Elton John & David Furnish Share Their Baby Secrets

04/22/2011 at 06:00 PM ET

Elton John and David Furnish surprised the world last Christmas with the birth of their son Zachary Jackson Levon via a surrogate — but there are still more revelations to come.

The couple have thrown open the doors to their home and their lives for a Barbara Walters special airing on ABC’s 20/20 Friday night.

Walters promises that some big questions will be answered about the new dads and their growing family, including: Which one is the biological father? Why in the world did they choose Lady Gaga as the baby’s godmother? And why did they take their shirts off in the delivery room?

Donna Svennevik/ABC

During the interview, John, 64, reveals that the birth came earlier than expected and that the pair learned the surrogate was in labor while he and Furnish, 48, were out lunching and shopping.

He also says he was the one to cut the umbilical cord, after which he and Furnish both “took our shirts off” and put the baby next to their chests.

Explains Furnish: “They call it skin-to-skin bonding because it’s such a traumatic thing for a baby to come into the world.”

— Sara Hammel

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KikiOttawa on

Oh my gosh has Zachary grown since the last photos I saw! He’s not even 4 months yet and he’s such a robust boy. What a happy looking family.

Shannon on

Lady Gaga is the baby’s godmother? Didn’t know that!

Rachael on

Sometimes we just don’t need to know every bit of information.. 🙂

Brooke on

That looks exactly like Elton’s profile…..That baby looks absolutely precious!

skunknuggets on

Did they really do the interview in their bathrobes? LOL

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

I don’t like what they are wearing! at all!

Romy on

they’ve already said that before about their shirts, and didn’t they say David is the bio dad? Maybe I am wrong, but I thought I read it in a magazine interview. And why are they wearing robes? Barbara is in a blouse and skirt.

Maureen on

So happy for them both! What a precious boy.Always have loved Elton’s music my sis Patty was a fan and influenced me,so even at 11 I fell in love with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
I love them having that experience of being parents!

em on

They probably were in their robes because BW showed up to film in the morning, maybe the idea was “A day with Elton and family”. To show them getting up in the morning and their routine taking care of the baby.

I think it is all really sweet. I am happy they are fathers.

pia on

i think they look extremely happy and who gives a flying flip about what they’re wearing? it’s obviously just fun.
it’s CUTE!

Rose on

I saw some of the interview, and i thought it was wonderful ❤

M on

I feel bad for the kid, his parents are so old. David is going to be 66 and Elton is going to be 82 when this kid graduates from high school!!! It’ll be awkward for him, all of his future friends are going to think his dads are his grandfathers. Sad that they won’t be around long.

Olivia on

@ M – Don’t feel bad that David and Elton will be too old, and possibly die before their baby grows up. Lady Gaga will take care of him, because she is his godmother. The baby will inherit lots of money anyway, because Elton is rich, so don’t feel bad.

AlaBella on

Zachary is so big already!!

Michelle on

Oh M I don’t think there will ever be any doubt who his fathers are!! It is possible for young parents to die too you know!

Nancy on

I read several years ago that Elton had so much money that he sent himself flowers every day. Now he will have someone to spend his money on:)

Rianna on

Just a wild guess… Elton is the biological father…. hummm 😉

Kim on

They said the mixed the sperm they will find out later who bio dad is. They have an open relationship with surrogate and her family. They Dk egg donor. They went with surrogate because adopting a new born would have taken more time. Sometimes it takes years as opposed to less than a year.

Tee on

No, they have not announced who the biological father is. They said in the interview last night that they don’t know who it is and that they don’t want to find out unless the baby wants to know one day.

Mandy on

I have to agree with M on the whole ‘being too old’. I know that parents can die at any age but with these too it’ll be expected from the beginning and not be such a huge shock when it happens.

I’m also thinking in terms of being able to keep up with their active boy

Even in 10 years, Elton will be 74 and their son will be very active because that’s just how boys are. He’ll want to be running around and playing soccer and football and baseball and I just don’t think Elton will have the energy to keep up with him. Therefore, the child loses out on something important and he might regret having older parents.

I’m just stating my opinion, not trying to get bashed or anything.

A mother who gives birth at 23 could die 4 years later. And that would be very unexpected and such. But when you have a man who’s 64 and becoming a father for the first time, you already know the basic life expectancy. But who’s to say he won’t live to 103? No one knows this. I’m just thinking in terms of keeping up with the child and giving him what he deserves.

Lola on

Lady Gaga is the godmother?! What a joke…..

M on

I hate that there’s another M around on this thing. I’ve tried changing it but people still posts me as M.

I love this family!

Hen on

Hahaha. I agree, really?? bathrobes? that is a bit too much…BUT I love them as parents, saw the interview and they seemed so in love with each other and their baby, that baby will have a blessed life for sure. I really like them! But, really bathrobes???? lol…

molly on

I think it is just wonderful for them! They obviously are happy and will provide a wonderful life, full of opportunities for their child. Congrats to all of them!

Erika on

I do kind of agree with M that they are kind of old. I know that John Travolta and his wife got a lot of criticism for being older, and they are younger than this couple. I understand their desire to raise a child, and I am not criticizing them for that in any way, but I do think 48 and 64 is a bit old to be first time parents. I think it’s wonderful when older parents adopt older children and not have babies- one of my neighbors adopted a 10 year old when she was about 50 and she really gave that child a second chance at life. The mother and daughter really have a great relationship. Anyway, it isn’t really up to me, and I don’t think it’s wrong for this couple to have a child through surrogacy, I just think it is more fitting to adopt an older child. Just my opinion though.

The baby is adorable though!

Sherry on

I just would like to say “this is just so wrong”!!! I feel sorry for that poor baby. This little one needs a Mommy and a Daddy, not 2 gay guys raising him. So wrong!!!!!!!!

JM on

sherry no one here cares for bigotry and ignorance. take it somewhere else. one day people will look back like they do on the time before the civil rights movement and wonder why we let homophobia go on for so long. it’s a disgusting attribute to have sherry. truly disgusting.

anyway, the two dads look happy, as does the baby 🙂 i wish them all health and happiness.

Tammy on

Sherry, my Mom died when I was 3 months old and I was raised by my father. Don’t feed me any of this “children need a Mommy and Daddy” crap. A baby needs to be surrounded by LOVE and that is THAT!

Mandy on

There’s nothing wrong with two dads or two moms. This child won’t know any different. People say they need a Mommy but Zachary won’t know the difference because he’ll only know two dads. So the discriminators need to find a new place to post because no one here wants to read it.

Nella on

OMG I laughed so hard at “Lady Gaga will take care of him”, my stomach is still hurting!

lisa on

Cool family but its time to put some clothes on.I’ve seen the bathrobe thing before.this isn’t the playboy mansion.

Hea on

Tammy – I completely agree with you! And I am sorry for your loss.

KW on

I saw this interview, and that baby could not be more of a lookalike for Elton. He is just such a cute pudgy baby, and obviously very loved.

rachel on

Nice to hear that the baby is receiving breastmilk — even if it has to be fed exed to Elton’s home from the mother.

kate on

Love it. They are soooo cute and all seem happy as can be! They seem to be already more active then most of the parents I know in their 30’s. I know so many people having children because they think they need to and I just keep wondering if they even like kids (uninterested and lazy). Elton and David are going to make the most of parenthood and will be supportive for their child until the end (no matter when that is). This child will know nothing but love and support for the rest of his life no matter how long his father’s live. And if kids are making fun of him then all he has to say is that his Dad is ELTON JOHN!!!

michelle in mo on

Watched the interview today. So much love for this family! I totally adore why they added Levon into his name. Fate!

Gina on

No wonder our country is falling apart, all these comments about how cute it is and how we need to be open-minded of homosexual relationships and that all couples deserve equality. Just as long as the baby is adorable and they’re happy, right?

God loves everyone, yes, but the bible is clear homosexuality is a perversion of God’s family design and to say otherwise is basically calling Him a liar. Truly sad that people want to defend this because judgment day is coming, but you can’t get through to people these days because everyone wants to jump down christian’s throats for standing by the truth, no matter how a person goes about it. I think more people are against homosexuality than it seems like, but a lot aren’t. The truth isn’t popular. We do not deserve God’s grace and mercy.

Miss Ann on

Interviewing in their bath robes…. really???

randi on

Awesome, about the breastfeeding. Way to go, Elton!

Hea on

Gina – Not everyone gives a *beep* about the bible. It’s not a rule book for the world to go by. I wish you luck on your judgment day.