][13]

Holiday on

And this is what happened with the accident while she killed the child, other cars were stopped to let the little boy across the road and she swerved around all the cars (because she is an important celeb and should not have to wait for anyone right?) and she hit the little guy and was speeding on top of it. Disgusting woman!

Millie on

I do agree youre not going to find every baby you see cute. Even every child. And I also agree, theres no need to say it out loud or infront of that child, because it doesnt achieve anything. I see babies in the supermarket that look like Winston Churchill or whoever, and I just think that to my self. Mini Winston buying cheese! I dont point and announce it.

But this is the internet, people are going to post their opinions on here, and really, I dont see any major problem with someone saying they dont think a baby is cute, or I dont like her out-fit. I personally see nothing wrong with what she is wearing, and I love babies with no hair because my baby was exactly the same. But not everyone is going to say that, stating an opinion is not necessarily attacking a small child.

randi on

Holiday, that’s the way I remember it too. Thanks for enlightening those readers who seem to have their heads in the clouds and choose to give this woman a free pass.

Kate on

It’s so funny that all of you ‘never talking on the phone while driving/never had an accident’ people bashing Rebecca an then turn around and kiss Nicole Richie’s ass:) And those two basically could be soul sisters.

randi on

Kate –
Not quite.

Even if there were any relevant similarities, look at Nicole Richie now — she has radically changed her life (obviously for the better) and has made a huge positive impact on the lives of others (Richie Madden foundation) and continues to do a lot of charitable work. Rebecca Gayhearts — not so much.

Kate on

randi, thanks for the laugh, it got even funnier now. So your indicator of someone turning their life around is doing charity work? For all we know she could be hooked on pills or whatever. Just because she takes her kids for walks doesn’t mean anything, just like NOT doing charity doesn’t mean someones’s still all about sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Get a clue.

M on

No I’ve NEVER used the phone while driving. It is against the law in California where I live and anybody who does it is irresponsible and should have their licenses revoked. I thought it was common knowledge that your hands should be free and all your attention should be on the road when driving.

Jillian on

kristine, i have never made a comment about her until today and actually cant remember ever seeing one about the child she killed or about the sex tape. the posts are usually about how cute her child is or something along those lines. so, people are not, “every time she is featured and goes on and on, calls her a murderer, etc,” I AM calling you a LIAR.

You can’t compare being distracted as a driver to being on your cell phone. She CHOSE to be on her cell phone. No comparison. I DO NOT use my phone while driving to text, talk or do anything. My phone is in my purse. Nicole Richie didn’t kill anyone….sorry, but some things you just don’t forget when you see someone.

randi on

Thanks Jillian,
You have spoken for MANY of us, I am sure.

M on

Not the same M from above. People wont let me change it though. WTF?

Anyway…Even though I am not a fan of this woman at all. I see her a murderer and a junkie. But that baby is a doll. There was a photo of her not too long ago in a denim jacket and a pink hat on. She looked like a catalog kid.