BumpWatch: Natalie Portman Hits the Gym

04/26/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

To the gym!

Pregnant Natalie Portman doesn’t let her baby bump get in the way of her workout routine as she leaves a fitness center in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood on Monday.

The expectant star, 29, loves her low-key life with fiancé Benjamin Millepied as they await the birth of their first child.

“Staying at home with messy hair in sweats … is the biggest luxury of all,” she said recently.

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Doreen on

There’s one of my fav preggo girls!!

Tee on

Pregnancy suits Natalie well! Does anybody know about when she’s due?

SAR on

Oh please. No one loves publicity more than Natalie Portman, and no one is more disingenuous about it. She simpers about wanting privacy and then makes sure she’ll stay in the news. Her “love of privacy” is as convenient and situational as her oft-preached ethics (veganism, refusing to do nudity), which she discards whenever it benefits her.

Jen on

I wonder if she was doing yoga or something like that at the gym. She sure looks relaxed! It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen a photo of Natalie on here – at least compared to others like Jessica Alba – I was happy to see this one! She looks fabulous.

k on

haha!!! i only clicked on this post to see if SAR posted and she didn’t. what lunatic!!!!

Tess on

Jen – if you want to see pics of Natalie and other pregnant celebs, the Daily Mail website almost always has stories first. And a lot of pictures.

sky on

when is she due. she seems like she is having twins as she was so big months ago.

Anonymous on

hey sar,

get a life, yeah?

love always,
the rest of the world.

meghan on

SARS, I’m starting to see why Benjamin left you.

Ali on

LOL-I checked this post JUST to see if SAR left a comment too. HILARIOUS!

l on

SAR, there’s a spot at the madhouse waiting for you.

Melissa on

Does anyone else feel like Natalie’s belly has been the same size since like, January?! Haha. I don’t know what it is.

And SAR, I know you much have realized this because you clearly have some sort of Google Alert set up for any Natalie Portman story, but have you noticed that she’s given like, one interview since awards season ended — two months ago? Every story up here on her is a paparazzi shot combined with a quote that she gave back in February or earlier. Seems to me that she’s actually made a pretty conscious effort to stay out of the news.

annachestnut on

She looks beautiful even with sun glasses. She is very smart and disciplined which I admire as much as I do her beauty.

Jen on

Thanks, Tess. I will check that site out.

Hea on

I only clicked to see if SAR was here. She was and she’s such an amazingly transparent person. FASCINATING!

Natalie looks gorgeous as ever.

randi on

I thought celebs were relatively safe from paps in NYC, but I can see from the constant “updates” on Natalie that I was wrong. What do these guys do, stake out her home and wait for her to come out? Creepy.