Spotted: Ali Larter and Theodore Do Lunch

04/25/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
GSI Media

Mommy and me time!

After enjoying a leisurely lunch at M Cafe in Beverly Hills, Calif. on April 17, Ali Larter cradles son Theodore Hayes close as the duo made their way back to the car.

“He just started having these fits of giggles, and it’s amazing,” the actress, 35, recently said of her 4-month-old baby boy with husband Hayes MacArthur.

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rachel on

I saw this picture on a couple of other sites last week and there was a lot of hoopla about her pants — some people thought they were pajamas and inappropriate to wear to a restaurant. In Hollywood, I guess they are a lot more laid back and casual, I suppose. In any case, I’m sure she didn’t look out of place in the outfit.

Jennifer on

Looks like Theo kept her up all night…

Wonder if she’ll catch the crap that Alicia gets for going bra-less. And pj’s belong at home.
Cute baby…

Gigi on

I don’t think they are PJ pants, but I am more worried about her top than the pants.

Emilia on

What a gorgeous baby! Adorable! I think mom looks really cute too.

Jennifer Redgrave on

Teddy is so lovely. I can’t wait to see the next months and maybe more babies from Ali and Hayes!

Colleen on

I don’t think there’s any problem with her top. If you can wear one without a bra, more power to you. I know I can’t go without a bra.

martina on

Lol, I am pretty sure she’s wearing a bra – it’s just one of those little seamless t-shirt bras. She looks tired but cute. Nice to see a celebrity in a normal mommy mode!

Indira on

It looks like there’s a shelf in her top. I looked at the restaurant’s website. It looks like a really casual place, I don’t think she looks inappropriate. It’s not like it was brunch at the four seasons.

amw on

she looks great people. she looks like a REAL mom. shes a hollywood beauty at work but she shows that shes not afraid to be comfortable and tend to what matters most, her son.

Tess on

I’m glad she looks like a real mom, but I think she needs to be covered up a bit. That top is horrible, IMO.

JM on

i’ll never understand how people can get upset about other people’s fashion. why should i care how someone dresses? surely that’s up to them, what could it possibly do to anyone? surely there are enough things to get worked up about without worrying about someone else’s t shirt 🙂 bizarre!
anyway, i’m glad she obviously doesn’t care what people think about her clothes nor should she.

Momof3girls on

She looks fine!!! My husband would love it if I wore tops like that…lol

Her baby is adorable!!

kendrajoi on

Breastfeed that child, stat! Looks like the twins are bout to pop! But seriously, LOVE this family. Theo is one adorably chubby boy!

RKF on

I think she looks beautiful, which isn’t a far stretch for her. She’s dressed perfectly fine(!), wearing a tank top, and summer’ish pants in California! That’s pretty normal attire. As for the bra/no bra issue… who cares? Her nipples aren’t blinding others, and she’s showing what every other woman in a tank top shows. This isn’t the Middle East.

Laura on

@RKF I couldn’t agree more

Cecelia on

JM and RKF, I agree completely.

There’s no reason someone else’s attire should concern others so much. What should matter most is that both mother and son seem happy and healthy, simply enjoying a beautiful day.

jessicad on

This is exactly what I did when I was nursing, because I have small breasts otherwise and it was a pain trying to pull down other types of shirts, who cares!! She looks great!

Jeanne on

She’s wearing a camisole with a built-in bra, my best friend wears tops like that all the time because they’re so easy to nurse in. I think she looks fine.

Jillian on

Some think she looks fine and others don’t. Everyone has their opinion. I would never walk into a restaurant with a top like this on. Even if it was Chipotle. i would wear a sweater over it and button up. I do not think that cleavage should be shown at certain places…..clubs, bars, sure…..but restaurants….no.

Amanda on

She looks beautiful and so is her baby. Whats wrong with showing a little cleavage? Better to do it now before gravity kicks in. Props to her for feeling comfortable in her own skin post baby.

Camille on

I like her and all, but poor thing must be sleep deprived because she forgot to get dressed before leaving the house!

M on


Why can’t cleavage be shown? Americans are such prudes. They have too many hang ups with sex and nudity. Why be ashamed of your body and hide it? Its not as if she is naked or actually exposing her breasts. All women have breasts, and all men have seen breasts, so I don’t see what the big deal is. She’s not offending anybody, and if somebody does indeed get offended by something so petty, they really need to get a life and worry about more important things.

nan on

i love all the “i am so shocked when people comment on other people’s appearances” comments!! why else are people checking the comments section?! to see the what others have to say of course!! anyway, she is a beautiful girl with an adorable baby, but c’mon….the shirt doesnt fit and the pants look like pajamas. she is clearly wearing one of those tanks that claim to have a “shelf bra” and those only look good on young people or people that can go bra-less!

Jillian on

I don’t think cleavage should be shown LIKE THAT in a restaurant. ME, as in I, as in ME, as in my opinion. I am not a prude. Apples and oranges… And I am not offended. I think that in a restaurant, there are certain ways that people should dress. As you noticed in my post, I did mention that i did NOT have a problem with cleavage. You just had to keep reading 🙂 There is a time and a place for everything.

Holiday on

I for once agree with what Jillian is saying.

amandamay on

Her outfit is totally typical for LA. That’s how the majority of people dress here. It’s been crazy hot here lately (Except for Sunday) and a tank top with casual pants/shorts/skirt would not be out of place (same with the cleavage). I suppose it depends on where you live that dictates fashion.

Kewky on

I love fashion but I definitely think new Moms like Ali deserve a break! Also, I don’t have kids but I think its harder to breastfeed in a turtleneck than a tank top. Bottom Line: Though the outfit is not exactly red carpet style she seems healthy and happy after having a baby a couple of moths ago! Cut her some slack!

Nick on

They are both so cute!