Spotted: Camila Alves’ Cute Churchgoers

04/25/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Walk this way!

Dressed to impress, Camila Alves takes her little man Levi, 2½, and baby girl Vida, 15 months, to Easter Sunday church services in Santa Monica, Calif.

While dad Matthew McConaughey was not with the group, Alves’ mom joined in on the holiday festivities.

“[Levi] dotes on her, but [Vida is] getting big enough where it’s a competition now and he’s only got a few more months of being bigger than her,” McConaughey said recently.

“She’s gonna overtake him I think and really start whooping his butt soon!”

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Ashley on

Awwwww Vida is so cute! 🙂 Such a pretty little girl

Ashley on

Levi is so sweet and little! Awww 🙂

Toya L. on

That is such a cute photo.

Pamela Claire on

The way he’s dressed-Levi looks like a little clown. A cute little clown, but a clown!

Indira on

I really like Camila’s dress but, it screams more cocktail than church to me.

Kate on

Levi’s pants/shorts are just ridiculous.

Soco on

Camila’s dress is NOT appropriate for church…Levi looks ridiculous…Vida would be ok but her shoes are horendous. Someone needs to learn some style

Janey on

two stunning parents have not made an attractive boy.

Laura on

@Pamela Claire I had the exact same thought!

Vida is gorgeous

Kelli on

I will start by saying those kids are absolutely adorable, but Kate stated the truth with saying those pant/capri/shorts things are ridiculous! Levi is a little guy anyways, and those just make him look smaller. Maybe that’s what they’re going for, but ugh. Hideous.

Jennifer on

Interesting outfit for church Camila…

pammy on

I don’t mean this in any derogatory way at all, but is Levi a dwarf, little person (whichever is the pc word) His shape to me suggests that he may be.

Anonymous on

That is the most horrible ugly outfit I have ever seen a child….ever! And I have grown up in the 80’s! That poor kid. Those shoes look uncomfortable for ANYONE, let alone a toddler. I am picturing him in jeans or a tank top looking NORMAL and its a cute image. This is an awful imgage. Is she trying to make him look like a hobo? Or is she trying to make him look like some kind of doll? Its a KID! A kid who has to sit in a hot boring church and be forced to sit still and be silent…the least she can do is dress him comfortably. I would hate to be that kid.

Janye on

The children look very ethnic, the girl especially and not like Matt. They are kinda cute though.

Anonymous on

The children look very ethnic, the girl especially and not like Matt. They are kinda cute though.

– Janye on April 25th, 2011

What is that supposed to mean? Look very ethnic/kinda cute though. ?????????????????????????

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

They all look beautiful!! some ppl here are really mean!!…so much with the Easter sprite!! God bless this family!

sandy on

Is that a baby bump?

me on


Not all churches are the same. Where I attend, the children go to a children’s church during the sermon and are not “forced to sit still and be silent.”

Top on

These three need to hire a stylist.

Top on

Actually these should just look at the picture of Reese and her family leaving church. That is what a family leaving church should look like.

RKF on

She looks like a cheap floozy, and her poor child ,Levi, looks like a ridiculous 1930’s hobo. It saddens me someone would purposely dress their child like this.

lila on

imagine the whole world looking exactly like Reese and her family. All blond, all religious with a mother and a daddy ..Come on give me a break…

Abi on

Of course the kids look ‘ethnic’ Camila is from Brazil, they aren’t going to have blond hair, pale skin and blue eyes. I agree that the outfits could be a bit more appropriate, a black skin tight dress for Easter is a bit much, but at least they went to church.

Anonymous on

Camila is gorgeous and the children are cute. I doubt God cares what they wore.

michelle in mo on

Poor Levi looks like an Oopma Loompa.

Jillian on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing this dress to church. And I see NO BUMP. Wow…people really reach for something.

Lainey on

I think it is the same church as the one that Reese Witherspoon attends.

zappo on

Wow, the bitches have come out in this post. Levi’s clothes are not my taste, but they are certainly nothing crazy. Maybe a little too baggy but guess he will grow into the,. He is a CHILD for goodness sake, and how can we make fun of a child? And his mom’s dress is fine. I see no bust hanging out, no butt, it is a somber color. What is wrong with it? Really, I am curious to know? Does everyone who has issue with it wear 1890’s style high necked, long sleeved ankle length dresses to chucrch?
EVERYBODY looks ethic in some way. That seemed like a back handed compliment, as if despite them being mixed children, Jayne will somehow be “gracious enough to overlook ” that and find them acceptable. WTF? EVERYONE looks like some kind of ethnic type, be it Haitian, Swedish, German, African, etc, the wording was odd at best and insulting at worst.

miss on

With all the negative and disrepectful comments on this page it’s not hard to imagine why kids feel it’s ok to bully or talk about someone because of their looks.. or just for being different… you should really think about what you say and the example you set for your own kids when you talk down about people.

LisaS on

I think this is a nice, sweet picture of a lovely mom and her two beautiful children.

criticaleye on

I would give the first place to Levi if there would be a contest called “The worst dressed celeb child”.

1) Clothes are at least 2 size to big
2) Color combo is terrible
3) Style is horrendous

Some rich moms are trying too hard to define a somewhat different style for their kids, and the result looks like they would have grabbed the first clothes they found at the Salvation army. Or even worse, because those would be at least cheap. 🙂

deanna on

I am slightly shocked that these “Hollywood” people dont have enough sense to dress their kids …..come on Matthew your son looks a little goofy and your daughters shoes dont match. Camilla looks like shes going to dinner or something …Gee whiz pull out the plastic and buy them some cute spring clothes and leave all the clown stuff at home !!!!!

Romy on

honey I shrunk the kid? what is up with that huge outfit?

Susan on

Ethnic and they look good despite…..

Why is this post allowed to be posted? Ethnic is not an adjective to describe someone not white.

eribri on

The little boys clothes are too big! They should have made sure they fit him if they knew they were going to church. Her dress is a little revealing for Church too.

They could have had better choices.

Naty on

Camila wants attention…she said on brazilian magazine that she make clothes and suspenders for Levi.She wants to show that she doesn’t care about brand name clothes and she likes the simple life I don’t believe that.About Vida shoes that shoes was from Levi.

Holiday on

Maybe Levi picked out his own clothes? They do look big but not as bad as everyone is saying. And I see NO baby bump on her! Her tummy is flat as can be.

Mira on

I agree that these three are a bit style challenged, but most of the negative comments are way exaggerated.

The kids are cute, which is actually somewhat surprising to me, because I don’t think either Matthew or Camila are very good-looking. Camila has an interesting face and a killer body, which is why she made it as a model and Matt is charming and charismatic, but neither one of them is beautiful, I don’t think.

jessicad on

Yeah I bet Jesus was SOOO offended by their outfits….not. Who cares what people wear to church! Yet another reason I avoid church, bunch of judgmental people.

Luci on

Wow, these comments. I guess all of the people making negative comments have degrees in Fashion Design or something…


ETHNIC? What, pray tell, does that mean? WOW, just WOW…

This woman took her two beautiful, healthy looking children to church to worship God. What did YOU do on Sunday?

Bee on needs to disable comments like it on its main page!

Kate on

There is nothing ‘diferrent’ in being sloppy or dressing your children sloppy. Camilla tries too hard to show that she’s not ‘trying too hard’, and 2 sizes too big pants and vest just make him look like a poster child for ‘Feed the children’ campaign.

showbizmom on

All I can say is WOW! Some of you people really need to be ashamed of yourselves. I hope to God my kids never encounter people like some of you. I’m guessing the majority of those leaving nasty and wildly ignorant comments went to church on Sunday to worship the resurrection of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yet, they have the nerve to come on here and judge someone and participate in idle gossip. I must have missed that part in my 12 years of christian school education.

PS if anyone where to ever refer to my kids (black and Korean) as Ethnic, they wouldn’t walk straight for years. The Websters dictionary might define it as someone non ‘white’ but in the real world it’s a racist comment.

criticaleye on

Jessicad: It’s ironic to say Jesus was affended. Well, I’m sure he was not, however, there is a dress code. Some Vatican churches even require to cover the shoulders.

Luci: ethnic IS offensive and crossed the line, I agree. But your argument doesn’t make sense. Do you have to be have a culinary degree to send back a poorly prepared food in a restaurant? Do you have to be a bestseller writer to have your opinion about a book?

BTW: Who said the kids were not beautiful? Und what does someone else’s religion have to do with what I did on Sunday?

Geez. No, comments should not be disabled. People who like all the celebs and everything they do should not read this page. Problem solved.

criticaleye on

Showbizmom, you really stole the show. You tell other people to be ashamed yet you threaten [hysically for w badly chosen word. Wow, if that’s what you learn in church, I don’t want to be a part of it.

And again, it was about clothes, not the religion, not going to church, not about the family, not about the kids. Yes, ethnic was a little harsh but interpreting something into a sentence which was not about people, but pieces od clothes, you know, made of textile…some rally have to learn to read first, and read exactly what the others said not reading something INTO it.

RKF on

I’m a little confused with the outrage –what’s wrong with saying the children look ethnic? That’s not a derogatory statement…Strangely worded, yes, but not a big deal. People ask me all the time what my ethnicity is, which isn’t offensive to me at all.

Kate on

I don’t go to church so I don’t care WHERE she took Levi dressed like that, it’s the fact she dressed him like that in the first place that makes me go ‘wow, doesn’t she have eyes’.

Luci on

criticaleye the problem seems to be just that, being CRITICAL. So many of the comments just seem catty and downright cruel. When I looked at the picture, I saw Levi with his big vest, baggy pants, and big shoes and thought it all looked a little big for the little guy, but it didn’t offend or bother me. I saw Vida’s shoes and while I don’t think I would’ve combined that dress with those shoes, again it didn’t offend or bother me. Camilla’s dress doesn’t bother me, either. The point being so many other people looked at the picture and had such strong, negative reactions. Why? And to whomever posted ETHNIC, what does that mean exactly? I still don’t understand. Are you saying their clothes look ethnic or that they look ethnic? Either way I’m not quite sure what that means and as an African-American woman, I feel offended. Someone else decided that we should hold Reese Witherspoon and her family as our standard of excellence, beauty, and a template for how one’s family should be dressed when attending church. I highly doubt that the Creator of ALL that IS is looking down on Camilla and her children with the critical eye that so many have…

showbizmom on

@criticaleye I never said I go to church. I am don’t.I just had many many years of religious studies I actually can’t stand religion. I’m simply saying that those that are judging these little kids and their mother are wrong and very UN Christ like. No matter what, there is no point to the comments some are making. It was about the clothes (which is dumb too) in the beginning, then others started chiming in with the comments attacking the mother and children and I was just saying those doing that probably went to church just like Camila did with her family, on Easter Sunday.

In regards to my comment about hurting some that refers to my kids as ethnic, I stand by it. I’d kill for my kids without blinking an eye, no matter what. I’ll change this, maybe the ones saying the kids are ethnic looking aren’t saying it in a derogatory fashion and to them I’m sorry. But in my life whenever anyone has ever said that I’m ethnic it hasn’t been in a very nice way.

It’s 100% different when some comes to me or my hubby and asks what ethnicity our girls are. we gladly tell them. if a mom on the playground said “it’s that little ethnic child over there” and points to my kid, I’d have words with her.

Toshalag on

The BIBLE says….”Come as you are”! Those are HER children and i’m sure that when she decided to go to church and worship her GOD…these outfits were the last thing on her her mind!
Ease up people!

Molly on

I don’t think should disable the comments, but use something like Facebook connect or another service where the people don’t have to be anonymous and maybe some of the comments can be managed better. I’m not talking censoring the comments, but get some of the more hateful ones off of here.

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves for the comments you make here. You hide behind anonymous nicknames and then think it’s great to make hateful comments about little kids. Levi is a cute little boy. Why are people so hateful in here? I just don’t get it.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

Iam sorry but I had to comment again! you Americans suck! raciest, judgmental,picking on a freaking child!! what happened to acceptance? and i thought Arabs were all of that!! just realized that we might be better!…

KD on

Good for her for getting herself, her 15 month old and 2 &1/2 year old all out to church! I could care less what they are wearing. I see a lovely young family walking together.

jessicad: it seems there are judgemental people inside and outside the Church- it is a common human condition. We all share it.

Sarah on

A dwarf? What kind of comment is that?
This child is 2,5 years old and already reaches to his mothers hip.

k on

is it just me or has the quality of comments on this site really gone down? they look “ethnic”? really?

T bag on

Wow 50 comments… What are the birds crowing about today…? Seriously ladies, get a life.

Jeannette M. on

Wait, am I missing something? What is wrong with her outfit? Is she dressed inappropriately because she’s showing off her legs and her forearms? Because where I come from, that’s not dressing inappropriately. Would you prefer her to wear a full length black gown, with a head scarf for good measure?

As for the little boy, when I first saw the picture, I thought “he needs his trousers pulling up, but it’s a really sweet picture.” That’s all. There is nothing wrong with the vest, shirt or shoes, at all.Wintage style (waist coats and dress shoes) are quite in at the moment where I live, it’s really cute. RE: the trousers, maybe they starting falling down as he walked along? Yeah, he could’ve used a belt but is it a crime that he went without/she forgot? And as for the little girl, purple shoes with a white dress? Oh God, somebody call the police, that’s a punishable crime *rolls eyes*

Yet again, the commentors on this website get a bit too judgemental for my liking.

Toya L. on

Wow some of these comments are just sad!!!

Millie on

I love the fact people are outraged by the shoes of a little girl. Omg, Vida has shoes on that do not “match” her outfit, and whilst she is in church aswell, I mean what is the world coming to!!

Sara on

jessicad … You should go to church for you and God, not to avoid anyone. Sorry, I think your comment is a bit hypocritical.

Sadie on

You nasty people. Judging from behind your computers. You need to get a life. Ugly comments come from ugly people. Envious because your life is so horrible. Judgmental…. I see your faces every time i wipe my butt.

criticaleye on

Showbizmom: For me it’s apples and oranges to make comments about an outfit or judge somebody. I don’t think that it’s a judgement to say that the clothes are ugly. I saw Levi in much better outfits and I think he is cute, so is his sister. I merely gave a label, this is the worst outfit I saw on the boy-but how is this a judgement? It’s obviously not his fault, most of his peers like to put on T-sihirt with Thomas or Cars on them. 🙂

BTW> My kids are not “white” as well. However, I dont’ and won’t teach them to deal with racism in an aggressive way, because that’s going down to their level. I teach them to ignore these comments, because people, who are racist have a problem with themselves.

criticaleye on

Luci, I found the statement dwarf and ethnic also rude. But talking about taste or clothing is not rude. It does not offend me at all. if they would sit beside me, I wouldn’t gasp or stand up, however, most people would look at this outfit and think it’s weird and ugly. That has nothing to do with judgement. People with very little taste can be generous, clever, nice etc. Again, it’s merely about clothing.

Sam on

@Top – Reese’s family?? That man walking out of Church with her is NOT her children’s father. He is her second husband, and at least the third man she has had involved in her children’s live’s in the last few years. Pictures don’t make it so!

Mira on

Defining anyone as looking “ethnic” is incredibly stupid. Every person has an ethnicity, regardless of their race. White people have ethnicities too, you know.

The racist part was “ethnic, BUT cute”, because the poster implied that being non-white by definition suggests that you’d be ugly.

Sam on

@Tbag – – made me LOL for real. YOU’RE here too, reading and judging. Seriously?????? lol

Sam on

Cute picture of the babies, but there is something ‘wrong’ with Levi’s size. Not sure if he is just small, though neither of his parents are, and he will one day soon hit a growing spurt. Hope that’s all it is.

Capri on

Wow…..some of these comments make me want to vomit…no shame. On an Easter picture nonetheless…absolutely pathetic.

kristine on

Am I the only one that thought this was just a cute picture of them and thought nothing else of it?! You dress how you want, you dress your kids how you want, end of story.

Theresa on

WOW! Some of you people are riduculous!!!! Who cares what they are wearing! And who’s place is it to say what is or is not appropriate to wear to church? Pretty sure God is just happy they are there.

cris on

These children are absolutely adorable!

Showbizmom: “PS if anyone where to ever refer to my kids (black and Korean) as Ethnic, they wouldn’t walk straight for years.”

Your statement just sounds immature and trashy. I really hope that you are not teaching your children to be violent if someone calls them a name they don’t like.

Kate on

Ha-ha-ha, all you ‘nice non-judgmental’ people can bite me:) Nobody ‘hates’ them nor ‘cares’ about them, people made comments about their clothes that do look rediculously mismatched and out of place.

niecy on

this is actually my first time leaving a post b/c i totally don’t think we should give our opinion on children but Levi looks ridiculous. I agree w/the other post that he’s dressed like a clown. Messy!

lilly on

why are there so many rude comments? she has two beautiful kids who are dressed in church clothes, who are both healthy and shes bringing them to church, whocares about everything else, try to keep things positive, shes a mother like most ppl and taking them to church. Her little girl is probably the prettiest girl ive ever seen, shes gorgeous. Her boy is very handsome as well

amazed! on

I am amazed how people show their true smean spirited selves concerning such a supercial things as clothing.
I am amazed by the racist comment saying this kids “look ethnic”.

America, 2011. And so many dumb people. Gosh!

jessicad on

Sara the God I believe in understands why I don’t go, judgmental people aren’t the only reason obviously. I almost walked out of the service Sunday because the pastor was ranting about Jews and Muslims, it completely disgusted me and until I find a place I’m completely comfortable I’m fine with what I do at home. 🙂

showbizmom on

@cris and criticaleye

Look, folks it’s called dramatic effect. Being black and with gay fathers I’ve kind of heard and seen every horrible name possible and all directed at me. I’ve learned to turn and walk away, trust me! Had I not learned that, and got violent with anyone who’s ever talked ill of me or my family. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

I don’t teach my kids to be violent, My husband is a Buddhist, so our home is far from violent lessons! I teach my kids to pick and choose their battles but to speak up when they see or hear a injustice or when someone is speaking ill of them. It’s their choice. My point is, ethnic is tantamount to some of the other colorful words that are thrown at people that aren’t of the “white” race, by bigots. If ethnic it’s directed toward my kids or any kid for that matter,and I hear it, I will choose to tell the person that it’s not acceptable and why. Or as my grandmother would say “I’m gonna educated you child”

momof4 on

I think many of us that have been coming to this site for years have been wondering if there is something up with Levi’s size. He does seem to have some characteristics of dwarfism…it’s ok to mention it! Just speculation based on some obvious physical traits…

J on

Sadie grow up.

Anonymous on

camilla’s carrying herself very arrogantly especially in this picture. Levi looks like clown.

Shannon on

Just keep livin’.

Terri on

Beautiful family. Gorgeous dress on Camila.

daria on

these comments are offensive. two of those pictured are children and they did not choose to become public figures, but are because of their parents. comments about their skin color or possible health conditions or attractiveness are really inappropriate.

Romy on

I don’t think Levi is a dwarf, I think he’s just built like his dad. Matthew has a large head sitting on top of a compact body. His shoulders are narrow and his arms are short.

Tee on

Manal from Jordan Middle East, please don’t judge all Americans by a handful of rude and snotty comments. I would really hate to be put in the same catagory as some of the people commenting here.

I’ll tell you what I don’t understand, what I’ve NEVER understood. You don’t have to be rude to state your opinion! Come on ya’ll… learn to be polite when disagreeing with somebody or something. That is a valuable skill that will help you go far in life.

J-Lin on

Criticaleye –

Wondering if you were white. I think it’s funny that you teach your children to handle incidents a certain way when you may not have experienced that situation.

criticaleye on

J Lin- I am white, my husband is not, our child is a beautiful mix. I hope she won’t have to deal with problems.
And yes, I do have some experience from gathering where I was the only white person, however, I was never attacked.

Showbizmom- your last comment is in a huge contrast with the others thing you had said, like whoever calls your kids ethnic wouldn’t walk straight and you would kill for your children.

Kewky on

@ zappo exactly what I’m thinking!

soph on

“Carrying herself very arrogantly”? A woman can’t walk with her head high? Should she be slumping, Anonymous?

Anonymous on

Manal…so in saying ALL Americans are this or that, then I can call you a terrorist, right?

As for people saying I can care less what they are wearing….stop lying. If they walked in the church wearing a shirt that said “I’m a whore”, there would be consequences. What you wear DOES matter. Always has and always will. Do deny it. Delusional people. I’m not religious…but I had to laugh at the “God said come as you are” comment. So I can walk into church naked?! I think not.

Sara on

@ Manal from Jordan…

LOL! I’m married to a Jordanian. Although Arabs are very hospitable, you guys are #1 at trying your best to upstage each other & your society is the creator of gossip! Ya know this is the truth!!

Holiday on

Manal if you are going to generalize all Americans that I am going to generalize and assume you are a terrorist!

loren on

@kristine, no, you are not the only one 🙂 I saw this picture on another site and thought what you thought. 88 comments wow!! It’s a sweet picture of a young mom and her two adorable children. That is all I see 🙂

Jude on

I agree that some of the comments here are borderline (rude, racist, ignorant etc.). Very sad.

And: “Of course the kids look ‘ethnic’ Camila is from Brazil, they aren’t going to have blond hair, pale skin and blue eyes.”?!! Why on earth not!? Of course they could! Camila’s and Matthew’s kids could be any colour of the rainbow. Genes mutate and traits do skip a generation. Especially Brazil is beautifully mixed with people from all over the world.

showbizmom on


Like I said in my last post, it was dramatic! No I wouldn’t kill someone for calling anyone a name. To think otherwise is a bit crazy and I don’t think I’m crazy.I would kill for my kids if I had to. I’d do anything to protect them from harm. Wouldn’t every parent?

I’m saying for the last time, I would have words with whomever called my kids ethnic. You said you have been in situation where you are the only white person but had never been attacked.I’m glad and I really do hope your beautiful child(girl I think you said) will never experience the cruel words or actions of those that are ignorant about race. I have been attacked verbally and physically just based on my race and kid have been called names because of their mixed race. So yes words have power. Using the word Ethnic to describe someone is wrong,disgusting and ignorant.

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

Well my bad I shouldn’t have generalized because i hate being called a terrorist! I am sorry!! But i was just really annoyed by the comments i was reading!!..actually iam still shocked!… And yes i know Arabs can be so judgmental, but I have always believed that Americans were more accepting than this.

Kayla on

Maybe some of you people need to go to church, because some things being said are just horrible! Im sure you are all PERFECT in everyway. How about you stop judging because thats whats so wrong with society now days.

Jillian on

Kayla, How would church solve everything?

Sadie on

@ J
judging by your comments, you have a lot of growing to do. great response. Validate your little thoughts with two words. I pity your small mind.

JMO on

Everytime I see Levi I think of Tiny Tim!!

Top on

@Sam…I never said that Reese’s bahaviour was what a mother should behave like. I also never said that a family should be all white and blond. What I said was that Reese’s family was more appropriate in terms of style for church. Camilla looks amazing but what she is wearing looks like evening wear not day wear. Her son…I don’t know…the outfit just looks bizarre. Her daughter looks cute.

Pauline on

@ Zappo
Amen re: your post!!

Kate on

Hey, do you people get mad at Joan Rivers on Fashion Police and get offended by comeadians? Your life is very boring for sure…

SMH on

I am horrified to read such nasty posts about children, some of you should be ashamed. Those of you, who are mothers and are writing such hateful words, would probably be ready to fight to the death if someone were writing such hateful things about your children.