Doutzen Kroes Flaunts Svelte Post-Baby Body

04/22/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Anthony Behar/Sipa

Miranda Kerr isn’t the only supermodel revealing an amazing post-baby body this month.

Fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes showed off her incredible figure in a sleek Alexander Wang jumpsuit and Christian Louboutin pumps at the premiere of the The Bang Bang Club at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 21.

Talk about an amazing turnaround — it was just three months ago that the new mom welcomed son Phyllon Joy.

Kroes has also wasted no time jumping back into work. In late March, she shot a commercial for Repeat Cashmere in sexy short shorts in Miami Beach, where she also bared an already fit bikini body.

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kal on

Does anyone else wonder if these “amazing” post pregnancy turnarounds are really SO amazing? If you’ve been committed to exercising and eating well before, during, and after pregnancy, chances are you’re going to look like your old self after a few months!

martina on

She looks wonderful. I am sure she worked hard to get back in great shape, and did everything right during her pregnancy. However, all these pictures of models and their “amazing post-baby bodies” are making me feel like crap. I have done everything right too, but it’s going to take me a lot longer then 3 weeks to get my body back.

Shannon on

She looks great…but at the same time, she IS a model so that’s her job. Love her though!

Maria on

“Doutzen Kroes”?? Worst name ever! And “Phyllon” is a close second.

amw on

she looks great but people need to remember these models are tall. they distribute weight differently. they are models because they have the genetics to be thin. this woman is wearing black, standing in a slimming way, and VERY likely has on undergarment slimming stuff on. they also have access to nannies, trainers, and chefs. dont get down on yourself if you (and 99.9% of the world) cant look like this a 3 months after giving birth.

Stella Bella on

martina, don’t feel like crap, just keep going. 🙂 My baby is 20 months and all the baby weight is off plus a little extra and I feel the best I have in years. You can’t go wrong with lots of fruits and vegetables and walking or running.

Lauren on

Remember, these woman are models– not only are they tall/ thin to begin with, but they are putting themselves out there with these amazing post- baby weight losses to show their industry that they’re ready to work again. Their bodies are their business, so they have to do this.

Judith on

@ Maria, ‘Doutzen’ is a local Dutch name. It’s kinda special here too.

From what I’ve heard/read she didn’t do much to get back to her pre-baby weight. Only breastfeeding… But she is indeed a model; and it must be in her genes.

Lisette on

I agree that she looks slim fast, but indeed she has to do this for her work. Her body is her work, so ofcourse there is a lot more pressure. And @Maria, Its a bit nasty to say Doutzen Kroes is the worst name ever. It is a very common name in the Netherlands and especially the part where she is from… and Kroes is a dutch last name… so please don’t insult a name that is just out of your comfort/culture zone…

Nancy on

I also read somewhere that they work out 2-3 hours a day. Now, I know that is hard for most parents, but think about everything you do instead of exercising. For me I would have to let go of television (if I wanted that kind of body)

marieke on

~MARIA~ we’re Dutch!!! we just have different names here.. her name is not too strange, look at mine 🙂 Love her, she looks so great!

fuzibuni on

I think this woman is just naturally gorgeous… and 25. I don’t think she starved herself or did crazy work outs everyday. As for wearing body slimmers, etc… if you click on the link to the photo of her in the bikini, you will see she needs no help with those kind of contraptions.

Anna on

I’m Dutch too and Doutzen is not a common Dutch name, I had never heard it before she became famous. However it is a traditional name in the part of the country where she is from.

She looks great. But without her body she wouldn’t have a job so it makes sense that she got it back so soon. When supermodels say they didn’t do anything special, they don’t mean they didn’t work out. Working out isn’t special to them!

Emily on

“Doutzen Kroes”?? Worst name ever!”

LOL…what a bizarro comment. Shes not American, hence she does not have an American name. The world can’t be full of Susan Smiths yaknow?

Jay on

@Maria – ignorant.

eyeswideshut on

Martina – this magazine wants you to deliberately feel bad. They keep posting articles with experts talking abou thow this is ridiculous pressure on post-partum women, but notice how they love to extol miranda kerr’s, et al “post baby body”? If they were serious about it, they’d not make comment about it at all.

Maria – don’t be rude, she’s Dutch. How would you like me to say how horrible the name Maria is?

G on


M on

Wow Maria, you are so rude and ignorant. How is Doutzen Kroes the worst name ever? Did you know that she is dutch, not american? You make it sound as if her name is a ridiculous, made up name. Its a dutch name and its fairly common in the netherlands. Do you think that people outside of america all have “american” names?

Jillian on

Why is Maria ignorant for thinking it is the worst name ever? That is her opinion. She didn’t name call like the rest of you did.

MexLady on

Since 60% of Americans are overweight, when you are thin you are pretty much considered a freak. Remember, models are naturally thin and if they take care of themselves before and during pregnancy, as well as breast feeding, it will make the baby weight come off faster. I was back in shape after a few months too after both of my babies because I worked out before, during and after pregnancy. And I breast fed.