Justin Guarini Welcomes Son William Neko

04/26/2011 at 05:30 PM ET
Will Ragozzino/PatrickMcMullan.com/Sipa

Justin Guarini is a new dad.

The American Idol alum, 32, and wife Reina Capodici welcomed a son, William Neko Bell Guarini, at 6:26 a.m. on Tuesday, April 26, his rep Jeff Ballard confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

He weighed in at 7 lbs., 2 oz. and joins big sister Lola, 6, from Capodici’s prior relationship.

“Quite a polite fellow for waiting until late Monday, early Tuesday to make his entrance,” Guarini, who just wrapped his role in American Idiot on Sunday evening, tells PEOPLE.

“With a full head of curly brown hair, wide open and alert eyes he came charging into the world.”

“Reina is doing wonderfully and should be given a medal for going 10 months and 1 week with child,” he adds.

“She performed beautifully and only had to push for 15-20 minutes before the babe arrived. We’re resting comfortably in the hospital and can’t wait to introduce him to his big sister (who was asleep for the whole experience) when visiting hours commence.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Liz McNeil 

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klutzy_girl on

Oh wow. Didn’t even know he was married!

Congratulations to them!

Cynthia on

He’s always seemed like a nice guy to me. Congrats to him and his family!

David Sergi on

Justin was Great in American Idiot. Green Day on the Great Lawn in Central Park – Google It!

Jessica on

I didn’t realize that he was married… Or that old!! Congrats on the baby.

Katie on

One of the greatest couples ever. I’m so happy for them.

doreen on

Don’t have to be married to have a baby!!!

chevjuls on

Congratulations to Justin and family.

Taylor on

He seems like such a nice guy, I’m glad everything went well. Congrats Justin, Reina, and Lola on little William!

Regina on

wow. congrats to them. didn’t realize he was married or expecting a baby :/ love the name…..not too crazy about Bell though.

Kristin on

It always bothers me when people say they were pregnant for 10 months. Pregnancy is based on 9 calender months, 40 weeks. We do not account for months on the lunar schedule, if we did there would be there would be 13 months in a year.

Macy on

Congrats to him and his wife.

William is a bore, but Neko intrigues me. Is it just another spelling of Nico/Niko? Bell is pretty unique too.

Katie on

Lola is 6. 😉

Mira on

Neko is a pretty dumb-sounding name, if you ask me, but if they like it, more power to them. Congrats on having a healthy baby!

marissa on

Wow his wife should get a gold or siver medal probly a bronze for going that long.

Jan on


MT on

Congrats to the Guarini family.

Reina went into false labor on Friday so they were on pins & needles all weekend. Good that they didn’t have to wait too long to welcome baby William.

Katie on

Bell is Justin’s father’s last name, and Justin’s “Bell Guarini” too.

Meghan on

Doreen- no one said you had to be married to have a baby. People were just commenting on the fact that they didn’t know he was even married at all. It’s not related to the baby.

Mary Ellen on

My son was born on April 26 (Happy birthday, Brian!) and weighed 7lb 2oz also!

Kathy on

Congrats to them, but I just have to say…If he paid for that nose…HE NEEDS HIS MONEY BACK! Ewww

Tara on

Mira, your name is hideous. Condolences on being so retarded.

stephanie on

I remember him on American Idol he was not successful making it big at all in the music business congrats.

Ann on

@Kristin…technically you ARE prego for 10 months…anyone who has ever had a baby would know that. The doc calculates the pregnancy from the day your last period started, to the day you are due. They use the date of your last period because by that time, your body is already released the egg for the following months pregnancy (it takes an egg 28 days to travel from the tube to the vagina, if it makes it to the vagina, it is obviously not fertilized and thus you start bleeding). So, once the egg starts its journey, it already starts to undergo changes and then the more dramatic changes occur once it is fertilized and attached to the uterus’ wall. It takes two weeks to get far enough in to where sperm can fertilize it, and at that two week marker is when you can get prego. Then it is another two weeks before your period is due and when you realize you may be prego when you never start to bleed.So, by the time you realize you have missed a period, it has already been four weeks since the egg began its journey…you are already one month prego. The time from the egg being released into the tube, to the time the baby is due is 40wks. There are 4wks in a month, so that counts out to 10mos. People tend to say they are only prego 9mos bc they don’t understand what happens during those first four weeks (the two weeks before an egg is fertilized and the two weeks after the egg is fertilized). You can always talk to your o.b. if you need more info, or check out webmd or some other health site.

Mira on

LOL, Tara, so classy.

MS on

Geez Ann, could you be any more graphic? This isn’t WEB MD for Pete’s Sake!

Nichole on

Ann- You are absolutely correct! You have provided a clear & educated explanation of the 40 weeks of pregnancy. It reads like you are a true, passionate & loving mother. Thanks for saving me the trouble of typing it all out. LOL A mother’s job is never done!

megan on

Ann,thanks for the review of the 8th grade “talk.” Although most of what you say is common knowledge you are somewhat misinformed. Your “first 4wks” “they don’t understand what happens during those first four weeks (the two weeks before an egg is fertilized and the two weeks after the egg is fertilized).” I’m sorry but you are NOT pregnant prior to the egg being fertilized, fertilization is a must to be considered prego, therefore those “first two weeks” you are NOT pregnant. Secondly I hope you realize that although you are most likely and most fertile at the 2wk mark after your egg drops, you can still get pregnant at other times of the month, please don’t anyone use that math as a form of birth control! And lastly most months, except February (on a non leap yr) are 4wks plus. So if you take April-Dec for 9mnts of being prego that is over 39 weeks, going 10 months puts you at 43-44wks along, which is more than the average 40wks of pregnancy. If you’re going to preach to people please make sure you have your facts right, and know that 1wk=7days therefore 4wks=28days, and mosts months have either 30 or 31days. Sorry, don’t mean to sound witchy.

AJ on

What the previous poster was trying to say, is that each month is not 4 weeks long (28 days), but usually 30/31 days long, so really it is not 10 months, it is 9 months, 2 weeks. And if you do not count the 2 weeks prior to conception, it is exactly 9 months of being pregnant.

liz on

no it’s not 10 months! we don’t use a lunar calendar. there are 4.445 weeks in a month! 4.445 multipled by 9 (months) equals 40 weeks. hence 9 months not 10.

Tani on

OMG…people get over yourselves

e on

Anyone heard of the singer Neko Case?

Becky on

Congrats to him and his wife..I thought that the name Neko might be somehow for the Mother? Not really a name that I would use, but if they like it, good for them..

@Macy, the name William is a bore? Why??

Bell comes from his stepfather Eldrin Bell..Think I spelled that right..

steph on

You aren’t pregnant for 10 months since there aren’t only 4 weeks per month!

Take this month, for example. The month started on a Friday and ends on a Saturday. That makes it longer than 4 weeks! This month is exactly 4 weeks and 2 days long.

Congrats to them! I didn’t realize he was even married!

Millie on

I think what your all getting confused about is whether you counting actual months, or days that equate to weeks which equates to months, i.e. 4 weeks = a month. Most doctors count in weeks rather than months because weeks are exact, but people convert them up to months because its easier. I.e. 40 weeks is quite hard to comprehend, but nine months is a lot easier. So in a sense you all correct!

Wouldnt expect “William” as a name simply from their surnames and their daughters name! They sound so exotic and William is so English, but its a lovely name. Bet Lola will love a baby to play with too!

Marie on

Congratulations to Justin, Reina and Lola. I bet William is an adorable baby with a head full of curls like his dad. Justin’s father is Eldrin Bell and his stepfather is Jerry Guarini.

Hi on

I thought he meant she delivered the baby a month late, so she was pregnant for 10 months instead of the 9 she was supposed to be. Babies can stay in longer than they’re supposed to, you know.

a guess on

my guess is William comes from the character he played on broadway for a month “Will” from american idiot. in japan the word Neko means cat.

Laura on

Congratulations to all! We can’t wait to meet him. Too cute he came out with a head of hair just like daddy. We will be calling Justin’s father in law (Bernie) this weekend for all the details. Will post.
Love and kisses, Laura and Andre, Music Reach, Inc., Doylestown, PA

Macy on

Becky, because William is overused and way too overpopular, as are the nicknames Bill, Will, Billy, etc. Cringeworthy.