Jessica Alba Doesn’t Have ‘Same Anxieties’ with Second Pregnancy

04/25/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Michael Buckner/Wireimage

Jessica Alba is experiencing pregnancy through a whole new set of eyes.

“Maybe it’s because my body hormonally has already been through it, so I’m not being broken in,” the actress — who is expecting her second child with husband Cash Warren this fall — tells Latina.

“My body knows what to do. It’s not as daunting.”

Admittedly in constant fear while carrying her first child Honor Marie, now 2ยฝ, the Spy Kids: All the Time in the Worldย star isn’t sweating the small stuff anymore. “Every moment was so new and kind of terrifying and now I know what to expect,” she says.

“With Honor, I was constantly like, ‘Is she moving? Is her heart beating?’ I’d worry about everything and with this baby, I don’t have the same anxieties.”

However, while she may have chosen a lighter exercise routine than she had while pregnant with Honor, Alba isn’t giving up on working out completely. “I’d like to still do something five days a week, from a half hour to an hour — nothing excessive, just some moving [around],” she explains.

“It makes the whole pregnancy so much easier. The more fit you are, the easier the birth is, and a healthier baby you’re going to have.”

The same applies to eating healthy, Alba notes, but adds she is known to indulge in each and every craving. “Sometimes you can’t get a food out of your mind. I could always eat watermelon. With Honor, I loved fruit, too. It’s a decent craving,” she shares.

“You still eat cheeseburgers and pickles — you just want watermelon really bad. I don’t deprive myself of anything. I eat whatever.”

— Anya Leon

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Nickle on

I like how she is expressing the less stress because you made it through the first experience of being pregnant and you do feel a sense of comfort because you know more about your body and self.

klutzy_girl on

I’m pretty sure she’s having another girl. There’s pictures of her looking at baby clothes that are pink. Can’t wait to find out for sure, though!

Sus on

I love Jessica! She seems so normal! ๐Ÿ™‚

Eulalia on

Is it just me or is pregnancy NOT a good look on her this time around?

Marky on

Eulalia, it is definitely you; honestly, why are people like you so determined to destroy the fun of everything for everyone. Jessica Alba is so normal and nice, and you come along and say she doesn’t look good enough? What the heck is going on with you? She looks great and healthy and seems like a normal person. Who do you like, Tori “the Bone” Spelling?

sunny on

She looks great to me!

fuzibuni on

marky, you kind of defeated your point by closing with your own derogatory comment.

Tee on

I love seeing Jessica and Honor together! They always look so happy and “normal.” Same with Jennifer, Violet and Sera, as well as Allison and Satyana. I hope that Jessica allows us all some sneak peeks at this baby when he/she is born!

M. on

fuzibuni, i thought the same thing. way to defend someone and then bash someone else, marky.

mommytoane on

Ugg what pregnant woman DOES look good the first few months? Between morning sickness, being tired all the time, running to the bathroom everytime you blink and all the other stresses..its pretty normal to look a little tired, and a little less than perfect.
I like Jessica does not deny her body’s cravings. ๐Ÿ™‚

Amanda on

LOL fuzibuni! thats exactly what i was thinking!

Sharon on

What a horible photo of Jessica, Good luck with bubs – i am gussing another girl

saydee on

I completely agree with you, fuzibuni!

Shannon on

She did seem to work out a lot during her first pregnancy. Hopefully she won’t be as neurotic, especially with her past weight issues.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

Eulalia: can u please pst of picture of yourself so that we can see and judge if u look good enough… that would be fun!

Meghan on

im guessing another girl too ๐Ÿ™‚

Eulalia on

Id love to, manal but it’s not allowing me to post a photo. Im okay with anyone saying anything about anything-INCLUDING myself- because i’m not a control freak and I don’t feel like MY opinion, MY way and MY thoughts are the only thing that exist. :(. Being judged is a part of life, and like the pp said it’s a terrible photo of her. she looks bad. period. Im not saying about the weight gain, sheesh that’s a prt of the pregnancy it’s more so her coloring, the sunken eyes, her nose is larger/wider, her hair is a little more oily etc.. Sometimes pregnancy is rough on a person, and it’s nice to see it be rough on someone famous. Thanks for responding good or bad. I appreciate being “heard”.

Kewky on

@ Eulalia Yep, she should get plastic surgery along with every other woman who doesn’t conform! And we wonder why celebs are so messed up these days…..

randi on

Craving watermelon? Wow, way to live dangerously. Don’t over do it, okay?

ReedFla on

Not all women crave unhealthy things. My friend, normally not a fruit eater, can’t get enough kiwi, melon and grapes.

Niko on

Eulalia, I doubt you look better any than Jessica, pregnant or not.

Jillian on

Niko, good comeback….(rolling eyes)….