Angie Harmon and Girls Have Got Milk – Again!

04/26/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Got Milk?

Angie Harmon and her girls are back for more milk!

For the second time, the Rizzoli & Isles star, 38, poses with daughters Finley Faith, 7½, Avery Grace, 5½, and Emery Hope, 2, for the National Milk Mustache got milk? campaign.

The ad will be officially unveiled Wednesday as part of the Like Mother, Like Daughter Health Legacy Summit.

“I’m so proud my family is a part of a campaign that promotes what a positive influence mom can play in her child’s life,” Harmon says.

The girls are Harmon’s children with retired football star Jason Sehorn.

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Brooke on

I have to say it. Emery is proof that not all babies are beautiful.

Elizabeth on

Brooke- I totally agree

michelle on

You know what they say, “Ugly in the cradle, pretty at the table”. None of her girls were all that pretty as babies, but look at Finley now. What a knock-out model in the making.

cali girl on

That baby has got some unfortunate eyebrows.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I’m glad someone else said it, not me, LOL. They ARE full on eyebrows!

Sara on

How very rude Brooke.
I actually think Emery looks a lot like Finley and her mother, but with rounder eyes. I bet she grows into those eyebrows 🙂 Avery must look a lot like her dad. What a pretty family.

Amy on

Brooke, what are you talking about? She’s adorable! Why would you even say such an awful thing?

ForeverMoore on

She is a really cute kid but she also does have some major brows. Out of curiosity, anyone know where she gets them…I’m presuming Dad?

Jace on

Someone needs to wax those MF’ers…stat!

youcantcallitit on

I can’t believe a site like People Magazine allows unkind comments about children. To me, all the girls are very beautiful and take after their mama.

Allegra on

Beautiful girls but not a fan of their names (specifically Finley… that name is 110% “BOY!” to me). Angie looks great too!

Laura on

Emery is cute! Yes, she has some full eyebrows but it would be vain for her parents to wax or pluck them.. I can’t believe y’all are being so outright rude! Who cares whether you find the child attractive or not! Some kids are gorgeous as young ones and grow up to be ugly, or vice versa…

tamara on

wow brooke…that just proves how ugly at heart some people really are…i cannot believe you or anyone else would say such a thing about a child…

i wholeheartedly DISAGREE…all three children are adorable

ali on

To those of you talking about the babies brows: When your plucking and drawing your eyebrows she’s going to have thick beautiful eyebrows that are versitile and natural and won’t need to be drawn with a pencil. You shouldn’t talk about children because there might be someone out there who will one day say the same thing about your child. It doesn’t matter if they are beautiful in your eyes…maybe if your profiles came with a picture you would be more careful with your words.

What of it? on

Love Emery’s eyebrows. It makes her face so expressive. Adorable!

M on

Disgusting woman.

Marilyn on

They’re all very cute. She can take care of the eyebrows when she’s older. Nice family.

Luz on

I can not believe the comments attacking these children! This is why we have bullying, racism and females that do not like their physical appearance, because of people like those who made these horrible comments!

Post pictures of yourself or your children and perhaps if someone posted the same type of ugly comments, you would reconsider what you write or say!

Angie Harmon has always been a favorite of mine and she has a beautiful family! If you do not have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself, especially when it comes to children!!!

Tee on

Oh my word, that was rude, Brooke! Rest assured that you did NOT have to say that! I assume that you’re an grown woman and dang, I really hope my assumption is wrong.

Alexis on

Oh my gosh, Emery is so flippin’ adorable I want to steal her! Gorgeous family, and Finley really is stunning.

e on

I’d love to see other recent photos of Emery because I’m thinking that particular picture and expression might not be the most flattering to her!

kai on

Michelle, totally agree.

I love the odd-looking ones. That litte unibrow is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Kellie on

WOW, I pray that some of you do not have children, and if you do they will be future bullies in the making, because look what role models they have. Does it make some of you ladies feel proud saying that about a child: Brooke, Elizabeth, Sam and Freya’s mom, Jace? It makes me sick people like you exist.

All her daughters had eyebrows like like Emery, they grew into them and her daughters are beautiful and Finely is her mother’s daughter for sure.

Michelle on

Thank you,youcantcallitit, I cant believe people would say that. I was shocked when someone said it once and then it just kept on as I scrolled down. I think they are beautiful and people shouldnt comment if you are going to be so heartless.

Taylor on

What unfortunate eyebrows. I agree with Michelle, Finley is stunning now, so I’m sure all the girls will grow up to look just like Angie. I also love all their kids’ names!

Shannon on

The daughter on the right looks just like her mom. Same chin and everything!

Ali on

Awwwww, cute fam! Her girls get prettier as they get older!

Emery IS cute…I think it’s just her unibrow that is throwing people off. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think it makes her UGLY.

Anonymous on

Those 2 older girls are knockout’s…but that baby is strange looking!

Liz on

You don’t have to be fan of their names, they are not your kids.

Jennifer on

You ladies are some sick, sick individuals…

Beautiful family.

kristen on

The idea that this site has moderators is a joke. None of you would say a word about those children if their parents were standing in front of you. At the same time none of you are offering up your children’s pictures so that we can let you know what we think of them. Wonder how many of your children’s names would be laughed about also. Cowards and no better than the bully in the playground…well yes you are; I will assume that many of you are mom’s.

Marilyn on

The girls are very cute. The youngest can take care of her eyebrows when she’s older. Nice family.

Shannyn on

Allegra 100% agree re: Finley.

Maddie on

LOL!!! The comments are cracking me up! Poor kid, those are some HUGE eyebrows! They are all very cute though, and look so different from one another! I would never have guessed that they were sisters!

Mira on

OMG, Emery is very funny-looking indeed. LOL. Avery is beautiful!

katy on

Angie Harmon is a very beautiful woman and her daughters are also.
Cute and adorable little girls with beauty inside and out!! All of those that disagree, when was the last time you looked in the mirrow?

Ada on

How awful that supposed grown ups feel the need to make fun of little kids! Shame on you!!

Amanda on

Cute pic. Lots of little ones have a unibrow, its not that big a deal. Would you people making nasty comments about a child, make fun if say she had downs syndrome or a deformity? To pick on a defenseless child is just flatout bad karma.

Mia on

The older two are pretty + look just like their mom–the younger one looks like their dad–eyebrows + all.

kaitlyn on

Wow, models in the making! Finley is fierce!!

Cecelia on

Wow. I’ve seen it all.

Considering most of you are commenting about the looks of innocent children, I find it incredibly disrespectful and just plain rude. Before someone pulls the EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO HIS/HER OWN OPINION card, I will say I agree but too many people on this website use that excuse to mask generally nasty comments. This isn’t a piece about dresses at the Oscars nor is this an opinion poll about the looks of Angie Harmon’s daughters. Of course you have the right to comment but I really don’t see the point in going out of your way to criticize a child’s appearance.

For those acting like it’s not a big deal, I would like to see your reaction when someone insinuates that your child’s ugly or “funny looking.”

december on

I just think it’s terrible how the people who are commenting about Emery’s appearance probably have children themselves (or are planning to – in which case I hope you don’t end up having kids).

What are you teaching your kids? That it’s okay to belittle others about their appearance etc. Aren’t you a great parent. I am by no means a perfect person, but seeing as I was bullied as a kid, I am highly offended when adults especially starting belittling other peoples (kid or not) appearance. Whether to their face or on a very public forum. It’s not okay.

Anyway, with that said, it is a great ad, and they all look very happy.

Lucy on

If we can only say nice things like how cute, how talented, how wonderful then what’s the point of commenting at all? Of course you wouldn’t say it to the parent’s face, but you also don’t tell your friends that their kids are brats even though you whisper about it to others. The Internet is fun because it’s a free for all. If all I ever heard was butt kissing, I’d stop checking out the comments. It’s the crazy stuff that makes it fun and, if you sissies don’t like it, stop reading the comments and save yourself the fainting spells. Geesh.

Angel on

My goodness, how rude of some of you to say such hateful things about poor little defenseless children. When it comes to children’s looks, if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all. That’s totally uncalled for and really makes me miss the days when Danielle owned the site because those comments would have never made it to the light of day.

In my opinion, all of Angie’s girls are beautiful, as is she. And I guarantee that they look 100% better than the nasty posters, simply because they are beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside. It seems that some of you cannot say that.

Mona on

For the mean spirited bullies out there: Angie’s girls have all had eyebrows like Emery, and they have grown into them. But my problem is how do some of you consider yourself good people with good hearts, when you are making fun and picking on a 2 year old. I pray and hope that some of don’t and will not ever ever have children.

Mira on

Looks are not everything in life. There are much more important things that people should be proud of. If someone said my kids looked funny or even ugly, I wouldn’t mind. Big frigging deal. I don’t need to have gorgeous children. I’d rather have children who are empathetic, loving, well-behaved, smart, etc. etc.

How vain and shallow are some of you to be so disturbed by a “kid is not cute” comment. Blech.

Laura on

I totally agree Kristen! The ‘moderators’ on CBB do not do their job..

Elizabeth on

she got angie’s eyesbrows!

ReedFla on

Hey Mira, eat a dick.

Tee on

ReedFla, did you really just say that? Seriously? What in the world is wrong with you?

J on

Someone spoke about karma, but it seems like wishing others with infertility just because they aren’t fond of the baby’s very large eyebrows is a bit of a nasty comment as well.

Jacqui on

I think the moderator does a great job. There’s nothing sick or wrong ever posted on here — maybe sometimes there are things that are unkind, but People recognizes that we all are entitled to our opinions, even if they’re not all warm, fuzzy and sweet all the time.

I happen to think Angie and her kids are gorgeous.

ReedFla on

The comments obviously aren’t monitored.

december on

I did not mean my comment to be about infertility. I meant that if people would realize how nasty they are and reconsider having children / teaching those kids poor values.

two4one on

I agree with you Cecelia. I Can’t believe the comments i’ve read about someone’s precious child. I’m going to guess that all of you are still childless! Amazing.

Allie on

1.) THERE ARE NO MODERATORS ON THIS SITE!! That went out the window when Danielle sold CBB to People. She took the money & bailed.


2.) Emery looks EXACTLY like her father!! I think she’s cute! People are entitled to their own opinions. If someone calls her ugly, WHO CARES?

Mary on

I think Emery has big features. She will most likely grow into her looks. I don’t think she’s ugly, I think she is incredibly cute.

Mandy on

Emery is a little girl with big features. She’ll grow into them as she gets older. I can’t believe these people on here. Don’t you remember what Thumper’s mother said?? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If all you want to post is something horribly negative about an innocent two year old, how about posting on your FB or Twitter so people have a choice whether or not to read it..

Each of those girls are beautiful.

anon on


Michelle on

You are all entitled to your opinions and most definitely freedom to express those opinions, however…. freedom of speech is no excuse for bad manners. EVER!

stacy on

Cute Kids! Hope none of the posters with hateful words have children that ever get their feelings hurt or bullied, because some day these children can read this. So sad….

crg on

No, not all of her girls had eyebrows like that- I don’t usually say stuff like this, but this baby has had unfortunately crazy eyebrows since birth.

M on

Who cares if people call the child ugly? Just ignore the negativity if you don’t like it. Life isn’t always positive.

Mandy on

Its just so bewildering to me why people would want to spend THEIR OWN FREE TIME on a site like this, bashing a 2 year old. How stupid you must be! I hope you realize you are very immature and won’t amount to much in this life with that kind of attitude.

Yes she has crazy eyebrows, but that’s what makes her UNIQUE!

If it were up to most of you people on here, they would wax her eyebrows and cause her unwanted pain and make her grow up self-conscious of herself and probably develop low self-esteem.

Word of advice: with this type of attitude, your own children will grow up with poor and low self esteem and have many issues.

Mandy on

“ reserves the right to remove comments at their discretion.”

Yeah……….and they do such a good job of that.

Mandy on

I cannot believe what people are saying.

Mandy on

Someone has to be moderating this because I changed my name to test this and it changed my name back to Mandy….

Sadie on

ok. but if she was waxing a 2 years old eyebrows then she would be an unfit mother. You vain, cold hearted, ugly people. I miss the days when anya would run this site. I wish I could chop you up and feed you to fungus ridden animals. Because even they are better than you imbeciles.

Mandy on

Exactly my point Sadie. Obviously she’s a wonderful mother and wouldn’t do that. But I’m sure everyone who commented about them would wax her eyebrows if she was their child instead of loving her the way she is.

I honestly don’t see the big deal.

She’s a cutie and I don’t think the eyebrows are going to make or break her later in life.



Sophia Adelisse on

No baby is “UGLY”…they’re “UNIQUE.” Having said that, little Emery is just unique in her looks.

Nella on

Wow, some people must feel better about themselves by insulting a 2 year old child! How pathetic and rude! I am all for opinions, but not bad manners and the way some people have worded things on this website has clearly shown their immaturity. Yes, Emery has thick eyebrows, but I think she’s adorable, her facial expression is so cute and who cares about eyebrows! It’s just a little extra hair and if she doesn’t like it she can always fix it when she gets older.

To those people who left nasty and vain comments on Emery’s appearance, if someone said those nasty things about your child,how would you feel? Not good, I’m sure!

Docmom on

Eyebrows can often make a woman – anyone care to think about Brooke Shields? Perhaps Elizabeth Taylor? Princess Grace? All these stunners had framing for their pretty eyes.

As for the comment on the names, I adore the girls’ names, particularly the wonderful mix of unusual with the faith-inspired. Very cool and so much better than other babies named by famous folk! With the DNA at hand that these precious girls have been blessed with, no one needs to comment on their potential – it’s all evidently gorgeous!

Erica on

Okay, all three girls are adorable. Cute ad 🙂 That said, there is nothing wrong with commenting on the baby’s eyebrows. No matter what you personally think of them they are most definitely out of the ordinary for a child her age. Like millions of other kids who have to grow into their features I’m sure Emery will, and like another poster commented, she’ll be thankful for those naturally full eyebrows when she’s an adult. I know I was. 🙂

DD on

The women making the nasty comments are obviously jealous or feel threatened in some way.

Not much has changed since high school….

Keelee on

The lack of moderation on this site is absolutely out of control. I will admit to being a sarcastic,snarky,grade-A bitch 99% of the time. That aspect of my personality has made me quite successful in my legal career. I am fully aware that if some of the things I think about people ever came out of my mouth Satan would likely crawl out of the ground,toss the deed to Hell onto my desk, before slinking off into the abyss with a look of total disgust on his face. However as I have gotten older I have finally learned to bite my damn tongue. Why? Because four years ago a wonderful little girl came into my life and made my tiny little Grinch heart grew just a little bit bigger. I am not delusional enough to think I can protect her from all of the negativity in the world nor will I ever try because learning to face criticism is something we must all deal with in our lives.I am fully aware she might need her teacher to correct her in class, maybe she will face teasing from her peers, she may not get picked for every team she wants to be part of, she will have fights with her friends, she will have fights with me , and at some point someone may break her heart. Just the thought of those things happening to this sweet, funny, kind, little girl breaks my heart but I know they are a part of life. So with that in mind let me say that if some hateful, pathetic, miserable,ignorant, pointless waste of oxygen who also happened to be a complete and total stranger ever talked about how ugly my child was on a website like this then that person should just leap in front of a speeding bus. That may sound harsh but it would be for that person’s own benefit because once I opened my mouth and the words started coming out there is a good chance that by the time I finished speaking I would have given that person so may psychological complexes that they would never be able to earn enough money to pay for all the therapy they would need. Being that I have been reading here for years I know this is the time where some unoriginal troll will try to make an argument regarding this being a free country and their right to voice their opinion. Another troll will then bitch and moan about censorship. I love our country and our rights so much and it is sickening to me that people use the rights that so many have died to implement and protect as their justification for being a nasty, vile bitch who enjoys commenting on whether or not they think a baby is ugly. You could write terrible things about every baby on here and I would be the first person in court who was willing to defend your right to say whatever you want. I don’t want to take away your most basic rights but I do wish some of you would just keep your damn mouths shut when it comes to an innocent child. I was reading the latest news on CNN earlier tonight and I assure you that if you really feel the need to critique our world there are thousands of problems going on in our world that would greatly benefit from your ability to passionately expression your opinions. This world would be a much more peaceful place if just a few of you cared as much about stopping famines as you seem to care about the eyebrows of a toddler you will likely never meet. I don’t even care if you happen to think every baby on here looks like only job it will ever have as an adult is forcing travelers to answer a riddle before being allowed to cross a bridge. Think whatever the hell you want to but trust me the world will not stop spinning nor will your human rights be violated if you manage to stop yourself from insulting a baby. And if you really need to mock a child at least have the decency to privately tell one of your friends instead of posting on an online forum where there is a chance the child will one day see all of the nasty derogatory things total strangers said. Just because most of the children on this site will have access to the so called finer things in life doesn’t render them immune to the deep emotional wounds that are often caused by unjustified negativity.In the event that you happen to think your comments are funny then you should think again. I appreciate dry,sarcastic more than most but this board is not a Comedy Central roast of a willing adult participant. These children on here are not characters on a show; they are real little people who will have a hard enough time navigating through all the problems life throws at us .I won’t even go the route of asking you to think how you would feel if strangers felt the need to rate your looks. Instead I want you to imagine how you would feel if a group of total strangers decided to openly and relentlessly insult someone you love. Obviously you could constantly reassure your loved one that the insults aren’t true but you would likely feel a bit helpless because there would never be a way for you to be totally certain that the cruel and inaccurate words did not forever alter your loved one’s self worth. In the event that you read this comment and still choose to be unnecessarily negative you should know that karma is a much bigger bitch than I could ever be so please be prepared.

Clare on

Beautiful family but I can’t get over how gorgeous Finley is – wow!!

Natasha on

I’m finished with using this website or visiting it again (same for, WHY? Because People is won’t allow comments to be posted when I once suggested the older layout of this site to be better, they wouldn’t let any criticism of thier website to be posted…however, they WILL allow criticism of a young child, someones baby to be criticised.
That’s just disgraceful. Anyone talking that way about a child should get a life and look in the mirror – are you that pretty?

Louise on

I think that the youngest child is kinda cute- but honestly does it matter what she looks like? I’m more interested in what kind of person she will grow into- her character and personality- when will we stop judging people on how they look?

Irene on

Wow….very nasty comments . I am very worried for the future generation with parents talking like this . Even children are not safe anymore from bullying “adults”.

stephanie on

Wow negative comments on Emery well I am not going to pile on negative comments anyway like milk adds always cute Avery looks just like her Mom.

teresa on

Is it the brows or does she have a syndrome?

Frosted Events on

What an adorable family!

jasmine on

Wow I can’t believe how many people are saying unkind things about the toddler. Maybe you should look past the eyebrows and realize how cute she is – anyway , if on the next photo to come on here she had had them plucked then the same people would make a scene on the comments. All children are a beautiful blessing , shame some people have such ugly hearts though…

Janey on

I think a lot of these comments are cruel, we can’t all be beautiful. But by putting her children in an advertisment that she will be paid for, she is opening herself up to people making comments.

Jennifer on

If I were Angie Harmon and came across this site and read the comments about my little girl that people were posting, I would be so livid. How terrible that people would say those things about her daughter. And yes,, you are NOT doing your job by posting them.

Ashley on

Wow Finley is gorgeous!

Nancy on

Leave the kids alone. It is just as bad when “adults” rip into Sara Palin’s young children. Kids get bullied enough by other kids without having to be bulled by adults.

Anonymous on

I don’t think that’s a uni-brow…I think it’s a strand of her hair that’s fallen in a way that makes it look odd. I think it’s interesting that most of you on here making these hateful comments are also the first ones to jump all over people for “judging” others. All three of those little girls are stunning, and how can anyone say anything other than that? Look at Emery’s big, gorgeous brown eyes!

Toya L. on

For all the mothers that are calling an innocent child ugly, please throw some photos up of your ugly ass kids and if you aren’t mothers yet, I pray that you really make the best decision and choose not to be. The world would be worse off for you to bring in off springs that you will more than likely teach to be just as ugly spirited as you. Oh and that’s just my opinion, which we are all entitled too.

I’d rather have children who are empathetic, loving, well-behaved, smart, etc. etc.
LMAO You expect your children to behave like that, do you reread some of your comments? Still LMAO.

mamaoftwo on

I do think Emery is precious, and Finley and Avery have grown up to be gorgeous. But they all three did have eyebrows kind of like that, and it’s likely that waxed the older girls. If you look at older pictures, they didn’t just “grow into” them. Maybe they’re old enough to ask for it.

Anyway, I do think they’re kind of funny, but in the same way that big ears on a little baby are funny, or a grumpy man face on a newborn. Sweet, kind of funny, and something that is fixable as they get bigger and more self conscious. I agree that making fun of a toddler is tacky, but noticing, commenting nicely, and knowing it’ll change when she gets older, ok. Let’s just show a little more kindness, folks.

jessicad on

No wonder kids are such bullies these days, look at the influences they have at home. Emery will be able to look this up when she’s older and see a bunch of grown women making fun of her, so sad.

Romy on

anya would have allowed these comments. they’re not THAT bad. And I guesss I’d try Nair before waxing a child. I’m surprised they didn’t just airbrush it out.

Sophia on

I think all three girls are beautiful in their own way. Finley is stunning and looks so grown up for her age. Avery is very cute with her shy smile and blonde locks. And little Emery is certainly unique-looking! Personally I think her eyebrows are fantastic, and that she’s completely adorable. Great photo.

Twyla on

Wow, people. The comments on here just cement the view of society today that beauty is the highest commodity.

Well, guess what, it’s okay to not be a “stunner” and a “knock out”.

I bet most of you aren’t and there’s no law that kids of celebrities must be, just because they are the children of celebrities.

Sadie Sandler, not so cute. Alessandra Ambrosio’s kid, not cute, Joely Fisher’s eldest, Angie Harmon’s youngest. To attack people for pointing this out (and not even in a rude manner!) just shows YOUR attitude towards the female image in our society. They won’t grow to be a pretty as their mamas and there is nothing wrong with it.

Deal with it.

Jillian on

If I were Angie Harmon, I would refuse to work with People magazine anymore.

Hea on

I bet the haters on here have stupid sharpie eyebrows.

randi on

Natasha — Very estute comment, I noticed that also as I encountered it first hand. I made an observation (albeit a negative one)about the site and it didn’t pass muster with the moderators so it was never posted. As you indicated, they don’t seem to have a problem with posting rude, obnoxious comments about children though )as well as profanity on various occasions) and that’s a shame.

I don’t have a problem with negative comments and dissenting views, but I draw the line at denegrating children. Another poster alluded to how much better the moderation was before “People” and I have to disagree with that. While I appreciate the fact that previously the site wouldn’t allow the insane remarks we’ve seen on this post, they went a bit overboard with the censorship. Basically if you didn’t fawn and post sugary, sunshine and roses comments about celebs and their kids, your comment would not be accepted.

Mira on

Toya, I should’ve added honest too for your benefit. Loving and empathetic has nothing to do with gushing over every single baby picture and using “adorable” as a euphemism for ugly.

Mira on

Well said, Twyla.

Mandy on

There are some comments that were posted to prove its not moderated in the earlier posts. Those would NEVER get posted.

JMO on

yeah the eyebrows are unflattering but I think when she’s older she’ll come into her own. I remember when Lourdes (Lola) had those brows and everyone kept saying how unfortunate but look at her now she’s gorgeous! Nothing a little waxing some day can’t fix! I’d rather have eye brows to wax then eye brows I have to pencil in!! The other girls are stunning though. No worries 🙂

Capri on

Wow, some of you people are SICK…id LOVE to see what your children look like!!!

So what, she has big eyebrowns…she’s too cute!! Finley is absolutely stunning…definitely model in the making!!

DawnMarie on

She’s a child!! A grown adult making fun of an innocent child is disgusting! They are all cutiepies!!!

fuzibuni on

While I personally would never insult the looks of a child, and think the baby here is totally cute, I don’t agree with those calling for censorship. This is a public comments board, and allows for open discussion and debate. For each person who has made an insensitive comment, there are ten who have put them in their place.

Angie Harmon chose to place her children in the public eye with this ad, and therefore public commentary is what she signed up for. Now it’s her job to teach her children to have strong self confidence not matter what others may say.

Personally, I would have thought twice before doing this ad. It’s not like doing a charity event, or supporting a special cause… it’s an advertisement for Milk. And she got paid. But she is a celebrity, and she knows how to handle herself in the court of public opinion. In this day and age, you need to expect that not everything is going to be roses when you put yourself out there. In this case, it’s a shame that her youngest child is taking the brunt of the cruel comments, but perhaps Angie can use this as a good teaching moment for daughters.

Toya L. on

Nobody is saying you have to gush, make sugary & positive comments or that all children are gorgeous. I don’t give a damn that she’s a celeb’s kid, if it were your child at the park and I heard some catty grown women making remarks, YOU BETTER BELIEVE I’D SAY SOMETHING.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding someone unattractive (kids included), it is however rude to say nasty ass comments about an innocent child’s look. People (including you) can cut the crock of bullshit about us posters that are stating how wrong it is for attacking an innocent child’s looks as having issues of what society deem as attractive. We are ONLY talking about your rude comments towards a child, save the fake warping of psychology BS to make yourself feel better.

Samantha Shaw (the 7 year old that had plastic surgery) didn’t have it because of the adults that teach their children not to be rude and attack another child’s looks or because of adults who were not rude themselves; she got surgery because of people like a lot of the posters on here and was tired of being picked on because of her ears. You are right that you are entitled to your comments and if attacking the looks of a 2 year old makes you feel good, have it.

Jacqui on

Keelee, expressing concern over censorship and one’s right to an opinion certainly is NOT characteristic of a “troll”.

Maybe you could be more succinct next time you post — no need to write War and Peace.

Jacqui on

Well said, fuzibuni.

Toya L. on

It’s clear your school age yourself and since I have children, I understand so…… Yes honesty is an excellent quality to have, when it’s used appropriately, I have faith in you, you’ll learn.

jessicad on

I agree with Jillian, Angie should take action to protect her children since this site won’t.

soph on

Hey Keelee, you’d think somewhere along the line in your “legal career” you would have learned about paragraphs.

Those of you calling others disgusting for picking on “innocent children” are probably insecure about your own kids’ looks…Angie put her virtue-named trio out there in this ad, and ads get critiqued, simple as that. If anything she should have known better than to expose her children in such a way. Celebs who truly value their privacy wouldn’t do something like that, but Angie parades them around…she must think they are mini-models already. Deal with the consequences.

alicejane on

It’s true that you don’t have to find every person on this earth to be attractive, and sure, we all have freedom of speech and the right to our opinions but there is this thing called “tact” that is never going to go out of style. What do you really gain from calling a 2 year old, or anyone for that matter, ugly?!

The reasons people are bullied so horribly these days cannot be boiled down to “kids will be kids,” as some people would have it, it’s because there are people like the supposed adults on this site who think not having a filter is the cool thing to do.

I would be willing to bet that every parent who made a nasty comment about Emery makes these comments in their everyday lives and are passing it on to their kids. Way to keep the cycle going, you all should be so proud.

Angie on

Doesn’t anyone care that Ms. Harmon is promoting a product not suitable for adults or children? Cow’s milk is made for baby cows; it is not beneficial to human beings. All of the research backs this up before any milk-promoters want to contradict my post. Do the research–look at the links between the animal protein and calcium depletion and metabolic inefficiency. Look up the science on hormones and caseine, and lactose. Ms. Harmon is consciously promoting and profiting from this and that is the most disgusting part.

CrazyTrain on

Are you kidding me?? Why is it so taboo to call a child ugly and yet criticisms against grown women flow so freely and no one really bats an eyelash?? The kid has muppet brows!! Nuff said!

Karen on

WOW, beautiful girls!!

Jen DC on

I love her bushy eyebrows! And I am not ashamed to admit that they remind me of Bert of Bert n’ Ernie! I loved Bert…

Anyway, she’s adorable, crazy eyebrows and all. And as she gets older, I’m sure they will somehow work out with the rest of her features. And if they don’t her parents have enough money to allow her to have them professionally-shaped and groomed.

Sure, cruelty is allowed, but where does that get you? And what does it say about your character? We don’t all have to sh*t sunshine all the time, but really, picking on a 2 year old’s thick eyebrows or out-and-out calling her ugly is pretty low and doesn’t speak well of you.

Millie on

I have to agree with Soph, if you dont want people to comment on your children, be it their names or their appearence, dont put them in an advert.

Jay on

First off, yes, the baby is awful. Second, what makes children so special that people cannot comment on their looks? So its ok when its an adult, but not a child? Um..that ugly adult was once an ugly child. Last, i agree with anyone who said that if you put your kids out there, expect comments. Not everyone thinks YOUR KIDS ARE CUTE.

lily on

What a gorgeous family!

Toya L. on

Sighs. If someone needs to explain to an ALLEGED adult about nasty remarks regarding an innocent child’s look then, it’s already a moot point.

I do agree however that Angie should not have put her kids in an ad. She’d have to be living under a rock to not know that the world is full of mean-spirited people, who are so insecure that they have to constantly put others down. Hell child bullies, 99% of the time came from a house full of negative parent(s) that are adult bullies that show their children first hand how to behave and the cycle continues. SMDH.

joan on

I agree – not the most flattering pic for the baby.

Jillb on

I guarantee that baby will grow up to be beautiful and just to add to that, she comes from money. Maybe you’re all just jealous?

Kate on

I agree with soph. Angie put those kids in the ad, I’m sure the earnings will pay for wax, don’t you worry about her.

Brooklyn on

Finley looks a lot like one of my friends when she was younger!

Keelee on

I have been succinct with my responses on here for years and I finally reached my breaking point yesterday.As far as I am concerned these innocent children are well worth my lengthy response.And the reason I suggest those who insult children and then justify their actions by stating they have a right to insult children as it is their opinion are trolls is because those people make such comments in an attempt to piss people off. They want to be offensive and they appreciate the luxury that comes with anonymously insulting someone in a forum where they cannot truly be called out on how nasty they are. It is so sickening to me and before People acquired this site things like that were not allowed. I am done with this site and I will be cancelling my subscription with People Magazine because I will not reward a site with my attention when it allows innocent children to be bullied by bitter adults.

Barbi on

Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. I think all 3 girls are absolutely beautiful and I don’t see anything wrong with the eyebrows of the 2 year old. When was the last time you saw an adult with eyebrows as thick as when they were children? Some of you people on here are retarded insulting and criticizing a 2 year old baby.

Kellie on

Soph- I know you are bitch and everything, and have issues with religion and the such… but even a cold hearted person like you would not agree with grown ups making fun of a kid like that.

Krissa on

I think that the entire family is gorgeous – Jason Sehorn included.
I love all their names and I think that this is just an unfortunate expression on Emery’s face. She is a cute little girl – this photo doesn’t showcase that.

I’d also like to thank Danielle for selling herself out to and turning her site into a shithole. Thanks Danielle.

Anonymous on

And you wonder why young girl’s have self esteem issues. She’s only 2 for goodness sake! Beautiful pic of the girls.

soph on

Whatever you say, Kells. Aw, you really seem to have a problem with me. Try not to let words on a computer screen get you so upset, mmk?

Amber on

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! This thread was awesome.

Mandy on

Buh bye Keelee. *waves*

Eloise on

My little sister had eyebrows like that as a baby, and while they’re still quite thick she has definitely grown into them, and has also grown into an absolute stunner. I really don’t think a baby’s eyebrows, of all things, should be the defining factor in her “beauty”. I think Emery is an absolutely gorgeous child, and it bugs me that people can’t get past her eyebrows.

drumchik84 on

For those having a fit about Emery in this picture, it’s actually because the picture has been photoshopped. Here’s a behind the scenes shot:

Maya on

@Angie – Totally agree. Who cares what the baby looks like? The real issue is that Angie is promoting a product for which innocent animals have to be tortured and maimed, not to mention that milk is UNHEALTHY and full of PUS.

Toya L. on

Please don’t tell me you are leaving because of seemingly immature, bitter, single, lonely or desperate to keep any man or woman that shows interest in them, if in a relationship it’s only out of obligation or laziness to take care of themselves and have them to, only a baby mama or daddy, in some type of abusive relationship, never been popular, have zero to very few friends, very low if any self esteem, unattractive, negative, mean spirited, severely “a beast” (obese) and mad at the world for being so, eating a gallon of ice cream while typing mean things about kids types of people. If so, you should feel sympathy not anger. =)

Alisa on

Emery is pretty. I think it’s just disgusting that a little girl’s “cuteness” is judged on something as simple as her EYEBROWS.

Anonymous on

If anyone would care to take a look at Angie herself as a younger model (ie her first picture in Seventeen), you’d notice that she has grown more beautiful as she’s matured. I have a feeling the same thing will happen to her lovely girls (and look what a knockout Angie turned out to be!)

Lori on

Wow I cannot believe some of you are attacking the looks of a child! All three of these children are beautiful just like their mother and I love their names. Remember people, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”!!!

Heidi on

The kids are cute…I’m more concerned that Mom said she was disturbed to find out that there was a “nutrient deficit” in America. Listen to the news lady!

dacaria on

What is the matter with people, you want to give the child a complex right out to the womb? This is why society is a wreck with everyone killing themselves to achieve a false body image. And for those who think this child is unattractive you had better be perfect, which I am assured you are not. Every child is beautiful and Angie’s kids are gorgeous.

Roberta on

Eyebrows are what make or break you in the beauty/fashion world. The baby and the older girl will make awesome models, if not all three. Eyebrows bring out character, give you a narrower face and are for makeup artists to work with. Not to mention they keep you fresh-faced and young looking even as you age. Anyone that says otherwise has probably never had to try out for a catalogue or runway gig (non models). Besides that fact, who in their right minds would wax or pluck their babies eyebrows unless they were really, really REALLY out of control?

-Current model