Spotted: Tom Brady and Benjamin’s Pizza Run

04/25/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

Up you go!

Tom Brady gives Benjamin Rein, 16 months, his son with supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen, a lift while out for pizza in Brentwood, Calif. on April 16.

The New England Patriots quarterback, 33, is also dad to son John Edward Thomas, 3½, his child with Bridget Moynahan.

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AmandaC on

Boy does Tom look terrible in this pic! Ben is a cutie though.

mominFL on

Tom – fix that hair of yours.

Crimpe on

Since when did Tom Brady resemble Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Jessica on

Didn’t even recognize him in this pic – not very flattering. But his son is sure a doll!!

Elita on

Giselle lets the baby eat PIZZA?!!?

randi on

Mayday! Mayday! Hair crisis at Tom Brady’s house — hairstylist needed at the scene STAT. Geez, I can understand an actor doing this to “get into character”, but Tom, there’s no excuse for this scraggly mullet. Come on!!

showbizmom on

I just showed this to the girls in the office and they all had the same reaction as you ladies. I think he looks good. I love a man with long hair. I hate to say it, but I pulled a Giselle as my assistant said, and I’m making my hubby grow his hair out. It’s in that awkward phase like Tom’s but still good. I find it sexy 🙂 Little Ben is too cute for words! I want one

haris on

Looks like they were having a great time.this pic makes you want to smile when you see it,so cute!Ben is adorable!

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

the baby is soo tall!! beautiful picture!

Meela on

What has become of my “Stetson man?

Gisele has ruined him and I will never forgive her :-)!

Seriously Tom get it together before I replace you with a new crush!!!

Mia on

He looks like his mom.

Jillian on

I REALLY like his hair like this! Keep it like this!!

Hea on

I like the grunge style you’ve got going, Tom!

Anonymous on

Tom looks like a tool with that hair…especially with that hair tied back like that, and a nice shirt. He looks confused.

Well everyone thought the kid of Tom and Gisele would magically be a beautiful baby because of its 2 good looking parents…but I personally find that child strange looking and I think his OTHER son with the non-model is much cuter. Talk about karma. Bridget must be laughing.

Jillb on

I looked at Benjamin and thought he was John. I thought to myself,Wow he sure is smaller than I remember.

Sarah K. on

Anonymous, I’m sure Bridget would find it really amusing that you think her baby is cuter than his brother… What a ridiculous thing to say.

And let’s not pretend like Bridget doesn’t model, act, etc. She also makes a living in part based on her looks. They all seemed to have moved on with their lives, but you can’t. Sad.

Anonymous on

Brother? You mean HALF brother. A “brother” would be another son by Tom and Bridget.

Sarah K. on

“Brother? You mean HALF brother. A “brother” would be another son by Tom and Bridget.”

Anonymous, like I said before…Sad. If it makes you feel better to call Jack and Ben half brothers, fine. It says a lot about who you are.

Jillian on

Anonymous, they are brothers. There is no need in the context above to specify half.

MiB on

Anonymous, my brother and I may not have the same mother, but he is none the less MY BROTHER. The only time I call him my half brother is when circumstances demand a clarification (like why my mother never mentions her “son”). Likeways, my brother calls me his sister. In my experience, the “half” bit only matters to people on the outside or to people whose relationships are not that good or close, so I sincerely hope that these two boy’s grow up feeling like the brothers they are!

Susan on

I don’t mind long hair on men, but what bothers me is it looks like it needs to be washed and dirty hair is a real turn-off for me especially on someone as sexy as Tom.