Spotted: Tom Brady and Jack – Three to Tangle!

04/22/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

Say cheese!

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and son Jack pose for a quick photo with Tangled‘s Rapunzel at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. on Thursday.

The 3½-year-old is the only child together for Brady, 33, and ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan. He’s also dad to 16-month-old Benjamin Rein, his son with wife Gisele Bündchen.

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candice on

It’s not apparent here because of the hat, but Tom Brady needs to get to the barber, pronto! He’s got a scraggly mullet thing going on lately and it’s not attractive.

Jen DC on

Dang that boy looks more like his daddy everyday…

Alice on

They were 5 in that picture. There was Tom Brady’s niece that yopu didn’t mentioned. The three of them were at Disneyland for her birthday.

Sam on

Adorable, they look exactly alike. Benjamin doesn’t look as much like Tom, but Jack sure does!

Also THIS is the correct way to speak of children in ‘blended’ families. Both babies names were mentioned, no one is left out. Well done!

jacq on

Wow! what a striking resemblance: Jack is so cute…..

sarawara on

Hey look it’s Holly Madison… I wondered where she was working since she left the mansion… LOL.

And is there any way that Jack OR Benjamin will be anything but handsome?! They’ve got pretty good genes.

Rae on

I think he looks alot like tom but has bridget’s eyes.

Jillian on

Candice, Did ya ever think maybe he likes his hair like that?

Sam, AGREE!!!

Shannon on

Alice, I saw the photos with all 5 people. His niece is adorable. As is Jack!

Zia on

cute picture

haris on

I don’t consider the Brady family blended.Jack was born to Bridget,Tom AND GISELE.Tom,Gisele and Jack were family since day 1(that’s all he knows)I consider one family that has 1 member with 2 families.Tom and Bridget were never a family, they are jack’s parents but nothing more than ex-couple.Tom only has family with his wife.I consider Brook burke’s or kate hudson’s Family blended but not the bradys.

Jillian on

Haris, do you know what the term ‘blended’ means?

kim on

Aw great picture! Jack is a cutie! 🙂

geez on


Jack was not born to Gisele.

To make the statement you did is an insult to Bridget and simply not true.

Gisele never saw Jack for the first 6 months of his life and had limited interaction with him for the first year or so (i.e. about a third of his life).

Bridget is Jack’s mother. Tom is is his father. Gisele was his father’s girlfriend and now a stepmother.

And now, Jack has had Bridget’s boyfriend, McG, in his life for almost a year.

geez on

Oh, and Jack is such a cutie!

He look a lot like Tom, but I can also see Bridget in his face too.

apple on

Jack looks like Bridget

haris on

I said I consider,It’s just a comment do you know what comment means?I just don’t think is fair to call people family when they are not a important part of your life.Bridget doesn’t matter to Tom even before Jack was born(he will never have a memory of his parents together)They talk ONLY because of him.he is a product of Tom and Bridget’s history but he is part of Tom and Gisele’s.He is taking care of his child,that he didn’t wanna have w/ this woman and she is his family?Kate Hudson always talks how much she loves chris and how important he still is in her life(that is family!)

Erica on

haris, they are DEFINITELY a blended family. There’s no getting around that. Giselle may have been in John’s life from the beginning but she will never be his mother.

Jen DC on

What’s also hilarious in this pic is he’s got the toddler forced smile on – you know how they finally understand that there are picture situations in which you smile… And then they give you this grimace!

@ the Holly Madison comment: Hilarious! Poor Holly, so jealous of Hef’s fiancée.

@ Haris: You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think saying that Jack was “born to” Gisele is taking it a bit far and giving her too much credit. She’s a great stepmother (as far as we can see) but regardless of her statements that she feels like his mother (statements I defended as better than the alternative), she’s not. She happened to be with a man expecting a child with another woman – that’s it.

Liza on

Harris_ I get what you are say. I think it would have been harder for JAck to adjust to his parents seperating, if he didn’t know Giesel for the majority of his life. yes it’s a blended family, but this structure is the only one he has ever really known.

Kate on

I thought the same. Behind all these mini-Tom looks, I still see a resemblance to Bridget. As he grows up, he looks a bit more like her.

HKL on

Harris, Tom and Gisele only see Tom one week a month (according to Tom’s own words). That doesn’t make Gisele his mom or anything close to it. Jack is in pre-school (per Bridget’s own words). And this week, most of NY schools are on vacation (I know b/c my kids go to school in NY). So, give it a rest. Gisele is nothing more than a step-mom who is like a favored aunt. Bridget has full custody. Tom has visitation.

HKL on

@Harris Bridget has full custody and Tom only has visitation. According to Tom, he only sees Jack on average one week a month. Hardly makes Gisele a “mom”. She is probably more like a fun aunt than “mom”. Jack only has one mom. Also, per Bridget, Jack is in pre-school. NY schools are on vacation this week. I know b/c I live in NY and my kids go to school. So Jack is visiting on vacation.

anon1 on

anonymous, i believe jack lives in california not new york.

Sophia on

Jack and Tom look so adorable and happy as did Tom’s niece Jordan (though not pictured here) ! Just on a side-note I never understand while most comments on pictures of Tom, Gisele, Jack, Bridget or Ben always argue about whose the true parent and all that nonsense as if any of you have personal knowledge from taking to any of the adults directly. Why does there always have to be some judgment instead of just commenting on the photo at hand. It is just mind-boggling !!

HKL on

No, Bridget and Jack moved to NY for Bridget’s show last year.

HKL on

Arrgghh…why don’t my posts show up? Anyways, Bridget and Jack moved to NY for Bridget’s tv show last year.

JM on

it does fascinate me the amount people like to quibble over who the parents are in this family, who has the right to call someone their son, how often parents or step-parents in this family see the kids… it seems to be something specific to them.
there are plenty of other ‘blended’ families that appear on this site but it only ever seems to be an issue with this family. why? i’m genuinely curious…

Allegra on

Bridget said herself that she talks to Tom & Gisele on a DAILY basis. I think that means more than once a month.

zl on

@ HKL, Tom and Gisele have also said that when they were in California (when Bridget still lived there) their custody was split 50/50. It would make sense that when they are both on the same coast they would still split it that way (Tom and Gisele in Boston, Bridget in NY). Gisele is hardly a “fun aunt”, don’t be so ridiculous.

Liza on

HKL- Tom and Bridget has 50/50 custody, she doesn’t have full custody of Jack. But He does live with her a majority of the time though. Also, Tom and Gisele have a house in NY, so it works for everyone!

HKL on

Let’s see. Bridget says Jack visits with his dad, not stays there half the time. Jack goes to pre-school in NYC where Jack lives. He doesn’t go to pre-school in Boston. And since Tom’s off-season, he’s been in Boston less than a month. And then Tom was off to Rio and then out to California, so other than this week when Jack is off from school, I doubt that Jack saw Tom much at all. And Tom himself said he only get’s Jack one week on average every month (personally I believe Tom over Gisele given that he is Jack’s dad and would know how much time he spends with his son).

And the person who said that for the first six months, Tom hardly saw Jack, is true. Tom saw him at the birth, once more, and then went back to the NFL. Immediately following his loss at the Superbowl, Tom spent a month or two in Costa Rica with Gisele. So, I don’t even think Gisele even met Jack until he was at least six months old.

HKL on

And as an fyi, it was Gisele who stated that they get 50/50 in California. Tom basically voided this message in an interview given after Gisele’s interview, stating he only gets to see Jack one week a month on average.

And yes, Bridget says she speaks to T and G every day. I am sure they skype or something with Jack. But that is by far 50/50 custody.

And with Jack in school in NY, there is no way Tom sees Jack for any real amount of time. I would probably guess, he sees him on weekends and an occasional long weekend and school vacations now.

HKL on

And one more thing, if they were seeing him 50/50 in Tom’s off season, why did Tom and Gisele spend time in Boston before going to Rio instead of being in NYC where Jack lives and goes to school. And now, why have they spent the past month in CA, when Jack lives and goes to school in NY?

HKL on

Wiki Answers to: You Want Full Custody of Your Son

“If you’re a single mother without a court order, you have it by default. If the single father challenges, or you’re a married parent, you must present your case to the courts for consideration…”

Allegra on

How awesome that you know the family personally HKL and you know exactly where they were for months at a time because of course, YOU were with them! Gosh. I’m amazed that you’d come on here and explain their life story to us.

NOT. Get a life.

Anonymous on

HKL, what exactly was the point of your “wiki” post? Tom and Bridget probably have a liberal custody order in place. Also, you seem to have spent a lot of time analyzing this situation, but the fact is that none of us know how much time each parent/step-parent spends with Jack and we never will know. So, you probably shouldn’t worry about it so much.

HKL on

I believe what Tom had stated in an interview, which is that he gets to see Jack one week a month on average. There is no reason to second guess him, as he is Jack’s father and would know how much time he gets to spend with him. And based on the fact that the woman gets default custody and that Tom stated he only sees Jack one week a month, custody is pretty clear. But if it makes you feel better to not believe Tom, then go ahead.

HKL on

KOT on

My seats at gillette are not far from the Brady fam and at almost every game Jack was there. Custody agreements change and when Tom made that startment Jack needed his mom more. Now that jack is older he needs both of them. And just b/c we dont see pic of Tom with Jack doesnt mean he donest spend time with him.

HKL on

I am sure Jack was there. Home games are on Sundays and Mondays. Jack is normally there for every Sunday home game as he visits his dad (and home games are only 2-3 weekends). But as Bridget says, Jack is in preschool and Jack VISITS Tom. Again, go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe. But the truth is quite obvious. Do you really think that Bridget has Jack going to school in NYC for two weeks and then another school in Boston for two weeks? That is extremely doubtful.

HKL on

Actually, your idea would involve 3 schools not just 2. Jack would go to NYC school 2 weeks, Boston school 2 weeks from September-January. But then Jack would switch his Boston school to a California school from January-June…sounds extremely unlikely to me. Most likely scenario is that Jack goes to school full time in NYC where he lives and visits Tom and Gisele on weekends when they are in Boston. California is another story. Perhaps, Tom goes to NY and stays there for the week he has custody. I highly doubt Bridget has Jack flying out to California for a weekend. And I am sure Tom sees Jack on vacations as well.

shockadelica on

Bridget didn’t say that she speaks to Tom and his wife on a daily basis. She said these people are in my life on a daily basis. There is no reason for her to talk to his wife everday but talk to him yes.