BumpWatch: Kimberly Stewart Shows Off Her Belly

04/21/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
SPW/Splash News Online

Expectant mom Kimberly Stewart stepped out for a family dinner Monday night, giving the world a glimpse of her growing baby bump.

Wearing a flowing maxi-dress that fell gently over a rounded tummy, and with her blonde hair worn in a casual up-do, Stewart, 31, dined at Il Sole in West Hollywood with her dad Rod Stewart and brother Sean.

“Kim looked great and very healthy,” says an onlooker of Stewart, who’s expecting her first child with actor Benicio del Toro. (The pair are not currently a couple.)

“She was smiling and looked pretty in a long dress that revealed a small baby bump.”

Meanwhile, Rod – who “smiled and seemed excited” when asked if he was looking forward to being a grandfather – happily assisted his daughter after the meal.

“Upon leaving the restaurant, Rod seemed very protective of Kim and made sure she got into the car okay,” the eyewitness says.

— Pernilla Cedenheim and Sara Hammel

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Jgirl on

Weird dress and a weird photograph.

Mandy on

Let’s hope the baby inherits more of the Stewart genes. Just saying.

Holly on

Not really sure who Benicio del Toro is, but she has quite the “party girl” past with drugs and DUI’s. Shes basically just as important in celebrity world as her good friend Paris Hilton. Scary.

Jackie on

I have to say, it’s an odd pairing…Benicio Del Toro and Kimberly Stewart. Regardless, wish them a happy and healthy 9 months! 🙂

Belinicio Del Toro is a pretty well known actor. He’s been in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Traffic, 21 Grams, The Wolfman, Sin City, Snatch, Che, The Way of the Gun, The Hunted…

Toya L. on

It’s been almost 5 years since Kimberly has made a negative action in the news. In the recent years she’s been doing A LOT of charity so I think it’s fair to say thus far it seems she has really matured. Congrats to her and her family.

eribri on

I didn’t know she was pregnant.

Angela on

I think that’s her brother, Sean, in the background.

Cindy on

Is it just me or does anyone think that it will be weird that Rod Stewart’s grandson will be just months younger than his sixth child?

sinclair on

re: Benicio. Let’s not forget “Usual Suspects”!!

Bella Mama on

I personally think Benicio is very handsome and super talented.


So, these two hooked up for sex, she got pregnant and it’s news because………? Oh right he’s an actor. They have both made statements that they were NEVER a couple. Well, I hope this child grows up healthy and happy. Next time, use protection =/

Siobahn on

I was in Chicago about two weekends ago, and I saw Kimberly, Rod, his wife and their child all together walking down the street. She looked GREAT, and her bump was adorable. Best wishes to her!

Mia on

I guess she is further along then most people though-she is probably about 5 months pregnant–hope it’s healthy.

Kara on

Does anybody know how far along she is? I know it’s at least past the first trimester but beyond that I can’t tell…

Gargoylegurl on

I agree with Bella Mama — Benicio is very handsome and super talented!

How do we know they were NEVER a couple, and really, who cares?

It cracks me up that people dare to tell grown adults that “next time they should use protection.” Excuse me…who the h*ll do you think you are?

There are an awful lot of judgments being made with absolutely no facts to substantiate any of them!

I’m happy for them and wish them all the best!

Mari: on

I really wonder if people are as rude in real life as they are here on this board and would say the things they write here.

randy c on

Lousy picture and not worth paying for- you can barely see her face.

Georgina on

Aww, I think Rod will make a great Granddaddy. And the baby will have 2 glamorous nannies in Alana and Penny. Aswell as all of Benicios family. Just because theyre not married doesnt mean its the end of the world. They seem to be dealing with the situation with maturity, which is the next best thing to them being together. I think the baby should be just fine.

Marie on

Yes, that is Sean in the background. Also, the newest baby is Rod’s eigth child.

Annie on

Thanks for pointing that out Toya. This girl had a super wild past but I do think she has staightened her life up a lot in recent years and it’s a shame she continues to get judged on her past. I know a little of what that’s like. I wish them and their baby the best.

Shannon on

You can get pregnant even if you use protection (duh), so there is no way to know what they did or didn’t use. Who cares? The baby is on its way. Best wishes to them all!

Mari on

What does she do for a living? With the money Benicio will pay her for the baby, she can sit at home and just look after the baby.

kimmie on

You hardly sit when you’re looking after the baby. Just saying in case you have no idea what it entitles. And I agree, that dress is weird…