Spotted: Christina Milian’s Happy Hipster

04/23/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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Christina Milian and daughter Violet Madison showed off their pearly whites while attending the 31st Annual Silver Rose Gala in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday, April 17.

“When I look at her, it is a reflection that I am doing the right thing so that is the very rewarding part — knowing that she is smiling and happy,” the singer said of her 13-month-old baby girl with ex-husband The Dream.

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pammy on

What a gorgeous little girl! Love her smile. She looks like she has got some spunk in her!

kate on

she is so cute!!

Synia on


Christina looks AMAZING!!!

Emily on

Sweet little girl, love the way she is always dressed. Classic. And Christina is gorgeous. It’s a shame she was ever married to a dirgbag like The Dream.

Alexis on

She is such a little mini-me of her father. Adorable.

brenda on

I want to reach through the computer and pinch those little cheeks!! LOL She is a doll baby. SOOOOOO Cute

Toya L. on

They are both pretty. Violet looks just like her dad, with that extra cute smile.

Soco on

Beautiful little girl

Her daughter is barely a year old, and she already divorced her husband? I don’t know anything about these people but that is just sad and spitting in the face of marriage.

Jodi on

It is a shame they aren’t togther. But when he couldn’t keep it in his pants things ended. I’m fairly sure they were divorced when she was pregnant if not it was right after. Its great when a child has two loving parents whether gay/straight or married/unmarried. Im in the younger generation might be why I easily accept some things. If ppl can be married that’s great. But if they aren’t married IMO it doesn’t take anything away from their parenting and or how much they love the child. IMO Relationship status doesn’t determine who’s a good parent. I’m not saying thats what you think either tho.

Lily on

@soco it’s because her husband cheated on her. From what I’ve heard/read he went to vacation with his assistant and they were having a fling, it’s pretty sad… However, both mother and daughter are extremely beautiful and I hope all is well for them 🙂

Anonymous on


She divorced him because he decided he didn’t want to be a father nor a husband. Please read up on the facts before commenting. Not everything is as simple as divorcing just for the hell of it. Would you want to remain in a marriage where you didn’t get that kind of support?

Brooke on

Violet is always smiling. SHe seems like such a happy baby. Too bad her father is a scumbag

Sat on

She looks Happy & Healthy.

Diana on

Soco – since you know nothing about the situation maybe you should keep your judgments to yourself??

Selene on

Oh would you look at those cheeks, so cute.

Christina has had a bad run with her boyfriends, its a shame, She is so beautiful and seems like such a sweet lovely girl.
First Nick Cannon cheated on her then her husband, when she was pregnant.

It’s nice to see her smiling and happy, and who wouldn’t be smiling and happy with a daughter like that?

Jess on

@soco he cheated on her and that’s why they divorced….it’s better that they did than their daughter having to deal with them fighting all the time…christina milian doesn’t need that man or any man. she has enough money that she can raise her daughter on her own…

mmh on

I always hoped people would realize that if you have to get out of a relationship when you have such a young child or are still pregnant, pretty sure Daddy was acting like an a**hole… If he couldn’t even treat you right then… Man. But I guess I will have to worry about people like “soco” thinking no one respects marriage. Pretty sure people can respect marriage all they freaking want, but if their spouse doesn’t, what are they supposed to do???

Mia on

It is a shame that things didn’t work out because of her ex-husbands actions. Marriage does not make a relationship bullet proof-but I do think marriage is the highest commitment and gesture you can do for your relationship–and it’s something that should be taken seriously.

It’s not the institution of marriage that has failed-it’s the people within the institution of marriage that fail it.

The people that are against the act of marriage, but yet are together/committed for 20+ years-The argument that 2 people are together for 20 years + get married would ruin that-I don’t think that has anything to do with marriage/no marriage–it’s just the chance that that somebody found someone they are more compatible with–getting married wouldn’t change that.

Hopefully she can find somebody that takes marriage seriously to expand her family somebody-but her daughter looks very happy.

meghan on

Diana, mmh, et al.; socco was clearly unaware of the circumstances surrounding Christina’s marriage. I doubt it was her intention to suggest that she stay with a cheater and your display of hostility was completely uncalled for.

mmh on

meghan — I am in a similar situation to Christina so I was likely taking soco’s comments pretty personally. And what you even mentioned says it all: soco was clearly unaware of the circumstances… So why did he/she feel the need to COMMENT on them?!!! =)

emily on

I want to know where she got her dress!! I LOVE IT. Christina is gorgous. I love the Violet colored dress with her daughter Violet. So cute!

Jen on

Oh my God, this is the cutest little munchkin ever!!!!!!!!! What a sweet little baby doll!!!!She looks like such a happy little girl. I love it!!!

Miss Ann on

So cute !! So adorable the older she gets. They should replica baby dolls after her!! Price tag: priceless.